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					Exercise: Directions: Complete each of the following sentences with the proper words and expressions in our text. Unit One 1. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the scheme proposed, but _______ I think we should benefit by adopting it. 2. ________ physical problems, these patients also show a lot of hostility. 3. Did Mr. Smith _______ the check in the Portman Ritzcarlton, Shanghai, after dinner last night. 4. She used to ______ the dishes in the sink because she did not have time to wash them. 5. I just had time to ________ a light salad before I went out again. 6. Some children ________ because their parents can’t afford to pay for school trips. 7. At first sight of her daughter, Mrs. White knew that she must have failed to ______ her midterm exams. 8. Sometimes it is an important means in the business competition to ________ the price of commodities. 9. I had hoped to get to the conference, but I found at the last minute that I couldn’t ________. 10. They do only government projects and similar construction work ________. Unit Two 1. You may think it an innocent joke to drive away another person’s car, but _______ the law it is theft. 2. With the fast spread of the fearful disease, most people in that area were _______. 3. Born in a poor family, he had to _______ the limited education he could get. And finally through consistent efforts, he established himself as a great novelist. 4. Before she was stopped and asked for a signature, she never thought she would _______ the popular actress. 5. A righteous person will always ________ the just and right things. 6. His full-time job in the Vektor Company didn’t pay much, so he wanted to find another ________. 7. Night is ________ on us. We must speed up, otherwise it will be hopeless for us to complete the assigned task today. 8. When I was _______ a crisis, he came to my help and cleared all my debts. 9. The concept is rather complicated. But it can be better understood _______. 10. The incident has a great impact on the output of our products. ________we can do only half as much as last year. Unit three 1. According to government ________, the number of people unemployed was over 5 percent for the period from 1982 to 1989. 2. Living alone in the tranquil rural area, John often ______ the good old days in his youth. 3. The Bank of China issues the L/C ______ which is available by payment against presentation of the documents stipulated. 4. Nowadays people often leave the doors of their houses ______ even when they stay at home.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Modern films which _______love, violence and wars have a great influence on children. He left in a hurry, ______ a “goodbye”. Her boyfriend left her and it left her feeling _________ and depressed. His inability to communicate well with others is the _______ to his success. The gesture of OK has different meanings in different countries. In Japan, it ______ money. Until the nineteenth century, the Asians were relatively successful in _______ the European businessmen _________.

Unit Four _______ his youth, he was not allowed to take the senior course. After we had been at it for three hours we decided to _______(work). He has _______ his business ___________ from small beginnings. I’ve been so sorry you couldn’t ________ this week. Our house is being ________ to make way for a new road. I ___________ a bus slowing down before the stop. When you turn on the radio the sound comes on immediately, when you turn it off, it _________ gradually. 8. A man _______ get hot in summer. 9. It’s not _________ to judge a man only by his looks. 10. The elephant is the largest land animal in _________. Unit Five 1. The boys and girls ______ round the camp fire, telling stories and singing songs. 2. The mountain peaks _______ into the distance as one leaves the shore. 3. I hope that I shall never again have to ________ such an unpleasant experience. 4. The football team celebrated its fourth ________ victory. 5. His constant attempts to _________ his colleagues’ achievements eventually caused his dismissal. 6. ________ some powdered sugar on the cake. 7. The doctor was ________ about his work, although he cured many people. 8. The students were told to _________ in the school hall at 4 p.m. 9. His face was ________ with mosquito bites. 10. All along we thought Sue was older than Bill, but just the ________ was true. Unit Six 1. Mrs. Martin _________ the hope that her son did not die during the war. 2. It was nice to be at home when all the family were ________ and nobody was quarrelling. 3. At this age, he should be able to ________ one fraction from another. 4. The babe-sitter is likely to _______ the children in a toy store. 5. As the afternoon ________, I found it more and more difficult to stay awake. 6. Pack’s red hair makes him ________ in the crowd, so you can easily find him in the Entertainment Park. 7. If you can ________ your English grammar, you stand a good chance of succeeding in the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

final exam. 8. The working environment in my new job is pretty good, but _______ I am not quite satisfied. 9. Everyone believes you are a successful lawyer ---- at least you ________. 10. Have you ever _______ them since they started out to cross the Sahara on foot? Unit Seven 1. The doctor checked his left foot carefully and said he would have to stay _______ for two weeks. 2. For a moment I was ________ when he came into the room. 3. Mother told him not to ________ on the way home. 4. The leading group of three continue to ________ the rest of the runners and were soon half a mile clear of them. 5. Are you going to ________ the post in England? 6. Thanks to their getting there ________, she was sent to the hospital. 7. The strong north wind ________ a dust storm that lasted for almost a week. 8. Please wait outside for a moment; the manager is _______. 9. David Beckham finally ________ to Real Madrid. 10. All the lights suddenly ________ and the hall was plunged into darkness. Unit Eight 1. Jack felt ________ as if he were still a child. 2. His hard work has _______ his great success in business. 3. _________, they agree to the hiking plan of next week proposed by the manager. 4. It seemed for a while that babies _________ SARS. 5. As a famous saying goes, no one is born ________ but he becomes one. 6. Mary _______ in the marketing department; later she was transferred to the HR department. 7. It ________ be strange at first when you move into a new neighborhood. 8. The local government ________ full _______ the construction of a new flyover. 9. As a co-founder of the company, Martin found it hard to ________ the fact that he had been laid off by the board of directors. 10. In detail PowerPoint is a complicated software, but _______ it is easy to operate. Keys: Unit One 1. on balance 5. whip up 9. make it Unit Two 1. in the eyes of 5. stand up for 9. in this context Unit Three

2. aside from 6. miss out 10. on a large scale

3. pick up 7. get through

4. stack 8. lower

2. at risk 6. on the side 10. at best

3. make the best of 7. closing in

4. pass for 8. in the midst of

1. statistics 5. feature 9. stands for Unit Four 1. on account of 5. knocked down 9. reliable Unit Five 1. clustered 5. diminish 9. bulging Unit Six 1. clung to 5. wore away 9. look the part Unit Seven 1. laid up 5. apply for 9. transferred Unit Eight 1. for all the world 5. a genius 9. come to terms with

2. looks back on 3. in his favor 6. without so much as 7. vulnerable 10. holding … at bay

4. on the latch 8. barrier

2. knock off 6. caught sight of 10. existence

3. worked… up 7. fades out

4. come around 8. is apt to

2. recede 6. sprinkle 10. reverse

3. undergo 7. humble

4. successive 8. assemble

2. in tune 6. stand out 10. heard of

3. subtract 7. pull up

4. turn loose 8. for the rest

2. off balance 6. in time 10. went off

3. linger 7. kicked up

4. gain on 8. on the phone

2. given birth to 6. started out 10. in essence

3. in principle 7. is bound to

4. were immune to 8. lent … support to

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