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									                                         Ambition in Action

                     Ultimo West
                R/Cluster Director: Ann McMahon
                     Ambition in Action
                                                             Ambition in Action

Ultimo College Library
• The Silent Space created
• 20 iPads acquired to support flexible learning (in year surplus project)
• New Online resources including video streaming educational programs and an
  updated collection of electronic books
                                                          Ambition in Action

2012 Staff & Students’Achievements
• Librarians Jia Hua Xu and Simon Gray received the TAFE NSW Library
  Excellence Award for their work on Equella

• Refrigeration teaching section received a (DEC) excellence award for Learning
  for Sustainability

• Diploma in Security Risk Management (Locksmithing) completely online with a
  related RPL kit

• Phil Wiffen, A/Head Teacher,Human Resources/Management was nominated for
  a WorkCover NSW Safe Work award

• International Award – The Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition – 11
  Screen Printing students won awards including Awards of Excellence and Best
  in show
                     Ambition in Action
                                                          Ambition in Action

2012 Staff & Students’Achievements
SI Staff Excellence Awards:
• Customers: Highly commended: Back on Track for Life Colleges Team including
   Glenn Cumberland, Head Teacher, Management and Colin Mumford, Amar
   Sood & Ross Summerfield

• Products & Services: Peter Stevens Innovation Award: Individual winners-
  Damon Fyson, Electrical Trades & Irfan Hai, Refrigeration

• Products & Services: Highly commended: Ian Frost, Head Teacher, Fitting &
  Machining & the Electronics E-Resources team –John Zervos, Head Teacher
  and teachers Greg Andrews, Greg Denning, Stefan Mozar & Michael Wilks

• Business Sustainability: Highly commended: IT Collaboration team: Head
  Teachers, Amir Chishti, Dean Nguyen, David Argerakis & Gavin Chiu and David
                                                           Ambition in Action

2012 Staff and Students’Achievements
• Eliza Camac, Watchmaking graduate received the 2012 Apprentice of the
  Year(SA) and was nominated for the Australian Apprentice of the Year
• Michael Henderson, Metal Fabrication & Welding student won the Sheetmetal
  Industry Association Apprentice of the Year award
• Nathan Smith from Graphic Arts (Printing/Pre press) won a Bronze Medal at the
  2012 Worldskills Australian National Competition
• Other entrants included Daniel Cammish, Painting & Decorating, Luke Daniels,
  Turning, Harvey Gresley-Daines, Signage, Cem Okan, Sheet Metal Work,
  Jonathon Richardson, Fitting
• Staff in Marketing and Advertising took students to Hong Kong and Singapore
  for study tours
• Automotive staff and students worked collaboratively to support the AutoCel
                                                                 Ambition in Action

Environmental Sustainability
Wind Generators on Building D

AutoCel – improvements in lighting, fuel storage, recycling

Minor Works Program - Electrical Trades (Installations in Building K):
  • Micro Hydro generator
   • Gas Fuel Cell – cogeneration
   • Lighting laboratory
   • Solar Photovoltaic Panels - currently used as a resource for the new Diploma in
     Electrical Engineering for Electricians
   • CBUS – Power management systems
   • Schneider Power Management and Monitoring systems installed (and across the
     Institute) to provide a training resource and a facilities energy management tool
   • Simulator training equipment in renewable energy photovoltaics

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