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Directions Can you identify this common retail product by the first letter of its logo? We’ve given you hints for the really hard ones. Good Luck!

Across 3. E 5. G 6. C 8. X 10. K 13. L 15. U 17. S 18. I 19. T 20. W 21. J 22. Q 23. P 24. Z 25. R

Down 1. 2. 4. 7. 9. 11. 12. 14. 16.

F H (Hint: Kosher Meat) O M N (Hint: Nabisco Treat) D (Hint: Cuts Grease) A Y B

You may want to print this in color from the file off the CD or our website:

Logo Alphabet Crossword Puzzle Answer Key
All Bubblicious Campbells Dawn Eggo Fritos Gatorade Hebrew National Ice Jello Koolaid Lysol M&M Nilla Wafers Oreo Pez Q-Tips Reeses Starburst Tide Uncle Ben V8 Wisk Xtra York Peppermint Patties Zest