2007-08 List of Base Pay by position

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NAME                             PRIMARY JOB TITLE               BASE PAY
Boothby,Deborah G.               Academic Srvcs Professional        $46,461
Bruening,Gary Alan               Academic Srvcs Professional        $45,909
Creller,Emily Marie              Academic Srvcs Professional        $29,400
Decausemacker,Paul Edward        Academic Srvcs Professional        $45,349
Deyo,Adam R.                     Academic Srvcs Professional        $33,143
Halstead,Spencer Theodore        Academic Srvcs Professional        $29,400
Kirschner,Jill Amber             Academic Srvcs Professional        $29,400
McGee,Michelle                   Academic Srvcs Professional        $37,534
Mosser,Alan Douglas              Academic Srvcs Professional        $32,111
Norris,Jed R.                    Academic Srvcs Professional        $30,719
Orr,Forrest Patrick              Academic Srvcs Professional        $44,655
Parsons-Reinhardt,Elizabeth      Academic Srvcs Professional        $35,558
Pellerin,Joan T.                 Academic Srvcs Professional        $48,000
Reinhardt,Paul Thomas            Academic Srvcs Professional        $52,387
Sliwowski,Jennifer Meg           Academic Srvcs Professional        $32,458
St. Amour,Dawn Marie             Academic Srvcs Professional        $31,009
Terreri,Amanda E.                Academic Srvcs Professional        $34,156
Trott,Josephine                  Academic Srvcs Professional        $35,690
Berenback,Wendy                  Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $60,000
Biral,Robert L.                  Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $51,500
Buckland Parker,Holly Ann        Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $36,226
Cameron,Laurel R.                Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $37,081
Clemmons,Laura Barbara           Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $36,586
DiElsi,David Paul                Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $35,122
Gregoire,Cecilia A.              Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $35,082
Jurkiewicz,Shelley A.            Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $42,045
Kinghorn,Frances Alster          Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $53,973
Long,Anita M.                    Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $34,445
Merrill,Nathaniel                Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $35,280
Ogaldez,Theodore J.M.            Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $49,020
Panko,Donna                      Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $36,749
Pelletier,Vincent David          Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $44,920
Sharp,John Frederick             Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $61,827
Smith,Dianna Crouse              Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $56,537
Trybus,Matthew John              Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $36,449
Warnock,James Thomas             Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $45,727
Williams Howe,Carol Frances      Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $42,490
Woodcock-Mitchell,Janet Louise   Academic Srvcs Professonal Sr      $42,986
Reed,Brian Vaughn                Acting Dean                       $148,000
Schramm,Richard A.               Adjunct Professor                  $27,500
Cargill,Gray                     Admin Analyst/Planner              $48,400
Dion,Stephanie L.                Admin Analyst/Planner              $57,370
Fortier,Shirley J.               Admin Analyst/Planner              $52,773
Harris,Pamela Jean       Admin Analyst/Planner        $43,500
Johnson,Jennifer Adams   Admin Analyst/Planner        $41,000
Kenny,Michael Joseph     Admin Analyst/Planner        $44,533
Morrison,Travis Hunter   Admin Analyst/Planner        $38,225
Pape,Stacey Leanne       Admin Analyst/Planner        $40,000
Roy,Mary Ann Louise      Admin Analyst/Planner        $45,500
Royer,Michael J.         Admin Analyst/Planner        $41,000
Stebbins,Emily J.        Admin Analyst/Planner        $40,918
Thomas,Colleen S.        Admin Analyst/Planner        $38,565
Towle,Nancy Haynes       Admin Analyst/Planner        $51,415
Bach,Nguyen Khoi         Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $60,200
Bahn,Kristin Jean        Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $73,150
Baker,Elisabeth          Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $87,685
Barnes,Ann Maree         Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $84,790
Barrett,Julie Ann        Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $70,000
Beebe,Paul Nelson        Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $70,900
Bellum,Jon Michael       Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $66,056
Birbeck,Joanna Lynn      Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $58,215
Coutu,Keith A.           Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $79,700
Donavan,Jessica          Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $29,791
Heffner,Erica Lee        Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $60,000
Ravin,C. Lani            Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $62,184
Sheridan,Jennifer Ann    Admin Analyst/Planner Sr     $60,220
Blatchly,David C.        Admin Facilities Professnl   $60,634
Dion,Roland A.           Admin Facilities Professnl   $72,009
Gordon,M. Dorey          Admin Facilities Professnl   $57,236
Hillman,Luce R.          Admin Facilities Professnl   $76,810
Lynn,Paul Murray         Admin Facilities Professnl   $66,150
Mernicky,Darina          Admin Facilities Professnl   $61,129
Peterson,Janice R.       Admin Facilities Professnl   $51,274
Robbins,Terry Wayne      Admin Facilities Professnl   $67,950
Wolbach,Richard Thomas   Admin Facilities Professnl   $64,677
Bress,Gayle Wright       Administrative Coordinator   $44,465
Bridges,Jesse Lee        Administrative Coordinator   $57,000
Diamond,Lee              Administrative Coordinator   $45,210
Dubois,Denise E.         Administrative Coordinator   $45,210
Gamache,Lillian M.       Administrative Coordinator   $64,717
Hanerfeld,Eileen J.      Administrative Coordinator   $43,050
Hart,Teri                Administrative Coordinator   $46,476
LaBossiere,Jeff P.       Administrative Coordinator   $51,730
Logan,J. Leslie          Administrative Coordinator   $58,770
Lowrey,Susan Ellen       Administrative Coordinator   $50,697
Marcus,John P.           Administrative Coordinator   $49,400
Parker,Stanley Joseph    Administrative Coordinator   $64,563
Radtke,Sharon A.         Administrative Coordinator   $40,000
Redmond,Patricia A.      Administrative Coordinator   $52,228
Rodricks,Dirk Jonathan   Administrative Coordinator   $47,500
Rogers,Jeff Lewis             Administrative Coordinator           $42,119
Rollings,Nancy Johnson        Administrative Coordinator           $57,881
Routhier,Debra A.             Administrative Coordinator           $71,176
Scheuermann,Heidi E.          Administrative Coordinator           $42,750
Scully,Mary Louise            Administrative Coordinator           $29,400
Silver,Donna Marie            Administrative Coordinator           $63,244
Smith Mullarkey,Michelle M.   Administrative Coordinator           $43,499
St.Gelais,Barbara Benton      Administrative Coordinator           $45,210
St.Gelais,Richard Allen       Administrative Coordinator           $45,210
Tamulonis,Margaret Mary       Administrative Coordinator           $45,000
Thompson,B. Gioia             Administrative Coordinator           $51,000
Thompson,Corinne B.           Administrative Coordinator           $53,635
Wang,Wei Wei                  Administrative Coordinator           $25,692
Mercurio,Thomas D.            Administrative Counsel              $114,588
Singer,Lucy A.                Administrative Counsel              $110,896
Taylor,Robert Pepperman       Administrative Leave - Dean          $95,000
Bramley,Andrew John           Administrative Leave - Provost      $210,120
Parke,Edward Lauck            Administrative Leave - Vice Pres.   $143,510
Abel-Palmer,Craig B.          Administrative Professional          $38,988
Alajajian,Hilda Hodel         Administrative Professional          $39,015
Baker,Erin M.                 Administrative Professional          $44,000
Baker,Marilyn Suzanne         Administrative Professional          $47,995
Ball,Kathryn Lynn             Administrative Professional          $39,083
Berteau,Renee A.              Administrative Professional          $47,000
Besio,Nathan J.               Administrative Professional          $39,323
Bittermann,Susan Galt         Administrative Professional          $47,402
Bogue,Kathy Lynn              Administrative Professional          $42,473
Bossick,Sandra                Administrative Professional          $57,706
Briggs,Glen D.                Administrative Professional          $66,941
Bristol,Susan B.              Administrative Professional          $73,110
Brynn,David J.                Administrative Professional          $20,414
Buell,James A.                Administrative Professional          $67,960
Burns,Susan B.                Administrative Professional          $55,960
Burritt,Maxine Starr          Administrative Professional          $52,364
Burrows,Gail L.               Administrative Professional          $49,691
Butel,Sylvie F.               Administrative Professional          $43,000
Cain,Diana L.                 Administrative Professional          $45,793
Caldwell,Margaret J.          Administrative Professional          $48,436
Candiotti,Jacqueline J.       Administrative Professional          $51,050
Carney,Bridget M.             Administrative Professional          $45,000
Caron,Therese A.              Administrative Professional          $38,640
Cartier,Maureen J.            Administrative Professional          $37,000
Castano,Kerry Ann             Administrative Professional          $52,386
Chase,Christine B.            Administrative Professional          $36,793
Cody-Hudson,Cathi Ann         Administrative Professional          $64,300
Cory,Rodman W.                Administrative Professional          $41,200
Cross,Priscilla N.            Administrative Professional          $43,540
Cummings,Diane C.           Administrative Professional         $53,462
Cummings,Lynn T.            Administrative Professional   upl
Cutroni,Heidi Lyn Klauber   Administrative Professional         $30,337
DeMag,Linda Marie           Administrative Professional         $63,127
Demasi,Susan Marie          Administrative Professional         $63,122
Dubie,Patricia Ann          Administrative Professional         $57,058
Durick,Donna M.             Administrative Professional         $43,656
Elledge,Jason Scott         Administrative Professional         $47,500
Erb,Maria Dykema            Administrative Professional         $52,406
Flanigan,Donna Lee          Administrative Professional         $50,953
Frank,Marlene               Administrative Professional         $29,039
Gaboriault,Diane Mary       Administrative Professional         $59,301
Gagne,Mary C.               Administrative Professional         $39,341
Gagnon,M. Jennifer          Administrative Professional         $53,846
Gauthier,Tracey A.          Administrative Professional         $47,911
Glock,Stephanie Lynn        Administrative Professional         $48,880
Goldsen,Barbara Jill        Administrative Professional         $41,000
Gookin,Theresa Bouchard     Administrative Professional         $38,756
Gross,Carol Delorme         Administrative Professional         $52,489
Guillette,Natalie Lynn      Administrative Professional         $51,844
Hammond,Andrea M.           Administrative Professional         $41,700
Hard,Dana Anne              Administrative Professional         $50,567
Harvey,Deborah Mae          Administrative Professional         $48,886
Hayes,Nancy Ann             Administrative Professional         $52,908
Hayward,Elizabeth M.        Administrative Professional         $50,182
Heller,Nancy Lawton         Administrative Professional         $50,855
Hodgdon,Barbara B.          Administrative Professional         $62,988
Hotaling,Monika Preiss      Administrative Professional         $42,409
Howe,Kathleen D.            Administrative Professional         $44,605
Huyler,Karen L.             Administrative Professional         $44,895
Ibragic-Burak,Emina Maria   Administrative Professional         $52,647
Keefer,Diane Carol          Administrative Professional         $39,605
Kirby,Gail Eileen           Administrative Professional         $49,220
Krahl,Troy Jerome           Administrative Professional         $45,865
Krupp,Catherine A.          Administrative Professional         $55,650
Langlois,Shari A.           Administrative Professional         $44,800
Laverty,Patricia Walker     Administrative Professional         $62,179
Ledoux,Suzanne Claire       Administrative Professional         $54,080
LeDuc,Dayna E.              Administrative Professional         $48,438
Lefebvre,Gale May           Administrative Professional         $43,177
Lesage,Laura Jane           Administrative Professional         $49,515
Lincoln,Tacy                Administrative Professional         $43,260
Linnebur,Heidi F.           Administrative Professional         $47,000
Locher,Melanie Christine    Administrative Professional         $37,845
Loveland,Laureen J.         Administrative Professional         $52,385
Lyons,Mary E.               Administrative Professional         $41,000
Macy,Julie A.               Administrative Professional         $45,198
Malley,Lisa Anne              Administrative Professional   $41,950
Martelle,Judy Barbara         Administrative Professional   $50,256
Martin,Anne Towers            Administrative Professional   $50,415
Martin,Donna L.               Administrative Professional   $54,264
Martin,Katherine Weaver       Administrative Professional   $36,100
Mathieu-Mahoney,Jacinthe M.   Administrative Professional   $49,654
Mazuzan,Tina L.               Administrative Professional   $48,000
McDonald,Roxanne Aguiar       Administrative Professional   $52,743
McGarghan,Kevin M.            Administrative Professional   $45,210
Merchant,Kathleen Anne        Administrative Professional   $44,742
Mercier,Linda Louise          Administrative Professional   $42,786
Merino,Anjanette L.           Administrative Professional   $47,057
Messier,Tara                  Administrative Professional   $37,080
Nowlan,Patricia Hickson       Administrative Professional   $51,240
O'Brien,Scott Alan            Administrative Professional   $45,507
Parker,M. Cynthia             Administrative Professional   $47,964
Parr,Leslie Ruth              Administrative Professional   $55,138
Parry,Amy L.                  Administrative Professional   $46,800
Patnode,Barbara Ann           Administrative Professional   $48,648
Pelino,Pam A.                 Administrative Professional   $40,250
Pelkey,Dawn Marie             Administrative Professional   $57,200
Platania,Susan V.             Administrative Professional   $52,661
Porter,Donna Mae              Administrative Professional   $34,224
Provencher,Sarah M.           Administrative Professional   $47,250
Ramaswami,Sudha               Administrative Professional   $56,002
Ramirez-Shepard,Aide          Administrative Professional   $40,050
Richardson,Dawn Marie         Administrative Professional   $61,247
Roy,Carrie D.                 Administrative Professional   $50,561
Roy,France Line               Administrative Professional   $52,451
Ruley,Catherine               Administrative Professional   $68,142
Ryan,Robert J.                Administrative Professional   $31,861
Sayre,Matthew Jason           Administrative Professional   $52,001
Severance,Martha Hutchins     Administrative Professional   $52,360
Shelc,Dorothy J.              Administrative Professional   $58,074
Shepard,Joyce L.              Administrative Professional   $39,499
Singh,Christine Herrmann      Administrative Professional   $46,500
Sophia,Nancy M.               Administrative Professional   $68,470
Sowles,Kyle Wesley            Administrative Professional   $56,500
Stetson,Joanne Krasniewicz    Administrative Professional   $55,984
Sturtevant,Allison Eve        Administrative Professional   $52,395
Sunderaju,Ramani              Administrative Professional   $60,349
Thatcher,Linda D.             Administrative Professional   $70,225
Thibault,Dale Ann             Administrative Professional   $48,375
Towne,Nathan O'Brien          Administrative Professional   $35,035
Ursiny,Monika                 Administrative Professional   $46,732
Weld,Gale A.                  Administrative Professional   $42,169
Williams,Susan Lynne          Administrative Professional   $43,947
Wright,Beth Adamson         Administrative Professional      $44,500
Yager,Kathryn M.            Administrative Professional      $60,264
Youngberg,Sheri Lee         Administrative Professional      $52,633
Zanes,Holly A.              Administrative Professional      $25,837
Zang,Denise Marie           Administrative Professional      $40,250
Ardell,Christine D.         Administrative Professional Sr   $57,475
Bailey,Regina               Administrative Professional Sr   $81,028
Bean,Wanda J.               Administrative Professional Sr   $65,779
Bello,Lori L.               Administrative Professional Sr   $80,148
Blackmer,Peter Dutton       Administrative Professional Sr   $75,000
Brown,Gregory A.            Administrative Professional Sr   $71,293
Chapman,Ronald Clark        Administrative Professional Sr   $50,787
Cole,Scott H.               Administrative Professional Sr   $60,061
Cooley,Sarah Anne           Administrative Professional Sr   $55,340
Cormier,Bonnie L.           Administrative Professional Sr   $55,120
Donovan,Lindsey James       Administrative Professional Sr   $58,003
Dudley,Deane Lester         Administrative Professional Sr   $79,500
Feenan,Rose C.              Administrative Professional Sr   $76,845
Ferland,Roy Andrew          Administrative Professional Sr   $72,520
Figari,Diane E.             Administrative Professional Sr   $57,173
Gagnon,Eric Lewis           Administrative Professional Sr   $80,660
Gronvold,Caryn Daue         Administrative Professional Sr   $80,164
Kessler,Michael James       Administrative Professional Sr   $53,057
King,Jill Susan             Administrative Professional Sr   $60,900
Metivier,Mark W.            Administrative Professional Sr   $84,000
Potvin,Brenda Ann           Administrative Professional Sr   $65,313
Read,James E.               Administrative Professional Sr   $58,243
Reilly,Mary Eleanor         Administrative Professional Sr   $68,441
Schneider,Linda Diana       Administrative Professional Sr   $85,500
Swift,Kerry E.              Administrative Professional Sr   $59,774
Wallin,Jeffrey T.           Administrative Professional Sr   $57,750
Brennan,Vincent James       Administrative Srvcs Manager     $65,770
Church III,Lloyd Maurice    Administrative Srvcs Manager     $97,586
Chojnowski,Peter J.         Adminstrative Professional Sr    $57,332
Bean,Kenneth Charles        Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $85,860
Blakeney,Beverly Ann        Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $86,322
Budnik,Lynn F.              Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $69,644
Churchill,Francis Paul      Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $54,875
Fay,Aaron Thomas            Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $65,522
Fitzgerald,Erin Mary        Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $67,976
Gude,Virginia Mary          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $72,940
Incerpi Brunetto,Marianne   Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $99,275
Johnson,Holly F.            Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $53,249
Johnson,Marie D.            Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $64,508
Lane,Michael William        Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $78,026
Langan,Nancy P.             Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $61,550
Ligon,Susan W.              Adminstrative Srvcs Manager      $87,137
Lowder,Mary Mackin          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $57,272
McKenna,Mark James          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $81,250
Russell,Julia H.            Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $99,275
Skalka,Susan Irene          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $91,293
Stalnaker,Nancy R.          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $83,825
Stuart,Ralph Belding        Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $60,625
Weaver,Thomas James         Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $69,564
Whitaker,Carole L.          Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $93,277
Whittle,Marcy Susan         Adminstrative Srvcs Manager    $68,369
Blount,Richard J.           Advancement Manager            $79,325
Burrington,Merilyn S.       Advancement Manager            $70,000
Arnold,Becky P.             Advancement Professional       $55,000
Brennan,Patricia L.         Advancement Professional       $53,350
Dousevicz,Emily Burke       Advancement Professional       $44,080
Dudley,Eileen M.            Advancement Professional       $51,500
Gildea,Cristin E.           Advancement Professional       $57,054
Gilligan,Michael William    Advancement Professional       $71,208
Jacobs,Daniel L.            Advancement Professional       $38,790
Keblin,Sarah Lyn Cobleigh   Advancement Professional       $52,000
Kieran,Joan E.              Advancement Professional       $45,875
Laramee,Kathleen W.         Advancement Professional       $22,125
Lubkowitz,Virginia G.       Advancement Professional       $48,212
Maxwell,Merin Eglington     Advancement Professional       $46,000
McShane,Patricia Ann        Advancement Professional       $51,500
Reichelt,Kurt A.            Advancement Professional       $63,347
Rutherford,George M.        Advancement Professional       $55,000
Shand,Christine Marie       Advancement Professional       $57,000
Sprayregen,Sarah W.         Advancement Professional       $64,500
Baldwin,Kathleen Howrigan   Advancement Professional Sr    $62,574
Chotas,Chrysanne Noel       Advancement Professional Sr    $91,000
Cook,Joan Wright            Advancement Professional Sr    $88,300
Flewelling,Andrew D.        Advancement Professional Sr    $63,600
Forcier,Anne Trask          Advancement Professional Sr    $80,000
Henry,Ruth Lynne            Advancement Professional Sr    $87,000
Kelleher,Kathleen Ann       Advancement Professional Sr   $150,000
Lincoln,Howard S.           Advancement Professional Sr    $83,300
McAvey,Ashley P.            Advancement Professional Sr    $62,000
O'Connor,Manon L.           Advancement Professional Sr    $71,200
Shea,Amy M.M.               Advancement Professional Sr    $60,960
Snider,Marvin Dean          Advancement Professional Sr    $89,000
Wilson,Randall L.           Advancement Professional Sr    $60,600
Albright,Andrew F.          Artist/Teacher                  $2,950
Asbell,Paul D.              Artist/Teacher                 $23,598
Capps,Joseph Martin         Artist/Teacher                 $17,043
Carpenter,Nadine E.         Artist/Teacher                  $2,950
Cleary,Thomas G.            Artist/Teacher                 $12,729
Day,Emily E.                Artist/Teacher                  $9,374
Elliott,Rachael            Artist/Teacher                 $1,967
Ferraris,Steven B.         Artist/Teacher                 $6,883
Janson,Anne Elizabeth      Artist/Teacher                 $9,833
Klimowski,Steven Elliott   Artist/Teacher                $12,782
Kwanza,Evelyn H.           Artist/Teacher                 $6,883
Levis,Jill H.              Artist/Teacher                $20,648
Mantegna,John Peter        Artist/Teacher                 $8,849
McCarthy,Brian P.          Artist/Teacher                 $4,131
McKenna,John C.            Artist/Teacher                $20,648
Orgel,Paul J.              Artist/Teacher                 $9,833
Polk,Suzanne               Artist/Teacher                 $5,900
Read,Evelyn R.             Artist/Teacher                 $5,324
Rivers,John William        Artist/Teacher                $23,598
Salisbury,Jeffrey M.       Artist/Teacher                $21,350
Soons,Heidi                Artist/Teacher                 $2,950
Wigness,Clyde R.           Artist/Teacher                 $8,850
Dry,Cecelia C.             Assistant Controller         $102,705
Meunier,Michael O.         Assistant Controller          $89,071
Schuster,Lois Young        Assistant Controller          $93,681
Snell,Kathleen R.          Assistant Controller          $80,110
Stokowski,Patricia A.      Assistant Dean                $74,807
Wakefield,Jeffrey R.       Assistant Director           $100,625
Abrams,Sarah Elise         Assistant Professor           $67,060
Acquisto,Joseph T.         Assistant Professor           $54,685
Adams,Julie E.             Assistant Professor           $30,000
Ades,Steven                Assistant Professor           $40,000
Allen III,Gilman B.        Assistant Professor          $100,000
Alpert,Jamie Allison       Assistant Professor           $30,000
Althoff,Robert             Assistant Professor          $108,750
Ambaye,Abiy B.             Assistant Professor           $31,650
Ames,Suzanne Elizabeth     Assistant Professor           $30,000
Anderson,Scott R.          Assistant Professor           $42,000
Applebee,Garrick A.        Assistant Professor           $30,000
Arel,Barbara M.            Assistant Professor          $110,851
Arslan,Abdullah Necip      Assistant Professor           $83,635
Baker,Daniel H.            Assistant Professor           $55,500
Ballif,Bryan A.            Assistant Professor           $61,810
Bartlett,Craig S.          Assistant Professor           $30,000
Batra,Jaskanwar S.         Assistant Professor           $30,000
Bauer,Kenneth              Assistant Professor           $55,500
Beckage,Brian              Assistant Professor           $59,324
Berger,Claudia A.          Assistant Professor           $40,000
Bertges,Daniel J.          Assistant Professor           $35,000
Besaw,Paul Henry           Assistant Professor           $55,144
Betzer,Sarah E.            Assistant Professor    upl
Black,Deborah N.           Assistant Professor           $24,000
Bolh,Nathalie G.           Assistant Professor           $75,000
Bongard,Joshua C.           Assistant Professor    $81,420
Bonifield,Carolyn Marie     Assistant Professor   $106,374
Borchert,Thomas A.          Assistant Professor    $55,167
Borrazzo,Edward C.          Assistant Professor    $30,000
Bosenberg,Marcus Wolfram    Assistant Professor   $134,665
Bouchey,Heather Ann         Assistant Professor    $59,442
Bovee,Matthew W.            Assistant Professor   $115,829
Boyd,James T.               Assistant Professor    $35,001
Boyson,Jonathan E.          Assistant Professor    $81,000
Bradeen,Heather A.          Assistant Professor    $52,083
Brennan,Vicki L.            Assistant Professor    $53,500
Brewer,Matthias             Assistant Professor    $61,506
Budington,Steve W.          Assistant Professor    $51,000
Bushnell,Andrew Charles     Assistant Professor    $35,000
Butnor,Kelly J.             Assistant Professor    $40,250
Cahan,Sara Irene            Assistant Professor    $60,777
Cannizzaro,Michael S.       Assistant Professor    $58,897
Capello,Ernesto B.          Assistant Professor    $52,237
Carey,Peggy                 Assistant Professor    $42,498
Carlson,Matthew M.          Assistant Professor    $55,214
Carr,Jacqueline B.          Assistant Professor    $54,910
Case,Martin Ashley          Assistant Professor    $65,249
Cassen,Flora                Assistant Professor    $52,825
Charash,William E.          Assistant Professor    $30,840
Chaudhry,Muhammad Ahmad     Assistant Professor    $64,874
Chiu,Angeline C.            Assistant Professor    $50,693
Christian,Rose C.           Assistant Professor    $40,000
Commercio,Michele E.        Assistant Professor    $56,664
Conley,Katanna L.           Assistant Professor    $51,615
Cope,Meghan S.              Assistant Professor    $60,969
Crock,John Gordon           Assistant Professor    $57,378
Crookes,Bruce A.            Assistant Professor    $30,000
D'Amico,Michael A.          Assistant Professor    $30,000
Danforth,Christopher M.     Assistant Professor    $73,010
Danks,Cecilia Marie         Assistant Professor    $61,105
Davis,Jeffrey Bryan         Assistant Professor    $56,855
Deming,Paula B.             Assistant Professor    $55,000
deRosset,Louis H.           Assistant Professor    $55,429
Desjardins,Isabelle         Assistant Professor    $30,600
Deslandes,Paul Raymond      Assistant Professor    $56,263
Dewoolkar,Mandar M.         Assistant Professor    $75,685
Di Carlo,Antonio            Assistant Professor    $35,000
Di Dio,Kelley Helmstutler   Assistant Professor    $54,151
Dickinson,Jennifer A.       Assistant Professor    $57,568
Dixon,Anne Elizabeth        Assistant Professor   $116,000
Dodds,Peter S.              Assistant Professor    $73,010
Doggett,Tyler C.            Assistant Professor    $53,340
Druschel,Gregory K.       Assistant Professor    $60,520
Dubief,Yves C.            Assistant Professor    $76,549
Dulaney,Eugene Drescher   Assistant Professor    $32,700
Dwyer,Nancy               Assistant Professor    $52,492
Ellis,Deborah J.          Assistant Professor    $55,000
Emery,Meaghan Elizabeth   Assistant Professor    $55,086
Eppstein,Margaret Jean    Assistant Professor    $93,292
Esenler,A. Cengiz         Assistant Professor    $30,000
Esselstrom,Erik W.        Assistant Professor    $53,038
Ewald,Alec C.             Assistant Professor    $57,142
Farley,Joshua C.          Assistant Professor    $64,131
Fenton,Elizabeth A.       Assistant Professor    $55,000
Field,Sean Linscott       Assistant Professor    $54,771
Forbes,John B.            Assistant Professor    $52,141
Forgione,Patrick M.       Assistant Professor    $35,000
Fothergill,Alice          Assistant Professor    $59,352
Franklin,John C.          Assistant Professor    $50,829
Frolik,Jeff L.            Assistant Professor    $88,739
Fung,Mark K.              Assistant Professor    $36,000
Furis,Madalina Ioana      Assistant Professor    $63,749
Ganguly,Eric K.           Assistant Professor    $40,000
Gilley,Brian Joseph       Assistant Professor    $54,249
Gogo,Prospero Barquero    Assistant Professor    $40,000
Green,John Thomas         Assistant Professor    $58,901
Greene,Laura A.           Assistant Professor    $40,500
Gregory,Lynn Dee          Assistant Professor    $56,904
Hammack,Sayamwong E.      Assistant Professor    $56,096
Hill,Jane E.              Assistant Professor    $70,400
Hodgdon,Christopher D.    Assistant Professor   $110,811
Holm-Denoma,Jillian M.    Assistant Professor    $64,000
Holmes,Chris Elaine       Assistant Professor    $40,000
Holmes,Lisa M.            Assistant Professor    $59,478
Holmes,Todd E.            Assistant Professor    $40,000
Hondal,Robert J.          Assistant Professor    $79,519
Hopkins,Amelia J.         Assistant Professor    $30,000
Hovey,Russell Charles     Assistant Professor    $72,484
Howe,Alan K.              Assistant Professor    $92,015
Hudson,R. Page            Assistant Professor    $22,500
Hughes,Thomas Stephen     Assistant Professor    $63,516
Huh,Jinny                 Assistant Professor    $50,508
Hurley,Jennifer Jo        Assistant Professor    $50,000
Hussain,Sarah             Assistant Professor    $35,000
Huston,Christopher D.     Assistant Professor    $90,000
Iyer,Anita S.             Assistant Professor    $40,500
James,Ted A.              Assistant Professor    $35,000
Jenemann,David            Assistant Professor    $54,474
Jewell,Ryan P.            Assistant Professor    $35,000
Jiron,Haley Woodside           Assistant Professor    $56,499
Johnson III,Richard Greggory   Assistant Professor    $53,673
Jones,Andrew William           Assistant Professor    $59,704
Jones,David A.                 Assistant Professor    $97,654
Julien,Patricia A.             Assistant Professor    $55,252
Kalof,Alexandra Nava           Assistant Professor    $37,500
Kalsner,Louisa R.              Assistant Professor    $30,750
Kasprisin,Christina Algiere    Assistant Professor    $60,610
Katzew,Adriana                 Assistant Professor    $51,866
Keating,Friederike K.          Assistant Professor    $40,000
Kent,Jane R.                   Assistant Professor    $52,437
Kershen,Richard T.             Assistant Professor    $35,000
Kim,Brian Y.                   Assistant Professor    $35,000
Koliba,Christopher J.          Assistant Professor    $64,973
Koutras,Anya Sarah             Assistant Professor    $30,000
Koutras,John G.                Assistant Professor    $96,000
Krehbiel,Michelle J.           Assistant Professor    $54,350
LaCombe,Julie A.               Assistant Professor    $42,000
Ladd,Charlotte O.              Assistant Professor    $30,000
Lakoba,Taras Igorevich         Assistant Professor    $65,927
Lariviere,Cynthia Leigh        Assistant Professor    $59,855
Law,Marc Tsien-Yung            Assistant Professor    $75,486
Leibowitz,George S.            Assistant Professor    $52,000
Lewis,Judith L.                Assistant Professor    $39,636
Lewis,Michael Richard          Assistant Professor    $39,000
Lindstrom,Eric Reid            Assistant Professor    $53,638
Lobel,Robert Michael           Assistant Professor    $40,000
Lock,Adam L.                   Assistant Professor    $60,999
Lopez-Vicuna,Ignacio           Assistant Professor    $52,770
Lovell,Sarah Taylor            Assistant Professor    $58,388
Lucas,Marilyn T.               Assistant Professor   $106,632
Lustgarten,Daniel Lawrence     Assistant Professor    $45,000
Macias,Thomas E.               Assistant Professor    $59,283
Manetta,Emily Walker           Assistant Professor    $52,000
Mao-Draayer,Yang               Assistant Professor    $96,250
Marble III,Hugh                Assistant Professor   $117,000
Martin,Paul W.                 Assistant Professor    $54,364
Martin-Caraballo,Miguel        Assistant Professor    $63,447
Matrajt,Mariana Laura          Assistant Professor    $76,549
McGowan,Abigail S.             Assistant Professor    $52,818
Mejia,Ximena Elizabeth         Assistant Professor    $52,731
Mello,Kenneth B.               Assistant Professor    $54,483
Mendez,Victor E.               Assistant Professor    $57,464
Meyer,Markus F.                Assistant Professor    $70,000
Mingin,Gerald C.               Assistant Professor    $35,000
Moyer,Mark Miller              Assistant Professor    $54,791
Murphree,Hyon Joo Yoo          Assistant Professor    $51,000
Murray-Close,Dianna Katharine   Assistant Professor    $60,000
Nelson,Travis B.                Assistant Professor    $56,937
Nesbit,Robert D.                Assistant Professor    $35,000
Neumann,Maureen Doyle           Assistant Professor    $61,375
Newschwander,Gregg E.           Assistant Professor   $113,722
Nilsen,Sarah Dawn               Assistant Professor    $54,132
Novak,David C.                  Assistant Professor   $118,751
Okech,Jane E.                   Assistant Professor    $56,166
O'Rourke,Deborah Anne           Assistant Professor    $68,263
Orzeck,Reecia                   Assistant Professor    $54,000
Pan,Zhongzong                   Assistant Professor    $55,820
Parent,Richard E.               Assistant Professor    $52,336
Pecsenyicki,Stephen M.          Assistant Professor    $30,000
Pfister,Robert H.               Assistant Professor    $88,194
Pickering,Denise L.             Assistant Professor    $52,731
Pickett,Kurt M.                 Assistant Professor    $61,810
Pinckney,Richard G.             Assistant Professor    $91,000
Poynter,Matthew E.              Assistant Professor    $85,840
Pucci,Paolo                     Assistant Professor    $52,770
Ramirez Harrington,Donna J.     Assistant Professor    $76,000
Ramos,Gregory Alexander         Assistant Professor    $57,058
Rayback,Shelly A.               Assistant Professor    $56,016
Rellini,Alessandra              Assistant Professor    $61,000
Rettew,David C.                 Assistant Professor   $124,997
Reyes,Cynthia C.                Assistant Professor    $54,283
Riley,Patricia E.               Assistant Professor    $57,126
Ring,Marcia E.                  Assistant Professor    $54,000
Rizzo,Donna Marie               Assistant Professor    $81,828
Roberts,Walter M.               Assistant Professor    $48,217
Rohan,Kelly Joanna              Assistant Professor    $64,727
Ruiz,Teresa                     Assistant Professor    $86,184
Salerno,Richard A.              Assistant Professor    $30,000
Sansoz,Frederic P.              Assistant Professor    $76,927
Saulnier Sholler,Giselle L.     Assistant Professor    $95,250
Savin,Daniel Andrew             Assistant Professor    $63,293
Shafritz,Adam Brent             Assistant Professor    $30,000
Sharpe,Rhonda V.                Assistant Professor    $78,733
Sherwin,Nikki Khanna            Assistant Professor    $57,000
Sibold,Jeremy S.                Assistant Professor    $52,000
Sicotte,Richard A.              Assistant Professor    $78,108
Silverman,Damon A.              Assistant Professor    $30,000
Single,Richard M.               Assistant Professor    $75,510
Skalka,Christian Edward         Assistant Professor    $85,965
Smith,Elizabeth A.              Assistant Professor    $54,173
Soultanakis,Emmanuel Nicholas   Assistant Professor    $30,000
Spees,Jeffrey L.                Assistant Professor    $95,481
Sprague,Julian R.               Assistant Professor    $40,000
Stanley,Mary A.             Assistant Professor          $35,000
Stapleton,Renee D.          Assistant Professor          $40,000
Steinberg,Jonah A.          Assistant Professor          $54,173
Stickle,Timothy R.          Assistant Professor          $61,091
Strong Kinnaman,Joanna E.   Assistant Professor          $57,500
Strong,Allan Matthew        Assistant Professor          $58,551
Suratt,Benjamin Tate        Assistant Professor         $110,000
Talley,Carol Ann            Assistant Professor          $25,500
Thakker,Manoj M.            Assistant Professor          $35,000
Thompson,Margo Hobbs        Assistant Professor          $55,736
Tolentino,Efleda P.         Assistant Professor          $57,614
Tomas III,Michael John      Assistant Professor         $128,740
Toolin,Regina               Assistant Professor          $56,104
Toscano,Sharyl E.           Assistant Professor          $60,951
Toth,Michael J.             Assistant Professor          $83,419
Trevisani,Gino T.           Assistant Professor          $30,000
Trubek,Amy B.               Assistant Professor          $60,322
Van Keuren,Scott            Assistant Professor          $55,500
Vizcarra,Catalina M.        Assistant Professor          $74,211
Voight,John M.              Assistant Professor          $70,000
VonDoepp,Peter A.           Assistant Professor          $58,632
Wager,Adam Robert           Assistant Professor          $52,451
Waldron,John Vincent        Assistant Professor          $55,571
Waldron,Matthew R.          Assistant Professor          $60,750
Walker,Edward T.            Assistant Professor          $57,000
Waterman,Rory               Assistant Professor          $63,854
Waters,Stephen P.           Assistant Professor          $62,000
Weidner,Mark Howard         Assistant Professor          $40,000
Weiner,Matthew C.           Assistant Professor          $57,000
Wesley,Cedric Satish        Assistant Professor          $80,724
Whitfield,Harvey Amani      Assistant Professor          $62,000
Whittaker,Laurie A.         Assistant Professor          $67,000
Willis,Stephen L.           Assistant Professor          $40,000
Xia,Tian                    Assistant Professor          $80,301
Yamaguchi,Jon S.            Assistant Professor          $35,000
Young,Michelle Lynn         Assistant Professor          $30,000
Zakai,Neil A.               Assistant Professor          $40,000
Zakaras,Alex M.             Assistant Professor   upl
Zelko,Frank S.              Assistant Professor          $53,904
Zhang,Chun                  Assistant Professor         $106,436
Zimakas,Paul James          Assistant Professor          $40,000
Zvara,Peter                 Assistant Professor          $76,632
Zweber,Thomas J.            Assistant Professor          $35,000
Deziel,Gary Roger           Assoc Director               $99,351
LeVitre,Richard Alton       Assoc Director              $104,580
Mastro,Giustino Nicholas    Assoc Director              $113,769
Mercure,Josie Jill T        Assoc Director              $114,950
Schulman,Jeffrey Lawrence   Assoc Director                   $95,085
Stewart,Lee R.              Assoc Director                  $102,804
Corran,Robert               Assoc VP & Director Athletics   $175,000
Comerford,Susan Ann         Associate Dean                  $110,000
Cote,Brian L.               Associate Dean                  $164,800
Davis,Josie H.              Associate Dean                   $99,226
Goldberg,Joel Michael       Associate Dean                  $144,612
Gurdon,Michael Antony       Associate Dean                  $126,051
Seguino,Stephanie           Associate Dean                  $144,612
Shannon,Margaret Ann        Associate Dean                  $114,000
Shirland,Larry Elwyn        Associate Dean                  $148,320
Vayda,Michael E.            Associate Dean                  $150,740
Yu,Jun                      Associate Dean                   $99,271
Dewees,Martha P.            Associate Prof Emeritus          $20,814
Reed,J. Patrick             Associate Prof Emeritus           $6,784
Abate III,Joseph Anthony    Associate Professor              $30,000
Aiken,Judith A.             Associate Professor              $66,247
Ali,Saleem Hassan           Associate Professor              $67,932
Alston,Wallace Kemper       Associate Professor              $42,000
Attarian,Hrayr P.           Associate Professor              $35,000
Bailly,Jacques A.           Associate Professor              $63,197
Barnaby,Andrew Thomas       Associate Professor              $69,595
Beer,Caroline Charlotte     Associate Professor              $65,712
Benoit,Michel Yves          Associate Professor              $30,000
Bentil,Daniel E.            Associate Professor              $77,967
Berger,Christopher Lewis    Associate Professor             $102,024
Bernard,Emily E.            Associate Professor              $63,481
Bernstein,Richard Alan      Associate Professor              $53,122
Bertsch,Tania Fernandez     Associate Professor              $44,100
Bingham,Peter M.            Associate Professor              $98,300
Bishop,Penny A.             Associate Professor              $64,967
Blom,Deborah Eileen         Associate Professor              $63,184
Bonney,Elizabeth Ann        Associate Professor             $119,000
Borra,Antonello             Associate Professor              $59,993
Bottoms,Gregory Todd        Associate Professor              $57,550
Braun,John T.               Associate Professor              $40,000
Brennan,Thomas              Associate Professor              $67,258
Brody,Alison Kay            Associate Professor              $73,358
Brown,Dona L.               Associate Professor              $64,578
Brown,Stephen A.            Associate Professor             $133,000
Brundage,William John       Associate Professor              $30,000
Bryant,Ronald J.            Associate Professor              $66,000
Burgin,Eileen Kay           Associate Professor              $72,053
Buzas,Jeff Sandor           Associate Professor              $69,854
Carleton,Sarah E.           Associate Professor              $64,249
Carr,Jeanine M.             Associate Professor              $76,186
Carter,Stephen Michael      Associate Professor              $65,646
Cataldo,Peter A.              Associate Professor          $30,000
Cats-Baril,William Lawrence   Associate Professor         $106,435
Chan,Sin-Yee                  Associate Professor          $64,661
Chiang,Kevin C.               Associate Professor         $135,000
Cipolla,Marilyn Jo            Associate Professor         $107,433
Clauss,David Ward             Associate Professor          $27,000
Commichau,Christopher S.L.    Associate Professor          $42,500
Contompasis,Stephen H.        Associate Professor          $54,373
Cook,Deborah L.               Associate Professor          $37,440
Cornbrooks,Carson Justis      Associate Professor          $76,253
Currier,William Wesley        Associate Professor          $76,446
Delaney,Terrence Patrick      Associate Professor          $74,039
Delay,Eugene Raymond          Associate Professor          $74,737
Delay,Rona J.                 Associate Professor          $68,623
Dempsey,Stephen Jeffrey       Associate Professor         $114,530
Diouf,Moustapha               Associate Professor          $70,066
Dostmann,Wolfgang R.G.        Associate Professor          $96,590
Doublie,Sylvie                Associate Professor         $101,287
Drucker,Nancy Ann             Associate Professor          $25,000
Dupigny-Giroux,Lesley-Ann     Associate Professor          $63,462
Eisinger,Maj                  Associate Professor          $27,000
Elder,Glen Strauch            Associate Professor          $69,026
Ergene,Bogac A.               Associate Professor   upl
Erickson,Jon D.               Associate Professor          $69,400
Everse,Stephen Jay            Associate Professor          $84,456
Eyler,A. Evan                 Associate Professor          $55,600
Falls,William A.              Associate Professor          $79,232
Feldman,Jan L.                Associate Professor          $72,018
Ferreira,Charles William      Associate Professor          $80,986
Ferrentino,Nicholas           Associate Professor          $35,000
Fiekers,Jerome Francis        Associate Professor          $93,137
Filippi,Christopher G.        Associate Professor          $50,000
Fishman,Laura T.              Associate Professor          $80,609
Fliszar,Evelyne               Associate Professor          $45,000
Flores,Yolanda                Associate Professor          $63,166
Forcier,Lawrence K.           Associate Professor         $124,836
Fox,Kathryn Joan              Associate Professor          $67,769
Fraser,Candace L.             Associate Professor          $29,749
Fries,Timothy James           Associate Professor          $47,680
Gatti,James Francis           Associate Professor         $118,091
Gause III,Francis Gregory     Associate Professor          $75,961
Gedeon,Shirley Jean           Associate Professor          $91,949
Gennari,John Remo             Associate Professor          $67,175
Geroski,Anne M.               Associate Professor          $67,248
Gerstl-Pepin,Cynthia I.       Associate Professor          $71,381
Gibson,Pamela Cox             Associate Professor          $40,872
Gierzynski,Anthony Gerard     Associate Professor          $73,016
Gilmartin,Gregory Michael       Associate Professor    $89,360
Ginger,Clare A.                 Associate Professor    $69,415
Goldhaber,Dale Eric             Associate Professor    $82,174
Goldhaber,Jeanne D.             Associate Professor    $69,344
Goldman,Glenn D.                Associate Professor    $40,000
Gorman,Mark J.                  Associate Professor    $45,000
Grant,Barbara Winslow           Associate Professor    $47,400
Greeley,Lynne                   Associate Professor    $60,095
Greenblatt,Marc Steven          Associate Professor    $40,000
Guber,Deborah Lynn              Associate Professor    $65,526
Guo,Ming Ruo                    Associate Professor    $72,357
Gustafson,Melanie Susan         Associate Professor    $65,219
Harlow,Seth P.                  Associate Professor    $72,900
Harmon,Maureen L.               Associate Professor    $35,381
Harris,Jeanne M.                Associate Professor    $64,528
Hayden,Nancy Joan               Associate Professor    $87,396
Hayward,Robert George           Associate Professor    $24,000
Headrick,Randall L.             Associate Professor    $71,158
Heath,Barry William             Associate Professor    $30,000
Henry,Sharon Margaret           Associate Professor    $75,664
Hirth,David Hammond             Associate Professor    $83,570
Hitt,Darren Lee                 Associate Professor    $96,518
Holmen,Britt A.                 Associate Professor    $95,560
Homans,Alan Charles             Associate Professor    $40,000
Hopkins,Michael Thomas          Associate Professor    $60,054
Hopkins,William Edward          Associate Professor    $70,000
Horgan,Michael A.               Associate Professor    $44,000
Hoskin,Mark L.                  Associate Professor    $42,000
Hubbell,Richard Nicholas        Associate Professor    $47,680
Huener,Jonathan D.              Associate Professor    $61,538
Hughes,Jeffrey Winston          Associate Professor    $73,670
Hughes,Susan Boedeker           Associate Professor   $114,530
Hulse,Charles L.                Associate Professor    $89,375
Hulsey,Steve M.                 Associate Professor    $30,000
Hunter,Deborah Ellen            Associate Professor    $72,669
Iatridis,James C.               Associate Professor    $96,859
Ivakhiv,Adrian J.               Associate Professor    $62,881
Izzo,Louis Mario                Associate Professor   $102,641
Jackson,Major L.                Associate Professor    $80,000
Jacobson,James Lee              Associate Professor    $46,216
Janssen-Heininger,Yvonne M.W.   Associate Professor   $129,490
Jaworski,Diane Marie            Associate Professor    $89,519
Jesse,Richard Ramon             Associate Professor    $94,553
Jetton,Thomas Lawrence          Associate Professor   $106,394
Johnston,Anne Maxwell           Associate Professor    $32,610
Jones,David C.                  Associate Professor    $40,000
Kaelber,Lutz F.                 Associate Professor    $65,241
Kahn,Robbie Pfeufer          Associate Professor    $69,809
Kaminsky,David Alan          Associate Professor    $86,500
Karp,Robert                  Associate Professor    $40,000
Kasser,Susan L.              Associate Professor    $70,339
Keeton,William Scott         Associate Professor    $65,404
Keller,Ray Eugene            Associate Professor    $30,000
Kelm,Robert John             Associate Professor    $88,076
Kerr,David E.                Associate Professor    $67,417
Kete,Mary Louise             Associate Professor    $65,727
Killeen,Kieran M.            Associate Professor    $64,974
Kilpatrick,Charles William   Associate Professor    $74,956
King,John Gridley            Associate Professor    $45,000
Kirkpatrick,Beth Diane       Associate Professor   $111,000
Klepeis,Keith Andrew         Associate Professor    $69,403
Klikunas,Marvin Frank        Associate Professor    $40,000
Kraushaar,James Michael      Associate Professor   $114,391
Kristiansen,Thomas Kurt      Associate Professor    $35,000
Krymkowski,Daniel Harry      Associate Professor    $69,636
Kuentzel,Walter Frederick    Associate Professor    $70,412
Kuflik,Arthur                Associate Professor    $73,129
Lahiri,Thomas                Associate Professor    $30,000
Landrigan,Gary P.            Associate Professor    $40,000
Larrabee,Jerry G.            Associate Professor    $30,000
Laub Jr.,Donald Rudolf       Associate Professor    $30,000
Lee,Byung S.                 Associate Professor    $95,353
Leenstra,Willem R.           Associate Professor    $76,814
Leffler,Stephen M.           Associate Professor    $30,000
Levine,Suzanne Nanette       Associate Professor    $69,984
Liang,Chyi-Lyi Kathleen      Associate Professor    $71,557
Libman,Bonita Sandra         Associate Professor    $44,000
Lidofsky,Steven D.           Associate Professor    $98,000
Ling,Alan Chi                Associate Professor    $93,690
Lini,Andrea                  Associate Professor    $67,844
Little,David Nelson          Associate Professor    $74,485
Loeb,Don                     Associate Professor    $75,423
Lord,Matthew J.              Associate Professor    $85,696
Lounsbury,Karen M.           Associate Professor    $97,055
Lunde,John Henry             Associate Professor    $38,000
Luria,Scott Delima           Associate Professor    $41,900
MacLean,Charles Duncan       Associate Professor    $98,600
MacLennan,Susan E.           Associate Professor    $30,000
Madalengoitia,Jose Santos    Associate Professor    $76,752
Mageto,Yolanda N.            Associate Professor    $40,000
Maltby,Hendrika J.           Associate Professor    $76,227
Marmor,Katherine Ann         Associate Professor    $61,337
Massell,David Perera         Associate Professor    $61,507
McCahill,Laurence Edward     Associate Professor    $35,000
McCrate,Elaine Denise         Associate Professor    $88,483
McCullough,Robert L.          Associate Professor    $57,848
McDowell,William B.           Associate Professor    $65,355
McFadden,Thomas B.            Associate Professor    $96,211
McGowan,Todd Robert           Associate Professor    $61,251
Mercier,Charles Eugene        Associate Professor    $62,676
Meyer,Marjorie C.             Associate Professor    $79,245
Meyers,Herman Wilson          Associate Professor    $83,947
Millay,Donna Jean             Associate Professor    $24,000
Modereger,Jeffrey Robin       Associate Professor    $67,679
Molofsky,Jane                 Associate Professor    $78,173
Monsey,Robert Daniel          Associate Professor    $30,000
Morielli,Anthony D.           Associate Professor    $96,661
Morris,Nancy Schappler        Associate Professor    $72,660
Morrissey,Leslie A.           Associate Professor    $69,844
Mosenthal,James Hastings      Associate Professor    $74,401
Murad,Timothy                 Associate Professor    $77,134
Nagle,Keith Joseph            Associate Professor    $35,000
Nalibow,Kenneth Lawrence      Associate Professor    $70,822
Nathan,Muriel Helene          Associate Professor    $50,100
Naylor,Magdalena Raczkowska   Associate Professor   $127,204
Neal,Patrick Allen            Associate Professor    $75,402
Neher Weicht,Deborah          Associate Professor    $92,389
Neroni,Hilary L.              Associate Professor    $60,384
Noordewier,Thomas Gerald      Associate Professor   $111,923
Norotsky,Mitchell Craig       Associate Professor    $40,000
Nunley,Gayle Roof             Associate Professor    $71,054
O'Brien,Roberta               Associate Professor    $40,000
Pasanen,Mark Eliot            Associate Professor    $40,000
Patterson,Fiona M.            Associate Professor    $64,914
Pederson,David Scott          Associate Professor    $87,558
Perrapato,Scott D.            Associate Professor    $35,000
Petrillo,Jane E.              Associate Professor    $70,669
Petrucci,Giuseppe A.          Associate Professor    $67,443
Philips,George K.             Associate Professor    $40,000
Pinel,Elizabeth C.            Associate Professor    $75,000
Pintauro,Stephen Joseph       Associate Professor    $80,946
Plante,Dennis Armand          Associate Professor    $44,130
Plante,Mark Kenneth           Associate Professor    $30,000
Polish,Louis B.               Associate Professor    $40,000
Radermacher,Michael           Associate Professor    $99,997
Radoux,Susan Burdette         Associate Professor    $40,000
Ramundo,Mary Beth             Associate Professor    $45,000
Raszka Jr.,William V.         Associate Professor    $86,430
Rathbone,Charles              Associate Professor    $81,402
Rincon,Mercedes Rincon        Associate Professor   $137,226
Roberts,Julie L.              Associate Professor    $67,519
Roche,Susan E.               Associate Professor    $71,521
Rohy,Valerie                 Associate Professor    $59,371
Sadek,Adel Wadid             Associate Professor    $96,286
Salembier,George B.          Associate Professor    $70,505
Sartorelli,Kennith Hans      Associate Professor    $30,000
Satterfield,Sharon B.        Associate Professor    $30,000
Schmidt,Frederick Eberhard   Associate Professor    $79,755
Schmoker,Joseph Dean         Associate Professor    $40,000
Schneider,Kathleen McGann    Associate Professor    $64,982
Schneider,Wayne Joseph       Associate Professor    $63,250
Schnell,Lisa Jane            Associate Professor    $65,698
Schnure,Joel J.              Associate Professor    $45,000
Schwarzenberger,Kathyrn      Associate Professor    $40,000
Scott,Helen C.               Associate Professor    $61,200
Segal,Alan S.                Associate Professor    $93,000
Shapiro,Robert Evan          Associate Professor    $66,188
Sharp,Gregory Hamilton       Associate Professor    $33,000
Shea,Jeanne Laraine          Associate Professor    $62,139
Shelton,Lawrence G.          Associate Professor    $87,134
Shepherd,Katharine Green     Associate Professor    $60,432
Singer,Clifford M.           Associate Professor    $30,000
Slauterbeck,James R.         Associate Professor    $35,000
Snapp,Robert Raymond         Associate Professor    $97,758
Sobel,Susan S.               Associate Professor    $38,122
Solnick,Sara Justine         Associate Professor    $84,832
Solomon,Brenda M.            Associate Professor    $65,508
Solomon,Sondra Elice         Associate Professor    $66,086
Sowan,Nancy A.               Associate Professor    $70,964
Spartalian,Kevork            Associate Professor    $80,461
Spaulding,Laurie             Associate Professor    $30,000
Stanley,Andrew Carl          Associate Professor    $30,000
Starrett,Mark C.             Associate Professor    $69,450
Steinthorsson,Georg          Associate Professor    $35,000
Stewart,Alexander            Associate Professor    $60,182
Stilwell,Sean Arnold         Associate Professor    $61,209
Strader,Doris B.             Associate Professor    $50,000
Streeter,Thomas George       Associate Professor    $70,023
Strickler,Jennifer Anne      Associate Professor    $66,043
Tang,Mary E.                 Associate Professor    $31,125
Terrien,Edward F.            Associate Professor    $50,000
Thali,Markus Josef           Associate Professor    $93,419
Thomson,Ross David           Associate Professor   $110,580
Tierney,Mary Lauretta        Associate Professor    $80,452
Tischler,Marc David          Associate Professor    $45,000
Titcomb,Stephen              Associate Professor    $98,200
Tkatch,Peter Jack            Associate Professor    $65,638
Toner Jr.,D. Thomas          Associate Professor    $62,000
Trabulsy,Mario E.            Associate Professor               $22,500
Trainor,Kevin M.             Associate Professor               $68,799
Trotter,Samuel Joseph        Associate Professor               $40,000
Troy,Austin R.               Associate Professor               $65,959
Uddin,Sufia                  Associate Professor        upl
Usher,Mark David             Associate Professor               $65,737
Van Buren,Peter C.           Associate Professor              $130,000
van der Vliet,Albert         Associate Professor              $128,247
Vanden Bergh,Richard G.      Associate Professor              $117,213
Visser,Thomas Durant         Associate Professor               $71,456
Vivanco,Luis A.              Associate Professor               $62,442
Wang,Deane                   Associate Professor               $85,124
Wang,Qingbin                 Associate Professor               $74,959
Ward,Norman Stewart          Associate Professor               $44,832
Warwick,Arthur M.            Associate Professor               $30,000
Waters,Brenda Lorraine       Associate Professor               $29,018
Wegner,Elisabeth Kirsten     Associate Professor               $25,500
Weimersheimer,Peter Edward   Associate Professor               $30,000
Weinstock,Jacqueline S.      Associate Professor               $68,031
Weise,Wolfgang Johannes      Associate Professor               $40,000
Weiss,Daniel Jay             Associate Professor               $81,000
Wellman,George C.            Associate Professor               $93,344
Wemple,Beverley Coghill      Associate Professor               $63,402
Wesson,Cameron B.            Associate Professor               $76,140
Wilcke Jr.,Burton William    Associate Professor              $111,094
Wittpenn,Ann S.              Associate Professor               $30,000
Wong,Cheung                  Associate Professor               $40,000
Woolf,Arthur George          Associate Professor               $79,651
Wu,Ge                        Associate Professor               $76,932
Yadav,Dharam Pal             Associate Professor               $78,407
Yang,Jie                     Associate Professor               $74,166
Yeager,Scott Brand           Associate Professor               $40,420
Yin,Jing-hua                 Associate Professor               $60,973
Youndt,Mark A.               Associate Professor              $113,429
Young,Michael P.             Associate Professor               $50,000
Zhao,Feng-Qi                 Associate Professor               $65,756
Zimny,Nancy Joyce            Associate Professor               $78,935
Zubarik,Richard S.           Associate Professor               $35,000
Zvolensky,Michael Joseph     Associate Professor               $80,037
Tarule,Jill Mattuck          Associate Provost                $166,036
Starks,Gail                  Associate Registrar               $93,547
Ballard,William Preston      Associate Vice President         $144,650
Cauthon,Bonnie B.            Associate Vice President         $135,400
Dummit,David Steven          Associate Vice President         $141,352
Farrell,Ruth Anne            Associate Vice President         $121,041
Hale,Paul D.                 Associate Vice President          $95,324
Jefferis III,Charles A.      Associate Vice President         $125,287
Johnson,Barbara L.         Associate Vice President      $150,000
Nestor,David A.            Associate Vice President      $149,254
Schultz,Michael W          Associate Vice President      $151,175
Winfield,George F.         Associate Vice President      $213,800
Cavrak Jr.,Stephen James   Asst Dir for Acad Comp Ser     $93,385
Williams,Dean Jay          Asst Dir for CIT Client Srv   $111,420
Gingras,Andrew Robert      Asst Dir for Microcom Ser      $92,650
McCabe,Christopher James   Ast VP Athl Mrktg&BusnDvlp    $145,797
Stevens,Annie              Ast VP for Stdnt&Cmps Life    $136,091
Arnold,Catherine           Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Cournoyer,Jennifer J.      Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Davidson,Johnny D.         Athletic Assistant Coach       $26,209
DeCicco,Anthony            Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Friedman,Emily R.          Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Gingras,Joseph W.          Athletic Assistant Coach       $31,799
Hahn,Matthew E.            Athletic Assistant Coach       $45,000
Jenkins,Kerry D.           Athletic Assistant Coach       $54,601
Kostolansky,Joseph J.      Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Lanpher,Steven S.          Athletic Assistant Coach       $52,250
McKissock,Emily M.         Athletic Assistant Coach       $42,589
Merritt,Robin Lynn         Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Micheletto Jr.,John A.     Athletic Assistant Coach       $65,410
Mitchell,William J.        Athletic Assistant Coach       $54,593
Nardi,Jennifer A.          Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Olson,Gregg M.             Athletic Assistant Coach       $34,945
Rodriguez,Gabriel E.       Athletic Assistant Coach       $40,000
Stone,Timothy P.           Athletic Assistant Coach       $45,980
Turner,Hajj M.             Athletic Assistant Coach       $50,000
Willmott,Brett D.          Athletic Assistant Coach       $37,000
Belfield,Matthew L.        Athletic Head Coach            $62,791
Bothwell,Timothy J.        Athletic Head Coach            $94,050
Cormier,Jesse M.           Athletic Head Coach            $70,000
Cournoyer III,Gerard J.    Athletic Head Coach            $61,810
Currier,Willard Forrest    Athletic Head Coach            $69,164
Curtis,Ryan P.             Athletic Head Coach            $61,655
Dziczkaniec,Kerry Anne     Athletic Head Coach            $64,326
Goodman,Paul J.            Athletic Head Coach            $61,594
Hickey,Marcie M.           Athletic Head Coach            $53,295
Houghton,Nicole Elaine     Athletic Head Coach            $59,333
Johnson,Jennifer Anne      Athletic Head Coach            $63,000
Reichelt,William C.        Athletic Head Coach            $59,625
Dawley,Sharon M.           Athletic Head Coach Sr        $105,000
Lonergan,Michael Thomas    Athletic Head Coach Sr        $150,000
Sneddon,Kevin A.           Athletic Head Coach Sr        $145,800
Lawrence,Karen B.          Bindery Specialist             $21,769
Thurber,Lisa M.            Bindery Specialist             $21,497
Brown,Kyle E.              Biomed Equipment Tech Sr       $56,101
Elliott,Wallace R.          Biomed Equipment Tech Sr         $67,933
Martin,Matthew A.           Biomed Equipment Tech Sr         $54,551
Haskell,Neal George         Biomedical Equip Tech Supervsr   $60,742
Mansfield,Daniel Steven     Biomedical Equip Tech Supervsr   $61,653
Waterman,Frank              Biomedical Equip Tech Supervsr   $67,137
Agan,Timothy John           Biomedical Equipment Tech        $41,731
Barnes,Richard Roland       Biomedical Equipment Tech        $35,992
Blodgett,David Glen         Biomedical Equipment Tech        $59,210
Brana,Paul J.               Biomedical Equipment Tech        $33,610
Bugbee,Theresa A.           Biomedical Equipment Tech        $42,680
Carpenter-Vascik,Sarah A.   Biomedical Equipment Tech        $56,229
Clemens,Tracy L.            Biomedical Equipment Tech        $34,101
Dubois,James P.             Biomedical Equipment Tech        $55,069
Fritz,Daniel Edward         Biomedical Equipment Tech        $53,434
Hayes,Nikki Lee             Biomedical Equipment Tech        $35,512
Koval Jr.,Andrew P.         Biomedical Equipment Tech        $47,345
Lindsey,Josh R.             Biomedical Equipment Tech        $37,950
McInally,Robert Edward      Biomedical Equipment Tech        $51,644
McMahon,James Brien         Biomedical Equipment Tech        $51,228
McRae,Gordon F.             Biomedical Equipment Tech        $42,560
Mikheeva,Ekaterina Y.       Biomedical Equipment Tech        $34,977
Nitto,Stephen P.            Biomedical Equipment Tech        $49,139
Quinones,Henry              Biomedical Equipment Tech        $49,732
Rengifo Sr.,Fernando        Biomedical Equipment Tech        $43,310
Richards,Christopher J.     Biomedical Equipment Tech        $50,139
Sefcik,John F.              Biomedical Equipment Tech        $49,993
Stolte,Shane William        Biomedical Equipment Tech        $50,781
Torres,Luis F.              Biomedical Equipment Tech        $33,907
Wagner,Richard Leopold      Biomedical Equipment Tech        $53,416
Williams,Robin D.           Biomedical Equipment Tech        $41,200
Campagna,Gary M.            Building Trades Supervisor       $50,606
Ciarcia,Jerry               Building Trades Supervisor       $47,486
Montgomery,Timothy Gary     Building Trades Supervisor       $58,822
Chagnon,Thomas C.           Building Tradesperson            $33,384
Ciarla,Michael A.           Building Tradesperson            $28,870
Hamilton Sr.,David Emery    Building Tradesperson            $27,934
Bingham,Christopher John    Building Tradesperson Senior     $33,446
Burnham,Jeffrey Richard     Building Tradesperson Senior     $35,506
Carey,Ronald Wayne          Building Tradesperson Senior     $30,888
Crabtree,Richard Lee        Building Tradesperson Senior     $41,475
Dartt III,Burns W.          Building Tradesperson Senior     $34,050
Frankiewicz,Longin          Building Tradesperson Senior     $35,922
Gregoire,Mark Alan          Building Tradesperson Senior     $35,506
Kirby,William J.            Building Tradesperson Senior     $32,573
Martin,Thomas Arthur        Building Tradesperson Senior     $44,845
Menard,John A.              Building Tradesperson Senior     $43,077
Pepe,Wayne A.               Building Tradesperson Senior     $35,110
Straight,Richard Edward     Building Tradesperson Senior     $41,933
Whitten,Gregory C.          Building Tradesperson Senior     $30,638
Chittenden,Nicole B.        Business Oprtns Administrator    $83,600
DePaul,Dennis P.            Business Oprtns Administrator    $94,155
Fanus,Richard E.            Business Oprtns Administrator    $99,136
Guarnaccia,Paula Lynn       Business Oprtns Administrator    $99,750
Harvey,Daniel Joseph        Business Oprtns Administrator   $102,752
Beauregard,Jacquelyn A.     Business Support Assistant       $26,289
Kellogg,Tammy Jean          Business Support Assistant       $30,613
Parker,Catharine F.         Business Support Assistant       $28,340
Peredo Jr.,Enrique S.       Business Support Assistant       $33,539
Raymond,Kathleen D.         Business Support Assistant       $24,995
Schweigert,Peter J.         Business Support Assistant       $19,000
Teator,Laurie L.            Business Support Assistant       $22,878
Allen,Kelly Jane            Business Support Generalist      $43,681
Aspinall,Jane A.            Business Support Generalist      $29,335
Aspinall,Roger W.           Business Support Generalist      $38,728
Banach,Lynn A.              Business Support Generalist      $24,860
Bassett,Lynda Lee           Business Support Generalist      $31,200
Bergeron,Sharon Lynne       Business Support Generalist      $28,500
Bissonnette,Sharon Ann      Business Support Generalist      $47,913
Boomhover,Lisa Marie        Business Support Generalist      $27,000
Boyle,Kristeen Ann          Business Support Generalist      $26,689
Breed,Maria C.              Business Support Generalist      $30,000
Brownell,Ashlee J.M.        Business Support Generalist      $36,500
Carpenter,Bonnie L.         Business Support Generalist      $24,942
Chapman,Michelle C.         Business Support Generalist      $26,324
Clarke,Peter D.             Business Support Generalist      $30,000
Cleveland,Sally J.          Business Support Generalist      $33,972
Comtois,Andrea Leigh        Business Support Generalist      $37,855
Corson,Margaret Ann         Business Support Generalist      $44,252
Dearborn,JoAnne             Business Support Generalist      $30,588
Desany,Jessica Rose         Business Support Generalist      $32,385
Desorgher,Matthew Paul      Business Support Generalist      $35,000
Dimick,Ellen Madeline       Business Support Generalist      $41,776
Dudley,Linda K.             Business Support Generalist      $34,501
Duncan,Karen A.             Business Support Generalist      $30,765
Englert,Patricia Kay        Business Support Generalist      $35,075
Evans,Jean N.               Business Support Generalist      $25,505
Fouche,Moncarm Anthony      Business Support Generalist      $37,000
Gagne,Suzette L.            Business Support Generalist      $26,624
Gauvin,Victoria M.          Business Support Generalist      $37,000
Gernander,Gerald V.         Business Support Generalist      $33,000
Godard,Nancy Lee            Business Support Generalist      $35,870
Gordon,Eugenya              Business Support Generalist      $28,810
Green,Margo K.              Business Support Generalist      $16,695
Green-Putnam,Yvonne Alice   Business Support Generalist      $37,380
Hayes,Ann C.              Business Support Generalist   $35,307
Hazen,Diane M.            Business Support Generalist   $34,750
Hendrickson,Lee A.        Business Support Generalist   $36,484
Holl,Mary D.              Business Support Generalist   $17,098
Huber,Candice Marie       Business Support Generalist   $30,000
Jacobs,Angela             Business Support Generalist   $30,630
Jagielski,Jeanne M.       Business Support Generalist   $32,186
Johnson,Margaret Ann      Business Support Generalist   $34,000
Karavdic,Ivana            Business Support Generalist   $25,000
Kristiansen,Eileen G.C.   Business Support Generalist   $35,310
Kvam,Patricia A.          Business Support Generalist   $29,300
Leahy,James P.            Business Support Generalist   $26,500
LeBlanc,Holly Marie       Business Support Generalist   $25,908
Lestage,Diane Lynn        Business Support Generalist   $33,108
Libby-Baldwin,Sally A.    Business Support Generalist   $27,077
Maglaris,Rebecca M.       Business Support Generalist   $27,468
Mailhot,Annette Cecile    Business Support Generalist   $36,771
Mannino,Christina L.      Business Support Generalist   $32,494
McCollough,Mary           Business Support Generalist   $34,642
Mertz,Margo A.            Business Support Generalist   $25,427
Miller,Cheryl L.          Business Support Generalist   $31,720
Monty,Mary Lou            Business Support Generalist   $41,310
Murray,Minghui            Business Support Generalist   $32,240
Naylor,Ann Marie          Business Support Generalist   $28,948
Olmstead,Holly Jean       Business Support Generalist   $35,445
Phinney,Mary              Business Support Generalist   $35,844
Poirier,Diana L.          Business Support Generalist   $34,189
Pratt,Dianne Michele      Business Support Generalist   $41,833
Pritchard,Kristen E.      Business Support Generalist   $33,000
Raftery,Mary Jane         Business Support Generalist   $31,825
Reardon,Karen Marie       Business Support Generalist   $41,349
Renaud,Kunie I.           Business Support Generalist   $29,697
Richardson,Lynn Marie     Business Support Generalist   $33,200
Rock,Marie L.             Business Support Generalist   $37,607
Salmon,Linda Marie        Business Support Generalist   $31,327
Schalk,Amy Lynn           Business Support Generalist   $31,200
Snyder,Cynthia R.         Business Support Generalist   $36,380
St. George,Chardy Ruth    Business Support Generalist   $31,349
St. George,Rita Ann       Business Support Generalist   $39,960
Strouse,Joseph H.         Business Support Generalist   $31,350
Swain,Susan E.            Business Support Generalist   $35,275
Vallieres,Denis Charles   Business Support Generalist   $47,995
Walsh,Sue Ellen           Business Support Generalist   $35,222
Werenko,Francesca         Business Support Generalist   $29,500
Winkler,Robert            Business Support Generalist   $33,375
Wu,Nina G.                Business Support Generalist   $34,485
Ziglar,Elisa J.           Business Support Generalist   $24,439
Lemire,Karen L.              Business/Acctng Specialist    $39,140
Alarie,Melody Ann            Business/Acctng Specialst     $43,815
Anderson,Jeri J.             Business/Acctng Specialst     $38,466
Blanchet,Lisa B.             Business/Acctng Specialst     $33,496
Caha,Blanka                  Business/Acctng Specialst     $45,289
Eaton,Penny Ann              Business/Acctng Specialst     $38,665
Fay,Laurie E.                Business/Acctng Specialst     $39,035
Greenfield,Heather M.        Business/Acctng Specialst     $33,589
Hollinger,Mary Lou           Business/Acctng Specialst     $41,800
Homan,Clare                  Business/Acctng Specialst     $34,787
Kobus,Debra L.               Business/Acctng Specialst     $41,500
Kyler,Kathy J.               Business/Acctng Specialst     $39,524
MacDonald,Brooke Marie       Business/Acctng Specialst     $41,694
Powers,Marlene Annette       Business/Acctng Specialst     $50,800
Rainville,Celia Helen        Business/Acctng Specialst     $48,779
Raphael,Ian J.               Business/Acctng Specialst     $42,385
Robinson,Gwenn M.            Business/Acctng Specialst     $36,153
Sebastiano,Paul A.           Business/Acctng Specialst     $38,501
Solomon,Joan H.              Business/Acctng Specialst     $41,800
Todd,H. David                Chief Information Officer    $192,850
Margolis,Gary Jonathan       Chief/Director Police Srvs   $107,000
Alsofrom,Jane P.             Clinical Assistant Prof       $51,356
Barrow,Louise T.             Clinical Assistant Prof       $15,913
Buck-Rolland,Carol L.        Clinical Assistant Prof       $55,571
Curley,Maureen L.            Clinical Assistant Prof       $49,000
Dee,Justine M.               Clinical Assistant Prof       $27,455
Favro,Mary Alice             Clinical Assistant Prof       $11,807
Friedeborn,Louise R.         Clinical Assistant Prof       $29,174
Kaufman,Jane Susan           Clinical Assistant Prof        $1,960
Kelley,Kim Perkins           Clinical Assistant Prof        $9,451
Leonard,Cindy S.             Clinical Assistant Prof       $35,015
Maynard,Alan                 Clinical Assistant Prof       $48,826
Melvin,Christina S.          Clinical Assistant Prof       $54,459
Montgomery,Rebecca Mawer     Clinical Assistant Prof       $48,479
Moore,Jessica L.             Clinical Assistant Prof        $5,948
Muskus,Catharine Ashley      Clinical Assistant Prof       $49,243
Nagle,Rebecca Anne           Clinical Assistant Prof       $30,058
Nicholas,Catherine F.        Clinical Assistant Prof       $71,913
Plummer,Katherine Jennifer   Clinical Assistant Prof       $18,294
Reville,Julie Dzewaltowski   Clinical Assistant Prof        $4,060
Short,Maria E.               Clinical Assistant Prof       $49,807
Surks,Allison Rachel         Clinical Assistant Prof        $6,400
Tourville,Kelly A.           Clinical Assistant Prof       $46,774
Couture,Ashley E.            Clinical Assistant Prof.       $4,950
Cromwell,Susan Jane          Clinical Assistant Prof.      $18,699
Dudley,Sarah Kay             Clinical Assistant Prof.       $1,300
Sands,Peggy L.O.             Clinical Assistant Prof.      $15,102
Adams,Elizabeth Jean      Clinical Associate Prof          $54,025
Belin,Gayle M.            Clinical Associate Prof          $60,875
Rosen,Michael J.          Clinical Associate Prof          $65,565
Whitney,Stuart Luhn       Clinical Associate Prof          $60,351
Dale,Rosemary Louise      Clinical Associate Prof.          $8,000
Smith,Dinah K.            Clinical Associate Prof.         $58,509
Forsell,Raymond Douglas   Clinical Engineer                $61,642
Rafuse,Leah Ann           Clinical Engineer                $45,651
Nelson,Leonie Ann         Clinical Professor               $85,420
Balogh,Krista Marie       Communications Professional      $48,000
Benjamin,Jennifer L.      Communications Professional      $39,125
Bosley,Bruce R.           Communications Professional      $36,343
Campono,Bonnie Leigh      Communications Professional      $32,653
Collins,Michaella Maley   Communications Professional      $34,186
Dickie,Benjamin Ryan      Communications Professional      $34,726
Elledge,Andrea H.         Communications Professional      $34,224
Gilley,Caroline D.        Communications Professional      $49,150
Hoefel,Eric John          Communications Professional      $49,150
Husher,Helen S.           Communications Professional      $35,181
Kenny,Heather Lee         Communications Professional      $56,238
Kerr,Helyn Ann            Communications Professional      $39,500
Kingsbury,Lisa Scott      Communications Professional      $47,321
Kurent,Molly Kathleen     Communications Professional      $37,826
McMahan,Emily J.          Communications Professional      $36,300
Nolan,Sally Ross          Communications Professional      $42,521
Reidel,Jon C.             Communications Professional      $51,325
Schwab,Loretta Patricia   Communications Professional      $43,100
Silva,Keith Philip        Communications Professional      $45,605
Strotmeyer,Katherine C.   Communications Professional      $41,475
Thomas,Megan Morley       Communications Professional      $53,177
Waite,Amanda Kenyon       Communications Professional      $41,082
Whittemore-Hill,Elise     Communications Professional      $54,090
Wojcik,Chris J.           Communications Professional      $38,038
Brown,Joshua E.           Communications Professional Sr   $49,141
Champagne,Lisa A.         Communications Professional Sr   $56,240
Cox,Lee Ann               Communications Professional Sr   $53,671
Dorschner,Cheryl Ann      Communications Professional Sr   $49,653
Foley,Kevin P.            Communications Professional Sr   $56,158
Francoeur,Jennifer A.     Communications Professional Sr   $58,938
Goyette,Jay P.            Communications Professional Sr   $69,200
Mikell Jr.,William E.     Communications Professional Sr   $61,040
Nachbur,Jennifer          Communications Professional Sr   $50,955
Neuert,Edward Joseph      Communications Professional Sr   $62,039
Holl,Peter H.             Computer Equipment Specialist    $61,651
Blondin,Eric C.           Custodial Maintenance Spec       $24,066
Bruley,Joan Marie         Custodial Maintenance Spec       $33,426
Marton,Jacques Paul       Custodial Maintenance Spec       $24,378
Vo,Oanh                    Custodial Maintenance Spec      $25,334
Wilheim,Corey D.           Custodial Maintenance Spec      $25,958
Zvekic,Ramiz               Custodial Maintenance Spec      $26,998
Avdibegovic,Slavojka       Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $28,142
Chung,Phuong Thi           Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $29,557
Doan,Bich Hong             Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $29,557
Doekel,Wanda Marie         Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $26,333
Granger,Judy Theresa       Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $30,014
Maple,Timothy S.           Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $28,122
Nguyen,Phuong X.           Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $26,894
Ploof,David A.             Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $27,747
Raymond,Roy Donald         Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $33,488
Russen,Luminita Chivu      Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $27,706
Spicer,Kimberly Holden     Custodial Maintenance Spec Sr   $24,378
Adams,Clifford D.          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $26,874
Avdic,Semsudin             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,814
Basic,Fahira               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $22,526
Begic,Emira                Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,272
Bergeron,David Joseph      Custodial Maintenance Worker    $26,957
Bizimana,Peres             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,336
Blow,Nancy Lee             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $28,038
Boskailo,Fatima            Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,504
Bounsana,David             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,421
Broe,Ann Marie             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,504
Burdzy,Les M.              Custodial Maintenance Worker    $12,407
Burnor,William Albert      Custodial Maintenance Worker    $27,830
Cao,Cuc Thi                Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,795
Cardakovic,Zilha           Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,296
Carpenter,Daniel Charles   Custodial Maintenance Worker    $30,264
Carpenter,Ronald Gerard    Custodial Maintenance Worker    $33,571
Chan,Oi-Ming               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,168
Chartier,Narelle E.        Custodial Maintenance Worker    $22,526
Chen,Dan                   Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,710
Chu,Betty                  Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,022
Cibra,Hamida               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,400
Cicak,Sabina               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,504
Cloran,Kenneth Edward      Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,501
Conn Sr.,Donald L.         Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,109
Corron,David Paul          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $32,178
Cross,Michael William      Custodial Maintenance Worker    $32,510
Debeljak,Jasmina           Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,608
Debeljak,Zlatko            Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,814
Delage,Ann M.              Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,814
Delalic,Senada             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,504
Densmore,Mary B.           Custodial Maintenance Worker    $22,942
Do,Tho Thi                 Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,608
Dobraca,Azra               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,504
Dobraca,Fadil            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,296
Dong,Min E.              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,357
Dugener,Charity A.       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Dulma,Emina              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Duval,Stephen Michael    Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,022
Elkaz,Edin               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $22,942
Francis,Helen Hazen      Custodial Maintenance Worker         $26,832
Goad,Judy Ann            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $31,907
Godbout,Gregory Alan     Custodial Maintenance Worker         $30,264
Gonyeau,Robert Otto      Custodial Maintenance Worker         $32,802
Halilovic,Elvir          Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,296
Hasanovich,Mejrema       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,296
Hood Jr.,Dwaine H.       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,733
Hood Sr.,Dwaine Harold   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $30,846
Hor,Ponleu               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,794
Huynh,Diamond Dick       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,232
Huynh,Eric               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,022
Ibrisimovic,Nemir Miro   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,272
Isakovic,Zehra           Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Iseric,Senada            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Johnson,Chi Kim          Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,875
Jusupovic,Muhamed        Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Kinville,Amy D.          Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,272
Kir,James                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Korajkic,Enes            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Kukobat,Suada            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Kukolj,Mira              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,400
Lam,Ut Van               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,274
Latifovic,Samid          Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,317
Lawrence,Kathi Jane      Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,795
Le,Lan T.                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,979
Le,Phuoc V.              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,168
Lihic,Ismeta             Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Lihic,Zijad              Custodial Maintenance Worker   upl
Liu,Fook-Kau             Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,168
Lumnah,Philip Joseph     Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Ly,Dung M.               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $22,298
Ly,Se Thi                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,022
Manirambona,Issa         Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Manyiel,Simon Gai        Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,814
Marshall,Joann Lee       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,480
Matthews,Gregory Paul    Custodial Maintenance Worker         $32,739
Merina,Fahrudin          Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,794
Mihalache,Dorel D.       Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,462
Milijevic,Milenko        Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,357
Morehouse,Gayle Marie    Custodial Maintenance Worker         $30,264
Mott,Paula Marie         Custodial Maintenance Worker         $34,320
Mujkanovic,Dragica Dada      Custodial Maintenance Worker   upl
Music,Sulejman I.            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Nakic,Cana                   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,400
Ngo,Sarinh Thi               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $26,686
Nguyen,Danh Huu              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,376
Nguyen,Hang Le               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,272
Nguyen,Huy Sanh              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Nguyen,Kim Hang              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,918
Nguyen,Sang Van              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,918
Nguyen,Thu To                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Nguyen,Thuan Van             Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Nguyen,Trinh Viet            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $26,811
Nhek,Se                      Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,376
Nikolic,Senada               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Novljanin,Izeta              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Omanovic,Kija                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $22,942
Orucevic,Sead                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,629
Pasic,Muhamed                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,400
Pham,Huong Thitan            Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,733
Pham,Nin Thi                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,918
Pham,Tuan Gia                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,918
Pierce,David D.              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Pierce,Sandra Lynn           Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,421
Pokrajac,Rosa                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Ponjevic,Milan               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Puric,Hasim                  Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,480
Puric,Sofija                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,480
Qiu,Xiao Chun                Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,710
Ramadanovic,Mevludin         Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,357
Reed,Richard M.              Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,126
Rizvanovic,Minka             Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Rodolfy,Christopher Theron   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $27,477
Russell,Barbara Jean         Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,733
Russin,Donald Joseph         Custodial Maintenance Worker         $32,302
Ruszkowski,Mark Anthony      Custodial Maintenance Worker         $24,794
Salkic,Salko                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,504
Saric,Semsa                  Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,400
Semic,Zijada                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,400
Sevlic,Enisa                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Sisic,Enisa                  Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,608
Smajic,Belma                 Custodial Maintenance Worker         $23,296
Son,Sanh                     Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,022
Sourdiff Sr.,Ronald Edward   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $38,022
Srostlik,Jarmila             Custodial Maintenance Worker         $28,974
Sweeney,Pamela Ann           Custodial Maintenance Worker         $28,725
Szymczyszyn,Wieslawa Maria   Custodial Maintenance Worker         $25,168
Talic,Drazenka               Custodial Maintenance Worker         $22,942
Thai,Xieo                  Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,814
Tran,Dung Ngoc             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,272
Tran,Hung Quang            Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,918
Tran,Nam Van               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,126
Tran,Phat                  Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,750
Trieu,Be Thi               Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,608
Trieu,Xep                  Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,126
Trombley,Benjamin J.       Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,421
Truong,Tai Van             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,918
Turajlic,Mukelefa          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $22,526
Vu,Phong                   Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,920
Vukmirovic,Jelena          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,272
Wakahagwe,Makuni           Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,421
Weston,Pamela A.           Custodial Maintenance Worker    $25,168
Wietrzyk,Czeslawa          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,794
Willette,Sue Lynn          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $27,414
Williams,Gerald R.         Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,421
Zeno,Frederick J.          Custodial Maintenance Worker    $12,116
Zhu,Sabrina M.             Custodial Maintenance Worker    $24,918
Zolj,Ferida                Custodial Maintenance Worker    $23,296
Buechler,Diane R.          Data Management Specialist      $47,750
Buzzell,Paul R.            Data Management Specialist      $47,756
Desso,Laurie A.            Data Management Specialist      $39,974
Lockerby,Robin L.          Data Management Specialist      $43,041
Manuelyan,Hasmik           Data Management Specialist      $43,186
Moore,Joanne Marie         Data Management Specialist      $44,620
Salter,Alma Florence       Data Management Specialist      $49,625
Tracy,Lynn R.              Data Management Specialist      $40,000
Belliveau,Cynthia L        Dean                           $120,907
Dehayes,Donald Henry       Dean                           $184,725
DeWitt,Rocki-Lee           Dean                           $215,263
Grasso,Domenico            Dean                           $220,964
Johnson,Rachel K.          Dean                           $180,330
Lantagne,Douglas Ovila     Dean                           $156,997
Miller,Eleanor M.          Dean                           $188,920
Miller,Fayneese S.         Dean                           $190,499
Morin III,Frederick C.     Dean                           $200,000
Rambur,Betty A.            Dean                           $172,253
Saule,Mara Rita            Dean                           $172,760
Vallett,Carol M.           Dean                           $120,907
Vaughan,Robert B.          Dir Capital Plnng & Mgmnt      $144,500
Clark,J. Tobey             Dir Instrmntn & Tech Serv       $94,802
Ashikaga,Takamaru          Director                       $172,507
Bharathan,Keddy Govindan   Director                        $87,360
Brown,Patrick MacGregor    Director                        $96,265
Burke,Marianne Deschenes   Director                       $120,000
Carlaccini,Paula M.        Director                       $109,533
Carlson,Richard Arthur        Director                         $76,200
Chiarelli,Salvatore           Director                        $144,500
Cohen,Janie Louise            Director                         $86,435
Corredera,Enrique             Director                        $117,778
Curran,Fred Arthur            Director                        $121,116
Cutler,Shane Christopher      Director                         $72,550
Decarreau,Katherine R.        Director                         $91,000
Dewey,Mary C.                 Director                        $105,000
Friedman,Kathryn A.           Director                        $141,352
Gardner,Pamela Kay            Director                         $83,370
Josey,Allen                   Director                         $70,000
Kornegay,Leslye R.            Director                        $100,000
Marshall,Jeffrey Scott        Director                        $169,200
Martin,David C.               Director                        $105,500
McShane,Ellen Patricia        Director                         $73,000
Menninger,Jay E.              Director                         $92,000
Miller,Stacey Aileen          Director                        $110,600
Ryan,Susan Marie              Director                        $100,463
Ryea,Alan E.                  Director                        $110,000
Saia,Linda Sue                Director                         $69,386
Sama,John L.                  Director                         $74,531
Seavey,Linda E.               Director                        $113,467
Shapiro,Joel S.               Director                         $72,180
Wollenberg,Eva K.             Director                        $108,150
Mulligan,Moira A.             Director E. M. Luse Ctr          $50,657
Eldred,Patricia Anne          Director for AFS Aux Srvs       $134,550
Gresham,Keith E.              Director Inf & Instructn         $90,000
Ambrose,Jane P.               Director Lane Series             $47,482
Marshall,Jeffrey D.           Director Resch Collections       $74,000
Aultman-Hall,Lisa M.          Director Univ Transportn Ctr    $137,940
Cote,Melanie R.               Dispatcher                       $42,973
Patenaude,Sharon T.           Dispatcher                       $47,133
Ploof,William Lee             Dispatcher                       $39,062
Pontecorvo,Diane M.           Dispatcher                       $40,976
Rodgers,Melanie Dawn          Dispatcher                       $42,640
Aguek,Daniel Akol             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $30,274
Alberghini,Erin Lydia         Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $37,000
Ball,Nathaniel P.             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $30,100
Bernstein,Ethan T.            Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $30,357
Berry,Anthony C.              Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $39,520
Bruell,Jenny Lynn             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $29,260
Carmolli-Anderson,Chiara F.   Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $31,000
Carter,Veronika Lorenc        Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $53,900
Catino,Ermelindo Ted          Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $30,000
Chamberlin,Joyce Mary         Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $47,000
Clark,Rebecca Leda            Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $31,000
Coleman,Amelia Dunbar         Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $32,000
Dunbar,Elizabeth Susan      Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $35,605
Fath,Jennifer K.            Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $45,646
Floyd,Kathleen Ann          Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $37,757
Garcia,Jaydeen Carmen       Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $27,752
Graiko,Jane C.              Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $40,801
Hall,Mark Galen             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $33,725
Herrera,Josephine B.        Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $47,675
Larose,Lise Doris           Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $57,739
McGrath,Sarah Ellen         Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $28,011
Murphy,Moses E.             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $31,160
Owen,Marnie E.              Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $36,635
Pond,Ann G.                 Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $43,750
Ratte,Patricia Melinda      Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $48,000
Rosen,Jennifer R.           Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $32,996
Sevlic,Namik                Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $31,000
Smith,Karen Anne            Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $39,710
Warner,P. Jilly             Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $39,759
Zappala,Robyn Marie         Enrollment Mgmnt Professional    $44,900
Caloiero,Erica S.           Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $44,290
Decoste,Sharon Jones        Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $69,650
Diamond,Catharine           Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $47,182
Gale,Deborah E.             Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $56,855
Hamlin-Volz,Elizabeth Ann   Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $47,623
Jordan,Joan B.              Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $63,408
Moss,David J.               Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $41,646
Phillips,Jennifer Morgan    Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $47,407
Wheeler,Victoria Lynne      Enrollment Mgmnt Professnl Sr    $54,721
Medor,Brian Paul            Environmental Safety Tech        $45,210
Steele,Jeremy W.            Equipment Mechanic               $26,499
Waite,Edward A.             Equipment Mechanic               $26,499
Barch,David Joseph          Equipment Mechanic Senior        $28,142
Gebo,Christopher Edward     Equipment Mechanic Senior        $38,626
Anthony,Kurt Garet          Equipment Technician             $53,000
Foell,Joanne Marian         Equipment Technician             $50,564
Frazier,Kevin George        Equipment Technician             $56,064
Haftarczuk,Barbara Anna     Equipment Technician             $51,475
Lachapelle,Richard Rene     Equipment Technician             $48,036
Reed,James Martin           Equipment Technician             $37,223
Robinson,Hollis W.          Equipment Technician             $37,876
Tymecki,Karol Ann           Equipment Technician             $50,324
Vigneault,Larry P.          Equipment Technician             $53,903
Austin,Daniel Stephen       Equipment Technician Sr          $46,960
Tardella,Delia A.           Equipment Technician Sr          $58,550
Derr,Gary Lynn              Exec Ast to Prvst&Ops Dir       $143,487
Carter,Jeffrey Earle        Extension Assistant Prof.        $58,312
Chase,Lisa Cheryl           Extension Assistant Prof.        $79,906
Comstock Jr.,Carlton R.     Extension Assistant Prof.        $45,489
Darby,Heather Marie           Extension Assistant Prof.       $60,440
Fournier,Carol Ann            Extension Assistant Prof.       $78,877
Homziak,Jurij                 Extension Assistant Prof.       $70,040
Leonard,Colleen S.            Extension Assistant Prof.       $48,677
Parsons,Chester Frank         Extension Assistant Prof.       $57,303
Smith,Julia M.                Extension Assistant Prof.       $68,831
Bosworth,Sidney Carl          Extension Associate Prof.       $85,511
Branch,Judy H.                Extension Associate Prof.       $65,186
Cook,George Leslie            Extension Associate Prof.       $79,562
Greene,Elizabeth Ann          Extension Associate Prof.       $77,276
Kauppila,Dennis Michael       Extension Associate Prof.       $69,647
Lamb,Dianne Hall              Extension Associate Prof.       $69,634
McMaster,William Joseph       Extension Associate Prof.       $65,114
Mincher,Diane Elaine          Extension Associate Prof.       $59,104
Parsons,Robert L.             Extension Associate Prof.       $99,582
Peabody,Mary L.               Extension Associate Prof.       $68,850
Rowe,Ellen                    Extension Associate Prof.       $69,852
Schneider,Karen Annette       Extension Associate Prof.       $64,643
Steen,M. Dale                 Extension Associate Prof.       $58,602
Berlin,Linda                  Extension Instructor            $72,525
Delaney,Carol Lynn            Extension Instructor            $52,550
Hazelrigg,Ann L.              Extension Instructor            $74,088
Berkett,Lorraine Pachuta      Extension Professor            $118,984
Grubinger,Vernon Phillip      Extension Professor            $130,259
McEvoy,Thomas James           Extension Professor            $102,977
Perry,Leonard Payne           Extension Professor             $91,114
Rogers,Glenn Francis          Extension Professor             $96,962
Gleeson,Katherine E.          Facilities Analyst              $36,543
Richards,Michael A.           Facilities Analyst              $36,049
Baron,Keith D.                Facilities Mechanic             $27,331
Brown,Dennis                  Facilities Mechanic             $29,328
Trombley,Deborah Denise       Facilities Mechanic             $32,261
Adam,Michael Anthony          Facilities Repairperson         $28,891
Dumas,John J.                 Facilities Repairperson         $27,373
Greenwood,Steven William      Facilities Repairperson         $32,760
King,Blane A.                 Facilities Repairperson         $29,370
Owen,Chris L.                 Facilities Repairperson         $31,699
Pinsonneault,Martin Richard   Facilities Repairperson         $29,390
Rollins,Kelly Ann             Facilities Repairperson         $31,387
Sok,Piseth                    Facilities Repairperson         $27,768
Stout,Thomas Kevin            Facilities Repairperson         $37,398
Trudo,Bruce W.                Facilities Repairperson         $29,390
Porter,Patricia Lee           Facilities Repairperson NU      $39,125
Nichols,Allen P.              Facilities Trades Engineer      $47,840
Gervais,Marie-Andree Denise   Facilities Trades Supervisor    $48,880
Norton,Charles Winston        Facilities Trades Supervisor    $61,610
Wells,Michael Lee             Facilities Trades Supervisor    $57,138
Nikolic,Adnan              Facilities Unit Supervisor        $36,962
Armstrong,Colleen Marie    Facility Coordinator              $61,500
Davis,Stephen Paul         Facility Coordinator              $65,417
Furbush,Richard Carter     Facility Coordinator              $48,763
Teel,Thomas Ray            Facility Coordinator              $64,269
Young,Mark Ralph           Farm Maintenance Specialist Sr    $46,209
Charron,Jamie Lee          Farm Maintenance Worker           $24,482
Bessette,Andrew Kevin      Farm Mechanic                     $38,110
Lawton,Larry J.            Fleet Mechanic                    $39,894
Blair,Joseph Allan         Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $36,691
Boutin,Kenneth Donald      Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $38,792
Bruley,James Merritt       Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $34,611
Clarke II,Robert Patrick   Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $36,962
Gordon,Bruce Allen         Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $30,930
Le,Dao V.                  Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $28,434
Terry,Allen Robert         Grounds Maintenance Specialist    $39,728
Barch,Colin James          Grounds Maintenance Worker        $22,360
Bushey,Ann Marie           Grounds Maintenance Worker        $34,466
Conant,Samuel H.           Grounds Maintenance Worker        $23,754
Curtis,Anthony J.          Grounds Maintenance Worker        $23,754
Metivier,Edward Francis    Grounds Maintenance Worker        $34,486
O'Toole,David M.           Grounds Maintenance Worker        $26,312
Bluto,Bradley Joseph       Grounds Unit Supervisor           $45,261
Dubois,Michael Henry       Grounds Unit Supervisor           $49,962
Duffy,Timothy Earl         Hazardous Materials Specialist    $31,158
Jackson,Neil Donald        Hazardous Materials Specialist    $34,653
Walker,Christopher R.      Hazardous Materials Specialist    $32,448
Veilleux,Matthew A.        Hazardous Materials Worker        $28,122
Porter,Jon Kevin           Health Care Administrator        $192,039
Brown,Bruce A.             Health Care Counselor             $36,275
Brownsword III,Walter      Health Care Counselor             $51,433
Cade,Linda A.              Health Care Counselor             $64,480
Chinchar,Cara L.           Health Care Counselor             $33,152
Culver,Melissa Hunt        Health Care Counselor             $25,303
Donham,Robert Frank        Health Care Counselor             $57,694
Freiheit,Diane S.          Health Care Counselor             $44,589
George,Derek A.            Health Care Counselor             $48,942
Germano,Christine R.       Health Care Counselor             $34,000
McEvoy,Kristen H.          Health Care Counselor             $50,000
Renshaw,Deb                Health Care Counselor             $52,240
Smith,Keith Edward         Health Care Counselor             $48,204
Stothart,Marne             Health Care Counselor             $66,633
Thorne,Kelly Shannon       Health Care Counselor             $62,400
Cho,Yoonhwa                Health Care Counselor Sr          $57,096
London,Miriam              Health Care Counselor Sr          $52,994
Heese,Virginia K.          Health Care Doctor               $129,168
Sargent,Michael E.         Health Care Doctor                $83,503
Boyd,Amy D.                      Health Care Manager             $62,458
Weinman,Todd N.                  Health Care Manager             $96,027
Carney,Nancy Ordway              Health Care Nurse               $46,286
Josselyn,Karol Jane              Health Care Nurse               $48,456
Schonberg,Adrienne L.            Health Care Nurse               $56,001
Weis,Artie G.                    Health Care Nurse               $58,195
Bourassa,Lorraine M.             Health Care Professional        $51,819
Brueck,Gregg L.                  Health Care Professional        $45,375
Burns,Stephanie M.               Health Care Professional        $42,031
Cappella,Michael J.              Health Care Professional        $39,976
Choquette,Rebecca H.             Health Care Professional        $48,811
Consigli,Alyssa Beth             Health Care Professional        $33,580
Griffes,Laurianne Verret         Health Care Professional        $37,000
Hamrell,Jana B.                  Health Care Professional        $30,916
Kirby,Jane                       Health Care Professional        $51,520
Lang II,Sherburn E.              Health Care Professional        $45,023
Murdock,James W.                 Health Care Professional        $44,553
Plante,Dawn Clark                Health Care Professional        $45,278
Polzella,Candace L.              Health Care Professional        $40,822
Sand,Neal F.                     Health Care Professional        $40,341
Stawinski,John J.                Health Care Professional        $38,092
Thibault,Maria Erb               Health Care Professional        $42,877
Tourville,Timothy W.             Health Care Professional        $52,538
Villeneuve,Wayne J.              Health Care Professional        $44,990
Wilson III,Grant                 Health Care Professional        $49,500
Abernathey,Nancy H.              Health Care Professional Sr     $42,777
Shepherd,Allison Page            Health Care Professional Sr     $76,440
Livingston,Patricia Grace        Health Care Provider            $55,538
Marriott,Loretta Dow             Health Care Provider            $49,308
Nobes,Peter Richard              Health Care Provider            $71,514
Standish,Anne T.                 Health Care Provider            $69,924
Anderson,Alan J.                 Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $37,967
Bradley,Judi A.                  Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $29,119
Nyland,Lori R.                   Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $35,655
Ogrizovich III,Nicholas George   Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $31,948
Parent,Mary Frances              Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $37,972
Sanborn,Brent Steele             Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $46,241
Vladich,Helena Voinov            Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $25,688
Wilkins,A. Elizabeth             Info Tech Assist/Programmr      $45,675
Arnold,Janet Ann                 Information Tech Professional   $55,650
Beaulieu,Lisa M.                 Information Tech Professional   $43,688
Behr,Christian Mark              Information Tech Professional   $47,042
Berrizbeitia,Ines I.             Information Tech Professional   $47,929
Bombardier,Roger Louis           Information Tech Professional   $40,121
Bowman,Mark Alan                 Information Tech Professional   $44,605
Bussiere,Paul N.                 Information Tech Professional   $42,786
Campbell,Deborah J.              Information Tech Professional   $48,938
Carey,William Martin           Information Tech Professional    $42,887
Chawla,Rajan D.                Information Tech Professional    $61,776
Cook,Brian D.                  Information Tech Professional    $42,466
Cooley,John Kevin              Information Tech Professional    $60,320
Deutl,David R.                 Information Tech Professional    $45,819
Dhaliwal,Harjit S.             Information Tech Professional    $50,968
Douglas,Lida Jean              Information Tech Professional    $44,296
Draayer,Dean Eric              Information Tech Professional    $45,427
Dunham,Larry Keith             Information Tech Professional    $40,225
Eaton,Mary Isabel              Information Tech Professional    $50,000
Fleming,Bryan R.               Information Tech Professional    $48,556
Gelles,Laurie Michael          Information Tech Professional    $48,718
George,Michael James           Information Tech Professional    $66,866
Goller,Debra Whytlaw           Information Tech Professional    $54,497
Henry,Justin David             Information Tech Professional    $47,929
Hytten,Kevin James             Information Tech Professional    $39,125
Jensen,Lawrence Neil           Information Tech Professional    $48,700
Julien,Alec B.                 Information Tech Professional    $57,225
Kiley,Kor                      Information Tech Professional    $55,372
Lang,Susan Jane                Information Tech Professional    $52,248
McDonald,Russell E.            Information Tech Professional    $48,836
Mossey IV,Louis H.             Information Tech Professional    $44,150
Murphy,James Edward            Information Tech Professional    $49,103
Parent,Joseph Andrew           Information Tech Professional    $57,777
Ploof,Stefanie B.              Information Tech Professional    $54,340
Reisenweaver,Jon M.            Information Tech Professional    $53,724
Richey,Tony C.                 Information Tech Professional    $57,414
Ryan,Catherine Leah            Information Tech Professional    $42,848
Schacher,Ben J.                Information Tech Professional    $37,615
Siple,Mark L.                  Information Tech Professional    $43,472
Thibault,Heidi Sue             Information Tech Professional    $50,945
Tillinghast,Carley A.          Information Tech Professional    $46,217
Trigaux,Jonathan L.            Information Tech Professional    $38,159
Verhelst,Andrew D.             Information Tech Professional    $44,099
Walter,Daniel E.               Information Tech Professional    $53,006
Ware,Benjamin M.               Information Tech Professional    $40,831
White,Gordon W.                Information Tech Professional    $47,025
Austin,Michael G.              Information Tech Professnl Sr   $100,286
Baah,Charles Kwasi             Information Tech Professnl Sr    $81,902
Bartlau,Walter Alfred          Information Tech Professnl Sr    $62,998
Beck,Nancy                     Information Tech Professnl Sr    $76,992
Bolton Jr.,Joseph V.           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $75,225
Brideau,Norman M.              Information Tech Professnl Sr    $92,800
Cafferky,Martha W.             Information Tech Professnl Sr    $77,534
Caldwell-Edmonds,Carol Susan   Information Tech Professnl Sr    $51,500
Colli,Anthony G.               Information Tech Professnl Sr    $59,128
Danis,Scott J.                 Information Tech Professnl Sr    $75,225
Del Pizzo,Richard A.         Information Tech Professnl Sr    $74,258
Dellinger,Scott David        Information Tech Professnl Sr    $61,110
Desjardins,Kathleen C.       Information Tech Professnl Sr    $77,000
Devino,Monica Lynn           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $78,064
Downer,Patricia Sawchuk      Information Tech Professnl Sr    $70,134
Downing,Richard J.           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $68,016
Duke,Geoffrey C.             Information Tech Professnl Sr    $63,536
Grundhauser,Michael Joseph   Information Tech Professnl Sr   $100,072
Hendrickson,Andrew Edwin     Information Tech Professnl Sr    $65,100
Hogel,Barbara Joan           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $65,408
Houston,David L.R.           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $60,387
Howard,Diantha B.            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $68,203
Lamson,Christopher Leo       Information Tech Professnl Sr    $83,600
Lawson,James Titchner        Information Tech Professnl Sr    $84,375
Mace,John L.                 Information Tech Professnl Sr    $60,000
MacKinnon,James Gregory      Information Tech Professnl Sr    $73,215
Malina,Edward Francis        Information Tech Professnl Sr    $91,375
McLaughlin,Martin L.         Information Tech Professnl Sr    $77,600
Meeks,Lynne Ziemer           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $84,953
Mogielnicki,Jeff A.          Information Tech Professnl Sr    $63,388
Moody,Michael David          Information Tech Professnl Sr    $64,377
Murphy,Douglas D.            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $75,000
Phillips,James Ryan          Information Tech Professnl Sr    $54,500
Plourde,Philip J.            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $57,866
Pratt,Lisa A.                Information Tech Professnl Sr    $52,450
Provost,Sharon Eileen        Information Tech Professnl Sr    $55,315
Rohr,Robert Emerson Taylor   Information Tech Professnl Sr    $58,520
Rose,Steven M.               Information Tech Professnl Sr    $70,139
Rossi,Victor Hale            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $61,408
Ruescher,Cynthia Marie       Information Tech Professnl Sr    $62,392
Russell,Diane E.             Information Tech Professnl Sr    $78,714
Salcedo,Tanya                Information Tech Professnl Sr    $61,914
Saunders,Kent G.             Information Tech Professnl Sr    $70,205
Scarpinato,Laura Elizabeth   Information Tech Professnl Sr    $56,096
Schwartz,Judith A.           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $70,476
Snow,Nancy Lynn              Information Tech Professnl Sr    $87,250
Sun,Yan                      Information Tech Professnl Sr    $68,850
Swasey,Francis C.            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $85,863
Trenkle,Joanne Zoey          Information Tech Professnl Sr    $67,925
Tripp,Donald J.              Information Tech Professnl Sr    $75,239
Turnbull,Ellen R.            Information Tech Professnl Sr    $78,741
Van Wyck,Warren              Information Tech Professnl Sr    $81,652
Varney,Douglas Strachen      Information Tech Professnl Sr    $74,705
White,James Leslie           Information Tech Professnl Sr    $71,845
Greenberg,Hope Arlynne       Information Tech Specialist      $62,152
Howard,Alan Bruce            Information Tech Specialist      $81,618
Wright,Wesley A.             Information Tech Specialist      $67,952
Jemison,Jill Kirsch           Information Technology Mgr    $75,435
Pientka,Darcy A.              Information Technology Mgr    $78,256
Ramanathan,Geetha             Information Technology Mgr    $89,000
Raymond,Timothy D.            Information Technology Mgr   $104,609
Ritter,John Stuart            Information Technology Mgr    $61,447
Spooner,Randy Glen            Information Technology Mgr   $101,853
Thornton,Jerry Franklin       Information Technology Mgr    $87,405
Geider,Jillian S.             Instructor                    $51,943
Kelley,Michael Bryant         Instructor                    $58,380
Phelps,Nicole M.              Instructor                    $50,925
Rodriguez,Guillermo A.        Instructor                    $52,100
Slavik,Paul William           Instructor                    $58,380
Chu,Kelvin                    Interim Associate Dean        $87,172
Heading-Grant,Wanda Renarda   Interim Associate Provost    $141,075
Rizvi,Saiyid Abu              Interim Dean                 $145,000
Wertheimer,Susan A.           Interim Dean                 $114,857
Curry,Sarah Strouse           Interim Director              $82,323
Kennedy,Keith                 Interim Director             $129,939
Cicak,Serifa                  Interpreter/Translator Spc    $32,302
Nguyen,Thi                    Interpreter/Translator Spc    $33,072
Adamson,Christine S.C.        Lab Research Technician       $30,574
Aktan,Idil                    Lab Research Technician       $30,000
Alexeeva,Vlada A.             Lab Research Technician       $15,000
Allard,Jenna Lynn             Lab Research Technician       $34,104
Amarante,Patricia             Lab Research Technician       $35,310
Arenos,Jeremy David           Lab Research Technician       $28,500
Aronshtam,Alexander A.        Lab Research Technician       $51,215
Arscott,W. Tristram           Lab Research Technician       $28,325
Ather,Jennifer L.             Lab Research Technician       $34,000
Averill,April M.              Lab Research Technician       $36,000
Baldor,Linda Crockett         Lab Research Technician       $42,729
Barbour,Joy-El R.             Lab Research Technician       $27,000
Barron,Carolyn Jane           Lab Research Technician       $30,000
Bartlett,Joseph H.            Lab Research Technician       $28,529
Bateman,Lynn M.               Lab Research Technician       $36,622
Beck,Samantha Erin            Lab Research Technician       $34,729
Bemis,Adam R.                 Lab Research Technician       $28,000
Beuschel,Stacie Lyn           Lab Research Technician       $36,050
Bielsa,Lourdes                Lab Research Technician       $33,000
Bishop,Nicole Marie           Lab Research Technician       $34,634
Bouffard,Nicole Ann           Lab Research Technician       $34,643
Braddock,Joan Marsha          Lab Research Technician       $34,944
Brooks,Elice Marie            Lab Research Technician       $40,937
Buttolph III,Thomas Rich      Lab Research Technician       $42,793
Carmolli,Marya P.             Lab Research Technician       $34,320
Chicoine,Erin Amanda          Lab Research Technician       $28,600
Ciccosanti,Colleen T.         Lab Research Technician       $30,000
Cloutier,Mary Elizabeth          Lab Research Technician   $28,122
Cogswell,Jeffrey R.              Lab Research Technician   $30,000
Conterato,Anna J.                Lab Research Technician   $26,000
Cookson,Michelle M.              Lab Research Technician   $31,409
Cooper,Wendy Claire              Lab Research Technician   $37,790
Corrow,Kimberly Ann              Lab Research Technician   $34,066
Costello,Lauren R.               Lab Research Technician   $29,138
Cunningham,Matthew A.            Lab Research Technician   $28,840
Curling,Meredith Christine       Lab Research Technician   $25,200
Curtiss,Edward A.                Lab Research Technician   $29,313
Dao,Julie C.                     Lab Research Technician   $26,000
Daunais,Patrick Robert           Lab Research Technician   $38,028
Deliduka,Barry Joseph            Lab Research Technician   $35,966
Doubleday,Thomas James           Lab Research Technician   $35,360
Drapp,Rebecca Lea                Lab Research Technician   $30,450
Druart,Marc J.                   Lab Research Technician   $26,996
Eddy,Meghan Catherine            Lab Research Technician   $27,301
Eisenhauer,Philip L.             Lab Research Technician   $27,846
Eschle,Benjamin Karl             Lab Research Technician   $27,301
Everingham,Karen I.              Lab Research Technician   $28,840
Field,Brandon Collin             Lab Research Technician   $28,500
Forst,Kathleen E.                Lab Research Technician   $25,080
Gagne,Nicole Lynn                Lab Research Technician   $29,238
Galick,Heather Anne              Lab Research Technician   $43,726
Gardiner,James Bronson           Lab Research Technician   $29,357
Godburn,Karolyn E.               Lab Research Technician   $28,875
Godfrey,Julie Anne               Lab Research Technician   $28,620
Godfrey-Certner,Adele J.         Lab Research Technician   $30,607
Gokin,Alexander P.               Lab Research Technician   $38,245
Guala,Amy Sue                    Lab Research Technician   $40,301
Gucker-Kanter,Caitlin M.         Lab Research Technician   $28,500
Habibovic,Aida                   Lab Research Technician   $34,280
Haddock,Karin L.                 Lab Research Technician   $28,119
Halman,Joshua Michael            Lab Research Technician   $26,000
Hart,Michael P.                  Lab Research Technician   $26,250
Haynes,Laura Marie               Lab Research Technician   $25,080
Heleba,David Allyn               Lab Research Technician   $41,990
Herzer,Kristi A.                 Lab Research Technician   $27,563
Holmes,Alicia Shepley            Lab Research Technician   $29,909
Howard,Courtney Elizabeth        Lab Research Technician   $31,328
Isselhardt,Mark L.               Lab Research Technician   $31,574
Jennings,Robert H.               Lab Research Technician   $27,301
Jochum,Stephanie                 Lab Research Technician   $27,000
Keating,Florence Godfrey         Lab Research Technician   $45,879
Kelsen,Anne T.                   Lab Research Technician   $28,000
Kimberly,Priscilla Jean          Lab Research Technician   $38,353
Kingsley-Richards,Sarah Louise   Lab Research Technician   $35,208
Kohlmeyer,Meghan Marlow         Lab Research Technician         $34,672
Kominami,Hisashi C.             Lab Research Technician         $22,325
Konon,Ashley J.                 Lab Research Technician         $26,000
Koto,Karen Stacy Noriko         Lab Research Technician         $26,000
Lacey,Brian M.                  Lab Research Technician         $29,060
Lague,Astrid Hedbor             Lab Research Technician         $32,899
Lajoie,Daniel M.                Lab Research Technician         $25,080
Langlois,Garret Dustin          Lab Research Technician         $25,869
LaRock,Kyla Marie               Lab Research Technician         $30,964
Lekkas,Panagiotis               Lab Research Technician         $29,074
Lenox,Christopher C.            Lab Research Technician         $33,760
Letourneau,David Edward         Lab Research Technician         $29,411
Letourneau,Vicci L.S            Lab Research Technician         $40,011
Levis,Jamie E.                  Lab Research Technician         $36,050
Liu,Yimin                       Lab Research Technician         $33,306
MacPherson,Maximilian Brian     Lab Research Technician         $32,638
Macy,Elizabeth M.               Lab Research Technician   upl
Maddalena,Deborah J.            Lab Research Technician         $16,312
Marko,Stephen Brett             Lab Research Technician         $36,624
McBride,Carole Anne             Lab Research Technician         $31,320
McDonald,Debbie E.              Lab Research Technician         $27,037
McElroy-Yaggy,Keara Lynn        Lab Research Technician         $36,669
McNeil,Kirsten Nichole Storch   Lab Research Technician         $26,920
Miller,Peter Jonathan           Lab Research Technician         $31,208
Monga,Navjot Kaur               Lab Research Technician         $30,316
Moulton,David G.                Lab Research Technician         $29,705
Moussawi,Mohamad                Lab Research Technician         $31,755
Nelson,Betsy Cain               Lab Research Technician         $33,723
Nickl,Christian Karl            Lab Research Technician         $34,808
Nightingale,Sarah Dawn          Lab Research Technician         $45,231
Norton,Ryan J.                  Lab Research Technician         $37,240
O'Connor,Kevin P.               Lab Research Technician         $28,500
Olarte,Rodrigo Agduyeng         Lab Research Technician         $30,000
Omaruddin,Romaica A.            Lab Research Technician         $30,122
O'Neil,Jane Kennedy             Lab Research Technician         $46,579
Parent,Danielle M.              Lab Research Technician         $31,583
Patnoad,Angela Marie            Lab Research Technician         $26,499
Pendleton,Miriam Elizabeth      Lab Research Technician         $33,071
Perrotte,Jill Ann               Lab Research Technician         $34,620
Perry,April Lynne               Lab Research Technician         $31,773
Petty,Joseph M.                 Lab Research Technician         $38,602
Poirier,Nathan J.               Lab Research Technician         $31,601
Powden,Cheryl Ann               Lab Research Technician         $34,000
Previs,Michael J.               Lab Research Technician         $33,995
Raymond,Danielle Marie          Lab Research Technician         $28,119
Redman,Travis Lawton            Lab Research Technician   upl
Reiss,Jessica Nicole            Lab Research Technician         $25,080
Rinaldi,Lisa Marie           Lab Research Technician   $40,632
Rivard,Robert L.             Lab Research Technician   $29,355
Roberts,Brian Joseph         Lab Research Technician   $30,051
Roskens,Violet Amber         Lab Research Technician   $32,329
Rowell,Calsey M.             Lab Research Technician   $26,500
Rymarchyk,Stacia Lynn        Lab Research Technician   $35,000
Sammut,Sondra L.             Lab Research Technician   $14,284
SanthanaKrishnan,Manjula     Lab Research Technician   $32,000
Sargent,Rachel M.            Lab Research Technician   $31,000
Schutz,Kristin Caroline      Lab Research Technician   $44,973
Simmons-Arnold,Linda         Lab Research Technician   $36,221
Sladewski Jr.,Thomas E.      Lab Research Technician   $26,160
Smith,Jeremiah               Lab Research Technician   $25,350
Spach,Karen M.               Lab Research Technician   $43,775
Sullivan,Grace Jennifer      Lab Research Technician   $28,965
Sweet,Leigh Michael          Lab Research Technician   $45,521
Tavares,Matthew J.           Lab Research Technician   $28,500
Tilley,Cathy L.              Lab Research Technician   $37,055
Tobi,Donald Robert           Lab Research Technician   $29,690
Tremble,Sarah M.             Lab Research Technician   $34,676
Trimarchi,Thomas             Lab Research Technician   $29,138
Trombley,Lucy Margaret       Lab Research Technician   $41,081
Trotman,Winifred Elizabeth   Lab Research Technician   $25,611
Valentine,Megan Smith        Lab Research Technician   $36,393
Valliere,Julia Ellen         Lab Research Technician   $38,876
Vensel,Sarah Kathleen        Lab Research Technician   $28,080
Verret,Travis J.             Lab Research Technician   $36,399
Walker,Mary Ellen            Lab Research Technician   $32,740
Wang,Shu-Xia                 Lab Research Technician   $34,100
Wang,Yuan                    Lab Research Technician   $37,559
Ward,Kimberly Ann            Lab Research Technician   $37,132
Ward,Nathaniel J.            Lab Research Technician   $25,080
Whelihan,Matthew Fruge       Lab Research Technician   $30,212
White,Jeffrey Hayden         Lab Research Technician   $41,420
Yang,Calvin H.               Lab Research Technician   $30,160
Young,Beth Ann               Lab Research Technician   $30,805
Zelazny,Edward Thomas        Lab Research Technician   $46,233
Fletcher,Andrew M.           Lab/Research Technician   $31,762
Howrigan,Sean M.             Lab/Research Technician   $32,022
Kenny,Kathleen Mary          Lab/Research Technician   $39,021
Mandel,Geoffrey Alan         Lab/Research Technician   $40,373
Messier,John R.              Lab/Research Technician   $34,977
Robins,Jennifer J.           Lab/Research Technician   $37,440
Robinson IV,Francis W.       Lab/Research Technician   $36,816
Shumway,Scott L.             Lab/Research Technician   $34,796
Thibeault,Thomas J.          Lab/Research Technician   $29,260
Watkin,Douglas Elliot        Lab/Research Technician   $43,917
Amblo,Jolanta Teresa           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $39,471
Baumann,Patricia Quinn         Lab/Research Technician Sr   $52,166
Begin,Kelly J.                 Lab/Research Technician Sr   $50,169
Blaisdell,Jeffrey Owen         Lab/Research Technician Sr   $43,863
Bookwalter,Carol Sue           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $48,566
Boyle,Rebekah Lynn             Lab/Research Technician Sr   $47,675
Bullinger,Lisa V.              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $42,973
Chrin,Lynn Rene                Lab/Research Technician Sr   $59,480
Dattilio,Abbey L.              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $37,856
Dodge,John Thomas              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $61,446
Ebenstein,David B.             Lab/Research Technician Sr   $48,031
Fagnant,Patricia Marie         Lab/Research Technician Sr   $49,796
Flemer Jr.,Stevenson           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $44,995
Fuller,Susan P.                Lab/Research Technician Sr   $40,846
Gissel,Matthew T.              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $33,646
Hitt,Juvena Renee              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $41,968
Illenye,Sharon Ann             Lab/Research Technician Sr   $48,173
Jennings II,Mark E.            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $55,000
Jones,Stephanie Lynne          Lab/Research Technician Sr   $25,181
Larsen,Jennifer                Lab/Research Technician Sr   $30,443
Larsson,Catherine J.           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $35,219
Lausier,James Andrew           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $46,703
Lippmann,Joan E.               Lab/Research Technician Sr   $32,704
Malley,Susan Elizabeth         Lab/Research Technician Sr   $40,902
Maple,Rhonda L.                Lab/Research Technician Sr   $40,102
May,Sandra Thompson            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $48,125
Merriam,Laura Anne             Lab/Research Technician Sr   $57,366
Meyette,Justin Paul            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $37,044
Moore,Ann L.                   Lab/Research Technician Sr   $57,978
Mora-Klepeis,Gabriela          Lab/Research Technician Sr   $38,008
Oppenheimer,Karen H.           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $49,004
Potter,Christine A.            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $40,080
Quinn,Anthony Scott            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $49,784
Schwarz,Janet Eileen           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $51,089
Shane,Mary Louise              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $46,589
Tighe,Scott W.                 Lab/Research Technician Sr   $48,331
Tomczak,Jennifer A.            Lab/Research Technician Sr   $33,568
Twohig,Eamon John              Lab/Research Technician Sr   $40,000
Von Turkovich,Michele Andrea   Lab/Research Technician Sr   $43,493
Wadsworth,Marilyn P.           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $36,627
Weicht,Thomas Robert           Lab/Research Technician Sr   $46,565
Wellman,Theresa Louise         Lab/Research Technician Sr   $33,425
Wheeler,Michael F.             Lab/Research Technician Sr   $51,000
Allen-Malley,Margaret M.       Lecturer                     $41,415
Anderson,Katharine             Lecturer                     $36,494
Aragon,Daniel P.               Lecturer                     $38,000
Ashman,Jay Irwin               Lecturer                     $57,338
Ashooh,Michael X.              Lecturer   $13,500
Aunave,Marielle                Lecturer   $36,594
Baker,Ellen                    Lecturer   $49,000
Boland Chira,Sheila            Lecturer   $31,152
Breckenridge,Jenny M.          Lecturer    $1,960
Brooks,Rebecca S.              Lecturer    $4,000
Buchanan,Andrew N.             Lecturer   $11,124
Burnette,Sherry                Lecturer    $4,000
Busier,Holly L.                Lecturer   $49,467
Carling,Oliver S.              Lecturer   $38,195
Chittenden,Thomas Ira          Lecturer   $63,882
Cleaver,William M.             Lecturer   $51,569
Cohen de Lara,Emma             Lecturer   $40,000
Coleman,Michael J.             Lecturer   $51,007
Conklin,Susanne M.             Lecturer    $3,500
Cornbrooks,Ellen Black         Lecturer   $60,265
Cox,Mary Annette               Lecturer   $40,324
Davis,Cameron                  Lecturer   $29,882
Devitt,Mckew W.                Lecturer   $36,449
Dickey,Douglas G.              Lecturer   $40,011
Drolet,Suzanne Lynne           Lecturer   $45,493
Dunkley,Cheryl Morse           Lecturer   $43,523
Eastman,Benjamin H.            Lecturer   $16,800
Ebratt,Ernesto L.              Lecturer   $37,583
Ezerman,Elizabeth Booth        Lecturer   $69,294
Fobare Erickson,Patricia Ann   Lecturer   $50,402
Francis,Holly E.               Lecturer    $4,000
Geary,Krisan I.                Lecturer   $36,000
Griffin,Christine G.           Lecturer   $50,299
Grimmer,Ian G.                 Lecturer   $37,651
Grosvenor,Jenny M.             Lecturer   $11,016
Guarnaccia Jr.,Samuel          Lecturer   $38,572
Hagstrand,Helaine D.           Lecturer    $4,218
Haig,Jeffrey P.                Lecturer   $29,411
Hale,Sarah Alison              Lecturer    $1,487
Hart,Kristy Ann                Lecturer    $2,987
Hochmann,David                 Lecturer    $6,000
Hoerl,Alexandra E.             Lecturer   $40,000
Hoffman,Leslie A.              Lecturer   $44,100
Holm-Denoma,Christopher S.     Lecturer   $28,500
Houton,Charles Leo             Lecturer   $38,842
Hutchins,Tiffany L.            Lecturer   $31,432
Jamieson,Maria Patrizia        Lecturer   $39,449
Jeso,Isabella                  Lecturer   $31,457
Johnson,Carol S.               Lecturer    $4,000
Jungers,Matthew Cross          Lecturer   $15,004
Kaplan,Judith L.               Lecturer    $8,436
Kappel,Steven J.                    Lecturer    $2,231
Kaufman,Laurie Beth                 Lecturer    $3,672
Kervick,Colby T.                    Lecturer   $35,628
Kim,Jongwoo Jeremy                  Lecturer   $42,000
Koehler,Vincent E.                  Lecturer   $38,371
Kolan,Matthew Peter                 Lecturer   $26,250
Kozak,Arnold Ira                    Lecturer   $30,805
Krajnak,Tarrah                      Lecturer   $39,562
Kudrle,Joseph M.                    Lecturer   $39,281
Kvedar Jr.,Anthony J.               Lecturer    $4,500
Laird,Judi E.                       Lecturer   $76,650
Laird,Robert E.                     Lecturer   $55,650
Laliberte,Michele                   Lecturer   $36,313
Lawson,Lauren M.                    Lecturer    $7,998
Ljung-Baruth,Annika                 Lecturer   $27,540
Lusk,Daniel G.                      Lecturer   $38,422
MacLeod,Sandra W.                   Lecturer   $38,324
MacPherson,Brian Verne              Lecturer   $60,659
Mahassen,Hania                      Lecturer   $15,580
Mai,Cuong T.                        Lecturer   $36,720
Malone,Patrick Thomas               Lecturer   $58,886
Marineau,Seth Louis                 Lecturer   $35,015
Martel,Frank C.                     Lecturer   $35,015
Matlock,Herman B.                   Lecturer   $11,124
Maynard,Donald Ralph                Lecturer   $58,065
McAuliffe,Susan C.                  Lecturer    $9,348
McCandless,Susannah R.              Lecturer   $38,760
McCleery,Janet P.                   Lecturer    $3,406
Meier,Frederic Jacob                Lecturer   $59,760
Miller,Chris Andrew                 Lecturer    $7,500
Montesano,Rachael M.                Lecturer   $37,856
Mora,Jose U.                        Lecturer   $45,000
Morris,James Chadwick               Lecturer   $34,125
Naparstek,Michael Eric              Lecturer   $36,720
Nathan,Jane                         Lecturer    $3,672
Nibbelink,Brian Dale                Lecturer   $47,775
Nickerson,Amy                       Lecturer   $53,333
Nissenbaum,Stephen Willner          Lecturer    $4,500
Noel,Deborah A.                     Lecturer   $37,707
O'Donnell,Margaret H.               Lecturer    $2,231
Ojala,Susan E.                      Lecturer   $55,650
Oyolola,Maharouf A.                 Lecturer   $45,000
Paris,Catherine Ann                 Lecturer   $52,139
Patten,Angela                       Lecturer   $28,289
Patterson-Tutschka,Monica Barbara   Lecturer   $40,000
Pepe,Jason                          Lecturer   $44,880
Pepper,Joseph Anthony               Lecturer    $3,708
Phelps,Stephanie F.       Lecturer     $52,093
Powell,Elizabeth A.       Lecturer     $36,268
Pritchard,Todd J.         Lecturer     $47,272
Register,David L.         Lecturer     $36,553
Rodriguez,Veronica        Lecturer     $41,860
Rogers,Thomas E.          Lecturer     $39,347
Ruccolo,Marisa            Lecturer     $36,720
Rudiger,Lawrence Paul     Lecturer     $40,914
Schaberg,Paul Gerard      Lecturer      $4,461
Schillinger,Stephen H.    Lecturer     $36,720
Shabo,Seth L.             Lecturer     $37,252
Silveira,Jay R.           Lecturer     $55,120
Slavik,Marni A.           Lecturer      $5,500
Smith,Sherwood E.         Lecturer     $59,661
Solomon,Jeffrey S.        Lecturer      $4,674
Sperry,Abigail I.         Lecturer     $36,720
Stratton,Donald Arthur    Lecturer     $52,000
Sulley,Raphael K.         Lecturer      $4,674
Sullivan,Mary Jackman     Lecturer     $30,550
Sustic,Mark D.            Lecturer      $7,998
Suzuki,Kazuko             Lecturer     $39,267
Szilva,Jean               Lecturer     $73,189
Taylor,Mary Skidmore      Lecturer     $12,011
Tessmann,Brenda V.        Lecturer     $83,669
Thornton,Kevin Pierce     Lecturer     $39,291
Tomas,Amy M.              Lecturer     $80,529
Torncello,Susan Ann       Lecturer     $48,453
Turner,Sarah E.           Lecturer     $27,598
Tworek,Agnieszka A.       Lecturer     $36,720
Uzzell Jr.,David H.       Lecturer     $27,540
Vaccaro,Christopher T.    Lecturer     $37,913
Visco,Gary P.             Lecturer     $37,112
Wadsworth,Thomas Sholes   Lecturer      $1,487
Wallace,Anne              Lecturer      $4,000
Waterman,Stacey W.        Lecturer     $11,025
Wechsler,William A.       Lecturer     $40,000
Widrick,Gary Charles      Lecturer     $85,711
Woodman,Martha            Lecturer     $92,096
Worth,Sonya G.A.          Lecturer     $16,632
Wurthmann,Alexander       Lecturer     $42,379
Yon,Bethany Ann           Lecturer      $3,825
Yonan,Amanda Lynne        Lecturer     $36,048
Alosa,Denise M.           Lecturer I   $11,896
Ashman,Marguerite G.      Lecturer I    $5,288
Astore,Thomas H.          Lecturer I    $4,758
Barringer,Hoyt P.         Lecturer I    $8,922
Bavly,Gideon              Lecturer I   $20,818
Berggren,Kirsten              Lecturer I    $6,164
Biron,Maryse C.               Lecturer I    $4,461
Buturla,Edward Michael        Lecturer I   $14,010
Candiotti,Steve B.            Lecturer I   $17,844
Cate,Richard                  Lecturer I    $5,271
Chess,Amy C.                  Lecturer I    $8,922
Christensen,Judith A.         Lecturer I   $17,844
Conner,Jeanette Marie         Lecturer I    $4,461
Cuddy,Celia A.W.              Lecturer I   $26,766
Daly,Moira T.                 Lecturer I   $12,588
Davis,Kathleen M.             Lecturer I   $17,844
Glenn,Linda MacDonald         Lecturer I    $4,461
Golub,Andrew                  Lecturer I    $8,922
Guy,Rebecca L.                Lecturer I    $4,461
Harrington,Elaine K.          Lecturer I    $8,922
Harvey,Lisa B.                Lecturer I    $5,948
Hayden,John Patrick           Lecturer I    $5,013
Higgins,Linden Elizabeth      Lecturer I   $13,851
Holly,Catherine M.            Lecturer I    $4,461
Huffman,Georgette M.          Lecturer I   $13,383
Jefferys,William H.           Lecturer I    $4,917
Jenkins,Susan K.              Lecturer I    $8,922
Kaufman,David A.              Lecturer I   $25,803
Kleppinger,D. Dale            Lecturer I   $12,555
Kunkle,Sheila L.              Lecturer I    $4,461
Laurent,Jennifer S.           Lecturer I    $6,000
Levine,Steve Barry            Lecturer I   $10,968
Mac Cormick,E. Susan          Lecturer I   $13,383
Malghani,Shaheen M.           Lecturer I   $15,160
Manley,Don Larry              Lecturer I   $22,400
McLaughlin,Rebecca Ann        Lecturer I   $22,305
McLaughlin,Scott Arthur       Lecturer I    $4,461
McRae,Glenn                   Lecturer I    $9,840
Milnes,Prudence Anne Nicole   Lecturer I    $4,461
Monahan Jr.,John Daniel       Lecturer I   $12,466
Monte,Peter J.                Lecturer I   $20,279
Moore,Marleen M.              Lecturer I    $5,948
Northup,James Michael         Lecturer I    $8,922
Parshley,Alan Otto            Lecturer I    $4,461
Patterson,Susan D.            Lecturer I   $10,409
Peabody,Donna Lee             Lecturer I    $8,922
Perry,John F.W.               Lecturer I    $8,922
Raphael,David A.              Lecturer I    $7,964
Stanton,Robert M.             Lecturer I    $4,461
Thomson,Floria B.             Lecturer I    $5,244
Torsch,Vicki L.               Lecturer I    $4,461
Turmel,Jon Paul               Lecturer I    $6,797
Van Kleeck,Lynda A.       Lecturer I                 $3,302
Vermilya,Shelley          Lecturer I                 $4,461
Warren Hagan,Shelley M.   Lecturer I                $17,844
Witters,Sean Aaron        Lecturer I                $17,844
Haggart,Elizabeth A.      Lecturer II               $14,337
Paradis,Deborah K.        Lecturer II                $9,964
Campbell,Christine        Lecturer III              $15,282
Dye,Sean M.               Lecturer III              $25,470
McDevitt,Margaret Kay     Lecturer III              $20,376
Peters,Laurie Morrison    Lecturer III              $12,126
Benson,Daisy S.           Library Assistant Prof    $53,825
Burns,Christopher David   Library Assistant Prof    $53,091
Chapple-Sokol,Anne        Library Assistant Prof    $58,293
Colburn,Selene            Library Assistant Prof    $53,118
Delwiche,Frances Anne     Library Assistant Prof    $53,868
Haines,Laura Louise       Library Assistant Prof    $52,034
Hassemer,Elizabeth Ann    Library Assistant Prof    $48,654
Kussey,Christine M.       Library Assistant Prof    $59,204
Phillippe,Shiela Marie    Library Assistant Prof    $21,320
Ross,Lyman B.             Library Assistant Prof    $68,695
Salesky,Winona            Library Assistant Prof    $50,709
Schaffer,Scott Lawrence   Library Assistant Prof    $60,451
Spitzform,Peter H.        Library Assistant Prof    $58,738
Sukantarat,Wichada        Library Assistant Prof    $60,263
Bianchi,Nancy A.          Library Associate Prof    $66,881
Brew,Linda S.             Library Associate Prof    $69,434
Bridges,Karl F.           Library Associate Prof    $68,587
Joy,Albert Harvey         Library Associate Prof    $67,089
Kutner,Laurie A.          Library Associate Prof    $59,685
Light,Jeanene C.          Library Associate Prof    $65,923
MacLennan,Birdie          Library Associate Prof    $66,000
Magi,Trina                Library Associate Prof    $61,653
Mardeusz,Patricia Ellen   Library Associate Prof    $64,934
O'Malley,Donna L.         Library Associate Prof    $54,069
Philbin,Paul Patrick      Library Associate Prof   $100,000
Aldrich,Sandra Elaine     Library Professional      $37,500
Barickman,James Thorn     Library Professional      $39,574
Boucher,Lesley J.         Library Professional      $34,471
Bower,Ingrid Sophia       Library Professional      $27,969
Breiner,Michael Joseph    Library Professional      $41,539
Brooks,Eric K.            Library Professional      $32,667
Bugbee,Sylvia Jeanne      Library Professional      $33,137
Doherty,Prudence Jane     Library Professional      $44,604
Dubois,Lawrence Philip    Library Professional      $47,669
Fortini,Toni J.           Library Professional      $36,020
Gill,William D.           Library Professional      $41,316
Hutchins,Brenda Lee       Library Professional      $38,152
Lamonda,Barbara Michelle      Library Professional          $45,000
McGarry,Marie McCaffrey       Library Professional          $40,810
Mower,Susan Jane              Library Professional          $43,294
Paquette,Bonnie Lee           Library Professional          $30,966
Robertson,Angus Henry         Library Professional          $41,172
Thayer,Sharon B.              Library Professional          $35,033
Tran,Catherine A.             Library Professional          $32,930
Van Buren-Swasey,Mary Edith   Library Professional          $38,535
Bohan,Kathy J.                Library Support Assistant     $25,809
Cooper,Catherine Louise       Library Support Assistant     $26,536
Eldred,Linda L.               Library Support Assistant     $26,155
McClung,Colin M.              Library Support Assistant     $26,529
Olson,Helen R.                Library Support Assistant     $27,616
Powell,Peggy Faith            Library Support Assistant     $30,034
Avery,Elinor                  Library Support Generalist    $28,835
Brooks,Lisa H.                Library Support Generalist    $27,780
Chupack,Stephen F.            Library Support Generalist    $14,090
DeSanto,Daniel Lawrence       Library Support Generalist    $27,000
Hendley,Jane Alice            Library Support Generalist    $31,759
Lewis-Wedge,Darcelene Beth    Library Support Generalist    $33,946
Montanye,Joanne K.            Library Support Generalist    $26,149
Morrill,Keith Jan             Library Support Generalist    $26,250
Nelson,Brenda Ann             Library Support Generalist    $31,659
Paige,Sarah M.                Library Support Generalist    $25,000
Pond,Alexander                Library Support Generalist    $27,465
Smith,Pamala Jean             Library Support Generalist    $28,040
Trayah,June Marie             Library Support Generalist    $34,190
Bolkum,Shirley Hope           Library Support Senior        $46,065
Edmonds,Ryan                  Library Support Senior        $30,765
Gunther,Wendy Raye            Library Support Senior        $37,728
Holiff,Lori Ann               Library Support Senior        $36,041
Krupp,Christina Marie         Library Support Senior        $37,728
Morrill,Devin J.              Library Support Senior        $32,635
Printon,John Joseph           Library Support Senior        $33,916
Young,Juliet                  Library Support Senior        $33,944
Leland,Rosemarie              Maintenance Operations Spvr   $74,411
Nye,Bryan E.                  Maintenance Operations Spvr   $45,646
Rogers,David Alan             Maintenance Operations Spvr   $52,417
Spiegel,Erica M.              Maintenance Operations Spvr   $60,551
Cross,Elizabeth Ellen         Maintenance Project Coord     $38,418
Baker,Robert Alan             Maintenance Specialist        $24,794
Goyet,Joshua M.               Maintenance Specialist        $23,546
McCuin,Thad W.                Maintenance Specialist        $27,768
Mernicky,Ladislav             Maintenance Specialist        $28,122
Piche,Jason Michael           Maintenance Specialist        $23,629
Webb,Paul Scott               Maintenance Specialist        $31,616
Wolcott,Gregory Steven        Maintenance Specialist        $34,445
Woodward,Derrel Dean         Maintenance Specialist          $30,971
Allen,John Michael           Maintenance Specialist Senior   $29,682
Francis,Brian Keith          Maintenance Specialist Senior   $25,126
Ploof IV,David W.            Maintenance Specialist Senior   $33,197
Thompson,Wayne Neil          Maintenance Specialist Senior   $27,706
Walston,D. Michael           Maintenance Specialist Senior   $40,560
Mackey,Charles H.            Maintenance Srvs Supervisor     $47,011
Adam,Wilfred Carl            Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $33,134
Cicak,Senad                  Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $38,522
Dobraca,Hasnija              Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $32,136
Dugener,Matthew John         Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $35,651
Dulude,Daniel Charles        Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $34,840
Grbic,Edin                   Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $32,282
Kinville,Robert James        Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $45,947
Leeuw,William Henry          Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $48,630
McKelvey,Michael P.          Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $34,944
Palin,Mary Louise            Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $39,395
Ploof,Nancy C.               Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $36,525
Reardon,Penny Lee            Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $35,734
Toth,Stephen J.              Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $36,504
Young,Sally Ann              Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $39,645
Zeno,Timothy Jay             Maintenance Unit Supervisor     $38,522
Bashaw,Daniel Arthur         Maintenance Worker              $23,837
Brown,Louise C.              Maintenance Worker              $29,525
Cross,Peter A.               Maintenance Worker              $31,845
Devoid,Rick Carroll          Maintenance Worker              $23,837
Goad,Ted John                Maintenance Worker              $32,032
Hall,Gregory S.              Maintenance Worker              $24,357
Hunton,Peter L.              Maintenance Worker              $25,272
Kenney,John S.               Maintenance Worker              $23,192
Kilburn,Joseph Lee           Maintenance Worker              $25,002
Nienstedt,Betty A.           Maintenance Worker              $26,704
Parker-Leavitt,Justin V.     Maintenance Worker              $23,546
Pecor,Peter M.               Maintenance Worker              $28,454
Sabens,Linda Lee             Maintenance Worker              $28,779
Swanson,Eric E.              Maintenance Worker              $27,123
Varsakopoulos,Alexander J.   Maintenance Worker              $24,170
Pigeon,Julie C.              Mechanic                        $43,805
Tardie,Frederick Edward      Mechanic                        $37,898
Leclair,Richard Joseph       Mechanic Supervisor             $56,680
Melton,Eric H.               Media Broadcast Technician      $42,639
Nye,Foster W.                Media Broadcast Technician      $50,267
Dilillo,William Michael      Media Technician                $37,706
Gordon,Tara Marie Dorey      Media Technician                $34,235
McCay,Sally Dixon            Media Technician                $40,765
Scarano,Marc C.              Media Technician                $36,421
Smith,Tamara Rose            Media Technician                $37,691
Wiberg,Roger Frank            Media Technician                $40,977
Graff III,Wesley Monteith     Media Technician Manager        $75,240
Chant,Stephen Joseph          Media Technician Senior         $52,417
Kimball,Bruce A.              Media Technician Senior         $45,300
Plakosh,Charles Anthony       Media Technician Senior         $40,000
Wright,Melissa A.             Media Technician Senior         $34,580
Beers,Beth Ellen              Medical Technologist            $40,052
Bahrenburg,Betsy Reed         Nursing Specialist              $45,186
Cartularo,Kathryn Shouldice   Nursing Specialist              $57,974
Leahy,Kathleen Ann            Nursing Specialist              $67,048
Lynch,Mary Ellen              Nursing Specialist              $48,177
Navin,Mary C.                 Nursing Specialist              $65,869
Sclafani,Christina E.         Nursing Specialist              $32,174
St. Onge,Lisa A.              Nursing Specialist              $38,000
Walker,Cynthia B.             Nursing Specialist              $38,038
Bessette,Bernadette J.        Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $20,503
Bodette,Suzanne Marie         Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $23,523
Brouillette,Susan Jean        Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $28,217
Brunelle,Louise Caroline      Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $20,824
Chambers,Jennifer M.          Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $17,165
Gilman,Margaret Stuart        Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $28,664
Hearne,Audrey S.              Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $34,274
Lapierre,Gail D.              Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $25,000
Snow,William Charles          Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $16,536
Staab,Stacie Ann              Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $18,386
Stone,Molly E.                Office/Prgm Outreach Support    $17,680
Allen,Sharon M.               Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $22,482
Avery,Lisa Jean               Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $24,453
Blake,Linda J.                Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $21,792
Brown,Daryl F.                Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $25,853
Buschner,Tilza                Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $25,425
Campagna,Lora Lynn            Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $26,398
Chicoine,Olivia Marie         Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $22,844
Daly,Elsie Ruth               Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $26,449
Dickinson,Melissa J.          Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $25,000
Dion,Dianna Lynne             Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $33,072
Duncan,Tammy                  Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $30,000
Findlay,Lois A.               Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $20,178
Fredericks,Dianna L.          Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $24,236
Goodman,Rose Irene            Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $21,738
Hunt,Joyce E.                 Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $31,655
Kirby,Julia R.                Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $28,215
Lopatofsky,Lisa               Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $25,500
Mahoney,Jean Alane            Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $23,175
Mattos,Donna Lynn             Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $21,705
Metivier,Veronica Mary        Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $31,508
Morgan,Charlene Ethel         Office/Prgm Support Assistant   $30,999
Nocito,Sarah Rising Turner   Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $16,775
Norton,Linda Bernice         Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $27,899
Ogilvie,Sandra Ann           Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $25,000
Purvis,Marcia J.             Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $19,234
Ransom,Jane Pearl            Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $24,500
Roberge,Meggan E.            Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $26,000
Smith,Brennan                Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $27,000
Smith,Diane Bishop           Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $15,886
Stough-Dean,Deborah Louise   Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $29,454
Sylvester,Sharon L.          Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $28,528
Tucker,Bonnie B.             Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $26,916
Woodward,Ann M.              Office/Prgm Support Assistant    $17,775
Abair,Shirley Sam            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,170
Abbott,Lori M.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,308
Airoldi,Jayne E.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $39,200
Andreas,Martha Sanders       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,903
Andrievskaya,Tatiana V.      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,268
Ardell,Kristen E.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,860
Baggs,Marianne C.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,316
Balaban,Sharron B.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $23,000
Barr,Brenda J.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,089
Barrett,Tracey Jean          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,845
Barrows,Joanne Marie         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,310
Bartlett,Sally Marie         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,380
Barwin,Jo-Ann P.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,104
Bean,Susan Myrtle            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,011
Bechtel,Kenneth C.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,529
Belansky,Elenore Theresa     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,640
Bennett,Jill Alice           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,890
Bergevin,Lori A.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,466
Berman,Corey                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,003
Bernard,Karen Elaine         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,620
Bernier,Celine Ann           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,341
Berry,Christian L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,514
Berry,Gail M.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $39,638
Berube,Rachel Louise         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,713
Bessette,Mindy Ann           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,119
Bigelow,Sharron L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,159
Bishop,Susan L.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,176
Bissonnette,Shelley Jean     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,618
Blais-Armell,Tina L.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,609
Blaise-Glaunsinger,Simone    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,066
Bluteau,Danielle L.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,000
Boldwin,Patricia M.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,406
Borah,Paula S.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,379
Boulanger,Andrea J.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,235
Boyer,Joyce A.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,440
Branch,Barbara Jean        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,919
Brosseau,Amanda            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,459
Brown,Donna M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,708
Brunelle,Helen M.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,140
Bryan,Deborah E.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,700
Burke,Donna A.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $15,288
Burley,Vibeke Bech         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,090
Burlingame,Mary Ann        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,937
Burnor,Elaine L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,649
Bushey,Susan Rachael       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $42,659
Cairns,Michael D.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Carolin,Kathy B.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,885
Caron,Barbara C.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,834
Carter,Pamela A.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,440
Carver,Joan M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,431
Caswell,Christine A.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,360
Chagnon,Wendy D.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,584
Chatary,Patricia Ann       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,400
Chauncey,Ann               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $43,500
Cheney,Katy C.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,000
Cincotta,Ginny Louise      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,382
Clairmont,Lorraine Marie   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,780
Clark,Pamela Reese         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,136
Clayton,Laura Jean         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,918
Cochran,Sarah              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,938
Collins,Christine Marie    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,698
Comette,Suzan Fletcher     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,943
Connelly,Thomas James      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,050
Conte-Woodman,Susan        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,985
Coolidge,Krystal Lee       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,775
Cooper,Beverly Anne        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,074
Costantino,Jessica E.      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,780
Counos,Vicki Lynn          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,985
Coy,Wendy-Ayn L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,300
Cressey,Anne Marie         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,300
Crosby,Debbie D.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,200
Crossley,Rose Marie        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $20,279
Crowley,MaryAnn            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,613
Cunov,Pamela Lynn          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,754
Cuthbert,Karen W.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,513
Dartt,Patricia Ann         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,037
Davenport,Christina E.     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,525
Davis,Beverly Jean         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,384
Day,Victoria Ann           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,500
Debarge,Theresa Ann        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,414
Decker,Donna Anne          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,270
Del Hagen,Linda Karen      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,793
Delorey,Elizabeth R.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,088
Demarco,Phyllis Ann                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,247
Deshler,Donna Lee                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,670
Diaz,Jennifer Lee                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,445
Dike,Shari L.                      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,888
Disorda,Melissa Sue                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,430
Donaldson,Joan Catherine           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,643
Dooley,Sheila Golden               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,197
Driscoll,Mary R.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $23,943
Dubie,Anne-Marie                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,588
Dubois,Rebecca Towne               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,343
Dubois-Frey,Joan M.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,000
Dubuque,Diana L.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,255
Dumas,Cecile Theresa               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,803
Dunki-Jacobs,Marjorie C.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,000
Durgan,Tracey E.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,972
Dutra,Kelly A.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,678
Eddy,Laurie T.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,290
Edelstein,Scott Nathan             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,262
Eldred,Marilyn J.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,138
Elliott,Mary Lou                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,464
Engelbach,Courtney Anne            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,816
Erb,Meredith Isis                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,278
Esposito,Linda E.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,285
Fakirananda,Mira                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,399
Farnham,Christine A.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,821
Farnham,Jody M.                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,840
Farrell,Zenda Joan                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,747
Faustner,Emma Kate                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,500
Fay,Deborah D.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,790
Fay,Mary M.                        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,464
Ferguson,Aaron Michael             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,000
Fischer,Sandra K.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,059
Fletcher,Patricia Ann              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,217
Fontaine,Denise Marie              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,887
Forguites,Patricia Ann             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,282
French,Mary C.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,398
Frey,Audree L.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Gaboriault,Kimberly A.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,631
Gans,Barbara Burke                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,380
Gauvin,Mary J.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,403
Giard,Elizabeth W.                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,125
Gilbert,James David                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,939
Gilman,Amy Beth                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,001
Goddard,Theresa                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,292
Goodrich,Sarah                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,352
Goodwin Kueffner,Carolyn Frances   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $23,526
Granger,Beverly Joyce         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $42,931
Grant,Marian K.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,227
Gratton,Pamela A.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,176
Graveline,Rose Mary           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,135
Gravelle,Cheryl Ann           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,050
Graziano,Diane P.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Green,Clare M.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,284
Greene,Barbara L.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,100
Griffis,Christine H.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,531
Griggs,Salli                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,040
Groseclose,Cindy L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,908
Gross,Mary Lou                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,890
Guillory,De'Ionne G.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,000
Haggerty,Susan Collins        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,712
Hamilton,Judith R.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,318
Hanson,Kerstin M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $22,838
Hartwell,Tiffany R.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $18,452
Harvey,Lynn M.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $20,476
Haskell,Rebecca               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,000
Haskins,Tina Marie            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,255
Hathaway,Nichole D.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,350
Hawke,Jeanne M.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,673
Hayes,Theresa R.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,539
Hayward,Rhonda J.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,400
Hayward,Susan G.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,072
Heininger,Mary K.N            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,084
Hendricks,Holly J.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,434
Herron,Dennis Richard         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,912
Hinge,Victoria Alexandrovna   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,369
Holdsworth,Jonathan A.        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,793
Holland,Debra Jean            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,154
Hood,Jean Elizabeth           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,200
Hopps,Robin E.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,979
Hurwitz,Aaron Jacob           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Jaborek,Susan P.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,960
Jackson,Jeanne M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,315
Jalbert,Rejeanne Janel        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,927
Jany,Jennifer Jean            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,088
Jean,Lori                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,944
Johnson,Jason Michael         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,256
Joyal,Nora S.                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,037
Keefe,Jeanne Marie            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,477
Keefe,Mary Elizabeth          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,247
Kennedy,Georgia L.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,000
Keppler,Frances               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,275
Kernan,Cheryl Lynn            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,402
Kilbashian,Kristen Adria      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,035
Kim,Chong Soo             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,000
Kleh,Barbara Hurteau      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,560
Knight,Sally Gleason      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,095
Kolinich,Kevin John       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,078
Krupp,Nancy J.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,079
Lafayette,Monica C.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,016
Laflam,Marie Aleta        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,784
LaMothe,Betty J.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,833
Lamphier,Katherine D.     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,320
Landis,Gwendolynn J.      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,994
Laplume,Claudette D.      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,192
Lareau,Louise C.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,105
LaTour,Michael Anthony    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,695
Lavallee,Anna Marie       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,403
Lawliss,Dawn Marie        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,000
Layton,M. Katherine       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,475
LeGault,Cristal G.        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,000
Leggett,Karen Jean        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,240
Lemire,Rita G.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,550
Lenes,Sarah Georges       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,800
Libby,Steven R.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,000
Longwell,Cynthia Jane     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,138
Loomis,Cynthia Reid       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,100
Losambe,Lokoso            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,028
Lovelette,Julie Marie     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $46,363
Lucey,Andrea May          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $41,489
Lynch,Louise G.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,875
Ma,Xulong                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,065
Maciejewski,Helen M.      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,563
MacLean,Murphy Skye       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $39,264
MacLeod,Anne Irene        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,238
Magee,Susannah K.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,282
Malone,Rosemary           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $40,854
Manahan,Margaret L.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $20,279
Manion-Prevost,Susan E.   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $18,528
Markley,Sue Marie         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,833
Marshall,Shelley Ann      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,512
Martel,Susan D.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,755
Martelle,Sharnel A.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,000
Martin,Ann Marie          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,671
Martin,Charles Henry      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,333
Mayette,Michelle A.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
McCann,Noel J.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,215
McClellan,Patricia S.     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $15,113
McCrea,Laurie P.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $39,748
McEwing,Susan M.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,278
McFeeters,Susan B.        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,222
McGinn,Katherine Kelley    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,800
McIntire,Amanda M.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,743
McKenzie,Lisa-Marie        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,413
McLaughlin,Emily Ann       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,200
McLaughlin,Rachael         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,175
McLean,Laurie W.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,600
McPeters,Lori Ann          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $40,600
Messier,Elaine D.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,124
Micklus,Dianne C.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,827
Miller,Diane K.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,980
Miller,Theresa Marie       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,044
Molina,Joanne              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,092
Molkenthin,Barbara Lee     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,815
Moreland,Nancy Anne        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,527
Morrison,Carol R.          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,191
Moyser,Stella Mary         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,621
Mullen,Brenda M.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,725
Murray,Jane Larivee        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $43,440
Myers,Lisa D.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,323
Nelligan,Darlene Marie     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,307
Nevins,Jane Elizabeth      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,000
Newland,Marcie             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,529
Nicasio,Kimberly Abell     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,347
Nilan,Molly Lara           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,215
Nolin,Terri Lynn           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,053
Norful,Karen E.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,698
Northrop,Amanda C.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,918
Norton,Christena Cary      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $45,283
Nuissl,Karla J.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,119
O'Brien,Donna L.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,250
O'Flaherty,Stephanie       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,500
Ogle,Jeri Lynn             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,440
Orr,Karen J.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,996
Pallotta,Valerie Jean      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,199
Paris,Julie C.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,967
Paveglio,Erin Jane         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,990
Pecor,Lucie Ann            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,800
Pedrini,Holly H.           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,000
Pemberton,Chelsea A.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,540
Perzanowski,Sarah Rose     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,793
Phillips,Lora Lynne        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,434
Pierson,Maura Lee          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,798
Pochop,Sue E.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,266
Pothiawala,Parvin Amin     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,125
Pratt,Elizabeth Florence   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,664
Primo,Teresa L.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,472
Pritchard,Kerstin B.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,754
Provost,Mary Jane                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $44,387
Quinn,Barbara Joanne                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,097
Racine,Martha Anne                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,216
Randall,Gaylene A.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,282
Ransom,Mary Morwood                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,256
Ravaschiere,Nancy Ann               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,920
Reade,Lillian S.                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,878
Remillard,Natalie E.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,820
Resnik,Anne Marie                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,050
Reynolds,Patrick H.                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,500
Rhea,Deborah Ann                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,012
Riani,Judith A.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,500
Richards,Marianne                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,929
Richer,Diane Jean                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,401
Riddle,Emilie Sandra                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,637
Robare,Cynthia N.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $25,200
Robinson,Kevin S.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,345
Rouille,Melinda Jane                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,989
Rowe,Donna T.                       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,386
Rubalcaba,Cynthia Jean              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,786
Sadigh,Katrin S.                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,000
Sadler,Kelly O'Sullivan             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,857
Saulnier,Penilee H.                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,595
Scharrenberg,Linda Jean             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,047
Schliecker-Brigham,Mary Elizabeth   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,800
Schneck,Cheryl L.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,397
Schreindorfer,Kelly Ann             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $17,192
Schroeter,Maria Elena               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,487
Sears,Gina L.                       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Senator,Jeffrey Joseph              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,960
Shea,Mary Lou F.                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,533
Shepard,Mariette K.                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,795
Sheppard-Parent,Anne-Marie C.       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,162
Sherlock,Christi Ellen              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,226
Shinosky,Brenda L.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $18,743
Sladyk,Shona C.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,566
Smail,Debra Lee                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,350
Smailagic,Emira                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,511
Smejkal,Petra                       Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $19,861
Smith,Brenda J.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,400
Smith,Candace Leigh                 Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $44,399
Smith,Deborah H.                    Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,750
Smith,Teresa G.                     Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,000
Snelling-Seymour,Zoanne Louise      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,640
Snyder,Suzanne Marie                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,400
Sobieski,Janet D.                   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,916
St. Louis,Diana M.                  Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,754
Stebbins,Barbara J.W.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,939
Steen,Mariann A.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Stern,Debra Ann Koslow        Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,962
Stewart,Todd Robert           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $36,050
Straight,Mary P.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,802
Sullivan,Judy Marie           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $34,678
Talbert,Ellen M.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,395
Tank-Day,Carol Lynn           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,887
Taylor,Doreen M.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $17,400
Tebbetts,Susan M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,205
Teel,Joanne Elizabeth         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $42,271
Thomson,Joyce L.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,575
Ticehurst,Joyce Marie         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,682
Tourville,Sara L.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,471
Trono,Diane Lea               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,400
Truax,Kathleen Alice          Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,435
Udvardy,Jessica C.            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,450
Valley,Jeanne P.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $17,592
Vance,Lise Aline              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,403
Vogel,Roman G.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,310
Vought,Roxanne Rene           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,601
Wales,Sally Miller            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $37,009
Walker,Cathy E.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $33,060
Walker,Melody Lynn            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,500
Walsh,Beth Raine              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $21,000
Walter,Krista Suzanne         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,047
Wasserman,Mary L.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $20,318
Weaver,Katalin Anne           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $35,500
Welcome,Jane D.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $40,665
Whitcomb,Karen M.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $29,064
Willey,Christopher C.         Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,675
Williams,Margo L.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,500
Wilson,Ceara M.               Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,680
Wilson,Russell H.             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,874
Wilson,Wendy Charlotte Sage   Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $24,610
Winot,Valerie Ann             Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $27,050
Witherell,Patricia Irene      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $31,942
Wood,Kimberly A.              Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $30,000
Woodward,Caitlin Melissa      Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $26,792
Wright,Karen Marie            Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $38,433
Young,Polly P.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $28,725
Young,Wendy Searles           Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,432
Zeno,Laurel C.                Office/Prgm Support Generalist   $32,411
Barden,Pamela T.              Office/Prgrm Support Senior      $35,793
Battey,Margaret Ann           Office/Prgrm Support Senior      $45,300
Bercaw,Nancy Stearns          Office/Prgrm Support Senior      $36,550
Caldwell,Marcia McAllister    Office/Prgrm Support Senior      $51,541
Circe,Kelly N.               Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $37,324
Corkins,Cynthia Lawrence     Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $44,576
Gilmore,Sarah S.             Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $52,396
Gregoire,Janice B.           Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $47,244
Haas,Sharon C.               Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $40,511
Lafayette,Mary Phelps        Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $39,113
Maglaris,Brenda B.           Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $33,355
Oliver,Meghan A.             Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $32,000
Rice,Antoinette Deborah      Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $44,864
Smith,Robin Ann              Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $40,090
Sweeney,Aleta L.             Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $34,740
Symans,Catherine E.          Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $38,800
Symula,Susan Ann             Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $45,000
Tebo,Janet Louise            Office/Prgrm Support Senior   $39,500
Cavanaugh,Shannon Patrick    Operating Engineer            $49,795
Genest,James Patrick         Operating Engineer            $52,166
Lumsden,Bryan D.             Operating Engineer            $33,509
Pelkey,Steven Maynard        Operating Engineer            $43,680
Treadway Jr.,Daniel Martin   Operating Engineer            $38,230
Zeno,Lewis Ethan             Operating Engineer            $52,395
Danis,Heather Jean           Outreach Coordinator          $42,432
Kleinman,Sarah L.            Outreach Coordinator          $46,200
Cote,Elizabeth               Outreach Manager              $71,114
Taylor-Nolan,Beth Ellen      Outreach Manager              $66,459
Allen,Pauline Marie          Outreach Professional         $54,059
Aronson,Jennifer Anne        Outreach Professional         $52,821
Birch,Melinda J.             Outreach Professional         $23,736
Blanchard,Corin Elizabeth    Outreach Professional         $45,000
Briggs,Kristie L.            Outreach Professional         $22,713
Chappelle,David Bennett      Outreach Professional         $27,810
Charlton,Rita C.             Outreach Professional         $30,388
Chaulk,Amanda C.             Outreach Professional         $52,540
Colby,Jennifer Jane          Outreach Professional         $23,883
Densmore,Dawn Marie          Outreach Professional         $46,189
Dissinger,Chris D.           Outreach Professional         $43,680
Dobos,Laura B.               Outreach Professional         $32,491
Doran,Margaret Kathleen      Outreach Professional         $34,000
Dunkling,Gregory D.          Outreach Professional         $68,008
Fajans,Deborah L.            Outreach Professional         $37,329
Fearon,Christina Veronica    Outreach Professional         $51,029
Forrer,Katherine Ann         Outreach Professional         $34,977
Garritano,Rosemarie M.       Outreach Professional         $24,639
Gilker,Rachel E.             Outreach Professional         $28,398
Glitman,Karen C.             Outreach Professional         $53,000
Grayson,Andrea L.            Outreach Professional         $55,360
Heleba,Debra Marie           Outreach Professional         $40,494
Hills,Karen Marie            Outreach Professional         $32,000
Holtzman,Beth S.               Outreach Professional      $29,310
Hulett,Nancy Marie             Outreach Professional      $46,637
Jacobs,Margaret E.             Outreach Professional      $35,000
Kelley,Paula Lelacheur         Outreach Professional      $27,277
Kitsos,Anthony                 Outreach Professional      $34,140
Krulewitz,Julianne             Outreach Professional      $36,500
Kwon,Mikyung Paik              Outreach Professional      $48,041
Lian,Jennifer L.               Outreach Professional      $46,141
Manning,Martha Edwards         Outreach Professional      $25,697
Maskell,Kenneth M.             Outreach Professional      $41,311
Mason,Kathy Burch              Outreach Professional      $41,873
Maynard,Alison A.              Outreach Professional      $47,250
Melvin,Emma-Lynn               Outreach Professional      $34,278
Merchant,MaryJane C.           Outreach Professional      $23,596
Miller,Betsy A.                Outreach Professional      $22,603
Morris,Ellen S.                Outreach Professional      $57,394
Muzzey,Lisa J.                 Outreach Professional      $23,555
Neuert,Natalie S.              Outreach Professional      $56,173
Noel,Caitrin Eva               Outreach Professional      $36,600
Nunziata,Janet S.              Outreach Professional      $47,056
Patenaude,Michele R.           Outreach Professional      $33,280
Peterson-Ishaq,Kristin Marie   Outreach Professional      $51,459
Pillard,Elizabeth J.           Outreach Professional      $40,514
Porth,Sara Ilene               Outreach Professional      $27,066
Powers,Susan J.                Outreach Professional      $38,292
Price,Perry Allen              Outreach Professional      $40,000
Reilly,Michael Terrence        Outreach Professional      $32,850
Severy,Robin E.                Outreach Professional      $22,853
Shea,Erin Suzanne              Outreach Professional       $7,346
Sorrell,Wendy M.               Outreach Professional      $33,858
Speidel,Joseph Glenn           Outreach Professional      $55,124
Traister,Lauren A.             Outreach Professional      $33,796
Van Der Vliet,Daniel Garrett   Outreach Professional      $49,153
Wells,Craig E.                 Outreach Professional      $43,999
Williams,Sarah H.              Outreach Professional      $43,077
Wilson,Michael A.              Outreach Professional      $25,376
Wolf,Philip M.                 Outreach Professional      $37,358
Worthley,Deborah C.            Outreach Professional      $68,294
Zaletta,Kim I.                 Outreach Professional      $34,536
Bilodeau,Cheryle A.            Outreach Professional Sr   $44,720
Gallagher,Sarah Myers          Outreach Professional Sr   $55,558
Ingalls-O'Keeffe,Judith C.     Outreach Professional Sr   $49,000
Lampman-Larivee,Louise May     Outreach Professional Sr   $45,539
Lax,Lisa K.                    Outreach Professional Sr   $51,963
Liske,Anne L.                  Outreach Professional Sr   $52,922
Marrin,Patricia-Ilenya A.      Outreach Professional Sr   $44,720
Matthews,Allen G.              Outreach Professional Sr   $55,460
Morgan,Patricia Lee            Outreach Professional Sr   $66,608
O'Neill,Sharon                 Outreach Professional Sr   $43,000
Sawyer,William R.              Outreach Professional Sr   $41,860
Silver,Renee Lynn              Outreach Professional Sr   $53,703
Ward,Sarah Leigh               Outreach Professional Sr   $56,379
Bailey,Robert M.               Police Officer             $39,000
Bellavance,Jason M.            Police Officer             $47,632
Blow,Michael G.                Police Officer             $46,987
Collins,Matthew Lucien         Police Officer             $51,688
Coyner,Christiana B.           Police Officer             $42,432
Flynn,Patrick Edward           Police Officer             $57,429
Genest,Skyler W.               Police Officer             $42,058
Hunter,Christopher Dennis      Police Officer             $47,299
King,Brandon Michael           Police Officer             $47,299
Roberts,Sue Elizabeth          Police Officer             $57,762
Sioss,William Andrew           Police Officer             $42,432
Wetmore,Christopher Reed       Police Officer             $39,000
Wooster,Mandy Lee              Police Officer             $42,370
Bilodeau,Timothy Andrew        Police Officer Senior      $64,126
Finnegan,Daniel John           Police Officer Senior      $63,835
Frennier,Scott Conrad          Police Officer Senior      $64,126
Magnant,Laurence Claude        Police Officer Senior      $68,349
Phelps,James John              Police Officer Senior      $64,126
Thomas,Michael Timothy         Police Officer Senior      $64,750
Tuomey,Lianne M.               Police Officer Senior      $78,312
Ali,Md. Yusuf                  Post Doctoral Associate    $48,719
Aller,Pierre                   Post Doctoral Associate    $36,338
Anafi,Ron C.                   Post Doctoral Associate    $32,571
Andena,Sergio Ricardo          Post Doctoral Associate    $37,000
Anderson,Laura Emma            Post Doctoral Associate    $38,000
Balemba,Onesmo B.              Post Doctoral Associate    $44,995
Bartoo,Aaron C.                Post Doctoral Associate    $36,400
Bizargity,Peyman               Post Doctoral Associate    $40,000
Buskiewicz,Iwona A.            Post Doctoral Associate    $35,307
Campbell,Shirley               Post Doctoral Associate    $40,000
Cheppudira,Bopaiah Pooviah     Post Doctoral Associate    $38,397
Chong,Daesung                  Post Doctoral Associate    $31,000
Debold,Edward Patrick          Post Doctoral Associate    $48,668
Del Rio Guerra,Roxana          Post Doctoral Associate    $41,796
Duclos,Stephanie               Post Doctoral Associate    $36,338
Flinn,Michael                  Post Doctoral Associate    $39,900
Ghebremichael,Lula Teklelt     Post Doctoral Associate    $38,000
Girard,Beatrice Marie          Post Doctoral Associate    $48,627
Girouard,Helene                Post Doctoral Associate    $46,992
Gokavi,Sumangala Shankarappa   Post Doctoral Associate    $38,267
Gupta,Dhananjay                Post Doctoral Associate    $49,070
Han,Xue                        Post Doctoral Associate    $33,000
Haraldsen,Jeralyn D.           Post Doctoral Associate    $40,541
Hodges,Alex R.                 Post Doctoral Associate    $50,128
Hogg,Matthew Dale              Post Doctoral Associate    $34,944
Imamura,Kayo                   Post Doctoral Associate    $35,280
Jacobs,Jesse V.                Post Doctoral Associate     $6,000
Janks,Deborah Lynn             Post Doctoral Associate    $36,000
Jha,Rani S.K.                  Post Doctoral Associate    $34,000
Kasahara,David I.              Post Doctoral Associate    $37,128
Kato,Satomi                    Post Doctoral Associate    $40,000
Koenig,Andreas                 Post Doctoral Associate    $38,976
Kraft,Jana                     Post Doctoral Associate    $40,000
Lavoie,Brigitte                Post Doctoral Associate    $43,680
Ledoux,Jonathan                Post Doctoral Associate    $20,000
Lu,Hailong                     Post Doctoral Associate    $40,888
Mu,Changjun                    Post Doctoral Associate    $28,000
Nagaleekar,Viswas K.           Post Doctoral Associate    $41,796
Nair,Usha B.                   Post Doctoral Associate    $36,050
Negatu,Adane Kassa             Post Doctoral Associate    $35,154
Pantano,Cristen                Post Doctoral Associate    $18,200
Parussini,Silvana Fabiola      Post Doctoral Associate    $36,330
Patil,Veerupaxagouda           Post Doctoral Associate    $32,000
Perlut,Noah G.                 Post Doctoral Associate    $38,000
Phalen,Timothy J.              Post Doctoral Associate    $36,400
Ridouane,El Hassan             Post Doctoral Associate    $35,000
Shi,Cuixia                     Post Doctoral Associate    $35,252
St. Pierre,Benoit              Post Doctoral Associate    $38,001
Straub,Jennifer Anne           Post Doctoral Associate    $43,468
Sueblinvong,Viranuj            Post Doctoral Associate    $45,449
Sun,Yujing                     Post Doctoral Associate    $33,280
Tacy,Nelson John               Post Doctoral Associate     $5,000
Tan,Huining                    Post Doctoral Associate    $32,550
Tang,Gaoyan                    Post Doctoral Associate    $38,441
Tompkins,John D.               Post Doctoral Associate    $44,557
Van der Velden,Adrianus L.J.   Post Doctoral Associate    $36,771
Wang,Da                        Post Doctoral Associate    $30,763
Wang,Jiandong                  Post Doctoral Associate    $27,500
Wood,Christopher David         Post Doctoral Associate    $38,976
Yendrek,Craig R.               Post Doctoral Associate    $32,550
Young,Eric O.                  Post Doctoral Associate    $33,600
Zaman,A.K.M. Tarikuz           Post Doctoral Associate    $50,000
Zhou,Weiqi                     Post Doctoral Associate    $38,000
Fogel,Daniel Mark              President                 $314,696
Jenot,James Aarron             Press Operator Lead        $38,501
Knight,Jeffrey C.              Press Operator Senior      $30,139
Buczakowski,Michael J.         Process Coordinator        $32,500
Burnett,Sarah D.               Process Coordinator        $40,800
Campo,Paul                     Process Coordinator        $47,237
Martin,Andrew Harry        Process Coordinator               $34,000
Sanford,Christopher John   Process Coordinator               $41,600
Wheel,Carol A.             Process Coordinator               $35,625
Atherton,Michelle Susan    Professional Executive Asst       $55,809
Randall,Maura L.           Professional Executive Asst       $84,480
Turgeon,Albert J.          Professional Executive Asst Sr    $91,750
Achenbach,Thomas Max       Professor                         $84,053
Ades,Philip A.             Professor                        $190,000
Agne,Russell Maynard       Professor                        $100,306
Aleong,John                Professor                         $77,513
Archdeacon,Dan Steven      Professor                        $104,187
Aronsson,David Douglas     Professor                         $40,000
Barrington,David Stanley   Professor                        $102,654
Bartlett,Robert V.         Professor                        $105,383
Baruth,Philip Edward       Professor                         $79,112
Bates,Jason H.T.           Professor                        $165,000
Beliveau,Jean-Guy Lionel   Professor                        $111,517
Bernstein,Ira Mark         Professor                        $140,016
Beynnon,Bruce David        Professor                        $147,078
Bierman,Paul Robert        Professor                         $85,427
Bond,Lynne Anne            Professor                        $125,990
Bouton,Mark Earhart        Professor                        $119,535
Bovill,Edwin Gladstone     Professor                         $87,527
Bowden,William Breck       Professor                         $94,418
Bradley,Anthony G.         Professor                        $108,269
Braff,Steven P.            Professor                         $70,000
Branda,Richard Frank       Professor                         $63,900
Brayden,Joseph Elliott     Professor                        $142,449
Brown,Kenneth A.           Professor                         $50,000
Brumsted,John Robert       Professor                         $39,497
Bryan,Frank MacLlewellyn   Professor                         $98,846
Budd,Ralph Charles         Professor                        $150,000
Burford,Gale E.            Professor                         $99,928
Burgmeier,James William    Professor                        $112,663
Burke,John MacKenzie       Professor                        $166,411
Burke,John Patrick         Professor                         $94,743
Burke,Leah Weyerts         Professor                         $30,000
Capeless,Eleanor Lacava    Professor                         $63,274
Capeless,Mark Atlee        Professor                         $47,000
Carew Jr.,Lyndon Belmont   Professor                        $108,452
Casson,Peter R.            Professor                         $30,000
Cherouny,Peter Herbert     Professor                         $65,178
Christian,Timothy F.       Professor                         $50,000
Clark,Anne L.              Professor                         $78,267
Clougherty,Dennis Paul     Professor                         $88,121
Cohen,Judith Ann           Professor                         $90,670
Cole,Bernard F.            Professor                         $85,000
Colletti,Richard B.             Professor         $144,080
Connolly,Declan A.              Professor          $84,416
Connor,Catherine                Professor         $107,619
Cooper,Kumarasen                Professor          $71,552
Cooper,Sheldon Mark             Professor          $63,900
Costanza,Robert                 Professor         $141,750
Crockenberg,Susan Claire        Professor         $104,151
Cushman,Mary                    Professor         $158,000
Cutler,Stephen Joel             Professor         $134,464
Danigelis,Nicholas Louis        Professor         $105,403
Dauerman,Harold Lee             Professor          $65,000
Davis,Gerald Sundt              Professor          $52,950
Dickerman,Joseph David          Professor          $69,655
Dinitz,Jeffrey Howard           Professor         $111,505
Donnelly,Catherine Wright       Professor         $117,434
Duncan,Paula M.                 Professor         $124,822
Eckenstein,Felix                Professor         $114,169
Elhosseiny,Abdelmonem A.        Professor          $61,250
Escaja,Tina Fernandez           Professor          $74,197
Evans,John Newton               Professor         $179,539
Finette,Barry Alan              Professor         $158,574
First,Lewis R.                  Professor          $96,800
Fletcher,Douglas G.             Professor         $102,500
Fogarty,John P.                 Professor         $135,000
Foote,Richard Martin            Professor         $105,779
Forehand,Cynthia Jean           Professor         $138,067
Forehand,Rex L.                 Professor         $118,031
Francklyn,Christopher Steward   Professor         $118,712
Frankowski,Barbara Louise       Professor          $54,120
Fukagawa,Naomi Kay              Professor         $100,000
Galbraith,Richard A.            Professor         $201,876
Garra,Brian Stephen             Professor          $72,500
Geiger Jr.,William E.           Professor         $123,902
Gennari,F. John                 Professor          $68,400
Giangreco,Michael Francis       Professor          $88,552
Gibson,William Arch             Professor   upl
Golden,Kenneth Ivan             Professor         $134,007
Goodnight,Charles James         Professor          $85,831
Gordon,Robert James             Professor          $92,313
Gotelli,Nicholas James          Professor          $86,735
Grace,Christopher James         Professor          $45,000
Green,Curtis E.                 Professor          $60,000
Griffin,Robert Stanley          Professor          $82,335
Gross,Kenneth Irwin             Professor         $137,421
Grunberg,Steven Marc            Professor          $65,000
Guillot,Ann Packer              Professor          $40,019
Guitar,Barry Estill             Professor         $110,207
Gutman,Stanley T.              Professor   upl
Hamel-Bissell,Brenda Pauline   Professor          $92,876
Hamill,Robert Wallace          Professor         $105,425
Harvey-Berino,Jean Ruth        Professor         $107,945
Hasazi,Susan Elaine            Professor         $110,100
Hebert,James Charles           Professor          $82,374
Heintz,Nicholas H.             Professor         $113,092
Helzer,John Earl               Professor         $130,703
Higgins,Stephen Thomas         Professor         $229,300
Hood,Virginia Louise           Professor          $55,100
Horbar,Jeffrey David           Professor         $175,000
Howe,James Gregory             Professor          $40,000
Hoza,Betsy                     Professor         $117,185
Huber,Sally Ann                Professor         $131,634
Huddle,David Ross              Professor         $106,808
Hudspeth,Thomas Richard        Professor          $87,035
Hudziak,James Joseph           Professor         $264,275
Hughes,John Russell            Professor         $128,285
Huston,Dryver R.               Professor         $122,070
Hyman,Neil H.                  Professor          $34,500
Irvin,Charles G.               Professor         $192,000
Irwin,Alan Emory               Professor          $69,500
Ittleman,Frank Paul            Professor          $99,330
Jackson,Thomas Lane            Professor          $53,000
Jenkins,Robert G.              Professor         $137,994
Jette,Diane U.                 Professor         $131,812
Joffe,Justin Manfred           Professor         $115,289
Johnson,Douglas Ian            Professor         $104,654
Johnson,Julia Virginia         Professor          $52,020
Kaza,Stephanie                 Professor          $78,487
Kida,Masatoshi                 Professor          $39,468
Kien,Craig L.                  Professor         $192,816
Kindstedt,Paul Stephen         Professor          $88,044
Klein,Jeffrey S.               Professor          $60,000
Kolodinsky,Jane Marie          Professor         $114,710
Krag,David Nielsen             Professor         $195,300
Krag,Martin Hans               Professor          $32,000
Krawitt,Edward L.              Professor          $59,500
Krusinski,Paul Anthony         Professor          $40,500
Laible,Jeffrey Paul            Professor         $104,494
Lakin,William Donald           Professor         $140,300
Landry,Christopher C.          Professor          $81,697
Lawson,Robert Bernard          Professor         $125,794
Leahy,John L.                  Professor         $100,000
Leavitt,Bruce J.               Professor          $30,000
Leib,Edward Samuel             Professor          $44,100
Leiman,Gladwyn                 Professor          $64,000
Leitner,David Welker        Professor    $35,000
Levine,Mark Alan            Professor    $50,000
Levy,Arthur Maurice         Professor    $61,700
Lewinter,Martin M.          Professor   $200,000
Lipson,Marjorie Youmans     Professor    $88,038
Littenberg,Benjamin         Professor   $206,669
Losambe,Lokangaka           Professor    $90,579
Lowey,Susan                 Professor   $175,609
Lucey MD,Jerold Francis     Professor   $179,033
Lyman,Theodore              Professor    $83,982
Magistrale,Anthony Samuel   Professor    $86,463
Mahoney,Dennis Francis      Professor   $100,913
Mann,Kenneth G.             Professor   $183,500
Mann,William Edward         Professor   $121,716
Manning,Kathleen            Professor    $75,675
Manning,Robert Emmet        Professor   $111,771
Marcy,Theodore Wendell      Professor    $50,000
Marsden,J. Ellen            Professor    $76,519
Martin,Luther Howard        Professor    $46,846
Matthews,Dwight E.          Professor   $113,992
Maura,Juan F.               Professor    $74,060
Mawe,Gary Michael           Professor   $130,506
May,Victor                  Professor   $111,415
Mazzoni,Maria-Cristina      Professor    $77,143
McCauley,Rebecca Joan       Professor    $90,980
McFadden,David W.           Professor   $180,000
McIntosh,Alan W.            Professor    $93,904
McIntosh,Barbara Ruth       Professor   $122,923
McIntyre,Lynda Reeves       Professor    $84,091
McKenna,Kevin James         Professor    $92,206
Mehrtens,Charlotte Jean     Professor    $99,589
Michelson,James D.          Professor    $40,000
Mickey,Ruth Mary            Professor    $85,762
Mieder,Wolfgang             Professor   $118,477
Mierse,William Edwin        Professor    $81,274
Millay,Robert Hugh          Professor    $32,543
Miller,Carol Therese        Professor    $92,184
Mintz,Beth                  Professor   $101,444
Mirchandani,Gagan S.        Professor   $110,500
Misselbeck,Wayne Joseph     Professor    $30,000
Morrical,Scott Walker       Professor   $104,435
Moses,Peter L.              Professor    $45,000
Mount,Sharon Lee            Professor    $30,562
Moyser,George Herbert       Professor    $99,837
Muss,Hyman Bernard          Professor   $100,000
Nash,Robert James           Professor   $102,679
Neiweem,David               Professor    $84,864
Nelson,Eliot Wilbur            Professor    $28,575
Nelson,Garrison                Professor    $89,868
Nelson,Mark Tuxford            Professor   $183,177
Newhouse,Paul Alfred           Professor   $108,698
Nichols,Claude Elmer           Professor    $45,873
Nishi,Rae                      Professor   $135,754
Osol,George Jury               Professor   $139,244
Oughstun,Kurt Edmund           Professor   $117,480
Owen,Frank Charles             Professor    $83,133
Paden,William Edward           Professor   $101,158
Panitch,Hillel S.              Professor    $35,000
Paolucci-Whitcomb,Phyllis E.   Professor    $94,209
Parker,Bruce Lawrence          Professor   $101,880
Parsons,Polly E.               Professor   $105,000
Parsons,Rodney Lawrence        Professor   $194,370
Penar,Paul Louis               Professor    $30,000
Pendlebury,William Ward        Professor    $54,211
Peterson,Thomas Charles        Professor    $48,599
Phillippe,Mark                 Professor    $95,400
Pierattini,Robert Alan         Professor    $75,300
Pinder,George Francis          Professor   $163,892
Pratley,Richard E.             Professor    $87,900
Prelock,Patricia A.            Professor    $90,643
Rabinowitz,Terry               Professor    $77,185
Ramsay,Allan Murray            Professor    $60,000
Rankin,Joanna Marie            Professor   $101,756
Read,Thomas Lawrence           Professor    $94,897
Ricci,Michael Anthony          Professor    $45,000
Riddick,Daniel Howison         Professor    $69,920
Rimmer,Jeffrey Michael         Professor    $49,600
Rodgers,Robert Howard          Professor    $94,042
Rogers,Frederick Bolles        Professor    $47,000
Ross,Jane Kaye                 Professor    $85,365
Sands,Jonathan Winslow         Professor    $85,535
Saylor Rodgers,Barbara         Professor    $91,337
Schall,Joseph Julian           Professor   $100,193
Schneider,David J.             Professor    $65,000
Schreckenberger,Helga          Professor    $79,984
Scrase,David Anthony           Professor   $101,488
Senecal,Andre Joseph           Professor    $83,883
Seyller,John William           Professor    $83,856
Shackford,Steven Robert        Professor   $100,000
Shiman,David Aaron             Professor    $95,299
Simone,R. Thomas               Professor    $83,115
Simpatico,Thomas A.            Professor    $30,000
Sinkula,James Michael          Professor   $128,223
Snider,Alfred Charles          Professor    $79,399
Sobel,Burton E.               Professor   $196,700
Sofferman,Robert Alan         Professor    $63,856
Soll,Roger Franklin           Professor    $87,950
Solomon,Richard Jay           Professor    $50,000
Son,Mun Shig                  Professor    $85,240
Spector,Peter Salem           Professor    $50,000
Stevens,Lori                  Professor    $86,632
Sturtevant,Norman Vaughn      Professor   $120,000
Sugarman,Richard Ira          Professor    $87,705
Sussman,Betsy L.              Professor    $60,000
Taheri,Paul A.                Professor    $80,000
Tandan,Rup                    Professor    $54,289
Teuscher,Cory                 Professor   $188,841
Thaler,Martin Andrew          Professor    $83,121
Tracy,Paula Babiarz           Professor   $156,055
Tracy,Russell P.              Professor   $186,973
Tranmer,Bruce I.              Professor    $80,000
Trybus,Kathleen M.            Professor   $162,747
Tyzbir,Robert Stanley         Professor   $107,697
Van Houten,Judith Lee         Professor   $119,220
Vane,Dennis William           Professor    $64,352
VanSlyke,Gretchen Jane        Professor    $83,311
Varhue,Walter John            Professor   $109,948
Vecchio,James A.              Professor    $44,100
Ventriss,Curtis L.            Professor    $93,180
Vigoreaux,Jim Osvaldo         Professor    $88,674
Vizzard,Margaret A.           Professor   $123,687
Vogelmann,Thomas C.           Professor   $112,749
Wallace,Susan Scholes         Professor   $195,554
Wang,Xiaoyang S.              Professor   $113,108
Ward,Gary E.                  Professor   $118,079
Warhol-Down,Robyn R.          Professor    $93,806
Warshaw,David Michael         Professor   $196,416
Wasserman,Richard Charles     Professor   $208,160
Waterman,G. Scott             Professor   $118,758
Watkins,Matthew Wells         Professor    $50,000
Watzin,Mary Catherine         Professor    $90,336
Weaver,Donald Lee             Professor    $58,652
Welch,Nancy Ellen             Professor    $80,000
Whatley,Janet Elinor          Professor   $105,334
Williams,Wayne Weston         Professor    $93,917
Wilson,James Michael          Professor    $85,651
Winn Jr.,Washington Carlyle   Professor    $48,172
Witkin,Stanley L.             Professor   $110,718
Wood,Marie E.                 Professor    $52,500
Worley,Ian Almer              Professor   $111,600
Wu,Jun-Ru                     Professor   $115,609
Wu,Xindong                     Professor                       $121,074
Yandell,David Wendell          Professor                       $237,086
Yang,Jianke                    Professor                        $81,966
Young,Roger C.                 Professor                       $126,000
Youngblood,Denise J.           Professor                        $97,000
Donnelly,John R.               Professor Emeritus               $10,575
Foss,Donald C.                 Professor Emeritus               $40,818
Hardin,Nicholas Jackson        Professor Emeritus               $11,020
Hemenway,David Reeves          Professor Emeritus              $148,404
Hutton,Patrick H.              Professor Emeritus               $10,206
Lipke,William Charles          Professor Emeritus                $4,872
Reardon,Mildred Ann            Professor Emeritus               $70,541
Strauss,Michael John           Professor Emeritus               $10,578
Bessette,Lynn G.               Program Specialist               $29,609
Carduner,Jordan                Program Specialist               $20,918
Lifschutz,Leon H.              Program Specialist               $26,541
Pasic,Lejla                    Program Specialist               $43,000
Rogalus,Meghan Kreider         Program Specialist               $36,680
Tougas,Nanette L.              Program Specialist               $21,715
Williams,Keith P.              Registrar                       $112,243
Morris,Joyce Lorraine          Research Assist Prof Emeritus    $21,258
Delaney,Neil R.                Research Assistant                $8,580
Frank,Cheryl Eileen            Research Assistant               $23,926
Hata,Teri                      Research Assistant               $19,968
Jones,Robert William           Research Assistant               $24,657
Parrow,Jean L.                 Research Assistant               $32,999
Poole,Rachel L.                Research Assistant               $20,000
Willette,Lynn Mary             Research Assistant               $35,944
Barfod,Elisabeth T.            Research Assistant Prof          $30,631
Beatson,Jean E.                Research Assistant Prof          $65,338
Bonev,Adrian Dimitrov          Research Assistant Prof          $65,087
Bouchard,Beth Ann              Research Assistant Prof          $67,137
Brummel-Ziedins,Kathleen E.    Research Assistant Prof          $58,848
Bunn,Janice Yanushka           Research Assistant Prof          $75,385
Ceroni,Marta                   Research Assistant Prof          $46,453
Cichoskikelly,Eileen M.        Research Assistant Prof          $68,519
Ckless,Karina Scherer          Research Assistant Prof          $48,000
Costa,Scott D.                 Research Assistant Prof          $43,982
Dennis,Ruth E.                 Research Assistant Prof          $10,040
Drizo,Aleksandra               Research Assistant Prof          $66,423
Dumas,Julie Anna               Research Assistant Prof          $47,632
Evans,Mark Francis             Research Assistant Prof          $73,560
Fortner,Karen Ann              Research Assistant Prof          $52,000
Fournier,Stephanie Christine   Research Assistant Prof          $50,290
Freeman,Kalev                  Research Assistant Prof          $36,050
Gibson,David C.                Research Assistant Prof          $62,700
Gokina,Natalia I.              Research Assistant Prof          $68,134
Gouli,Vladimir V.            Research Assistant Prof         $52,367
Hamilton,Ruth Irene          Research Assistant Prof         $65,211
Heckman,Joyce E.             Research Assistant Prof         $62,773
Heil,Sarah H.                Research Assistant Prof         $92,115
Helms,Kenneth Ray            Research Assistant Prof         $40,000
Heppner,Thomas Jon           Research Assistant Prof         $61,654
Hill-Eubanks,David Cameron   Research Assistant Prof         $53,520
Hurley,Sean M.               Research Assistant Prof         $50,000
Hurowitz,Laurie              Research Assistant Prof         $68,398
Ivanova,Masha Y.             Research Assistant Prof         $52,516
Jenkins,Jennifer Caroline    Research Assistant Prof         $61,719
Jenny,Nancy Swords           Research Assistant Prof         $74,176
Jewiss,Jennifer Lynn         Research Assistant Prof         $42,355
Kennedy,Amanda G.            Research Assistant Prof         $98,266
Krivov,Sergey                Research Assistant Prof         $44,598
Lee,Yong-Ho                  Research Assistant Prof         $57,330
Li,Muyao                     Research Assistant Prof         $46,560
Lundblad,Lennart K.A.        Research Assistant Prof         $69,958
Motai,Yuichi                 Research Assistant Prof         $79,951
Murakami,Kentaro             Research Assistant Prof         $57,330
Muthusamy,Viswanathan        Research Assistant Prof         $48,791
Neumann,Thomas A.            Research Assistant Prof         $30,330
Peshavaria,Mina              Research Assistant Prof         $87,507
Potter,Alexandra S.          Research Assistant Prof         $51,456
Ramos-Nino,Maria E.          Research Assistant Prof         $57,688
Rand,Matthew Dearborn        Research Assistant Prof         $80,472
Roemhildt,Maria L.           Research Assistant Prof         $71,656
Rose,Gail Lynne              Research Assistant Prof   upl
Ross,Robert H.               Research Assistant Prof         $31,500
Rould,Mark Allen             Research Assistant Prof         $60,998
Shukla,Arti                  Research Assistant Prof         $50,842
Sigmon,Stacey C.             Research Assistant Prof         $94,934
Sullivan,Maureen A.          Research Assistant Prof         $34,879
Suter,Jesse Courtney         Research Assistant Prof         $41,297
Tighe,Theodore A.            Research Assistant Prof         $12,263
Vincent,James J.             Research Assistant Prof         $72,000
Wallin,Kimberly F.           Research Assistant Prof         $61,000
Walrath,Dana E.              Research Assistant Prof         $61,800
Wang,Jue-Fei                 Research Assistant Prof         $70,376
Wei,Chunfang                 Research Assistant Prof         $59,551
Wesley,Umadevi V.            Research Assistant Prof         $66,250
White,Sheryl Lynne           Research Assistant Prof         $58,893
Yang,Yi                      Research Assistant Prof         $40,000
Yano,Junji                   Research Assistant Prof         $63,991
Yuan,Susan Jane              Research Assistant Prof         $60,073
Zvarova,Katarina             Research Assistant Prof         $44,000
Almena-Aliste,Monserrat      Research Associate              $56,332
Anathy,Vikas                  Research Associate    $43,000
Berry,Patricia                Research Associate    $94,500
Brinegar,Kathleen Distasio    Research Associate    $47,000
Brown,Lucia Y.                Research Associate    $43,680
Calame,James D.               Research Associate   $105,277
Chant,Alan                    Research Associate    $42,000
Chen,Zengyi                   Research Associate    $42,057
Chomsky-Higgins,Pamela K.     Research Associate    $59,535
Dague,E. Bryan                Research Associate    $50,334
Deng,Bin                      Research Associate    $64,200
Dienz,Oliver                  Research Associate    $52,000
Doyle,Margaret Frances        Research Associate    $56,645
Edgerton,Terri                Research Associate    $50,000
Everill,Brian                 Research Associate    $57,368
Fitzgerald-Riker,Maureen A.   Research Associate    $23,500
Flomenhoft,Gary               Research Associate    $38,563
Fox,Timothy Jon               Research Associate    $66,396
Gallant,Claude V.             Research Associate    $46,800
Gao,Yan Ling                  Research Associate    $31,610
Gouli,Svetlana Y.             Research Associate    $42,848
Grace,Mary K.                 Research Associate    $59,513
Hampel,Kenneth J.             Research Associate    $55,231
Harrington,Kathleen M.        Research Associate    $42,764
Hindmarsh,Dale N.             Research Associate    $35,509
Holland,Malai Dale            Research Associate    $56,868
Janukajtis,Diane E.           Research Associate    $63,549
Joel,Peteranne Baker          Research Associate    $58,757
Kad,Neil Mark                 Research Associate    $57,925
Kaeding,Toni H.               Research Associate    $66,600
Kocherlakota,Rama             Research Associate    $80,648
MacLeod,Marie Ellen           Research Associate    $45,405
McGonegal,Patricia Ann        Research Associate    $46,432
Murray,Janet Marie            Research Associate    $62,381
Nevers,Maureen Dacey          Research Associate    $55,883
Orfeo,Thomas                  Research Associate    $56,189
Palmer,Bradley M.             Research Associate    $81,371
Palumbo,Mary Val              Research Associate    $86,671
Porter,Douglas W.             Research Associate    $31,823
Potvin,Marie-Christine        Research Associate    $51,568
Razza,Mary Lou                Research Associate    $58,122
Ross-Allen,Jane Elizabeth     Research Associate    $54,359
Ruggles,Erik L.               Research Associate    $50,000
Schoenberg,Sherry Ann         Research Associate    $55,708
Seagrave,Martha Parnell       Research Associate    $66,778
Teixeira,Jose Eduardo         Research Associate    $50,000
Thornton,Tina Marie           Research Associate    $52,000
van den Berg,Abby Katrien     Research Associate    $45,320
White,Catherine M.            Research Associate            $52,150
Williams,William H.           Research Associate            $46,447
Woodruff,Paul A.              Research Associate            $52,216
Woods,Nancy P.                Research Associate            $56,033
Yartz,Andrew Robert           Research Associate            $59,950
Zakrzewska,Elzbieta Iwona     Research Associate            $54,600
Zhao,Shan                     Research Associate            $31,275
Bateman,Erik Alan             Research Associate Prof       $68,611
Bond,Jeffrey P.               Research Associate Prof      $100,314
Boumans,Roelof M.             Research Associate Prof       $61,494
Butenas,Saulius               Research Associate Prof       $80,409
Callas,Peter W.               Research Associate Prof       $70,050
Damon,Deborah H.              Research Associate Prof       $98,051
Diamond,Nancy                 Research Associate Prof       $52,497
Edelman,Susan Wilson          Research Associate Prof       $77,788
Langevin,Helene M.            Research Associate Prof       $54,282
McMahon,Edward Raymond        Research Associate Prof      $100,280
Mintz,Keith Peter             Research Associate Prof       $89,552
Perkins,Timothy David         Research Associate Prof       $74,290
Richardson-Nassif,Karen       Research Associate Prof       $99,225
Ross,Donald Savage            Research Associate Prof       $78,915
Rubin,Alan Saul               Research Associate Prof       $65,513
Shaw,Judith S.                Research Associate Prof      $162,289
Shukla,Girja Shanker          Research Associate Prof      $110,000
Single,Peg Boyle              Research Associate Prof       $18,736
Skinner,Margaret              Research Associate Prof       $64,231
Villa,Ferdinando              Research Associate Prof       $72,955
Burkins,Melody B.             Research Ctr Administrator   $101,010
Lester,Laurie S.              Research Ctr Administrator    $78,472
Luebbers,Kimberly P.          Research Ctr Administrator   $102,000
Fortney,Michael Dean          Research Engineer             $60,000
Fox,James R.                  Research Engineer             $62,219
Gardner-Morse,Mack George     Research Engineer             $63,962
Kennedy,Guy Gutherie          Research Engineer             $73,527
Patil,Gopal R.                Research Engineer             $48,000
Pflaster,Daniel S.            Research Engineer             $61,360
Sullivan,Michael J.           Research Engineer             $63,869
Thompson-Figueroa,John A.     Research Engineer             $51,015
Carney,Jan Kirk               Research Professor           $101,764
Flynn,Brian Stephen           Research Professor           $155,872
Geller,Berta Merle            Research Professor           $129,600
Mason,Anne Brown              Research Professor            $84,872
Maughan,David Wayne           Research Professor           $120,697
McConaughy,Stephanie Hooker   Research Professor            $66,119
Mitchell,Cheryl W.            Research Professor            $26,450
O'Neill,J. Patrick            Research Professor             $9,788
Osler,Turner                  Research Professor            $17,190
Solomon,Laura Jean             Research Professor            $74,533
Stokes,Ian Alexander           Research Professor           $108,263
Taatjes,Douglas Joseph         Research Professor           $138,572
Todd,John H.                   Research Professor           $103,073
Ahari,Aimee Nazabeh            Research Project Assistant    $27,000
Coderre,Emily Louisa           Research Project Assistant    $30,138
Danielson,Amy Beth             Research Project Assistant    $30,520
Dantona,Robert Leo             Research Project Assistant    $40,445
Doxsee,Kati A.                 Research Project Assistant    $27,000
Edgren,Christy L.              Research Project Assistant    $36,223
Flynn,Molly C.                 Research Project Assistant    $26,000
Howe,Sarah D.                  Research Project Assistant    $37,440
Krauthamer,Gunter Michael      Research Project Assistant    $25,000
Laughlin,Rebecca Suzanne       Research Project Assistant    $40,950
Lindberg,Sarah A.              Research Project Assistant    $35,000
Lutton,Patricia A.             Research Project Assistant    $37,960
Malgeri,Megan P.               Research Project Assistant    $25,500
Michael Roberts,Lorinda        Research Project Assistant    $27,528
Newth,Allison Lynn             Research Project Assistant    $29,400
Nolan,Amy A.                   Research Project Assistant    $36,500
Nuzzo,Erica Ann                Research Project Assistant    $25,350
O'Brien,Sean Colin             Research Project Assistant    $36,493
Preston,Adrien                 Research Project Assistant    $28,567
Reimann,Edward Francis         Research Project Assistant    $26,500
Stevens-Tuttle,Debbie J.       Research Project Assistant    $37,587
Vitale,Rachel McCree           Research Project Assistant    $25,920
Wilkins,Heather L.             Research Project Assistant    $28,000
Wilson,Karen M.                Research Project Assistant    $37,440
Wohl,Dana F.                   Research Project Assistant    $26,000
Bradshaw,Terence Lee           Research Specialist           $41,185
Buford,Ernest Warren           Research Specialist           $46,274
Comette,Michele Lee            Research Specialist           $39,000
DeSisto,Thomas Patrick         Research Specialist           $33,873
Elliott,Elaine A.              Research Specialist           $45,582
Halik,Shari Sue                Research Specialist           $42,903
Kallock,Emily Ann              Research Specialist           $36,660
Keating,Kathleen O.            Research Specialist           $51,410
Kerchner,Charles Dresser       Research Specialist           $34,008
Kingsley,Fonda S.              Research Specialist           $41,000
Livingston,Amy E.              Research Specialist           $28,428
MacFaden,Sean William          Research Specialist           $40,837
Moser,Michael G.               Research Specialist           $31,350
Newell,Maira K.                Research Specialist           $46,000
Ogden,Doris E.                 Research Specialist           $41,800
O'Neil-Dunne,Jarlath Patrick   Research Specialist           $40,989
Paradiso,Julia Angeline        Research Specialist           $49,638
Schmidt,Michele Cranwell       Research Specialist           $43,138
Stowe,Brian William        Research Specialist           $38,942
Trombley,Andrea Lee        Research Specialist           $19,720
Ustianov,Jennifer Ruth     Research Specialist           $44,140
Valliere,William Allen     Research Specialist           $40,596
Badger,Gary Joseph         Researcher/Analyst            $84,722
Barry,Sara Elizabeth       Researcher/Analyst            $74,419
Bell,Stephen P.            Researcher/Analyst            $74,400
Charland,Colette           Researcher/Analyst            $74,556
Clason,Todd Adams          Researcher/Analyst            $52,000
Collins,Cheryl Corey       Researcher/Analyst            $62,830
Cornell,Elaine Stewart     Researcher/Analyst            $76,253
Crocker,Abigail Miles      Researcher/Analyst            $53,500
Dana,Gregory Stephen       Researcher/Analyst            $63,960
Delaney,Thomas Valentine   Researcher/Analyst            $53,318
Dorwaldt,Anne Louise       Researcher/Analyst            $78,449
Durda,Jon Peter            Researcher/Analyst            $66,150
Gonyea,Jay V.              Researcher/Analyst            $85,000
Hawley,Gary J.             Researcher/Analyst            $64,220
Holm,David L.              Researcher/Analyst            $61,811
Hunter,Timothy C.          Researcher/Analyst            $70,720
Jacobowitz,David W.        Researcher/Analyst            $51,808
Kathe,Scott David          Researcher/Analyst            $46,856
Knight,Charles L.F.        Researcher/Analyst            $54,980
Krementsova,Elena B.       Researcher/Analyst            $55,822
Lang,Susan S. Sykas        Researcher/Analyst            $68,307
Manna,Edward Alan          Researcher/Analyst            $62,745
Messier,Terri Linn         Researcher/Analyst            $65,302
Naud,Shelly J.             Researcher/Analyst            $53,004
Neimane,Dagnija Kristine   Researcher/Analyst            $68,686
O'Rourke,Bruce Delany      Researcher/Analyst            $58,731
Paradis,Richard Roger      Researcher/Analyst            $57,385
Robey-Bond,Susan Marie     Researcher/Analyst            $34,400
Russell,Jennifer Anne      Researcher/Analyst            $62,830
Russell,Sheila Raymond     Researcher/Analyst            $62,832
Shane Jr.,John Buckley     Researcher/Analyst            $62,804
Skelly,Joan Marie          Researcher/Analyst            $65,765
Vacek,Pamela Mary          Researcher/Analyst            $89,949
Waite,Carl Ellis           Researcher/Analyst            $66,252
Watts,Richard A.           Researcher/Analyst            $71,060
Wilmot,Timothy Roger       Researcher/Analyst            $49,971
Kimball,Ronald F.          Safety Technician             $49,258
Deker,P. Bruce             Scientific Electronics Tech   $60,700
Hammond,David Alan         Scientific Electronics Tech   $60,960
Gatesy,Angela Elizabeth    Scientific Equipment Tech     $64,084
Gomez,Douglas S.           Scientific Equipment Tech     $50,545
Hamblin,Michael John       Scientific Equipment Tech     $53,239
Silver,Carl B.             Scientific Equipment Tech     $51,082
Vilmont,Floyd Thomas         Scientific Equipment Tech     $50,000
Barna,Jacquelyn Lee          Senior Lecturer               $67,590
Bossange,Janet H.            Senior Lecturer               $47,853
Corson,Mutsumi Matsubara     Senior Lecturer               $44,496
Cowan,D. Brookes             Senior Lecturer               $54,927
Cravedi,Lia                  Senior Lecturer               $61,150
Dinitz,Susan Marie           Senior Lecturer               $56,006
Douglas,Jeanne M.            Senior Lecturer               $68,682
Erickson,Robert Michael      Senior Lecturer               $62,123
Goodson,Hesterly Black       Senior Lecturer               $47,892
Hernandez,Carmen J.          Senior Lecturer               $46,396
Hoeck,Theresia               Senior Lecturer               $32,882
Julianelle,Anthony           Senior Lecturer               $44,096
Karstens,Karla Ann           Senior Lecturer               $49,401
Kent,Brian Paul              Senior Lecturer               $50,961
Kost,Larry Lyle              Senior Lecturer               $64,993
Lawlor,John Charles          Senior Lecturer               $63,436
Leonard,Jonathan Grafley     Senior Lecturer               $51,862
Mitchell,John Joseph         Senior Lecturer               $47,202
Parker,Sylvia B.             Senior Lecturer               $60,185
Patterson Jr.,Thomas Frank   Senior Lecturer               $80,809
Pechenick,Alison Merel       Senior Lecturer               $59,085
Poleman,Walter Mallery       Senior Lecturer               $62,947
Prue,Jennifer Freifeld       Senior Lecturer               $40,394
Pugh,Ann Denison             Senior Lecturer               $39,422
Read,Helen P.                Senior Lecturer               $49,073
Redmond,Jackie Lynn          Senior Lecturer               $63,335
Richards,Julie Lynn          Senior Lecturer               $69,457
Rosebush,Joan Marie          Senior Lecturer               $45,481
Sanders,Malcolm M.           Senior Lecturer               $52,554
Sun,Diana Yiqing             Senior Lecturer               $46,636
Valeriano,Irma               Senior Lecturer               $41,899
Walsh,Brian Thomas           Senior Lecturer               $47,071
Weaver,Sheila O'Leary        Senior Lecturer               $49,516
Williamson,James Thomas      Senior Lecturer               $46,066
Wood,Beatrice Jeanne         Senior Lecturer               $44,367
Wright,Stephen F.            Senior Lecturer               $48,999
Babcock,Gretchen             Senior Officer Govmnt Rltn   $104,332
Hughes,John M.               Senior Vice Pres/Provost     $224,675
Bourgeois,Patrice Leon       Service Officer               $34,778
Gamache,Thembisile Siyaphi   Service Officer               $25,958
Kolley,John Elia             Service Officer               $26,728
Krumrie,Billy Jo             Service Officer               $31,450
Tilton,Orin E.               Service Officer               $31,200
Barr,James Lambert           Service Officer Supervisor    $38,376
McIntyre,Edward Erik         Services Spt Material Spec    $29,190
Sageman,Christopher Barry    Services Spt Material Spec    $33,000
Warren,Kyle Scott           Services Spt Material Spec    $32,500
Alberts,Patricia Louise     Services Support Assistant    $38,502
Cunningham,Lucille M.       Services Support Assistant    $25,136
Hall,Gary Lee               Services Support Assistant    $34,714
Beauvais,Gail P.            Services Support Clerk        $21,938
Ciarla,Danielle J.          Services Support Clerk        $20,670
Combs,Sandra P.             Services Support Clerk        $20,670
Darling,Kelly J.            Services Support Clerk        $21,938
Farrell,Erin A.             Services Support Clerk        $21,352
Hong,Min P.                 Services Support Clerk        $20,670
Juczak,Pamela Ann           Services Support Clerk        $29,907
Lemieux,Robert F.           Services Support Clerk        $21,840
Martinez,Tatiana V.         Services Support Clerk        $20,670
Mauger,Carol W.             Services Support Clerk        $22,035
Pouliot,Gary T.             Services Support Clerk        $25,958
Thompson,Craig R.           Services Support Clerk        $22,325
Waitt,Joel W.               Services Support Clerk        $22,035
Cummings,Linda Marie        Services Support Generalist   $31,636
Parish,Katherine Ann        Services Support Generalist   $25,309
Sadler,Gordon A.            Services Support Generalist   $25,732
Shaw,Colleen M.             Services Support Generalist   $30,182
Stannard,Abigale P.         Services Support Generalist   $26,000
Surprenant,Lynn C.          Services Support Generalist   $22,800
Hazen,Catherine Gow         Services Support Senior       $32,121
Billado,Cindy M.            Services Support Supervisor   $35,000
Bora,Denise Cecile          Services Support Supervisor   $40,250
Bushey,Donna Lee            Services Support Supervisor   $41,032
Gay,William Neale           Services Support Supervisor   $46,807
Heintz,Judy Ann             Services Support Supervisor   $33,150
Lyman,Steve Russell         Services Support Supervisor   $32,400
Preston,Sherry Lee          Services Support Supervisor   $35,833
Weston,Joan Marie           Services Support Supervisor   $35,503
Hatin,Judy Louise           Services Support Worker       $28,292
Hoag,Christine L.           Services Support Worker       $22,630
Miles,Katherine             Services Support Worker       $32,732
Miller,Scott L.             Services Support Worker       $29,203
Olson,Raymond B.            Services Support Worker       $22,613
Petrow,Theresa              Services Support Worker       $22,613
Willard,Jean A.             Services Support Worker       $30,460
Billings,Natalie R.         Shuttle Driver                $25,210
Haupt,Gail Turner           Shuttle Driver                $24,773
Jackson,Margaret            Shuttle Driver                $28,413
Kirby,Dean A.               Shuttle Driver                $28,267
Kranz,Lloyd R.              Shuttle Driver                $26,125
L'Esperance Jr.,George R.   Shuttle Driver                $24,294
Lobdell,David R.            Shuttle Driver                $26,333
Turmel,David Alan           Shuttle Driver                $27,414
Wilcox,Deborah J.              Shuttle Driver                    $26,125
Keiller,Todd S.                Spc Ast to V Prvst for TT         $68,470
Jaffe,Dale J.                  Spec Asst to Provost             $126,871
Knodell,Jane E.                Spec Asst to Provost             $140,000
Maartmann-Moe,Estelle P.       Special Assist to the Dean       $128,942
Bell III,Thomas H.             Student Life Professional         $30,049
Bradley,DeMethra LaSha         Student Life Professional         $39,297
DeBowes,Michael Matthew        Student Life Professional         $37,620
Evans,Chris R.                 Student Life Professional         $47,250
Gallant,Danielle M.            Student Life Professional         $34,000
Gerboc,Justin A.               Student Life Professional         $41,918
Grenier,Emilie F.              Student Life Professional         $32,000
Helfgott,Gabriela Irene        Student Life Professional         $42,035
Hooks,Brian C.                 Student Life Professional         $29,260
Hoppenjans,Jill Marie          Student Life Professional         $45,413
Johanson,Kristen Ann           Student Life Professional         $33,881
Lawrence,Susannah J.           Student Life Professional         $29,260
Monteaux,Kimberlee Rene        Student Life Professional         $41,673
Mora,Rocio Catalina            Student Life Professional         $37,620
Mulvaney-Stanak,Lluvia         Student Life Professional         $41,500
Nurse,Learie C.                Student Life Professional         $29,260
Olin,Virginia Christiansen     Student Life Professional         $29,260
Orsini,Angel B.                Student Life Professional         $30,577
Plummer,Tamara C.              Student Life Professional         $40,425
Porter,Todd M.                 Student Life Professional         $29,260
Pullin,Erin M.                 Student Life Professional         $37,312
Sanchez,Tomas                  Student Life Professional         $30,885
Smiles-Becker,Anna K.          Student Life Professional         $35,480
Strong,Alissa Brooke           Student Life Professional         $34,000
Sweet,Stephen Michael          Student Life Professional         $30,049
Ulmer,Amber R.                 Student Life Professional         $29,260
Cook,Kathleen Marie            Student Life Professional Sr      $50,779
Garay,Vivian J.                Student Life Professional Sr      $55,276
Johnson,Lacretia Elaine        Student Life Professional Sr      $58,520
Olstad,Christina Marie         Student Life Professional Sr      $40,000
Pitterson-Ogaldez,Sharon Joy   Student Life Professional Sr      $48,894
Romm,Jordan I.                 Student Life Professional Sr      $41,842
Corcoran,Patricia M.           Student Services Administrator    $99,038
Barchard,Leslie Rand           Student Services Specialist       $41,368
Beaudry,Kathryn E.             Student Services Specialist       $33,364
Bouchard,Deborah Anne          Student Services Specialist       $40,615
Cook,Michaele Murdough         Student Services Specialist       $36,310
Forbes,Amy E.                  Student Services Specialist       $26,375
Getchell,Elizabeth C.          Student Services Specialist       $40,036
Haverstick,Jean Marie          Student Services Specialist       $28,000
Keirnan,Mary Lou               Student Services Specialist       $31,500
Kretmar,Melissa Rene           Student Services Specialist       $37,099
Laba,Rose T.                 Student Services Specialist      $25,740
Palow,Heather M.             Student Services Specialist      $29,870
Romanoff,Barbara Richards    Student Services Specialist      $34,778
Russin,Ida M.                Student Services Specialist      $36,310
Abbott,John D.               Student Srvcs Professional       $47,025
Barlow,Ann CLayton           Student Srvcs Professional       $41,107
Corwin,Amy L.                Student Srvcs Professional       $41,497
Ferrer,Leslie N.             Student Srvcs Professional       $38,033
Gardner,Pamela Elaine        Student Srvcs Professional       $40,792
Gervais,Joseph Robert        Student Srvcs Professional       $60,187
Gonzalez,Diana E.            Student Srvcs Professional       $40,000
Hinkle Smith,Shelby L.       Student Srvcs Professional       $36,300
Ippolito,Gina Marie          Student Srvcs Professional       $39,710
Mejia,John W.                Student Srvcs Professional       $31,050
Negrete,Nicholas Efren       Student Srvcs Professional       $43,680
Ploof,Carol A.               Student Srvcs Professional       $40,800
Sandoval,Melissa             Student Srvcs Professional       $35,175
Smith,Justin D.              Student Srvcs Professional       $34,650
Taylor,Alicia J.             Student Srvcs Professional       $35,530
Townsend,Aleksandra K.       Student Srvcs Professional       $36,300
Vea-Fagnant,Marie C.         Student Srvcs Professional       $43,618
Watson,Joan Helen            Student Srvcs Professional       $44,857
Williams,Harriet I.          Student Srvcs Professional       $40,405
Wood,Princess V.             Student Srvcs Professional       $35,800
Lewis,Timothy M.             Student Srvcs Professional Sr    $43,000
Moffitt,Jill N.              Student Srvcs Professional Sr    $44,000
Russell,Joseph N.            Student Srvcs Professional Sr    $45,000
Barritt,Mary Beth W.         Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $51,090
Bates,Gregg R.               Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $60,399
Brauer,Dorothea V.           Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $67,782
Camp,Marsha Ellen            Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $52,000
Carlson,Catherina L.         Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $61,447
Colston,Beverly Yvonne       Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $67,782
Comey,Danielle Marie         Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $76,564
Damon,Linda Anne             Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $66,438
Delaney,Tiffany Jean         Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $82,764
Fischer,Joseph Constant      Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $79,898
Hobart,Sarah Hunt            Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $69,695
Marsland,Susan Kathleen      Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $68,413
Martin-Anderson,Kim Alicia   Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $62,700
Mohler,Beth Ann              Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $68,353
Parker,Kimberly Lantman      Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $72,355
Rolley,LuAnn Kay             Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $67,782
Shampnois,Gail Margaret      Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $64,895
Sturdivant,Alvin Arbre       Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $65,720
Weibust,Kathie Schmidt       Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $79,507
Wilkinson-Ray,Holly          Student/Academic Srvcs Manager   $51,511
Kellogg,Thomas Lee          Technical Safety Officer          $68,709
Bergeron,Susan Marie        Technical Support Generalist      $31,590
Caha,Michael                Technical Support Generalist      $17,685
Savage,Cheryl Currier       Technical Support Generalist      $31,983
Brown-Guillory,Mary E.      Technical Support Specialist      $33,182
Crocker,Marcie Ann          Technical Support Specialist      $45,020
Ermolovich,Leslie M.        Technical Support Specialist      $31,000
Fay,Kay B.                  Technical Support Specialist      $39,236
Fitzgerald,Edward Michael   Technical Support Specialist      $32,860
Foster,Robert Andy          Technical Support Specialist      $35,650
Fuqua,Sherrie L.            Technical Support Specialist      $35,693
Hack,Megan Sabina           Technical Support Specialist      $35,122
Jusufagic,Mediha            Technical Support Specialist      $15,525
Keefe,Carol Ann             Technical Support Specialist      $33,707
Krauss,Max D.               Technical Support Specialist      $32,761
Leavitt,Kristin E.          Technical Support Specialist      $32,500
Mansolino,Aliza L.          Technical Support Specialist      $33,705
Menzies,Henrietta M.        Technical Support Specialist      $38,036
Parizo,Susan Ann            Technical Support Specialist      $43,656
Potvin,Sondra Rae           Technical Support Specialist      $37,793
Scott,Robin T.              Technical Support Specialist      $35,350
St. Louis Sr.,John R.       Technical Support Specialist      $38,251
Yandow,Catheryn Agan        Technical Support Specialist      $40,959
Burns,Benjamin Scott        Transportation Srvcs Coord NU     $39,354
Purvis,Joseph A.            Transportation Srvs Assistant     $23,504
Knight Jr.,Homer Allen      Transportation Srvs Coord         $33,072
Winegar,Robert Allen        Transportation Srvs Coord         $42,910
Cianci,Sharon Lee           Transportation Srvs Officer       $26,645
Pelkey,Timothy Todd         Transportation Srvs Officer       $27,082
Ransom,Joshua A.            Transportation Srvs Officer       $24,710
Russell,Timothy S.          Transportation Srvs Officer       $26,645
Altman,Michael Gerald       Transportation Srvs Supervisor    $51,548
Casey Sr.,John Anthony      Transportation Srvs Supervisor    $63,532
Blauwiekel,Ruth M.          University Veterinarian          $116,474
More Jr.,James Boyd         Utilities Trades Assistant        $30,056
Saathoff II,Jack J.         Utilities Trades Assistant        $29,286
Coakley,Dennis John         Utilities Trades Supervisor       $51,584
Doner,Raymond C.            Utilities Trades Supervisor       $54,974
Enos,Michael P.             Utilities Trades Supervisor       $53,373
Warren II,Clayton E.        Utilities Trades Supervisor       $68,973
Weld,Richard James          Utilities Trades Supervisor       $58,198
Clark,Jason William         Utilities Trades Technician       $34,174
Sheehan,Andrew K.           Utilities Trades Technician       $35,131
Fox,Steven M.               Utilities Tradesperson            $39,270
Little,Brian M.             Utilities Tradesperson            $36,525
Poulin,Winston Mark         Utilities Tradesperson            $45,864
Sourdiff,Richard Norman     Utilities Tradesperson            $47,320
Stanko,Carmyn             Utilities Tradesperson            $48,880
Whitaker,Danny Ray        Utilities Tradesperson            $42,702
Woodworth,Peter A.        Utilities Tradesperson            $48,568
Brady,Gerald C.           Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $34,882
Charron,Russell Raymond   Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $39,894
Christie,Dean Eric        Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $43,056
Clark,Spencer P.          Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $37,274
Corliss,Jack Marvin       Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $47,091
deWahl,John P.            Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $37,544
Finkbeiner,Alan William   Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $44,366
Galaczy,Andrew Gordon     Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $39,894
Gardiner,Shouyan Li       Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $34,424
Gingras,Timothy Allen     Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $38,938
Goodell,Michael P.        Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $38,085
Hemond,James Larry        Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $41,454
Landry,Norman F.          Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $38,938
Lesage,Andrew A.          Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $47,902
Magnus,Carol Ann          Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $43,867
Meigs,John Newton         Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $34,466
Moulton,Mark W.           Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $35,672
Mutabdzija,Gavrilo        Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $36,941
Patenaude,George Albert   Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $40,539
Rizzio,Vincent T.         Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $36,358
Seferagic,Adis            Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $36,629
Thibault Jr.,Jon A.       Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $36,358
Thilbourg,Joseph S.       Utilities Tradesperson Senior     $40,914
Benoit,Keith William      Utilities Tradesperson Spec       $42,723
Gockley,Lester Wayne      Utilities Tradesperson Spec       $49,005
Bazluke,Francine          Vice Pres & Gen'l Counsel        $167,814
Gower,J. Michael          Vice Pres Finance & Admin        $229,781
Lucier,Christopher H.     Vice Pres for Enrollment Mgmnt   $185,000
Meyer,Karen N.            Vice Pres State&Fed Rlnts        $147,250
Gustafson,Thomas James    Vice Pres Stdnt&Cmpus Life       $173,569
Li,Xiaodong               Visiting Associate Prof           $10,909
Dong,Qian                 Visiting Lecturer                 $18,360
Suzuki,Chiaki             Visiting Lecturer                 $11,016
Doktorov,Evgueni          Visiting Professor                $36,000
Diamond,Marcus M.         VP for Dev & Alumni Rel          $255,000
Carr,Frances Eileen       VP Research & Grad Studies       $231,617

NAME                 BASE PAY

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