Contest Rules by mifei


									Contest Rules
The following is the break down and rules set forth that will govern this contest and each division to this event. Contestants will have the opportunity to receive and or review on line or as a packet that includes the contest information. Included will be the layout of the event and the break down of the divisions to this event. An entry form will be enclosed that must be signed by contestant. Only contestants that have read and understand the rules set forth may sign and enter to compete in this contest.

1. Entrants in this contest understanding that they hold no one other than them selves liable for any harm or accident that may occur during this event. 2. Entrants understand that a sportsman’s like conduct will be expected throughout this event. Any contestant found acting out in a un-sportsman like fashion is subject to being removed from this event. 3. Contestants in this event should understand that any actions on there part deemed as un-sportsman like behavior by contest coordinator (Carl Taylor) can and will result in individual being barred from competing in any/all Contest Caller Contests, and possibly being stripped of any titles won. 4. Prior to each division, contestant will be advised to report to the contestant area (known as “the bus”). At this point, contestants are required to remain in this area until they receive notice otherwise. Contestants will draw a poker chip that will signify the order in which they will be competing in that round. Each round will progress with callbacks being half the number or contestants to the round prior. This is subject to the judging panel’s discression, and callers will be notified accordingly. i.e., ties scores, close score, odd number of contestants etc. 5. Contestants will be called to the stage by their numbers drawn, asked if they would like a warm up. They may take a brief warm up, 10-12 seconds. The judges will then be advised that the caller is ready for score. Example- Contestant number 1(pause) would you like a warm up (pause) immediately after warm up, when contestant gives the nod, emcee would say “Judges” to alert the judges of the beginning of his/her routine. 6. At this point the caller is given 90 seconds from his first note to complete his routine. The light in front of the contestant will come on at 80 seconds and go of at 90 seconds. If the caller is on a note at 90 seconds, caller is disqualified. The emcee to the contest will be running the clock and light. The emcee will make the decision on this issue (human factor to the 1/10 or 1/100 second), Emcees discretion. 7. Contestants will be judged in their abilities to operate a call within each of the categories specific to that division. I.e. Two man meat, State Sanction etc.. 8. Judges will enter their scores on paper (70-80 1st round, 80-90 second round, 90-100 final round), initial the score and scores will be collected and entered on a computer that will broadcast all the scores on a board as they happen. The high score and low score will be entered into a specific column to which the computer will automatically throw out. The computer would then add the other three scores. Contestants will carry the scores forward in the next round. Example: Contestant #1 scores 77, 79, 78, 78, and 78. 77 & 79 thrown out and 78, 78, 78=234, Contestant #1 would be called back to the second round. His score of 234 would remain on the board and added to the score he is about to compete for. This example would repeat through the third round or potential rounds deter mend by the contest. So if there is three rounds to a division (State Duck), contestants would have the opportunity to have a grand total of 810 points. 240 1 st round, 270 2nd round, 300 final round=810 total points possible. 9. Judges scoring is final! Judges will act as a panel, should any issue arise that they need to come together and collectively discuss. This will all be coordinated by the event coordinator and will make certain contestants names are not mentioned and that all concerns are dealt with in a fair and proper fashion. 10. Judges will keep notes on callers routine and will allow contestants to approach them for their thoughts on their specific routine after that division is completed and announced. 11. A copy of the computer generated scoring will then be available to all contestants in that division.


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