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									        Kobe Bryant has 3 All-star MVP awards, and one NBA MVP, all as a player for the Los Angeles

Lakers. Bryant was born August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently still plays for Los

Angeles, and is still the league’s leading scorer. Kobe averages 27 points per game all time, and is one of

the top scorers in the NBA ever. He makes jump-shots, and reverse dunks look easy. Being a solid B

student in high school, Bryant didn’t have a lot of opportunities for college academically. However, his

basketball career would take him to any D-one university in the nation. Kobe decided, though, that

college was not for him. He entered the draft, and was picked 13th over all, then traded to the Lakers on

draft day, for Vlad Divac. Bryant signed a 3.5 million dollar endorsement deal with the Lakers, which

included Sprite and Adidas. Since then, it’s obvious that Kobe has had a very successful professional

career. One of the most well known superstars of the NBA, Kobe Is for sure to please the fans.

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