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									                            Welcome Week for Erasmus Students at Comenius University in Bratislava - Programme
                            (International Relations Office, STUDIA ACADEMICA SLOVACA – Faculty of Philosophy)

                                                           10th - 14th of September 2012

                                      9:00-12:00                       12:00-12:30          12:30-13:30         13:30-15:00         15:00-15:15 15:15-16:45
                   Matriculation in AULA or Rector´s Hall *, Main
Mo      9/10/2012 Info in Auditorium Maximum* – ESN, library, ...        LUNCH        registration for the course language course     BREAK       conversation
                       9:00-10:30              10:30-10:45             10:45-12:15          13:15-13:45                              since 14:00
Tu      9/11/2012 language course                  BREAK               conversation           LUNCH                             Bratislava guided tour
We      9/12/2012 language course                  BREAK               conversation           LUNCH                                 visit the faculty
Th      9/13/2012 language course                  BREAK               conversation           LUNCH                                 program by ESN
Fri     9/14/2012 language course                  BREAK               conversation           LUNCH               free / funny / helpful ERASMUS program by ESN

                   Language course organized by Studia Academica Slovaca
                   ERASMUS program organized by Erasmus coordinators

      * Address: Main building, Šafárikovo nám. 6, 818 06 Bratislava

       Language course:
       20 hours course:
      Language per Info week
      20 hours during the summer term (2x 90 min - 2 hours per week)
      After graduation student can get 5 credits (student must have regular part on classes - max. 2x90 minutes absence and 60% successful on final test)

      In case of student sent the on-line Application Form for Slovak Language Course and will not attend the course during Info Week
       – will be excluded from Slovak Language Course totally (ignore for students attend EILC in Slovakia)

      Language course is organised on Faculty of Philosophy, Gondova str. 2, Bratislava (the gray building opposite of Aula, near to the Danube river)
      Language course and Trip are paid by IRO of Comenius University in Bratislava.

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