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                                          POLYGONS AND QUADRILATERALS
                                                   UNIT TEST

1. What is the name for a seven-sided polygon?               8. What is the value of x in the
                                                                regular polygon shown?

2. Which of these is a concave polygon?

                                                             9. What is the measure of an exterior angle of a regular

                                                             10. If the measure of an exterior angle of a regular
                                                                 polygon is 24, how many sides does the polygon have?

3. What would you call a 15-sided polygon?

                                                             11. In   ABCD, mA = 53. What is mC?

4. How many diagonals can you
   draw from one vertex of a


5. Which is larger, an exterior angle of a regular hexagon
   or an exterior angle of a nonagon?

                                                             13. What is m2 in this
6. What is the sum of the interior angle measures of a           parallelogram?
   regular octagon?

7. What is the measure of one interior angle of a regular
                                                             14. For what value of x must
                                                                 ABCD be a parallelogram?
Use rhombus TQRS for Exercises 10–13.                       22. In the isosceles trapezoid,
                                                                what is the measure of L?
15. What is the measure
    of 1?
    a) 47      b) 74
    c) 37      d) 53

16. What is the measure                                     23. What is true about the diagonals in an isosceles
    of 2?                                                      trapezoid?
    a) 47      b) 74                                            a. They are congruent.
    c) 37      d) 53                                            b. They are perpendicular.
                                                                c. They are congruent and perpendicular.
                                                                d. The length of each diagonal is equal to half the
17. What is the value of x?                                         sum of the bases.
    a) 2       b) 1
    c) 5      d) 4                                          24. LM is the midsegment of
                                                                trapezoid RSXY. What is
18. What is the value of y?
    a) 4      b) 3
    c) 2      d) 1

19. Why is it that the statement “all rhombuses are         25. For which value of x is ABCD a
    squares” is false, but the statement “all squares are       kite?
    rhombuses” is true? Explain.

20. Which is the most precise
    name of this figure?                                    Extra Credit
     a. parallelogram
     b. rectangle
                                                                1. Name the “swing states” that may determine the
     c. rhombus                                                    2012 Presidential Election.
     d. square

21. For what value of x is
        XYZA a rectangle?

                                                                2. Name the seven dwarves.

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