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									                  HSB 4M0 – Cultural Analysis Assignment
   Dick Clark, host of "American Bandstand", describes music as the soundtrack of our lives.
He feels that every person in North America remembers and interprets their lives through the
music they listened to. Bearing this in mind, your task is to select one song from the post-war
world and do a lyrical and societal analysis on it. When examining the song, you need to pay
particular attention to the sub cultures that are the target / message of the lyrics.

   Specifically, you need to accomplish the following:
      1) Identify and obtain the song and its lyrics (title, artist(s), date of release)
      2) Describe society during the era the song was addressed
      3) Write a lyrical analysis of the song:
              a) What do you think the overall message of the song is?
              b) Does it tackle any specific issues that existed in society at the time?
              c) Does the song address / target any particular groups or sub cultures?
              d) Are there symbols in the song that reflect social issues occurring at the time?
      4) Discuss the dynamics and characteristics of the particular sub culture that is
      present in your song analysis. Do you see any similarities between that sub culture
      and the sub cultures present today?
      5) Share the song and your analysis with the class.
      6) Your written analysis will be put in your journal.

   Evaluation for this assignment is as follows:

                        Level 4                   Level 3                   Level 2                    Level 1
   Analysis of     Specific demographic     Demographics used to             Limited use of          Minimal use of
    Society         reasons provided to        explain society,            demographics to       demographics, generic
                      explain society, in   cultural and historical         discuss society,      information, cultural
  (Knowledge)        depth cultural and            analysis              limited cultural and    and historical analysis
                      historical analysis                                 historical analysis            lacking
   Analysis of     All areas addressed in   All areas addressed in             Most areas          Analysis of several
     Lyrics        great detail. Specific         detail. Many        addressed, some use          areas incomplete.
                      examples used to         examples used to       of examples to support         Limited use of
  (Application)        support analysis         support analysis                analysis               examples
  Sub Culture      Nature and character     Nature and character           Analysis of group        Analysis of group
    Analysis       of group examined in      of group examined.        lacking detail / depth.    incomplete. Link to
                    depth. Strong links         Links made with       Simplistic link made to        current society
   (Thinking)      explored with current         current society            current society      missing or inaccurate.
  Presentation          Professional.           Rehearsed.                 Organization               Incomplete.
(Communication)      Resources used to       Resources used to        problems. Resources         Resources absent or
                        greatly add to       add to presentation       inappropriately used       inappropriately used
Song             Artist                  Student
Josh             Mad World               Tears of Fear

                 Handle Bars             Flo Bots
Lorissa Begley   Yesterday               BOB
Joel Brown       Black & proud           James brown
Konstantina      F*** Today              Lil Wayne
Thia Lal         On to the next one      Jay Z
Maham Sabah      Me against the world    Tupac
Danielle         Independent             Destiny’s Child
Andre            Gold, guns, girls       Metric
Chenise          Changes                 Tupac

Aleksander       Hurricane               Bob Dylan
Akbar            My Life                 The Game ft. Lil Wayne
Hillarey         Whatdaya want from me   Adam Lambert

Carrie           Hope                    Twista
Jaskiran         Minority report         Jay z
Mia T            Happy Birthday          Flipsyde
Mia M.           Concrete Angel          Katrina
Aaron            90210                   Wale

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