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									  DWP ReCIPE Structure,
Redeployment & Recruitment
           • Government Relocation
           • Exeter Met Office
           • 29th September 2005
           • Glen Portman
•   The first stages of Benefit Processing Rationalisation within Jobcentre Plus.
•   The reorganisation of business structures within Jobcentre Plus Districts.
•   The closure of NINO Unit processing site within the Region.
•   The restructuring of CFIS operations.
•   The changes to Child Support Agency face to face processes and staffing.
•   The review and reduction in Child Support Agency management grades.
•   The completion of closure of Pension Service SSOs.
•   The redistribution of Pension Service Local Service organisation.
•   Individual business and Regional headcount efficiency challenges.
•   Corporate service reviews
                 Size of the Challenge
•   The 2004 Budget message from Andrew Smith and Sir Richard Mottram stated
    plans to free up resources for re-investment by improving efficiency levels in the
    Department for Work and Pensions
     – “Expenditure… for DWP… will be held constant in nominal terms at 2005/06
        levels, representing a real terms cut”
     – “DWP plans to make gross efficiency gains equivalent to 40,000 posts
        between now and 2008… resulting in a net reduction equivalent to 30,000
        posts by 2008”
•   All businesses within DWP are expected to contribute efficiency improvements
     – “… reductions will happen… across all parts of the organisation”
        DWP Figures
   DWP Targeted Staffing Levels                                        Immediate (04 to 06) Staff Reduction By Business
130, 869                                                                                Total = 16, 069
              114, 800                                                    Disability and                    Debt Management
 8,655                                                                    Carers Service                    3%
               4,100        100, 000                                      4%
               6,500                                                                                        Appeals Service
10,991                                 Other(1)                           Corporate
               7,000                                                      and Shared
                                       Disability and                     Services
               8,000                   Carers Service                     10%
 19,559                      6,000     Corporate and Shared Services
               11,200                                                     Jobcentre                                 Pensions
                             8,000     Child Support Agency
                                                                          Plus                                      Service
                                                                          11%                                       53%
                             8,000     Pensions Service

 79843         78000
                             70000     Jobcentre Plus                     Child Support
                                                                          Agency 19%

 2004          2006          2008
       Redeploying DWP Staff
• Chancellor gave:
  – commitment to maximise redeployment across all
    Government Departments
  – commitment to use and not lose skills
  – commitment to retrain staff
  – commitment to minimise redundancies through
    avoidance action
  – measure success of redeployment
                   Where are we?
• Permanent Secretaries & Sir Andrew Turnbull are
  committed to redeployment across Departments, have
  written out.
• Commitment to:
     provide staff with complete information
     give ample opportunity for consultation including with Trade Unions
     provide personalised advice and support to their staff
     manage changes collectively across Departments to minimise job
     losses and compulsory redundancies
     and where appropriate, offer compensation on fair terms
                     Where are we??
•   Departments have also agreed to:
       be mindful of their diversity commitments to staff
       commit to work corporately, so that their staff can be alerted to any
       new frontline posts that are being created in the region where they
       where departments are recruiting, actively encourage local managers
       to consider applications from suitable surplus staff (through
       permanent transfer, loan or secondment)
    Working Corporately (ReCIPE)
•   Regional
•   Change
•   Implementation
•   Programme
•   Executive
•   ReCIPE
     • To get to the nitty gritty local issues,
                ReCIPE Role
•   Impact business change
•   Manage estate challenge
•   Facilitate integrated corporate change
•   Manage regional headcount challenge
•   Maximise redeployment
•   Coordinate early release schemes
              Regional Based Forum
•   Scotland
•   North East
•   North West
•   York & Humber
•   East
•   East Midlands
•   West Midlands
•   Wales
•   South East
•   London
•   South West
    – Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, West of England
       South West Representation
• All DWP Businesses in the SW
  –   Jobcentre Plus
  –   The Pension Service
  –   Child Support Agency
  –   Debt Management
  –   The Appeals Service
  –   Disability and Carers
  –   The Rent Service
  –   Health & Safety Executive
  –   DWP Corporate Services, HR, Comms, Finance
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                     ReCIPE Process
                         ReCIPE Board

  Recommendations                         Strategy
                                                          Business Managers

                     Change Management Group
                        (Impact & Resolve)

   Inform/Query                                            Steer/Support

                         HRBP & Estates
                           Sub Groups
Workforce Planners         (Develop)               All Government
     Forum                                       Departments Forum
MI & Planning Data                               Sharing & Resolving
         Maximising Redeployment
•   All known & potential vacancies held
•   All recruitment has to be approved
•   Skills and surpluses matched to deficits
•   Recruitment limited
•   Temp’ Duties Addition reduced
•   Fixed Term Appointments utilised
•   Business change timelines coordinated
•   Staffing policies challenged
                                                                 & work
                South West How ????                             together

                              Redeployment manager
                             gets right people to apply
regularly              Depts &
                     ReCIPE liase
                                                                 Step: 5
                                                                 Use local
Research                                                         database
                                                   Step: 4       Get people
                                                   Market        using, get
                                  Step: 3          vacancies     people
                                  Receive          around DWP, applying,
                 Step: 2          vacancies,       redeployment get people
                 Establish        copied into      manager,      employed
 Step: 1         contact,         locally and      match skills,
 Contact who,    today &          matched          desire and
 letter?         tomorrow         locally          broker
                 2005/06 Challenge
DWP South West has 7260 staff
Challenge to reduce to 7216 staff
44 staff reduction
Must also implement transformation plans
Recruitment of 474 required
1,045 staff displaced
572 redeployed within DWP
52 natural wastage
421 surpluses without posts
                       DWP can not afford to retain current staff overspend


DWP can not afford to release all                                  DWP can not afford to recruit
surplus staff through severance                                    to meet transformation needs
                       Joint Working
Customs & Excise         Charity Commission            DEFRA      VOSA

Forestry Commission       Highways Agency           GOSW

Immigration & Nationality Department           MOD     The Met office

Land Welfare               GCHQ            Defence Communications Service Agency

UK Hydrographics Agency                    OFSTED                Planning Inspectorate

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)            Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA)

DCMS               English Heritage and English Nature Land Registry
Prison Service     Valuation Office Agency Vehicle Certification Agency
                 Focused Efforts
Action so far
 – Building up communications
 – Linking up with Departments
 – Focusing on current hotspots
 – Sharing vacancies
 – Working towards resolving barriers
         What has been achieved
335 Staff declared surplus to date.
42 Released through voluntary early release
101 Redeployed into other parts of DWP
5 Redeployed into other departments

192 Currently surplus
– (more to come)
                               Only 5 !!!!!
 –   Getting DWP staff to apply
 –   Specialisms put people off or stop people applying
 –   Protocols not followed
 –   Surplus status not met
 –   Differences in terms & conditions
 –   Pay scales & payment of marked time salary
 –   Excess fares payment
 – One to one contact
 – Working locally
              2005/06 Recruitment
Staff being recruited / redeployed inward
–   St. Austell
–   Plymouth
–   Torquay
–   Exeter
–   Taunton
–   Poole
–   Chippenham
–   Bristol
–   Gloucester
DWP Vacancies: St. Austell,
Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton,
Bristol, Chippenham & Gloucester
                               Bristol : DWP (JCP/CSA) v
                               OGDs v External Employers

Taunton: DWP (JCP v CSA)

   Plymouth: DWP (JCP/CSA) v
   External Employers


         Come to the South West
You need to research the labour market and area.
Cornwall: sea, sun, sand….
  Stable workforce
  Minimal external competition to workforce
– Poor travel infrastructure
West of England: cities, culture, commerce..
  Strong transport links
  Developing city (Bristol)
– Excessive turnover rates
– High estates costs
– Depleted labour market
           Keeping the Best Staff

Preference exercise linked to selection exercise.
Redeployment “3 offers”
Voluntary take up
Compulsory posting within mobility rules
Declared surplus
Temporary duties, detached duty
           237 + 56 – 126 = Change

Not just about figures
Its about
– The business
– People
   •   Line managers need skills
   •   HR Business Partners need confidence
   •   Staff need support, 1:1
   •   Clear, concise, consistent communications
          Vacancy Management

All recruitment & vacancy filling controlled
Vacancy filling priority list
Using fixed term appointments
Challenging / using temporary duties allowance
Effective attendance management & HR policies
   Management & Staff Resistance

ReCIPE Manager
– Consultancy Role
   • Supports
   • Polices
      –   Sitting with “Nelly” training
      –   Flexible working, maximise resource
      –   Bring together priorities
      –   Challenging Myths (home working, specialists)
      –   Overbearing
                   Key Issues

Review policies
National agreements with TU
Centralise support services
Good employer not exemplar
Do not tie yourself in knots, local processes
HR & Finance must lead with communication support
Release senior managers early on
Remember estates costs

          Board set scope & manage the risk
        HR control policy Finance control cost
         Businesses & managers responsible
                    & implement
            Communications must inform
             Staff must appreciate change

Outside industry, quick, incentives, finances, implement
                  Circle of Change
The customer
What do they get
What do they see


                TOMORROW                          TODAY

Change will work, key is what is effective and efficient at
the time
 Real Time Management Information

Information on:
–   Known & forecast surpluses
–   Known & forecast deficits
–   Numbers of FTA/Casual staff justification
–   Numbers of staff on TDA & justification
–   DWP & OGD staffing forecasts
            Accurate MI Provides

Provides an audit of ReCIPE action
Matches deficits and surpluses
Highlights potential for future redeployment
Tracks forecast workforce planning
Justifies business decisions
Provides workforce management info
                             Strategic Research                      ?? What has
                                                                     changed and what is
                                                                     left to do

            Sometimes you need to look
            beyond the figures

DWP 2005                    450
headcount                   400
DWP 2006                    300
DWP 2007                                                                         DWP
DWP 2008
headcount                   100
target                       50
                                   2004   2005   2006     2007   2008
                                    ACTUAL              FORECAST TREND
Early Release – Phases 1/4
 Phase 1     Phase 2     Phase 3        Phase 4

  Define     Develop     Maximise       Sift in,
redundancy   Comm’s    Redeployment    vol’moves
   unit       Plan                    comp’moves
Next Steps – Phases 5/8
 Phase 5     Phase 6      Phase 7   Phase 8


 Extending   Sift Out &   Monitor   Business
  Release    Undertake     Early     Case for
    Unit      Releases    Release   06/07 etc
                              Process for running a Voluntary Early Release Scheme on Flexible or Compulsory Terms
                          Obtains                                                                                                                                       Individual considers

                           Obtains                                                                                                                                       Individual considers

                          Pensions                                                                                                                                    whether to accept and
                                                                                                                                                                       whether to accept and
                        Estimate and
                        Estimate and                                                                                                                                agrees release date with
                                                                                                                                                                     agrees release date with
                         Applies for
                         Applies for                                                                                                                                line manager or declines
                                                                                                                                                                     line manager or declines
                           scheme                                                                                                                                      and informs line mgr
                                                                                                                                                                        and informs line mgr
                                                                                                                                                                       Meets with individuals
                                                                                                                                                                       Meets with individuals
 Line Mgr/

                             Send           Considers
                                             Considers                                                                                                                                           Complete
                                           Applications                                                                                                                  to notify outcomes
                                                                                                                                                                          to notify outcomes     Complete
                         announcem         Applications

                         announcem                                                                                                                                       and agree release
                                                                                                                                                                          and agree release     NSA 100 or
                                                                                                                                                                                                NSA 100 or
                         ent to those
                         ent to those       in line with
                                             in line with                                                                                                                                      FAM 4 on last
                                                                                                                                                                             dates where
                                                                                                                                                                             dates where       FAM 4 on last
                         absent from
                         absent from         Selection
                                              Selection                                                                                                                                        day of service
                                              Criteria                                                                                                                  appropriate. Notifies
                                                                                                                                                                         appropriate. Notifies day of service
                             work              Criteria                                                                                                                         HRSC

                                                                    Checks                                                                     Agreed contact
                                                                                                                                                Agreed contact

                                                                 application of
                                                                 application of                                                                 point receives
                                                                                                                                                 point receives
                                                               selection criteria
                                                               selection criteria                                                             outcome letters
                                                                                                                                               outcome letters
                                                                and ranks staff
                                                                and ranks staff                                                               from HRSC and
                                                                                                                                               from HRSC and
                                                                                                                                                issues to Line
                                                                                                                                                 issues to Line
                          Ensure those                             Ensures             Collate ranking
                                                                                        Collate ranking                                          Managers for
                                                                                                                                                  Managers for
                          Ensure those                             Ensures

                        absent from work                          Equality &           information for
                                                                                        information for                                         distribution at
                                                                                                                                                 distribution at
                        absent from work                          Equality &
                         are informed of                       Diversity Issues        HRBP area and
                                                                                       HRBP area and                                             meeting with
                                                                                                                                                  meeting with
                         are informed of                       Diversity Issues
                             scheme                              are covered           pass to HRSC
                                                                                        pass to HRSC                                               individual
                              scheme                             are covered
                                                                                                              Update business case with
                                                                                                               Update business case with


                                                                                                                  actual cost & nos of
                                                                                                                   actual cost & nos of
                          Announce                                                                                 releases --RECIPE
                                                                                                                    releases RECIPE
                           Scheme                                                                             consider, pass for approval
                                                                                                              consider, pass for approval
                                                                                                               to ARB. Notify results to
                                                                                                                to ARB. Notify results to
                                                                                                              HRSC and Unit Managers
                                                                                                               HRSC and Unit Managers
                                                              Populate Pensions        Collate ranking info                                 Prepare and issue
                                                                                                                                             Prepare and issue      Update Pensions       Chases non
                                                               Populate Pensions       Collate ranking info                                  outcome letters &       Update Pensions      Chases non       Actions
                                                            spreadsheet & request      for RECIPE region                                     outcome letters &        spreadsheet as      responses.       Actions
                                                            spreadsheet & request       for RECIPE region                                                             spreadsheet as       responses.

                                                                                                                                            pensions estimates
                                                                                                                                            pensions estimates                                             Terms
                                                            formal estimates from
                                                             formal estimates from         onto graded
                                                                                            onto graded                                                            receive replies and
                                                                                                                                                                    receive replies and     Contacts
                                                                                                                                            with agreed release
                                                                                                                                            with agreed release                                              on
                                                             Pensions. Send E&D
                                                             Pensions. Send E&D        spreadsheets incl
                                                                                        spreadsheets incl                                                             send E & D MI
                                                                                                                                                                       send E & D MI       reserves if
                                                                                                                                                                                            reserves if
                                                                                                                                              letters to agreed
                                                                                                                                               letters to agreed                                           payroll
                                                              MI template to E&D
                                                              MI template to E&D          release costs.
                                                                                           release costs.                                                           template to E & D
                                                                                                                                                                     template to E & D     necessary
                                                                    Runs bulk
                                                                    Runs bulk                                                                                                                 Complete
                                                                 Estimates, using

                                                                  Estimates, using                                                                                                            Pension
                                                                common releases                                                                                                                Pension
                                                                 common releases                                                                                                            /Severance
                                                                date, for all those                                                                                                          /Severance
                                                                 date, for all those                                                                                                        Award action
                                                                who have applied.                                                                                                           Award action
                                                                who have applied.


                           4 Weeks      1-3 Weeks                2 Weeks                  1-2 Weeks                  2-4 Weeks                2-4 Weeks              2-4 Weeks            1-4 Weeks        1-4 Week
         Implementing Releases

Manage expectations (many may want to go)
Be up front in communication, stem the
Clear guidance, control interpretation
Weekly telekits to manage risks and review
last/next week of timeline
Matching process
Watch out for myths
     Workforce Management Tools

Preference exercise family tree
Pro-formas for manager / staff 1:1
Selecting and matching process
Skills needed identified & scoring process
established and assured.
Support mechanisms for surplus staff, CV
writing, job interviews, etc

Average release costs within DWP £57k
Watch hidden costs (apac hard charging)
Treasury issues….business cases…..bids
      HR       Change      Finance

               All drive
                     Musts / Nots

Must dos                    Do nots
– Central project           – Avoid difficult decisions,
– Buy in, HR, etc             progression, compulsory
– Be as quick as possible     moves
– Audit what you do         – Get your maths wrong
– Tackle issues to send     – Change timelines
  messages                  – Under estimate stress
– Manage surpluses            and drop in productivity
– Have a person leading

Senior ReCIPE Manager
Glen Portman
01803 210749
Torquay Contact Call Centre, Warren Road, Torquay,

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