Eligibility AP daily newspaper members in Colorado. Deadline Entries must arrive at the AP Denver bureau by 5 p.m., Friday, Oct. 05, 2007, or be postmarked by that date. Send entries to: CAPER Contest The Associated Press 1444 Wazee Street, Suite 130 Denver, CO 80202 Divisions There are three circulation divisions: *Division l Small newspapers, 10,000 circulation and below *Division II Medium newspapers, 10,001 to 100,000 circulation *Division III Large newspapers, 100,001 circulation and above Contest Period Stories or photos must have been published in the paper or posted on the paper’s Web site between Sept. 1, 2006, and Aug. 31, 2007. Entry Fees $15 per entry. Please make checks payable to "Associated Press Editors" (not AP) and send under separate cover to the address above. How to Enter Photos should be submitted as digital images saved as JPEG files, RGB, sized to no larger than 100 dpi, 8x10. Save on a single CD per newspaper, with all photos in folders designating category. Caption information is MANDATORY, and should be placed in the PhotoShop information block. Please use the form headed: “2006-2007 Photo Entry Form and Judging Sheet.” Fill out a separate form for each entry, and submit all forms with the CD. Submit only photos which were published in the newspaper. Disposition of Entries Sorry, we cannot return entries. Number of Entries No limit on number of photographers who may be entered per category. Judges may recategorize an entry.

Awards All first-place, second-place, and honorable mention winners will receive engraved plaques. Any first-place entry that was submitted to the AP and moved on the wire on-cycle will receive a $50 check. (On-cycle means that the picture moved on the wire in time to be published by another member paper on the same production cycle as the contributing paper. For example, a photo submitted by one morning paper could be used by another member the same morning the contributing paper hits the streets). Please check the box on the entry form if entry was used on-cycle. Judging Contest will be judged by AP member editors in another state. CATEGORIES SPOT NEWS PHOTO – A spot picture of dramatic news value, of unplanned news. GENERAL NEWS PHOTO – The picture of a scheduled or anticipated event, made to add an extra dimension to the news report of a non-emergency situation. FEATURE PHOTO – A picture providing a fresh view of the commonplace, usually a “found” situation, with strong human interest. SPORTS PHOTO – a spot or feature sports photo. PICTURE STORY/PHOTO ESSAY – A group or sequence of pictures on a single subject, published in a single edition of the paper as a photo layout. Please submit only the published photos, not the entire take. In the case of Web publication, please submit only the photos that were posted on the Web site. PORTRAIT/PERSONALITY – A picture that captures a unique aspect of a figure’s character and personality. PHOTO COVERAGE OF A CONTINUING STORY – Photos covering the same subject taken over a period of time and published in separate editions of the paper. For example, continuing coverage of wildfire season, drought, criminal case or other ongoing story. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION – Pre-conceived food, fashion or editorial concept.

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