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									Limerick Examples

Henry Aaron's of number one rank
In hitting home runs, to be frank.
He drove hundreds of balls
Over stadium walls,
So they nicknamed him "Hammerin' Hank."
                    -Jesse Frankovich

The Captain said, "Beam us up, Scotty—
I'm afraid and I want to go potty!
We've been trapped by a Klingon
Who hasn't a thing on,
And he seems to think Spock is a hottie."
                       -Graham Lester

Beware of that boa named Vickie:
That constrictor's predictably tricky.
If invited to hug,
Just decline, with a shrug,
'Cause her inside's par-tickerly icky.

The gorilla, I feared, might escape—
Her enclosure's in pretty bad shape.
Now her door is ajar,
And it's missing a bar.
When the zookeeper hears, he'll go ape!

I scrubbed using soap to get clean,
In the tub, when some bubbles were seen.
I knew then, of course,
Soap wasn't the source.
The culprit, I think, was a bean.
                -Shelby Forrest

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