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									Electronics Remanufacturing Pro’s Launch Website With Solution to The
Growing Electronics Waste Problem

PLCpart.com has added a new dimension to the way electronic-waste
products are disposed. Their byproduct is less hazardous waste in

Cary, NC, May 28, 2013 -- PLCpart.com, has launched a website to spread
the word about their solution to the electronic waste problem. The
industrialized nations have created a vast amount of electronic waste
products that can be remanufactured or refurbished. Unfortunately, many
of these components end up being a major cause of pollution in under-
developed regions of the world.

E-Waste is the fastest-growing component of the waste stream worldwide.
In the US alone 130,000 computers and 250,000 cell phones are disposed of
each day. Electronic waste (E-Waste) includes lead, cadmium, mercury,
chromium, and polyvinyl chloride among others that have toxicological
effects including brain damage, kidney failure, mutations and cancer.

www.plcpart.comMany industry insiders feel that this is a winner for both
sides. The customer saves money and gets a better warranty than if bought
new, and firms like PLCpart.com make a profit on the products. Instead of
adding toxic materials to waste dumps, they are being recycled into like-
new products, thus extending their life.

PLCpart.com has quickly become one of the largest recyclers of industrial
automation electronics in the USA. Their inventory of PLC parts,
(Programmable Logic Controllers), has grown to the point that they have
had to quadruple their warehouse capacity. They are a supplier of used
PLC Parts for GE Fanuc, Allen-Bradley and Reliance Automax PLC. “This
operation reduces electronic waste, gives discarded products a new life,
and creates jobs for Americans.

Complete information is available on the website: www.plcpart.com

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About PLC Part & Supply:
PLC Part & Supply is an automation supplier in North Carolina.
www.PLCpart.com can supply products to automation customers around the

We have over 30 years of working experience with GE Fanuc and Allen
Bradley PLC . This experience allows us to provide quality products and
excellent technical support to our customers. We have a large inventory
of parts and can do 24 hour turn-around on most repair services

Media Contact:
PLC Part & Supply, Attn: Press, 1640 Old Apex Road, Cary, North Carolina
27513, 800.360.6802, www.industrytap.com, Attn: Michael Cooney,
news@industrytap.com, 11121 Carmel Commons, Blvd., Charlotte, North
Carolina 28226, 704.541.3311
PLC Part & Supply
1640 Old Apex Road
Cary, NC 27513

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