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INDIVIDUAL or TEAM of 2 (Entries must meet all specifications to qualify) Event No. 28 - Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 Individual Event No. 29 - Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 Team Event No. 30 - Grades 10, 11, 12 Individual Event No. 31 - Grades 10, 11, 12 Team Purposes: 1. To demonstrate skill in planning a visual display for apparel given space requirements. 2. To present fashion items for sale in a creative and aesthetic manner. See problem for the current year. Specifications: 1. General Information Display area not to exceed 30” deep by 60” long X 48” height. Individuals must provide all merchandise and props to complete the display. Display must be designed to be a table top display. 2. Three dimensional display requirements Display may not exceed the size requirements. Display must be free standing. Wall space will not be available for propping items. Deduction of - 2 points per inch in length, width or height to a maximum of -10 points will be made for displays exceeding size requirements. Merchandise to complete the problem listed below Accessories and props to enhance the sale items Back drop (cover with fabric, paper, etc.) may be completed in advance Optional items to be used as desired: Theme lettering / slogans (may NOT be applied in advance) Special decorative effects Back drop (cover with fabric, paper, etc. may be completed in advance) or open display without a back drop Prohibited Items No electrical props or backgrounds may be used No water or sand No items which would leave a mess in the display area or cause damage to merchandise
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3. Designer information & store profile: On a 4 X 6 inch card, type the following information and must be visible in lower left hand corner of display: Student’s name School name Year in school Type of store Theme idea Explanation of why theme is appropriate for the store type and customers * Deduction of 5 points if the 4 X 6 inch index card is not visible 4. The participant(s) will have 30 minutes in which to set up the display at a time and space specified by the event lead consultant in charge. This event will be closed to the public during set up and judging. Only designated participant(s) may set up the display. No one except judges, participants and the adviser-in-charge will be allowed in the room until the viewing time assigned by the event lead consultant. SPECIAL STATE COMPETITION GUIDELINES: Students will be required to sign in and bring supplies to the competition room at 7:30 a.m. Evaluation of set-up will take place from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. * All students will then attend the FCCLA Opening Session. The individual judging will take place after the Opening Session. A five and one minute warning will be given by the adviser- in-charge. All work will stop at the end of 30 minutes. 5. The participant(s) must bring all supplies (tapes, pins, forms, props, etc.) to be used in setting up the display. Wall space will NOT be provided.

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6. Oral Presentation During the preparation and upon the completion of the fashion display, the evaluators will question the participant(s) about the display and store profile concerning the following: Design issues and decisions (i.e.: principles and elements of design) Merchandise and display related information and decisions Customer and store issues Accessory and prop selection (types and purpose) Merchandising skills used in display preparation Your vision of how the display will be used within the store. Your response should include and expand on information provided in the store profile and reference to the display. Note cards may be used. 7. Evaluators will score the entries. Evaluators will briefly review general strengths and suggestions for improvements in a group feedback session with all participants.

8. At an assigned time after the final evaluation, the displays will be available for public viewing. Participants will remain with the display to answer questions from the public. Failure to attend or remain with the display during the viewing time will result in a -10 point deduction from the total score. Participants assume all responsibility for the safety for the display.

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PROBLEMS - Fashion Apparel Display

2008 Problem: Design and prepare a display for the Junior Department in a Specialty or Department Store.

2009 Problem: Design and prepare a display for athletic wear (team or Individual sport, i.e.: soccer, running)

2010 Problem: Design and prepare a display for back to school

2011 Problem: Design and prepare a holiday or celebration

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