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					 On the Move
              Abbas                             Brian
              Haider Ali,                       House-
              xMatters                          holder,
              The San                           Hitachi
              Ramon                             Data
              platform                          Systems
              provider                         The Santa
that allows for IT notifica-     Clara provider of infor-
tions to the most relevant       mation tools and wholly
stakeholders at the              owned subsidiary of Hita-
most appropriate time            chi named Brian House-
named Abbas Haider Ali           holder chief operating
chief technology officer.        officer. Recently, he was
Recently, he served as           executive vice president
technology evangelist at         of worldwide marketing,
the company.                     business development
                                 and partners at the com-
              Venkatesh          pany.
              VSSOD                             Kimberly
               The                              Palmer,
               Sunnyvale                        M Squared
               provider                         Consulting
               of predic-                      The San
tive exception manage-                         Francisco
ment software named                            provider
Venkatesh Appanna vice           of project leaders and
president of engineering.        subject-matter experts
Previously, he held leader-      named Kimberly Palmer
ship roles at Genentech,         vice president of sales.
Clorox and Pacer Stack-          She is a former sales
train.                           executive at The Climate.
              Adam                              David
              Benson,                           Plumer,
              BuildingIQ                        Altierre
              The San Ma-                      The San
              teo provider                     Jose
              of advanced                      provider of
              energy                           ultra-low-
management software              power wireless technol-
that predicts and man-           ogy that enables a host of
ages HVAC loads in               applications for retailers
commercial buildings             appointed David Plumer
named Adam Benson vice           vice president of global
president of engineering         sales. Previously, he held
and Internet technology.         positions at IBM.
Previously, he served at
Oracle, Towers Watson                           William
and OpenTV.                                     Schutz,
              Michael                           Absence
              Cremen,                           Manage-
              Hitachi                           ment
              Systems                          The San
                                 Jose company that
              The                partners with employers
              Santa Clara        to provide customized
provider of information          management of em-
tools and wholly owned           ployee-related programs
subsidiary of Hitachi            named William Schutz
named Michael Cremen             chief operating officer.
executive vice president         Previously, he served at
of global sales. Previously,     WebMD, National City
he was senior vice presi-        Bank, Texaco and World-
dent of global markets at        Com.
the company.
              Jack                              Somani,
              Domme,                            VSSOD
              Data                            The
                                              provider of
               The Santa                      predictive
               Clara pro-        exception management
vider of information tools       software named Dinesh
and wholly owned sub-            Somani vice president of
sidiary of Hitachi named         product development. He
Jack Domme corporate             is a co-founder of Milkor-
officer. Currently, he           Water.
serves as chief executive
officer at the company.                         Ben Taft,
                                                The San
              Metamar-                          provider of
              kets                              innovative,
               The San                          cloud-based
               Francisco         communications and
               provider of       computing tools named
real-time analytics for on-      Ben Taft vice president of
line advertising appointed       inside sales. Recently, he
Steven Harris vice presi-        served as senior director
dent of engineering. He is       of global sales strategy
former vice president of         and transformation at
engineering at Terracotta.       Brocade.

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