All One Quantum Energy Research Announces That The Bionic Engineering Application of Zero-Point Energy has been Discovered by kalaimuthu


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									All One Quantum Energy Research Announces That The Bionic Engineering
Application of Zero-Point Energy has been Discovered

Thanks to this discovery, the crisis of Global Warming is a step closer
to being solved.

Moffett Field, CA, May 27, 2013 -- All One Quantum Energy Research and
The University of East/West Medicine are holding a joint press-conference
on May 31, 2013, at NASA Ames Research Park, Building 19, 1st Floor,
Conference Room 1070B, to make a major announcement. The bionic
engineering application of Zero-Point Energy has been found. This is an
important scientific breakthrough concerning the discovery of the secrets
hidden in the Casimir Force of Zero-Point Energy.

This discovery was made by the pioneering work of Professor Qin Nanji,
who is the chief scientist at All One Quantum Energy Research (AOQE), and
the Dean of Modern Medicine Quantum Biomedical Research at UEWM. Many
scientists did not understand the effect of the conserved energy field in
ZPE. The characterization is not only proportional to an area, but also
the temperature change is inversely proportional to the linear space of
macroscopic field effects on condensed matter.

AOQE reports that Professor Qin was inspired by Prof. Fang Lizhi, who is
regarded as the father of modern astronomy in China, some twenty years
ago. With the guidance and advice of Prof. Fang, Prof. Qin focused his
research on “vacuum structural mechanics” projects, leading to complete a
unified cosmology mechanism and Life Science regarding the “Theory of
Everything” exploration.

Combined with the Herguan Law, founded by Dr. Wang Yingqiu, from The
University of East/West Medicine, Professor Qin processed the Zero-Point
Energy bionics application research. He made the correction to the
Casimir Force, and corrected the Zero-Point Energy field-effect theory to
design a new measurement verification Zero-Point Energy experimental
model. An AOQE spokesperson states that the end result was the
construction of the whole anatomy and physiology biophysics of quantum
theory around the Traditional Chinese Medicine consisting of “Qi”, blood,
and the meridian system.

In order to promote the Zero-Point Energy Bionics application engineering
theory and technology in solving the “Global Warming Crisis”, the spread
of virus, environmental pollution, and various natural disasters, a
“Zero-Point Energy Technology Innovation Incubation Center” will be

The University of East/West Medicine and All One Quantum Energy Research
will be launching the project in Silicon Valley, at 970 El Camino Real,
Sunnyvale, CA 94087. Official grand opening is set for June 6, 2013.This
new Center will first establish a post-doctoral platform focusing on:
Zero-Point Energy Herguan quantum medical expertise, Zero-Point Energy
Clean Energy engineering, and Zero-Point Energy Information Computer
technological innovation engineering.
Venture Capitalists are invited to inquire about involvement in this
ground-breaking Zero-Point Energy Technology Innovation Incubation

All One Quantum Energy Research, Inc.
NASA Ames Research Park
Building 19, Room 2025
M/S 19-46B, P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

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