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									                       Applying For Your Card

             How do I apply for a PFS Prepaid MasterCard?

                        When will I get my card

              What do I need to do when I receive my card

I have just received my PFS Prepaid MasterCard and it does not work, why

                          Pin And Security
          How do I get my PIN?

 I have forgotten my PIN, what can I do

         How secure is my card?

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

           Loading the Card

   How do I load money onto my card?
                   Who can load money onto my card?

    I have just loaded money onto my card, how long does it take for
               the funds to be added to my available balance?

             Are there any minimum or maximum load limit?

             Spending On Your PFS Prepaid MasterCard

Is my PFS Prepaid MasterCard like a normal bank debit card or credit card?

 What should I do if I get the choice to pay in sterling or local currency?

       What happens if I need to return an item I have purchased?

             Where can my PFS Prepaid MasterCard be used?
                       Can I use my PFS Prepaid MasterCard in the UK?

                 Should I use my PFS Prepaid MasterCard for security deposits?

                               How do I check my card balance?

When I am abroad the ATM asks me to choose which account I wish to withdraw money from. What
                                   option should I pick?

                               Managing your Card Account

                                  Do I receive a statement?
Can I have the balance on my PFS Prepaid MasterCard refunded to me?

               Will I earn interest on my card balance?

         What do I do if any of my personal details change?

            How do I cancel my PFS Prepaid MasterCard?

     I will not be travelling again for a while and want to block my
                           card - how can I do this?
What happens when my PFS Prepaid MasterCard expires?

     My card has suddenly stopped working, why?

What are the fees for using my PFS Prepaid MasterCard?

   Simply follow the steps on our website and fill out the online application form - it will only take a couple of
   minutes. You will need a valid UK issued debit card in order to complete the application. We will attempt to
identify you however you will be required to provide further proof of identity, should you wish to upgrade to the
                            Advantage card. (this allows for larger limits on the cards)

 Once your application has been processed your PFS Prepaid MasterCard will be sent to you within 5-10 working

 You must sign your card on the signature strip on the reverse side as soon as it is received. To activate your card
simply follow the instructions on the letter accompanying your card to activate/load it. You will be issued your PIN
over the phone upon activation, simply follow the voice prompt. You will require your newly issued card and your
                                       personal details to complete this step.

   Please follow the step above, if your card still doesn't work, please call +44 (0) 207 125 0321 for assistance.
  Please call 0203 327 1991 or +44 (0)203 327 1991 when calling internationally, and follow the voice prompts to
                                receive your PIN. We do not send your PIN via mail.

                   Please call 0203 327 1991, and follow the voice prompts to receive your PIN.

 Our Chip and PIN cards offer a safe way to spend money abroad. You should treat your currency card like cash in a
  wallet. If it is lost or stolen, you may lose some or all of the money on your card. As a result, you must keep your
 card safe and not let anyone else use it. You must keep your PIN secret at all times. Do not reveal it to anyone. We
recommend that you frequently check your online balance and monitor transactions using your transaction history.
                                    you should contact us if you notice anything suspicious

If you do lose your card or it is stolen or you suspect that your card has been used by someone, you must tell us as
  soon as you can by calling our 24 hour lost and stolen helpline on 0207 125 0321 or from outside the UK +44 (0)
  207 125 0321. We will then cancel your card. We will ask the police to investigate any suspected misuse of your
card and they may need more information and assistance from you. We will refund the amount of any transactions
    which the investigations show are not authorised by you, provided you have kept your card and PIN secure.
However, if the investigations show that any disputed transaction was authorised by you or you have not kept your
                           card or PIN secure, we will not refund the transaction amount.

  Funds can be loaded onto your currency card in a number of ways: Online, by phone or bank transfer, however
                       your first load must be made online upon application (See T&Cs).
Your card must be loaded from a UK debit card in the primary cardholders name. Only the primary cardholder can
 load money onto a card, it is not possible to load it from any other account. The card can also be loaded by bank

   Funds usually transfer instantly, but please allow up to 20minutes. Note: Bank transfers can take up to a day.

The minimum load on your PFS Prepaid MasterCard is €50/$50. The maximum load is €1,000/$1,500 for standard
  (SDD) cards and €6,000/$8,000 for KYC cards.* You must load between €50/$50 - €500/$500 (in increments of
€/$50) when applying for your card. Your card cannot be loaded more than three times in any one day. We reserve
 the right to refuse to accept any particular loading transaction. *Please note max load is €500/$500 by debit card
       and the previous max loads refer to being made via bank transfer, which can take up to a day to clear.

 Your PFS Prepaid MasterCard is not a credit or debit card. It is a prepaid MasterCard card that carries a variable
  amount of money dependent on how much has been loaded on to it. Each time you use the card, the purchase
                               amount is deducted from the available balance.

If you are at an ATM or somewhere where the bill is presented in sterling rather than the local currency (i.e. Euros
 or dollars), ask to pay in the local currency, not sterling. This is a process called Dynamic Currency Conversion, or
      DCC. The merchant invites you to pay in sterling and then performs the exchange at a rate that could be
  unfavourable, which may cost you money. Remember to check the payment terminal, if the amount is shown in
                                             sterling, ask that it is changed.

Each retail store has its own return policy and will handle the returns in the same manner as any other MasterCard
   transaction. Funds can only be processed if your PFS Prepaid MasterCard was used for the original purchase.

You can use your PFS Prepaid MasterCard card wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed, including
                             ATMs, shops, restaurants, online or on the telephone.
   Yes, your PFS Prepaid MasterCard will work in the UK. Please refer to our terms and conditions for the fees
 associated with domestic use of your card. Using your card outside the denominated currency would involve an
   extra foreign exchange. This exchange rate would be determined by MasterCard rather than Clear Currency.

Do not use your PFS Prepaid MasterCard for any security deposits when you check into a hotel or hire a car. Secure
   these with any other card and only use your PFS Prepaid MasterCard to settle the bill. When a card is used for
   security deposit a block is put on the funds for the relevant amount on that card. Unlike a credit card your PFS
Prepaid MasterCard holds a prepaid balance and the block will stop you from spending the deposit amount of your
 travel cash. A block can last for up to 30 days. Use any other card for the security deposit and your card when the
     payment transaction is required. The funds will still be pre-authorised on the other cards. If you have any
                                          questions, do not hesitate to call us.

You can check your card balance by logging onto your online account or alternatively you can call IVR on 0203 327
                           1991 or +44 (0)203 327 1991 when calling internationally.

                                    You should select the credit account option

Statements are available to all users on request. Statements can also be downloaded in PDF format from your user
You have the right to redeem the funds on your PFS Prepaid MasterCard at any time in whole or in part. To do so,
please either send us an e-mail using the “contact us” facility on the Website, or contact us by telephone on 0207
   125 0321 or +44(0) 207 125 0321, requesting redemption and indicating the amount to be redeemed. If you
  request redemption of all funds on your PFS Prepaid MasterCard, you may keep your card with a zero balance
ready to load for your next trip. You will not be charged for keeping your card with a zero balance on it. When we
 process your redemption request, please note we may need to verify your identity so that we may process your
   request in accordance with legal requirements. We may also charge a redemption fee if one of the following
     circumstances applies: 1.You are requesting redemption before termination or expiry of this agreement;
2.You cancel this agreement before any agreed termination or expiry date;          3.You request redemption more
   than one year after the date of termination or expiry of this agreement. Please see "Fees and charges" for a
                                    summary of fees including redemption fees.


If your address, phone number or e-mail address change, you must let us know as soon as possible, by logging into
  your online account and updating the necessary sections. If we contact you in relation to your currency card, for
    example, to notify you that we have cancelled your card or to send you a refund, we will use the most recent
 contact details you have provided to us. Any e-mail to you will be treated as being received as soon as it is sent by
us. We will not be liable to you if your contact details have changed and you have not updated your online account.

You have a legal right to cancel your currency card within 14 days of receiving it. Under these terms and conditions,
  you also have the right to cancel your currency card at any time after this 14 day period. If your currency card is
 cancelled, we will immediately block your card so it cannot be used. You will not be entitled to a refund of money
  you have already spent on transactions authorised, pending or any fees for use of the card before it is cancelled.
 You can cancel your currency card by sending an email to us using the "contact us" function on the website or by
                                   calling us on 0207 125 0321 +44(0)207 125 0321

 You can have your card status changed to ‘deposit only’. This will mean that you will be able to load your card at
 anytime, but no purchases can be made. Before you go travelling again, simply give us a call and we will unblock
                                             the card ready for use.
Your card will be valid for 2 years. When it expires we will issue you with a replacement card only if you let us know
 one is required. You will be contacted by email at your registered email address one month before expiry and you
                will be required to re-confirm your details and which replacement cards you require.

 This could be for a number of reasons. 1. Your card is damaged.2. You have insufficient funds remaining on your
    PFS Prepaid MasterCard and need to top-up. 3. We have blocked the card for security purposes or on your
 instructions.4. The card has expired and you have not confirmed that you need a replacement; please check the
                         expiry date on the card itself. If you need help please “contact us”

                               Please see Terms & Conditions for full list of charges.

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