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2012 - 2013
May 2013                            Western Ohio Art Education Association Newsletter
    Mark Your Calendars!
                                   WOAEA Winter Workshop - CLAY
    May 18, 2013
                                                             On February 23rd, 16 WOAEA members were treated to a
       OAEA Board of Directors                               free clay workshop presented by Regional Director Judith
       Meeting                                               Charves and hosted by Alice Tavani at Normandy Elemen-
       10:00 am, STRS                                        tary in Centerville. We learned an easy technique for mak-
                                                             ing a lidded box. We textured a slab with either supplied
 June 12, 2013                                              stamps or we carved our own designs. Participants had
       Summer Awards                                         access to under glazes that accen-
                                                             tuated the patterns. Judith
       Luncheon                                              demonstrated several methods to
 June 14, 2013                                              make dishes and trays and add
       Hang the Summer Show                                  texture, pattern, and color. By the
                                                             end of the day we walked away
 June 14—July 26, 2013                                      with a great lidded box, many les-
       Regional Summer Show        son ideas, door prizes, and boxes of clay . In attendance
       on display at the ART       were members Judith Charves, Alice Tavani, LeeAnn Cara-
       Street Gallery              way, Kari Imoro, Sarajane Steinecker, Jessie Bates, Amy
                                   Fitzsimmons, Andrea Leach, Suzanne Mitolo, Cathy Sweny,
 June 24-27, 2013                 Lindsay Gustafson, Ben Davis, Joan Lucas, Megan Krieger,
       Western Region NAEA         Kimberly Wheeler, Bill Stanforth, and Kathy Pugh.
 July 27, 2013
        Summer Show
                                   WOAEA Spring Workshop –Watercolors
 August 1, 2013                                                  Our Spring workshop was hosted and presented by
                                                                  Kathy Pugh at Arcanum High School. Eleven mem-
      Fall Conference Artline                                     bers spent the day exploring the techniques of water-
      Deadline                                                    color. Kathy had lots of inspirational materi-
 September 2013                                                  als, demonstrated 20 different techniques and then
                                                                  we were turned loose to experiment. We had hot
      Next Hues News                                              press, cold press, and Yupo paper as well as both
 September 12 2013                                               tube and cake watercolors with metallic paint for
      Western Meeting,                                            special effects. Some found inspiration in still life
                                   and portraits and some in abstractions. We had a lot of fun and took home all our
      Panera, 5pm
                                   materials to continue our exploration of the joys of watercolor. In attendance were
                                   members Kathy Pugh, Mary Baine, Bill Stanforth, Sue Ayers, Becky Dunn, Judy
Inside this issue:                 Yoder, Terri Bey, Cathy Sweny, Kim Wheeler, Ruth Estes, Suzanne Mitolo, and
                                   Leslie Nankivell.
Western Workshops Recap    cover

Regional Director           2

Western Summer Show         2

Western Summer Luncheon     2

YAM/YPAE Participants       3

OAEA High School Exhibit    3
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  Greetings From Our Regional Director
                        Just a couple of weeks to go and we will have completed another school year. Did your year go
                        much more quickly than last year? Mine sure did! I haven’t even had time to order supplies for
                        next year. I am trying to wrap my head around SLO’s and OTES. If you should hear of any train-
                        ing sessions for SLO’s, please let me know, because several members have concerns. As always,
                        Western needs to stick together and support one another through the coming changes.
                        Is it time for you to start planning for professional development? Perhaps you already took care of
                        picking up a few CEU’s by attending Western’s two free workshops. In February, we met for a
 Judith Couture Charves
                         Printmaking/Clay workshop in Alice Tavani’s classroom. Judith Charves taught us how to
                         create a two sided, slab box, with lid. We also experimented with under glazes and carved linole-
  um. Our April workshop was instructed by Kathy Pugh. Kathy adeptly demonstrated a multitude of Watercol-
  or techniques and everyone left feeling much more confident with this challenging media. If you are in need of
  semester hours to update your teaching certificate, you may want to consider Miami University Craft Summer.
  Fill out the paperwork for the TEAM Scholarship and you will be able to take the class at 1/2 price.
  The Western Ohio Art Education Association needs your help! Our membership is declining. Over the
  past year we have lost 35 members. Do you know someone that has allowed their membership to lapse? Please
  encourage them to renew their membership. Now, more than ever, we need the support of other visual art edu-
  cators. We need to continue to help each other promote our art programs to show the importance of ART in our
  students’ lives. The OAEA will keep you current on educational developments, provide you with professional
  growth opportunities, and furnish you with a place to involve your students in numerous art exhibitions.
  If you have any ideas as to how we can increase our membership, please share your ideas with our Membership
  Chair, Kathy Pugh.
  Finally, I hope to see you at our upcoming Awards Luncheon at the Dayton Art Institute, on Wednesday, June
  12, 2013. We have a lovely buffet planned for attendees. Western’s honored guests are Cara Kellersmith for Dis-
  tinguished Educator for Art Ed; Cornell Studio Supply is the Distinguished Business for Art Ed; and Jennifer
  Tackett is our Distinguished Citizen for Art Ed. These three recipients have done so much to advocate for art
  education. Please give Rebecca Molnar a call, to let her know that you’ll be there.
  Enjoy your summer break!

Western Region Summer Exhibit                                                   UD ARTSTREET
                     The 2013 regional student art exhibition, also known as the “summer show”, will showcase
                     the talents of students K-12 and their teachers within the Western Region. Western members
                     and exhibit chairs, Mary McGowan Baine and Melissa Clark Bresemann will be organizing all
                     entries and sending letters to all students and teachers with work in the show. The show will
                     be displayed at the ArtStreet Gallery on Kiefaber Street, adjacent to the University of Dayton.
   Art Street, UD
                  The date for hanging the show will be June 14. The show will be available for viewing from that
point through July 26 during regular gallery hours. The artists’ receptions are scheduled for Saturday, July 27.

 Summer Awards Luncheon                                                        June 12, 2013
All WOAEA members are welcome and encouraged to join us as we celebrate the Distinguished Teacher,
Citizen, and Business which support Art Education. The event will be held at The Dayton Art Institute
again this year. The Luncheon has a new twist. We will eat in Room 209. The Cafe will set up a Taco Bar
for us to enjoy. The buffet will include tortillas, pork, chicken, shrimp, and fish to make tacos of
choice. Rice, salad, and beverages will also be included for a price of $12.00 per person (payable the day of
the event). Please join us for a fun time with fellow art enthusiasts from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM on
Wednesday, June 12th. I need to know if you will be joining us by Monday, June 3rd. You may e-mail
me: or call me: 937-890-1277 (H) or (937)307-2349 (C).

Look forward to seeing you, Becky Molnar, R.D. Elect
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Congratulations!                                         2013 YPAE & YAM Participants
 2013 Young People’s Art Exhibition                                2013 Youth Art Month Exhibition

Student                         Teacher                         Student                         Teacher

Dillon Skin                     Andrea Leach                    Alaina Steinke                  Terri Bey
Kiersten Weidner                Lindsay Gustafson               Amber Barga                     Michelle Ranly
Julia Broughton                 Alice B. Tavani                 Haley Buhler                    Alice B. Tavani
Anjili Ramharakh                Sue Hagan                       Madelyn Gartz                   Sue Hagan
Lauren Menke                    Sarah Sutter                    Natalie Prenger                 Sarah Sutter
Benny Caruso                    Susan Ayers                     Deborah Schwartz                Susan Ayers
Brenna Middleton                Cathy Sweny                     Alexia Teakell                  Cathy Sweny
Mina Inness                     Suzanne Mitolo                  Aleksandra Claflin              Suzanne Mitolo
Riley Trzeciak                  Tara Stumpf                     Olivia Davis                    Tara Stumpf
Courtney Buchanan               Tracey Otto                     Seth Leek                       Tracey Otto
Hayden Beougher                 Kari Jutte                      Maya Nesbitt                    Joan Lucas
Gina Langenkamp                 Teri Bey                        Jaila Davis                     Nancy Vogel
Annabelle Enslen                Joan Lucas                      Brooke Scherer                  Kate Brookshire
Jamyra Prather                  Nancy Vogel                     Sierra Sutton                   Kimberly Wheeler
Rebecca Pruszynski              Kate Brookshire                 Eduardo Ponce                   Bonita Taggart
Kate Stammen                    Michelle Ranly                  Genevieve Paulick               Lindsay Gustafson
Nevaeh White                    Kimberly Wheeler                Lauren Riedel                   Andrea Leach
Tyler Valley                    Bonita Taggart                  Macy May                        Kari Jutte
Meredith Ketron                 Megan Krieger                   Dylan Harville                  Megan Krieger

High School Art Show…”Emerging Artists”                                                                         2013
High School Art Show… “Emerging Artists”
The Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA) is pleased to announce the return of the new and improved high school art
show! The new show, “Emerging Artists” is dedicated to showcasing the beginner artistic efforts, perhaps from students
who have taken only one art class. We hope to recognize budding talent and provide a professional forum for young people
to experience competition, something they will encounter in their college applications, portfolio reviews and future art ca-
reers in college.
The exhibition SUBMISSION WINDOW is NOW OPEN to any Ohio High School student whose art teacher is a member
of the OAEA. Each member may submit a photograph of up to five works of art digitally. DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS ARE
DUE ON MAY 15th for the Spring Board Meeting. Once the work is selected, the art teacher will be notified. At that time,
selected art work will need to be matted and submitted to their regional director by the September OAEA board meeting.
The Emerging Artist show will be on display September-October in the 2nd floor lobby of the State Teachers Retirement
Building in Columbus. At the reception, various awards and prizes will be given to selected students with art in the exhibi-
tion. Students may claim their pieces at the closing reception on Saturday, October 12th, 2013.
Access all information about the show at the OAEA website ( Find the link to the High School Art Show.
Teachers will create a log in which will allow you to access the online submission form and to upload photos of your stu-
dents artwork.
Should you have any questions, the Western Region High School Art Show Chair is Sarajane Steinecker. You may email me
at or Or you can call or text me at 937-902-4325. The State Chair for the High
School Art Show is Mindy Staley. If you need to reach her just contact me!
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 Bill Stanforth                  We’re on the web!
 125 Allerton Road
 Dayton, OH 45405           

          OAEA Mission Statement
 * Build community for visual art educators
   by promoting professional growth and


                  Attention, "Westerners":
                  Now is the time for all good art
teachers to come to the aid of their region! Are
you especially pleased with a particular art as-
signment and/or art student? Take a picture,
write a few words, put them in an envelope or an
e-mail, and send them along!

          PR Chair: Bonita Taggart
              1862 Pence Ridge Ct.
               Lebanon, OH 45036

Western Officers
                                                                                      Secretary: Kevin Ferguson
Regional Director: Judith Charves          Summer Exhibits Co-Chair: Mary Baine
                                                                                      1547 Charter Oak Pt. Apt. 6
1631 Diplomat Drive                        43 Nightingale Trail
                                                                                      Fairborn, OH 45324
Beavercreek, OH 45432                      Enon, Ohio 45323-9711
937-429-4427                               937-864-5192
                                                                                      Technology Chair: Kate Brookshire
                                                                                      3736 Wenzler Drive
Past RD & Workshop Chair: Cathy Sweny      Summer Exhibits Co-Chair: Melissa Clark
                                                                                      Kettering, OH 45429
950 E. Central                             1438 Crown Point Ct.
Miamisburg, OH 45342                       Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
937-866-6782                               937-429-4729      
                                                                                      Newsletter Chair: Bill Stanforth
                                                                                      125 Allerton Road
Regional Elect: Rebecca Molnar                                                        Dayton, OH 45405
1511 Bartley Road                          OAEA Historian: George Liston
Dayton, OH 45414                           111 Oakwood Avenue
937-890-1277                               Dayton, OH 45409
                                                                                      Membership Chair: Kathy Pugh
                                                                                      5121 S. Rangeline Road
Awards Chair: Kari Imoro                   H.S. Exhibits Chair: Sarajane Steinecker
                                                                                      West Milton, OH 45383
253 Cusick Ave                             15189 Chicken Bristle Road
Brookville, OH 45309                       Farmersville, OH 45325
                                                                                      Regional YAM Coordinator: Megan Krieger
PR Chair: Bonita Taggart         
                                                                                      2456 Tennyson Drive
1862 Pence Ridge Ct.                                                                  Bellbrook, OH 45305
Lebanon, OH 45036                                                                     937-271-1731                                         

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