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					    CLEP 101: What Every Test Center
    Administrator Needs to Know
Marie Maher
The College Board
Associate Director
College-Level Examination Program

• Welcome

• What Is CLEP?

• CLEP Overview 2010-11

• Best Practices

• Q&A
                                      What Is CLEP?

•   Credit-by-examination program serving a diverse group of students,
    including adults, non-traditional learners, and military service members
•   Validates knowledge learned through independent study, on-the job training,
    or experiential learning and translates that learning into college credit that is
    commonly recognized.
•   More than seven million exams taken since 1967
•   1,700+ colleges administer CLEP
•   181,500 exams administered in 2010–11, including 54,000 administered to
    military service members
•   Exam fee = $77.00
                                       33 CLEP Examinations
History and Social Sciences                  Composition and Literature
Ø   American Government                      Ø   American Literature
Ø   History of the United States I           Ø   Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
Ø   History of the United States II          Ø   College Composition
Ø   Human Growth and Development             Ø   College Composition Modular
Ø   Introduction to Educational Psychology   Ø   English Literature
Ø   Principles of Macroeconomics             Ø   Humanities
Ø   Principles of Microeconomics
Ø   Introductory Psychology                  Science and Mathematics
Ø   Introductory Sociology                   Ø   Calculus
Ø   Social Sciences and History              Ø   College Algebra
Ø   Western Civilization I                   Ø   Precalculus
Ø   Western Civilization II                  Ø   College Mathematics
                                             Ø   Biology
Business                                     Ø   Chemistry
Ø   Information Systems and Computer         Ø   Natural Sciences
Ø   Principles of Management                 Foreign Languages
Ø   Financial Accounting                     Ø   French Language
Ø   Introductory Business Law                Ø   German Language
Ø   Principles of Marketing                  Ø   Spanish Language
                   About the CLEP Exams

• 33 computer-based exams.
• Mostly multiple-choice, essays, and listening sections for foreign languages
• Most are approximately 90 minutes in length.
• “Rights-only” scoring (no penalty for wrong answers).
• Immediate score reports (except exams with essays).
• Exams are scored on a scale of 20–80. A score of 50 is equivalent to a grade of C.
• More than 600 faculty contribute to the development of and standard-setting for CLEP
• Standing faculty committees oversee ongoing test development, shape content,
   review data, set exam policies.
• Opportunities to participate in College Board ACES Placement Validity studies.
                   Age Groups
Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2010-11

                                           Under 18, 9%

                           36 and older,

              30-35, 11%

                                                 18-22, 39%

                           23-29, 22%
                        Education Levels
Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2010-11

                           College         Other   High School
                          Graduate          0%       Student
                            12%                        10%       High School

       College Senior                                                   Freshman
            28%                                                            16%

                          College Junior                  Sophomore
                               11%                           16%
Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2010-11

                   Native Am/Am Ind,
                                  Not reported, 1%
            Asian/Asian Am/Pac Other, 4%
                  Isl, 5%

       Black/Afr Am, 8%

                     Latino, 19%
                                                     White, 62%
                   Highest Volume CLEP Exams
                                National CBT, 2010-11




10,000                  9,300
                                                       7,600          6,400

         Spanish     Analyzing &        College                   Introductory
                                                  College Algebra
                   Interpreting Lit   Composition                   Sociology
                          College Composition or
                          College Comp Modular?

                       College Composition         College Composition Modular
                                                    90 minutes (multiple-choice
Timing                     120 minutes
Multiple choice                Yes                              Yes
                                               Optional: Two handwritten
                  Mandatory: Two typed essays, essays, created by CLEP OR
                  created by CLEP              essay created by your college
                                               OR no essay
                  CLEP scores the essays every
Essay scoring     two weeks, student receives     College scores the essays
                  score within 2-3 weeks
                               College Comp Modular:
              •Students can take the optional essays on a different date
    •Essay order form available in the Resource Center and in the TCA Handbook.
                 Promoting CLEP and Your
                       Test Center

  – Post information about test center on your institution’s
    website; keep information updated
  – Keep College Board informed of change in test center
    information, i.e. change in phone number, temporary
    closing due to relocation, etc.
  – Work with your regional Senior Assessment Manager
    (SAM) for strategies to promote CLEP
  – Keep an ample supply of CLEP brochures available at
    your test center
  – Work with administration to ensure that CLEP policy
    information on your website is current
                                Print Marketing

•Spanish Brochure

•Business Exam Brochure

•College Composition Brochure

•Take One brochures


•Information for Candidates

•Veteran’s Flyer

•CLEP in Higher Education
                              CLEP Software

• Once software is received and installed, the
  following best practices must be followed:
   – CD must be kept in a locked location at all times
   – Master Site Administrators and Test Center Administrators
     must have access to the CD at ALL times
   – Upon installation or re-installation of the software, it is the
     MSA and/or TCAs responsibility to ensure that the
     software CD is returned by IT and locked in a secure
   – If the software CD cannot be found, the MSA/TCA must
     report the loss to CLEP Technical Support immediately
   – Consult with CLEP Technical Support prior to upgrading
     test center PCs
             Creating MSA/TCA Passwords

• MSA is the only staff member who can create
  accounts for TCAs
• Any login IDs and passwords should be kept in a
  secure area
• Passwords are confidential
  – Change your password every 30 days
  – Notify College Board of any changes in staff-via CLEP
    Resource Center-Update My Contact Info
                   Hiring Test Center Staff

  – Must be at least 21 years of age and hold an
    undergraduate degree

  – May not be involved in courses, workshops or tutoring
    activities or other coaching activity that involves the
    content of secure CLEP exams

  – Have new employees sign a confidentiality agreement
                    Required Identification

• Test takers must bear two forms of ID
  – Photo, government issued
  – Secondary form, i.e. student ID, Social Security card
• Test takers without proper ID may be turned
  – Have test takers sign in/out on signature logs;
    recommended retention period-18 months
  – If in doubt about validity of student’s ID, contact CLEP
    Services immediately
                  Monitoring and Proctoring
                         Test Takers
• Test takers must remove all electronic devices prior to
  entering the testing room and return to storage area
  upon returning from break
   – Cell phone, Blackberry, IPad, IPod, IPhone, PDA,
     watch, calculator

• The test center must be a distraction-free environment

• Provide a clear glass viewing window or wall, video
  surveillance and audio monitor, or seating for a test
  administrator within the testing room.
   -Whichever surveillance method is used, it must allow a
     continuous unobstructed view of each candidate
     within the testing room.
                 Monitoring and Proctoring Test

• If video and audio monitoring is used, a staff
  member must periodically walk through the
  testing room in at least 10 minute intervals, and
  must be able to respond to enter the room within 10
  seconds of a problem.

   – Aside from testing students, no other activities are
     permitted in the test center.
   – If you notice any suspicious activity from a test taker,
     contact CLEP Services immediately and complete an
                     General Best Practices

• When in doubt, refer to the eCBT Administrator’s
   – Latest version, updated July 2011, is available on the
     CLEP Resource Center
      • Username-CLEPadmin2
      • Password-CLEPmsa22# (case sensitive)
   – Chapter 9-CLEP policies
   – Contact CLEP Services or Tech Support
• Observe program policies and procedures at all times
   – Periodic visits are conducted to test centers by
     College Board and ETS
CLEP Notes
                       Professional Development
                              Web Series

•   Monthly sessions beginning September 2011
•   Number of maximum participants increased from 20 to 30
•   CLEP webinars:
     – CLEP Overview
     – Adopting CLEP On Your Campus
     – Advising Students About CLEP
     – Test Center Operations
     – CLEP College Composition Exams
     – CLEP Reliability and Validity-NEW
     – CLEP For Military Members and Veterans-NEW

•   Register at
                                  Professional Development
                                      Series – Fall FY 12
                1st Monday                 1st Tuesday                   1st Wednesday                1st Thursday
                New Regulations for ATB                                  ACCUPLACER for College       Setting Up Branching Profiles
10:30 Eastern   Testing
                                           ACCUPLACER Overview
                                                                         Readiness                    and Placement Rules
                                                                                                      Exporting Data from ACCU
1:00 Eastern                                                                                          into Student Info Systems
                ACCUPLACER//MyFoundation                                                              Adopting CLEP on Your
2:30 Eastern    s Lab
                                           Planning for ACCUPLACER       ACCUPLACER Diagnostics

4:30 Eastern

                2nd Monday                 2nd Tuesday                   2nd Wednesday                2nd Thursday
                                                                                                      Methods for Setting Cut
10:30 Eastern                              CLEP Test Center Operations   ACCUPLACER Reporting
                                                                         ACCUPLACER//MyFoundation     New Regulations for ATB
1:00 Eastern                                                             s Lab                        Testing
                ACCUPLACER Platform                                      ACCUPLACER Computer Skills
2:30 Eastern    Functional Enhancements
                                           CLEP Overview
                                                                                                      Advising Students about CLEP

4:30 Eastern
                                  Professional Development
                                      Series – Fall FY 12
                3rd Monday                 3rd Tuesday                3rd Wednesday                   3rd Thursday
                New Regulations for ATB    Refining Placement with
10:30 Eastern   Testing                    Multiple Measures
                                                                      WritePlacer                     Planning for ACCUPLACER

                                                                      CLEP for Military Members
1:00 Eastern                                                          and Veterans
                                                                      Setting Up Branching Profiles
2:30 Eastern                               CLEP for College Faculty
                                                                      and Placement Rules
                                                                                                      ACCUPLACER Overview

4:30 Eastern                                                          s Lab

                4th Monday                 4th Tuesday                4th Wednesday                   4th Thursday
                ACCUPLACER//MyFoundation                              ACCUPLACER Reliability and
10:30 Eastern   s Lab
                                           ACCUPLACER Diagnostics
                                                                                                      CLEP Overview

1:00 Eastern
                CLEP College Composition
2:30 Eastern    Exam
                                           Creating Local Tests       ACCUPLACER ESL

                                                                                                      New Regulations for ATB
4:30 Eastern                                                                                          Testing
Senior Assessment Managers
                               Support for CLEP

•   CLEP Services
     – Phone: (800) 257-9558 or (609) 771-7865
     – Fax: (609) 771-7088
     – E-mail:
     – Web site –
     – General inquiries, Candidate inquiries, publication orders
•   CLEP Technical Support
     – Phone: (800) 241-5357 or (609) 406-5620
     – Fax: (609) 406-5600
     – E-mail:
     – Do not share with students, potential CLEP candidate, or CLEP
•   CLEP Resource Center Web Site
     – Secure web site. Contact CLEP Services for username and password.
   Additional Support for CLEP

      Marie Maher
    Associate Director
CLEP Test Center Operations
   Phone 212-520-8563

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