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									                                                                                                              As of January 1, 2011

Wellness: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening
        Vendor Questionnaire
     Wellness issues important to you – brought to you by McGohan Brabender.
Company Information

Company Name                                          Kettering Medical Center Corporate Wellness
Contact Name(s)                                       Laurie Jakoplic
Direct Phone number(s)                                937-558-3988 or 558-3992 x80987
Email Address(es)                           
Web Address                                 
What year did your business begin administering
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric
Screenings?                                           1995

Geographic Region Served by States and                Greene, Montgomery, Butler and Warren counties (OH)
Counties (unless you are a national organization)     Will go outside of this area with travel charge.
                                                      We follow all joint commission guidelines. Regulations are overseen
Explain your HIPAA compliance                         by HIPAA compliance officer.
Is there a maximum participation size you are         750 - Also dependant on availability of equipment for each screening &
willing to quote? If so, what size?                   time constraints
Is there a minimum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                   25
How is the HRA administered (on-line, paper or
both)?                                                Options of both online or paper
What languages are the HRA available in?              English
Do you provide fasting blood draws or finger
sticks?                                               Finger Sticks
How are the biometric appointments scheduled?
Example: paper, telephone, email or on-line           Telephone or paper
Are you able to provide follow up screenings for
any employees that did not comply with the fasting
guidelines? If yes, how?                              As long as the minimum of 20 is met
                                                      Results will be discussed with the participant at the event. Follow up
What are the follow-up procedures for critical lab    calls will be made to the participant by an R.N. Results of moderate
results?                                              and high risk will be sent to physician

Do you have the technology to interface results
with health insurance carriers? If yes, which ones?   No
Communication & Reporting
What follow-up does the employee receive?             Participants receive consultation and a paper reports the day of the
(consultation, paper report, health coaching,         screening. Health Risk Appraisal participants with moderate or high
individual/group meetings, online resource) What      risk will receive a follow up call from an Registered Nurse. The
is the turnaround time for the employees to           participant will also receive a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment
receive the results?                                  report in their home mail.
Do you include a physician copy?                      Yes - screening results only
What spoken languages can the follow-up be
delivered in?                                         English

                                                      Economic Impact Report includes Preventable Risk & Health Care
What interpretation/analysis will the employer        Costs, Intervention Strategies, Readiness for Change. An aggregate
aggregate report include? Predictive Modeling         graph can be developed for each component of the HRA. A group
tools? ROI projection or analysis?                    progress report is given for multiple year screening comparison.

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                          As of January 1, 2011

What are your pre-HRA communication materials
used to promote the testing? Example: posters,
payroll stuffers, etc.                         Flyers (printed or PDF format), emails, payroll stuffers

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                As of January 1, 2011

Health Fair Support
                                                 Cancer awareness (all kinds), Gail Model Breast Risk Assessment,
                                                 Chair Massage, DermaScan (Sun Exposure Awareness), Exercise /
                                                 Deskercise booth, Nutrition consultation / Nutrition booth, Stress
Beyond an HRA and biometric screening, what      Awareness booth, Hand washing booth (germ awareness), Alcohol
educational pieces can you bring on-site to make Awareness booth, Proper lifting booth / back analysis, Interactive heart
this event become a health fair?                 health booth

What are the costs of those educational pieces?          Most educational booths are $35 per hour
Are there price breaks based on quantity? If so,
at what quantity of tests are there breaks?              No
Final all inclusive price per person?
To include:
  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Biometric screening:
           ·        Fasting Cholesterol screening with
           Lipid Panel (HDL, LDL, total Cholesterol,
           total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, VLDL, and
           ·        Blood Sugar (Glucose)
           ·        Blood Pressure
           ·        Body Fat and BMI                     HRA only - $25 per person
           ·        Height, Weight and Waist             Biometric Screening only - $41 per person
           Circumference                                 Both - $65 per person
Availability and cost of the following additional
  PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)                        $17.50 per person
  Coloscreen (take home kits)                            $5 per person

 Osteoporosis (heel ultrasound)                          $15 per person
                                                         $119 for all three tests or $45 per test - Carotid Artery, CIMT, Ankle
 Vascular Ultrasound                                     Brachial Index
 Lung Function                                           $30 per person
 Heart Print (EKG)                                       $25 per person
 Strength & Flexibility Testing                          $5 per person
 Glaucoma Screening                                      $5 per person
 Resting Metabolic Rate                                  $25 per person
 Flu shots & Immunizations                               Flu - call for current fee
                                                         Within 30 miles of Kettering - Free Outside of area - travel costs may
What are the staff travel costs, if any?                 apply
Last But Not Least
                                                         Our dedicated professional staff includes registered nurses, dietitians
                                                         and exercise physiologists. All are certified, insured and adhere to
                                                         strict guidelines for continuing education. The clinical screening
What other things would you like to tell us about        programs follow all state and federal health care regulations and are
your services?                                           HIPAA compliant.
                                                         All programs are offered on-site. All screenings include immediate
                                                         results and individual counseling with a certified health care
                                                         professional. All services are overseen by an M.D.

                                                         Lunchtime wellness talks - $125 per hour talk

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                              As of January 1, 2011

3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439

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