Survey by lanyuehua


									                                                  Yes          No
Were you familiar with data
management plans before using the
DMPTool?                                           55           14
Do you feel you have a better
understanding of data management
requirements after having used the
DMPTool?                                           48           20

                                                 Very                            Very        No
                                             difficult   Difficult    Easy       easy   opinion
How easy or difficult was it to use the
DMPTool?                                            1            5      40         22          2

                                                  Yes          No
Did you use any of these features
Links to resources                                 37           24
Help for funder question                           19           36
Suggested answer                                   22           35
DMP News                                           11           43
DMPTool guide                                      32           27
Funder requirements                                38           19
Video demo                                         13           45

Additional comments
It would be easier to have a template that could be edited. Researchers are likely to find the extensive list of que
The preview and export features mangle the formatting of entered data. Would it be possible for this part to be m
I think this tool might provide more value to my group if it allowed others to directly edit my plans and offered ve
Continued success on this!
The institutional customisations in particular are great, so more of these. The video demo is very useful too.
Easy to use and the questions provided were quite useful.

The RTF export could stand to be improved. For example, a simple numbered list did not appear in Word when ex
The tool is WAY TOO SLOW- it seems like it takes an eternity-- which makes it quite refreshing. UNL would be will
It would be good to add an interface for customization. Our institution wants to add suggestions and more templa
Create a printable checklist of the questions for review prior to completion online.
It was very helpful, and it has formed a template I have been able to use for several proposals.
Being based in the UK I quickly switched over to the DCC tool DMPonline as it covers our funding agencies. I think
The tool inserted special characters into the document; I assume this has been fixed. It might be nice to track how
Tool is very slow.
I hope additional funding agencies will be added, including HHMI and Wellcome Trust.
I was not aware of many of the features you have listed above. I'm not even sure what some of them are. It would
I wish that there was a way to explore the DMP Tool without having to work on a "specific" project or grant. I wan
I've only used the tool as a demo to play around at this point and have not needed it yet for a proposal. It looks go
Maybe I missed, but I wondered if there was a sheet to print out so that someone can contemplate the questions
I'd suggest you add more examples.
My faculty really like the tool because of the layout. They like to fill in boxes and think discretely about a single q
its terrible. i may as well have written it myself from scratch. it offered no content that i didn't enter myself. a wa
It would be helpful to have more examples to look at, especially social science research (e.g., education research
When I ran the video demo, I could not hear any audio. I'm using IE 9 on Windows 7.
Would like to see a version for NIH proposals
links to local campus resources for additional help/advice (e.g. grants/research office, library data management s
The headings / elements from the NSF Grant Proposal Guide concerning data management plans were different f
Make it possible for multiple individuals to work on the same plan. Research is collaborative; no reason to think D
-Ability to add multiple users to edit a plan -Admin/superuser accounts for easy customization -Bulleted lists nee
I was just starting to learn about the DMP requirment. I took DMP class offered through UCSD. which introduced m
Mostly just keep up the good work and expand the kinds of funder requirements available (I was preparing a NOA
Great tool. I will suggest it to my graduate students.
I'm actually a librarian from another institution, and was evaluating the DMPTool to see whether we'd want to pa
 find the extensive list of questions off-putting.
e possible for this part to be more robust?
y edit my plans and offered version control. I look forward to watching the video and exploring more of the features describe

demo is very useful too.

d not appear in Word when exported. Also, right now DMPTool is pretty much just a "fill in the blank" tool that could easily b
refreshing. UNL would be willing to host a local version for our researchers but only if the response time is significantly decre
 suggestions and more templates and a web interface would be well appreciated. Thanks

 our funding agencies. I think both tools are an excellent idea, however. I do like the export function in DMPonline - pdf and
. It might be nice to track how long the document is becoming so that people have a sense as to whether they are at 2 pages

at some of them are. It would be helpful to have more context about the DMPTool before launching into using it. As someon
ecific" project or grant. I want to know more about the DMP Tool, but don't have a grant yet.
yet for a proposal. It looks good to me so far with my limited use.
n contemplate the questions before they start writing. There could be a great amount of information gathering needed in pr
 nk discretely about a single questions. Thanks!
hat i didn't enter myself. a waste of time.
arch (e.g., education research) with multiple data types from various sources. Also, it would be helpful to have more exampl

 e, library data management services)
 ement plans were different from those in the DPM tool. I reorganized the headings to match the NSF elements, and accordin
 borative; no reason to think DM planning won't be as well. Provide an interface that allows institutions to update their temp
tomization -Bulleted lists need to be able to indent -Make it a MS Word/Open Office plugin. Devil's Advocate: I don't know o
ugh UCSD. which introduced me to the DMPTool. It is not required for my work currently. But expect that it will be needed in
ailable (I was preparing a NOAA grant that needed a DMP, so I used an NSF template).

see whether we'd want to participate. So you might want to disqualify me. That said, I found the DMPTool very easy to use.
g more of the features described above.

 blank" tool that could easily be replaced with a PDF or Word form. In the end, the only truly helpful feature was the suggest
 onse time is significantly decreased!

unction in DMPonline - pdf and .docx formats. I've posted blank templates for my university community to use at
 o whether they are at 2 pages after the first 3 categories, etc. This could be done by counting characters and estimating num

nching into using it. As someone who has heard about data management plans but is pretty much unschooled, I didn't know

mation gathering needed in preparation. I like how I could stop and start my plan writing.
e helpful to have more examples of best practices (e.g., case studies) of long-term archiving, as well as general principles (e.

 he NSF elements, and accordingly reorganized the answers. In any case, the DPM tool was very useful to me. Thank you.
stitutions to update their templates directly.
evil's Advocate: I don't know of a researcher who uses any online tool for any
 xpect that it will be needed in the next few years.

he DMPTool very easy to use.
elpful feature was the suggested answer to one question from my institution! It would be nice if DMPTool were more quest

 mmunity to use at
characters and estimating number per 2 pages at 10 or 11 pt font including the 6 lines for headings/subheadings.

uch unschooled, I didn't know what to expect and what would constitute a strong plan.
s well as general principles (e.g., 3x3 rule - 3 locations, 3 types of storage media).

y useful to me. Thank you.
e if DMPTool were more question-driven than free-response driven.


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