New York Times - Dr. William Allan Kritsonis by Will1945


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    I acknowledge and thank my doctoral teacher and dissertation chair, Dr. William Allan
Kritsonis for his total support. Dr. William Allan Kritsonis gave me hope that I could
publish as a student and after I earned my degree. He made all doctoral assignments
meaningful and allowed me to extend my research. I truly respect the unconditional love that
he has for me and the success of my career. Dr. Kritsonis has kept in contact with me after
my graduation from the doctoral program. He has continued to seek ways that would expand
my writings and desire to publish my ideas about improving education of America's students.
I am truly grateful that he is my mentor.
    Rhonda Johnson, my wife has supported me every day since we formed this wonderful
relationship. She encourages me to write and publish. Her total commitment to education and
being an advocate for the unlearned gives me total focus on continuing my career. My wife is
my best friend!
   I acknowledge my brother Lewis Johnson and his wife Jean Johnson; my sister, Cherrie
Johnson and her husband Lawrence Johnson. I acknowledge all relatives of the Johnson's

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