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					                                             Poetry Anthology –
                                                  English I

Assignment Summary:
    Your assignment is create a poetry anthology (collection) with a cover, introduction to
      the collection, five original poems with complimentary visuals, and a reflection
      explaining the style and content of the work.

    The cover of your poetry anthology should include your MLA heading the in upper left
       hand corner. The title of your collection and representative art work should be
       creatively and originally arranged on the rest of the page. Remember to appropriately
       choose colors, fonts, and art to accurately represent your tone and theme.

     The introduction to your poetry anthology will be a typed paragraph, ½ - 1 page in
       length, explaining the theme of the collection. Be sure to include your personal or
       emotional connection to the theme. You may choose to provide some background
       information to enhance the reader’s understanding of your work.

    You will be exposed to many different types of poems over the course of the unit. You
      will write examples of these in your writer’s notebook as homework each night. As you
      are compiling your rough drafts be sure to remain focused on the theme of your
      anthology. Remember, topics can change, but there should be a consistent theme
      woven throughout the anthology.

Your poetry collection should include:
           Five typed poems related to the theme with descriptive, creative titles.
           Purposeful use of figurative language and literary devices.
           Annotations noting the types of figurative language or poetic devices.
                    Suggestions to consider for annotations: Similes, metaphors, imagery,
                       symbolism, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration,
                       allusions, characterization, dialogue, diction, form, irony, mood,
                       oxymoron, paradox, parallelism, pun, refrain, repetition, rhyme, rhyme
                       scheme, rhythm, suspense
           Organization - refined line breaks, stanzas and refrains.
           Labeled rhyme scheme when appropriate.
           Representative sketches, pictures, or art for each poem.
Required poems:

    All poems should be school appropriate in content and nature. Please feel free to use
     font, spacing, and structure to enhance the poetic experience. Please label the type of
     poem in the upper right corner of the page.
          Free Verse – Focus on imagery and use of figurative language
          Autobiographical – “I am…” or “I am like…”– Focus on extended metaphor, simile
             or symbol
          Ballad – Focus on rhythm and rhyme scheme with tragic overtones
          Ode – Pays tribute to someone or something – Focus on diction and imagery.
          1 Free Choice Poem – MAY NOT BE LIMERICK OR HIAKU
                  Suggestions: concrete, narrative, woven poem, sonnet, song lyrics, elegy,
                     comedy, or another example of one of the required poems.
                  All poems should be school appropriate in nature and content.

Your collection should be concluded with a ½ - 1 page, typed, introspective reflection on your
poems. Choose a 2 of your favorite lines, phrases, or parts of your poems and discuss the
following topics:
             How does the style and form capture the ideas in this poem?
             What was your intended effect on the reader? Were you successful?
             Discuss your creative process and what inspires you as a poet.
             Be sure to reference the direct quotations from your poetry.
                          Poetry Anthology Rubric

                       Exemplary      Meets       Developing   Incomplete or
                                   Expectations                Lacks Evidence
Cover –
MLA Heading, Neat,        10            9             8         7 and below
Creative, Colorful,
Visually Appealing,
Introduction –
Typed explanation
of theme. Personal
or emotional
                         20-19        18-17         16-15      14 and below
Poems – 5 poems
Required types,
formats, and
appropriate literary
                         20-19        18-17         16-15      14 and below
focus. Relates to
Annotations –
Identifies literary
elements or poetic
devices and their
                         20-19        18-17         16-15      14 and below
effects. Detailed
and thorough.
Visuals –
Symbolic and
representative of
                          10            9             8         7 and below
the theme and
content of the
poems. Appealing.
Reflection –
Typed. References
specific examples
from poetry.
                         20-19        18-17         16-15      14 and below
Addresses reflection

Total Score                                                    ___________

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