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Reportcard - Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District


  FAIRFIELD-SUISUN UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                          2 GRADE REPORT CARD                                       NAME:              Aimee Boncato                                                           DATE of BIRTH:               7/11/2000
Academic Legend:                                                                                    Year: 2006 - 2007                 Interventions:                    1st      2nd          3rd        Special Services:                              Attendance           1st      2nd      3rd
  4 - Advanced                                             E = Excellent                            School:                                                                                                 Speech / Language                 No          Days Absent        10
  3 - Proficient                                           S = Satisfactory                         Tolenas Elementary                                                                                      Learning Center *                 No          Days Tardy         0
  2 - Basic                                                N = Growth Needed                        Teacher:                                                                                                ELL *                             No        DRA Proficiency
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           28 Adv.
  1 - Below Basic, Far Below Basic                         / = Progressing Toward Standard          Mrs. Quinton                                                                                            Gate Identified *                N/A        Level:

                                                           X = At Standard                                                                                                                               * See attached IEP or ELL Progress             At Risk of
                                                           Blank = Not Introduced                                                                                                                        Report                                         Retention

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS STANDARDS                                        1
                                                                                             rd   ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS STANDARDS                                       1
                                                                                                                                                                                                  rd   MATHEMATICS

                                         Achievement                    4                                                                   Achievement                  3                             Measurement and Geometry
           READING                                                                                   WRITTEN AND ORAL
                                        Effort (E, S, N)               S+                                                                  Effort (E, S, N)             S+                               Measures the length of objects to the nearest inch / centimeter

Words Analysis, Fluency, Vocabulary, Decoding / Word Recognition                                    Distinguishes between complete and incomplete sentences                                   /          Tells time to the nearest 5 minutes to include quarter hours

  Decodes words using spelling patterns                                                      /      Identifies and uses nouns / verbs correctly in speaking / writing                         /          Determine elapsed time in intervals of 30 minutes

  Applies basic syllabication rules (vcv-su / per, vccv = sup / per)                         /      Uses commas in greetings, closures, dates, and items in a series                                     Builds geometric shapes by combining or separating pieces                             /
  Uses plurals and irregular plurals                                                         /      Recognizes and uses quotation marks correctly                                                        Describes number of faces, edges, vertices of geometric shapes                        /
  Draws on a variety of reading cues and strategies to determine meaning                     /      Uses periods, exclamation marks, and question marks                                       /        Statistics, Data Analysis, Probability

  Reads grade level text fluently and with expression                                        /      Capitalizes proper nouns and beginning of sentences                                       /          Identifies the range and mode of sets of data

Vocabulary and Concept Development                                                                  Spells short-vowel, long-vowel, r-controlled and consonant blend pattern words            /          Solves addition and subtraction problems using data from simple charts & graphs

  Understands antonyms, synonyms, and compound words                                                Spells frequently used irregular words correctly (e.g., was, were, says, said, who,                  Recognizes, describes and extends problems using simple number patterns               /
                                                                                                    what, why)                                                                                /
  Knows simple prefixes and suffixes                                                         /                                                                                                           Collects, organizes, displays data on graphs and charts in multiple ways

  Identifies simple multiple meaning words                                                          Writes legibly                                                                            /
                                                                                                                                                                                                       LEGEND (for subjects below): E = Excellent S = Satisfactory N = Growth Needed
Reading Comprehension / Structural Features of Informational Text                                 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS STANDARDS                                       1st      2nd          3rd
  Uses title, tables of contents, chapter headings                                           /                                              Achievement                  3                             SCIENCE                                                               1st      2nd      3rd
                                                                                                  LISTENING AND SPEAKING
Comprehension & Analysis of Grade-level Information Text                                                                                   Effort (E, S, N)             S+                               Concepts include plants and animal life cycles, motion, rocks
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and soil
  Asks clarifying questions while reading                                                    /      Listens to obtain information and responds appropriately                                  /
  Recognizes cause and effect                                                                       Asks for clarification of stories and ideas                                               /        HISTORY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                                1

  Restates facts to clarify and organize ideas                                               /      Reports on a topic with supportive facts and details                                                 Concepts include people who make a difference now and in
                                                                                                                                                                                                         the past                                                            S
  Identifies main idea                                                                       /      Retells stories (characters, setting, plot, answering who, what, where, when, and
                                                                                                    why questions)                                                                        /
  Follows two step written directions                                                        /                                                                                                         PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                                    1st      2nd      3rd
  Reads a variety of texts independently                                                     /    MATHEMATICS                                                           1
                                                                                                                                                                                                  rd     Actively participates in activities / effort                     S
  Interprets information from diagrams, charts, and graphs                                   /                                              Achievement                  4                               Demonstrates age appropriate skills                              S+
Literary Response and Analysis                                                                                                             Effort (E, S, N)             S+                             VISUAL / PERFORMANCE ARTS                                             1st      2nd      3rd
  Compares / contrasts plot / setting / characters by different authors                           Number Sense                                                                                           Participates in music                                               S
  Identifies rhyme, rhythm, and alliterations in poetry                                      /      Counts, reads, writes, orders and compares numbers to 1,000                               /          Music Theory                                                        S
  Compares and contrasts different versions of the same stories that reflect                        Uses words, models, and expanded form to represent numbers to 1000                                   Appropriate art participation                                       S
  different cultures                                                                                Knows and memorizes addition / subtraction facts to 20                                    /        SELF DIRECTED LEARNER                                                 1

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS STANDARDS                                        1st      2nd      3rd        Solves 2 and 3 digit addition / subtractions problems                                                Willing to try (take risks)                                        S+
                                         Achievement                    3                           Solves 2 and 3 digit addition problems with regrouping                                               Follows directions                                                 S+
                                        Effort (E, S, N)               S+                           Solves 2 and 3 digit subtraction problems with regrouping                                            Makes good use of time                                             S+
Writing Strategies                                                                                  Solves simple problems using coins and bills using decimal notation                                  Returns completed homework                                          E
  Progresses through the stages of the writing process                                       /      Solves simple problems using multiplication and division                                             Does home reading                                                   E
Research                                                                                            Memorizes 2's, 5's and 10's multiplication facts to times 10                              /        COLLABORATIVE LEARNER                                                 1

  Understands the purposes of various reference materials (e.g., dictionary,                        Recognizes and compares fractions of a whole and parts of a group to twelfths             /          Cooperates in large group                                          S+
  thesaurus, atlas)                                                                               Algebra and Functions                                                                                  Cooperates in small group                                          S+
Organization and Focus                                                                              Uses the commutative and associative properties to simplify mental calculations                      Participates in class discussions                                  S+
                                                                                                    and check results                                                                         /
  Groups related ideas and maintains a consistent focus                                      /                                                                                                         COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR                                                 1st      2nd      3rd
  Revises original drafts to improve sequence and descriptive details                        /      Writes and solves number sentences involving addition and subtraction                     /          Is respectful and courteous to others                              S+
Writing Applications (Genres)                                                                     Mathematical Reasoning                                                                                 Respects materials and environment                                 S+
  Writes brief narratives describing an experience                                           /      Checks and explains results of a problem                                                  /          Demonstrates self-control                                          S+
  Writes friendly letter                                                                     /

  Parent Signature: 1st Reporting Period:                                                         Parent Signature: 2nd Reporting Period:                                                              Recommended Placement for Next Year:
Password: Reportcard

 Legend      Effort    Standard   Service
   4           E          X        Yes
   3          E-           /        No
   2          S+                   N/A
   1           S
   *          S-

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