; Mobile Accessories Market in India 2013
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Mobile Accessories Market in India 2013


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									                  Mobile Accessories Market in India 2013
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), May 27th , 2013: The new report, ‘Mobile Accessories
Market in India’, states that India holds immense opportunities for mobile accessory
products due to enormous number of mobile device users and rapid growth in adoption of
smartphones and tablets. Continual decline of prices of mobile devices is primarily aiding
the growth in smartphone and tablet market penetration. Mobile accessories complement
the mobile devices or enhance their usage and features. With the elevating popularity of
smartphones and other mobile devices, there is significant demand for mobile accessories
from consumers across India.

 Rise in disposable income has revolutionized consumers’ buying and spending trend,
especially in the urban areas. Mobile device adoption amongst youth population in the
country and their spending pattern provide strong stimulus for growth in adoption. Online
retailing plays a big part in this growth as well. It offers the convenience of cash-on-delivery
payment option and lower price offers for various products as compared to physical stores.

 Mobile accessory companies are provided with flexibility of choosing the best suited sales
and distribution channel, thanks to abundant national distributors and plenty of regional and
micro distributors, and wholesalers across India. Companies can focus on specific states or
cities, or market their products to retail stores across the country.

 Smartphone and tablet adoption in rural areas is still low largely due to budgetary
constraint and low adaptability to complicated devices. Approximately 70% of India’s
population resides in rural areas and majority of the wireless consumers there either use
basic mobile phones. Consumers in these parts do not indulge in mobile accessories
purchase much. In such situation, mobile accessory companies are largely dependent on the
urban and suburban consumption.

 Both domestic and foreign mobile accessory companies face tough competition from
unbranded products, especially ones imported from China. Due to large number mobile
accessory manufacturers in China, huge amount of Chinese products are easily available in
the grey markets and local stores. A significant number of consumers find these easily
available accessories affordable and attractive.

 The Government of India, however, has announced incentives and has number of proposals
to boost domestic manufacturing of IT and telecom equipments including mobile
accessories. In 2012, the Union Cabinet approved INR 100 bn as financial support for the
development of electronic manufacturing clusters while recently, additional INR 100 bn was
approved to promote large scale manufacturing in India. This presents the best time for
mobile accessory companies to establish manufacturing units in India.

 Although unbranded grey market products are dominating at present, with competitive
pricing and availability, majority of the market can potentially belong to branded mobile

To read Full report please check the link: http://www.aarkstore.com/reports/Mobile-
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