Environment Crossword Puzzle

					Environment Crossword Puzzle
By RHS Zoology Club
Word Bank
acid rain aerosol climate desert drought earthquake endangered species energy environment flood fertilizers global warming natural disasters nuclear oasis ozone pesticide pollution rainforest solar tidal wave tundra waste wildlife

4. The leftovers of something that was used. 7. The layer of atmosphere that keeps Earth warm. 8. A rare spot in the middle of a desert with plants and water. 10. What we use to power our homes. 12. Chemicals that are given off into the air and contaminate it. 13. The conditions of a certain area, including weather. 17. An area that typically has little to no water. 18. An event in nature that destroys a given area, not caused by man. 19. Feces from an animal used to deliver nutrients to a plant. 20. A vast plain in the far north or far south, its ground is made entirely of ice. 21. Precipitation mixed with pollution, harmful to the environment. 22. A large wall of water in the ocean that moves toward shore. 24. A type of animal that is close to extinction.

1. Area in which an organism grows up, including its surroundings. 2. A very hot and humid location it is a dense area with many trees and species of animals. 3. A pressurized canister of gas that sprays out a liquid. 5. The result of many years of giving off Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals. 6. The chemical used to keep insects away from farm plants. 9. A type of energy based on rays from the sun. 11. A type of energy based on the use of radioactive materials. 14. A surplus of water in an area. 15. Non-domesticated plants and animals. 16. The result when two tectonic plates collide. 23. A lack of water in any given area.