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First Semester Accomplishments

         St. Ignatius’ Prayer
Toma Señor en tus manos toda mi libertad;
mi memoria, mi entendimiento, mi voluntad.

Todo lo que yo poseo, Tú me lo has dado.
Yo te lo devuelvo y te lo entrego, para que disponga de
 ello conforme a tu santa voluntad.

Dame tu amor y gracia. Con ellos soy bastante rico y
 nada más deseo.
Our Lady of Belen: Pray for us!
      Experience – Reflection - Action
 Experience! Look back at this first semester
 Celebrate accomplishments and excellence

 Reflect! Think about what we have accomplished as
 a middle school. (What you have done ?)

 Action! How can we continue to improve our school
 and ourselves to serve one another for A.M.D.G?
             Ms. S. Dávalos
 Discovered with St. Augustine that the human
 heart is thirsty for God, our hearts rest with God.

 Studied the Pentateuch, the core Holy Scripture of
 the Jewish Faith community.

 Explored the emergence of the people “Israel” from
  a small family in the desert to the great kingdom of
  David and Solomon in the Promised Land.

 Investigated continuity between the Jewish and the
 Christian faiths in the person of Jesus Christ the
 Son of God.
             Ms. K. Mackle
 Covered first four chapters in our textbook Blest
 Are We.

 Read St. Ignatius and the Company of Jesus and
 completed a group project.

 Learned about the Bible and the Rosary, we made
 our own rosaries.

 Javier Guerrero – Leadership as HR President
 Rodrigo Marín – Outstanding work in class
     Ms. Patricia Bustamante
 Learned the role of the Holy Trinity
    the importance of Faith in our lives
    the books of the Bible
    the Rosary and the importance of Mary
    about the changes made to the Roman Missal and numerous prayers
 Read the life of St. Ignatius and did a poster for Ignatian week
 Student Nominations
    Gerald Chang – Great Student
    David García – Great Conduct
    Daniel Giacosa – Excellent Behavior
    Andrés Krikorian – Excellent Student
    Harrison Stoker – Excellent Student
    Maximiliano Llorente – Excellent Student
            Ms. Raquel García
 Christ established the church and how the church
  continues the mission of Jesus Christ

 The missionary journeys of St. Paul the Apostle

 The 7 Sacraments

 Reflected on the movie “The Five People We Meet in
              Ms. M. De Aguiar
 Vocabulary, spelling, genres, fiction, nonfiction and
  poetry. Units 1-5, Freak the Mighty.

 All the different genres in literature.

 Elements, techniques & charac. of fiction & nonfiction.

 Articles from Scholastic’s Scope Magazine.

 Andrés Dones, Mark Garrigó, Matthew Gómez, Jonathan Manrique
             Ms. M. Navarro
 Freak the Mighty
 Units 1-5 in Vocabulary
 Literary terms and genres in fiction and nonfiction
 Study skills and reading comprehension strategies
 5 Scholastic Scope magazines.

 Magazine Winners : Santiago Venegas, Javier Saumell, Jorge
  Vizcarrondo, Christian Tinoco, Michael Sexton, Roger Torres,
  Conner Yurkon, Eric Lastres, Kevin Galego, Javier Fraga, Robert
              Ms. A. Menocal
 Writing Process (all 5 Stages): Personal & Descriptive

 Utilized Criterion on-line Writing assessment

 Newspaper feature articles, interviews, class
  magazines, Dade County Fair Poem

 Magazine Winners- David Garcií, Sebastián Dueñas, Lucas
  Fernández, Nicholas Krikorian, Matthew Gómez, William San
  Pedro, Andrés Gutiérrez, Máximus García, Ricky Mayo, Brent
  Mullis, Alex Mejer, Allan Navarro, Javier Bustamante, Bernardo
  Poulat, Jorge García
 Excellence in English – Andrew Hernández, Daniel Fager,
  Robert Castro, Daniel Sánchez
                  Mr. C. Curry
 Began working on ixl.com and did very well
  mastering many skills

 Completed a bar graph using Excel.

 First six chapters of their mathematics text book.

 Did very well on their midterm exams.

 Effort & Accomplishment – Ricardo Mayo, Daniel Fager ,
  Javier Guerrero Vicente,
            Ms. D. Toledo
 Completed chapters 1 through 6

 Students are working very hard

 Middle School Math Club: Students took the
 AMC 8 exam in November and are beginning
 to prepare for the Mathcounts competition at
 the end of February.

 Extraordinary effort: Sebastián Clark
                 Ms. A. Fariñas
 Primer Libro: Part I – Verbs, Part II – Grammar, Part IV – Word
  Study, Part V – Hispanic Civilization
 Basic spelling rules – Yo Pienso y aprendo

 Syllables: diptongos ,hiatos, agudas, llanas, esdrújulas

 El Zorro, El Cid – summer reading

 All students participated in Belen Modern Languages Fair

 All students wrote poems for the Dade County Creative Writing
El Cid
           Ms. M. Sánchez
 Heard and practiced a lot of Spanish!

 Participated in Modern Languages Fair.

 Outstanding work/conduct – Deiter Prussing,
 Daniel Fager, Javier Saumell, Robert Castro, Gerald
 Chang, Mark Garrigó, Andrés Krikorian, Nicholas
 Krikorian, Javier Bustamante, Harrison Stoker
Modern Languages Fair
               Mr. Sean Myer
 Earth and Space Science labs included Owl Pellets and
  Mineral Identification as well as contour mapping.

 Different layers of the Earth, it’s landforms and the types of
  rocks that make it up.

 Invention Convention Winners – Timothy Mackle, Andrés
  Gómez, William San Pedro

 Highest Averages – Daniel Fager, Iván Pachón, Ignacio
  Villasmil, Daniel Giacosa, Deiter Prussing, Andrew
               Ms. L. Lascano
 Earth and space Science students conducted labs that
  included Mineral Identification as well as contour

 Different layers of the Earth, it’s landforms and the types
  of rocks that make it up.

 Invention Convention Winners – Ignacio López Castro,
  Andrés Dones, Rodrigo Marín

 Special Recognition – Sebastián Hernández
Science Evening
Halloween Assembly
Mr. Christopher Dreeson
 Ways in which music enhances our lives

 Interviewed family and friends in hopes of finding
  how music enriches our daily experience

 Examined Bach, Marsalis and Musical categories
  such as popular, traditional, and classical

 Ricky Mayo – Highest academic average
          Mr. Ignacio Font
 Drawings of cloth, still-life, watercolor drawings, and
 structural lines

 3D projects for the Miami-Dade County Fair

 Outstanding Students: Alberto Fraga, Gabriel
             Ms. M. Urbay
 Learned the importance of team work.

 Learned how to work handle their instruments.

 Played at Awards Ceremony & Pep Rally among

 Performed excellent Christmas Show!
            Mr. F. Padura
 Learned to think abstract, using their imagination
 and thinking on their feet through improve

 Finished the semester with some great
 monologues performed by the students on stage
 with lights and sound
       Mr. Iván Santa-Cruz
 Use word processors and spreadsheets.

 History of computers and computing.

 Used their new skills to make crossword puzzles for
 their reading classes.
        Mr. Andrés Blanco
 Water polo and Basketball skills.

 Trained for ING and Presidential Physical Fitness

 Great Attitude/Hard Worker: Harrison Stoker,
 Joshua Collins
    Service & Star Students
 Most reported community service hours this year.
     Javier Fraga
     Rodrigo Marín
     Javier F. García
     Alec A. Palacio
     Ignacio J. Villasmil

 ISSF Star Student
Javier Bustamante, Javier Fraga and Lucas Zumpano*
Sixth Grade Lock In
6th   Grade Assemblies
Everglades Trip
Mix It Up
Christmas Concert
Christmas Concert
       Middle School Sports
 Middle school football 8th grade team : 5 – 3
 Middle school football 7th grade team : 0 – 6

 Middle school Basketball Gold team: 10 – 0
 ACC Division Champions and ACC Tournament Champions!

 Middle school Basketball Blue team: 8 – 4

 Middle School Cross Country – ACC ,Tri-County, Catholic State and Dade
  County Champions!

 Middle School Volleyball : 5 -4 ACC Tournament Champions

 6th grade Cross Country : ACC and Tri-County Champions
 6th grade Basketball : 6 – 2 ACC Champions
 6th grade Soccer :10 – 0 ACC Champions
First Semester Honor Rolls

          Honor Roll     Principal’s HR
    6th      117 - 61%   41 - 21%
    7th     89 - 50%     22 – 12%
    8th     115 - 58%    29 – 15%
Honor Roll Certificates
       G.P.A. of 3.4 or higher

  Principal Honor Roll
        An A in all Subjects

   Javier Guerrero Vicente
   Andrew Hernández
   Rodrigo Marín
   Lucas Rodríguez
   Juan-Pablo Arenas

 Pizza in the PATIO

 Raffle Prizes in the Roca Theater
                PUT YOUR NAME ON TICKET!

PATIO OF THE POETS                                        ROCA THEATRE

                        6TH                    8TH              7TH
                        GRADE SECTION   GRADE SECTION       GRADE SECTION

                       6Th GRADE ENTRANCE


                      8TH GRADE ENTRANCE                7TH GRADE ENTRANCE
Citizenship & School Spirit
 Care about each other!

       Care for our school!

 Do what is best and right for all!

     Congratulations to all who did their best
               this first semester!

    Here is to an even better second semester!

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