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					                       TSCI ’'s
                                      THE GAME
Characters and their Stats:
- Blue
Sonic: The main character of the game. Sonic is fast and has melee abilities, but lacks is the
ways of firearms. (Med)
Tails: Tails is a fairly good character who can figure anything out and crack combinations and
locks in minutes. His fighting ability is extremely limited. (Low)
Knuckles: The strongest character out of all the characters. His melee abilities are insane and
he can handle pistols. (High)
- White / Extras
Shadow: Shadow can replace any “Leader” or “Middle” class character. He can use any weapon
and he gets an ammo boost. (Med)
Fox: Fox is very handy with weapons and can summon backup once per level. He can replace
any “Middle” class character (Med)
Krystal: Krystal is very quick and can figure things out, although she lacks power. She can
replace any “Middle” or “Low” class character. (Low)
Sally: Sally is pretty smart and can handle a gun. She can replace any “Middle” or “Low” class
character. (Med)
- Red
Edwardo: Edwardo is the leader of his small group and makes most of melee weapons and
pistols. (Med)
Jadow: Jadow has close ties with Edwardo and will do anything he says. He’s a near expert with
weapons and gets an ammo boost. (Med)
Quin: Being Tails’ daughter, she is exceptionally smart and can solve any problem. Her fighting
ability is EXTREMELY limited, but she can make weapons from next to nothing. (Low)
- Black
AJ: AJ is a well-rounded character, not too smart and with just enough strength to do some
fighting. (Med)
Doug: Doug is a bit of a drunkard, but his power rivals Knuckles’. He can use any melee weapon
and firearm. (High)
Zach: Zach is very smart. He can solve almost any problem with enough time, but his strength
suffers. (Med)

Blue: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are the standard team to choose from. Sonic is the leader, Tails
is the brains, and Knuckles is the power. (Med)
Red: Edwardo, Jadow, and Quin are the tightest group. They have the tightest bonds and work
well together. These characters will cover each other and do things other groups can’t manage.
Black: AJ, Doug, and Zach form this team. They have a hard time working together and like to
go off on their own, but they each can get more accomplished at once than the other groups.
White: This is a player-chosen assortment of any three characters. This group may conflict to
the point where they will kill each other, or it may work very well. Players can also go solo. (Easy
– Extreme)

    -    Teams are chosen before game play begins and are used during the story.
Blue: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles choose to fend off the “zombies” and go after Robotnik. This is
basically the “colliding” mission line.
Red: Edwardo and his gang go from being trapped in a hotel (lockdown), to fighting off zombies
at the local mall, to finally meeting up with Sonic, AJ, and the rest at the central tower (TSCI
Black: AJ, Doug, and Zach lead the main “extermination” plan, with Zach being the president.
Doug leads a ground assault (mass slaughter) and AJ goes airborne (bombing runs, destroy
Robotnik’s airborne bacteria).
White: The random team can choose any mission parameters they want or they can do
everything, starting with Red, Black, and then Blue.
Final: This is the end of the story, unlocked by completing Blue, Red, and Black or by completing
White on Extreme (Red, Black, and Blue missions).

    -   Each mission set has specific places and side-places for things to take place, Blue being
        the most straight-forward.

The Mansion: This is where the player start, no mater what the mode of the game is. The
player must search through this area to find a key that will inevitably bring the zombies and
enable them to leave and progress through the game.
Zombie Town: This is where all hell breaks loose! There are nothing but zombies here, and
ammo is scarce until you reach the midway point, where there is a small gun store with a dead
owner (free ammo, 1 health pack).
Subway (optional): This is a medium-level area. If the player go here, they can take the train
underground to the Town Central, otherwise they will have to walk all the way from Zombie
Town to the Town Central.
Town Central: This is the center of the city, just before the busy metropolis area. Getting here
by foot will be a challenge, so another route might help. There are few enemies here, but they
pack more punch.
Mall: The Mobili Mall is the central point of the area your team will be in. There are low-tier
enemies all over the place, but there are also weapons and heal pickups scattered around.
Exploring all the areas and picking locks will be beneficial to any team, just watch your back.
City Outskirts: The city outskirts are just the highway that connects the city to the rural and
residential areas. Players have the option of visiting the Residential area.
Residential (optional): This area is home to the homes of the characters. Very few enemies,
and you can only enter the homes of the characters you have. Going through here allows you to
skip to the school.
Lake Algua: Yes, the lake that separates the two cities. Crossing this will be rough as the bridge
is down, and its treacherous waters. Going through here will get you to the school.
High School: This is where the zombies have gathered en masse for their leader. Saving Lopy
will net you a nice gun and a full ammo refill, but getting through the school will be tough.
Roof of School: This is where the boss is. He sends a few zombies after you, and then jumps
down and begins attacking. Shoot straight and keep your distance. Try to let Knuckles get in a
few swipes with the knife as well.

- Melee
Knife: This is the first weapon you (should) get, as it will be useful in the right hands, or when
you’re zip on ammo. (Minimal Damage. 20% [High – 50%])
Katana: This is a very good weapon for melee types. It can do a lot of damage, but obtaining it
is going to be a problem. (Medium Damage. 30% [High – 50%])
Staff: The staff is a decent weapon for melee types. While it lacks in damage, it can do more
hits in less time. (Medium Damage. 5% [High – 10%])
- One-handed Firearms
Glock: This is the small arms pistol that you will get. This should be the first weapon you receive
besides the knife. (Minimal Damage. 40%)
.357 Magnum: One of the nicest small-arms weapons here, but very little ammo for it. (Medium
Damage. 50%)
Desert Eagle: This is the high-caliber pistol you can find outside of the mansion. (Medium
Damage. 60%)
Uzi: The Uzi isn’t very accurate at long range, but it can kill fine close-up. (Medium Damage.
- Rifles
Rifle: This weapon can be found in the cabinet in the second floor. It only comes with two clips,
and Lopy doesn’t have backup ammo, so make use of it. (Great Damage! 85%)
Sniper Rifle: This weapon can be found in the mall with its scope. It only has one clip of ammo,
and Lopy won’t back you up. It uses the same ammo as the regular rifle, though. (Great
Damage! 85%)
M4: This assault rifle is the weapon of choice for killing off the boss. Make sure you save AJ so
you can get this piece of work. (Great Damage! 85%)
AK-47: This weapon is a very nice gun to have. You can find it in the safe, but the ammo for it
is in the cellar (or garage). (Excellent Damage! 90%)
- Automatics and Buck
M60: This is a very nice piece to add to your collection, but it can only be obtained through
Lopy. (Excellent Damage! 80%)
.30 Cal (mounted only): This a nice weapon found on the back of an abandoned Jeep that can
be used, but you can’t take it with you. (Excellent Damage! 80%)
Shotgun: The sawn-off shotgun is only good at close-range, as long range will result in a miss…
but to make up for that, it’s a one-hit wonder. (Max Damage! 90 – 100%)
Riot Shotgun: This Spas 12-Gauge can tango with anything, but its effects at long range will
diminish. (Max Damage! 90 – 100%)
- Ballistics
Grenades: This explosive weapon is very hard to find, but it can help in the mall area. (Max
Damage! 70 – 110%)
RPG: This weapon can be found in the cellar of the mansion, but the ammo can only be found in
the school in the room Lopy is in. (Maximum Damage! 100%)

Flashlight: This will help you out navigating the mansion once you have collected the key, since
the lights go out and you’re pretty screwed from there without it.
Disk: This can be put into the computer to get a hint. Not really much of an item, but it may
Ammo: Well, you definitely need it. Try looking for it in unobvious places.
Health Pack: A health pack will go into your inventory when you pick it up and will replenish
only 20% of your lost health.
Magic Kool-Aid Beer: Recovers 10% health instantaneously upon pickup; no questions asked,
no ID needed.
Blue Chaos Emerald: This can only be used by Sonic and Shadow. When you use it, the
emeralds power will protect you from harm for 10 seconds, but it can only be used once.
Red Chaos Emerald: Same deal as the other emerald, but it dishes out supreme power attacks
on nearby enemies. Can only be used once.

Teamwork / Commands:
In order to successfully complete this challenging game, you’ll need everyone by your side.
Here’s their list of commands:
Stay Here / Wait Here: They will stand where they are until you either leave them alone for
too long or enemies come at them. When this happens, they might stand and fight or run to you.
Some characters will not stay in one place if you leave the room and are more content with being
near you.
Follow Me (default): This command will tell your friends to follow you. They will never ignore
this command and will always follow you if you tell them to. Some characters are reluctant to
take orders and will go anywhere else unless there is only one way to go.
Talk: This command will allow them to talk to you. Based on the room you’re in or how you’re
progressing, they will say something. They may just ask what you want when you start out, and
they may complain, but it’s worth it when they do give advice. They will usually yell an order if
you tell them to talk when under attack. Teams who work well together will have more to say to
each other, while teams who don’t mix well will just ignore you or tell you to shut up and do your
Free: This enables your friends to do as they wish and walk around without you or anyone else.
Give: Items or weapons you pick up can be given to your friends, so make sure you give them
something you really don’t want, because there is no “get” command.

Game Play:
Health Bar: This will tell you how much health you and your friends have at all times.
Ammo Bar: This tells you how much ammo you have left overall for your current weapon. It
also tells you your friends ammo.
Weapon Bar: This shows what weapon you and your friends have ready to use.
Text Screen: Where all text-based communications and alerts will show up.
Play Screen: You may want to pay attention here… this is where everything happens.

Mansion (stuff you can do):
Radio: If you turn the radio on, it will play the bluegrass tune “Ride the Rails” and either Tails or
Knuckles will stand by it and wear the cowboy hat from The Sonic Movie.
Safe: The safe contains the AK-47, but you will either need the key or Tails (2 – 5 minutes) to
crack the code and open it.
Garage: In the garage there is a car, and in the trunk is ammo for both the Glock and the AK-
47. Sweet deal, isn’t it?
Gun Cabinet: Located on the second floor, the gun cabinet holds the rifle and two clips of
ammo for it (10 bullets).
Kitchen: The kitchen has the knife in it, probably on the counter or somewhere like that. It also
has a beer in the fridge (maybe) for +10 health.
Cellar: The cellar is the hardest point in the whole house to get to; but it has the RPG there, so
it’s worth the trouble.
Third Floor: The third floor has the key to the front door, enabling you to escape.

Zombie Town:
Gun Store: Here you can get some ammo for your weapons (all of them), but you’ll have to face
a mini boss once you collect it.

High School:
Lopy: Here, you can find Lopy who will give you tons of ammo if you save him.

Boss: This is where the main boss is… hope you’ve got a lot of ammo!

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