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World Languages
Italian Conversation I                                      Spanish Conversation II
Learn	 the	 basics	 of	 vocabulary	 for	 conversing	        Learn	 to	 converse	 with	 confidence	 in	 Spanish	
in	 Italian	 for	 travel	 and	 social	 interactions.	       using	 correct	 grammar	 and	 sentence	 structure	
Textbook	required	at	first	class.	Available	in	             with	 vocabulary	 building	 exercises.	 Learn	 in	
college bookstore.                                          depth	about	South	American	culture.	Textbook	
Tuition	and	fees:	$175                                      required. Available in college bookstore.
XFL108-106035                    Jan 7-Feb 11*              (Spanish	II	covers	chapters	10-19.)
10	sessions	             M,W	              7-9pm            Tuition	and	fees:	$175
*Class will not meet Jan 21                                 XFL114-106041                     Apr 2-May 2
Josy Giaquinto, MCCC Instructor                             10	sessions	           Tu,Th	            6-8pm
                                                            Romel Flores, MCCC Instructor
Beginning Mandarin
Mandarin	 Chinese	 can	 be	 fun	 to	 learn.	 This	          American Sign Language (ASL) I
course	will	help	you	break	through	the	mystery	             Through	this	course	you	will	enter	into	the	silent	
of	 Chinese	 language.	 	 Come	 and	 master	                world	of	the	deaf	using	American	Sign	Language	
essentials	for	travel,	business	and	dining	in	ten	          (ASL),	 a	 manual	 communication	 system.  Sign	
painless	lessons.	No	textbook	required.                     language	 expresses	 the	 same	 words  as	 oral	
Tuition	and	fees:	$175                                      language,	using	movements	of	the	hands	along	
XFL101-106036                   Feb 11-Mar 13               with	facial	and	body	gestures. You	will	also	learn	
10	sessions	            M,W	      6:30-8:30pm               the theoretical	and	technical	rules to	be	followed	
Grace Yu, MCCC Instructor                                   in	 communication	 with	 the	 deaf,	 and  how	 to	
                                                            differentiate	 between	 an	 informal  and	 formal	
Mandarin Chinese II                                         conversation. You	 will	 learn  manual	 spelling	 of	
This	class	is	a	continuation	of	the	class	Mandarin	         words	 using	 ASL	 and	 sign	 language	 words,	 as	
Chinese	 I.	 You	 will	 learn	 the	 essentials	 of	         well	as factors	that	make	the	difference	between	
Mandarin	Chinese	for	travel,	business	and	social	           a	sign	and	other	hand	gestures.
interactions.	No	textbook	required.                         Tuition	and	fees:	$198
Tuition	and	fees:	$175                                      XFL125-106042                    Mar 11-Apr 1*
XFL103-106037                      Apr 1-May 1              8	sessions	           M,Tu,W	          6-8:30pm
10	sessions	            M,W	        6:30-8:30pm             *Class will not meet Mar 25, 26
Grace Yu, MCCC Instructor                                   Sonia Orense, MCCC Instructor
French Conversation I                                       American Sign Language (ASL) II
Bonjour!	 You	 too	 can	 learn	 conversational	             Prerequisite: American Sign Language (ASL) I
French	and	be	able	to	get	around	on	a	daily	basis	          This	 course	 is	 designed	 to	 bring	 you,	 as	 an	
in	 French-speaking	 countries.	 	 Vocabulary	 and	         ASL	 student,	 to	 the	 next	 level	 of	 instruction	 in	
some	 basic	 grammar	 for	 traveling,	 shopping,	           American	 Sign	 Language.	 Your	 instructor	 will	
dining,	 etc.	 will	 be	 included	 in	 this	 practical	     introduce	you	further	into	the	silent	world	of	the	
course.	 Textbook	 required.	 Available	 in	                deaf	person,	and	help	you	think	as	an	interpreter.	
college bookstore.                                          You	will	begin	to	develop	skills	necessary	to	be	a	
Tuition	and	fees:	$175                                      good	interpreter	for	deaf	people.
XFL106-106038                    Feb 19-Mar 21              Tuition	and	fees:	$198
10	sessions	              Tu,Th	             7-9pm          XFL127-106043                      Apr 15-Apr 30
Carla Helou, MCCC Instructor                                8	sessions	             M,Tu,W	            6-8:30pm
                                                            Sonia Orense, MCCC Instructor
French Conversation II
This	 class	 is	 a	 continuation	 of	 the	 class	 French	
Conversation	 I.	 You	 will	 learn	 advanced	
vocabulary	 for	 travel,	 business	 and	 social	
                                                            Online Courses
interactions	in	a	class	centered	on	conversation	           Spanish for Medical Professionals
and	culture.	Bring same book used in French
Conversation I.                                             Spanish for Law Enforcement
Tuition	and	fees:	$175
XFL107-106039                          Apr 2-May 2          Tuition:	$96	for	each	online	course
10	sessions	              Tu,Th	               7-9pm        	 •	 Expert	Instructors
Keith Poniewaz, MCCC Instructor                             	 •	 24-Hour	Access
                                                            	 •	 6	Weeks	of	Instruction
Spanish Conversation I                                      A new section of each course starts monthly.
Learn	 how	 to	 converse	 in	 Spanish	 in	 simple	
idiomatic	 phrases	 for	 business	 or	 personal	 use.	      To learn more, or to enroll, go to
This	class	is	ideal	for	people	who	are	new	to	the	
language	 or	 just	 know	 some	 basic	 vocabulary	
and	 phrases.	 Learn	 from	 a	 native	 about	
the	 culture	 and	 customs	 of	 South	 America.	
Textbook	 required.	 Available	 in	 college	
bookstore. (Spanish I covers chapters 1-9.)                  MCCC’s	 noncredit	 courses	 are	 designed	 for	
Tuition	and	fees:	$175                                       adults 18 years or older (unless otherwise
XFL112-106040                       Apr 1-May 1              noted). Please see the section on Programs
10	sessions	             M,W	              6-8pm             for	 Youth	 for	 special	 courses	 designed	 for	
                                                             younger students.
Romel Flores, MCCC Instructor

                        Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date.
                                     Avoid the $15 late fee... Register Early!
Languages/Writing                                                                                               63

ESL Classes for Students Writing
Learning the English     Write	Better...Write	Away!
Language                 Learn	the	parts	of	speech	and	how	to	use	words	
                                                            with	 proper	 punctuation	 to	 form	 the	 perfect	
Introduction to English                       NEW!          sentence.		Learn	how	to	improve	the	flow	of	your	
in Everyday Life                                            sentences	to	form	a	concise	paragraph	and	how	
This	 is	 an	 entry-level	 ESL	 course,	 ideal	 for	 you	   to	link	paragraphs	together	to	form	a	clear	body	
if	 you	 need	 practice	 speaking	 English.	 You’ll	        of	 writing.	 	 You	 won’t	 just	 learn	 how	 to	 avoid	
improve	 your	 pronunciation,	 comprehension,	              the	 most	 common	 mistakes,	 but	 also	 how	 to	
and	vocabulary	skills	in	a	relaxed	atmosphere.	You	         spot	your	mistakes	and	edit	them	out.		Whether	
will	also	explore	American	culture	and	language,	           you’re	looking	to	write	creatively,	or	you	want	to	
so	you’ll	feel	more	comfortable	and	confident	in	           write	better	personal	correspondence,	this	class	
your	 daily	 interactions	 and	 communication	 with	        will	 help	 rid	 you	 of	 the	 angst	 that	 writing	 can	
native	speakers	of	English.	Bring a writing tablet          cause	and	put	you	on	the	“write”	track.
and a bilingual dictionary the first day of class.          1.4	CEU.		Tuition	and	fees:	$148
3.0	CEU.	Tuition	and	fees:	$300	(includes	book)             XWC100-106048                        Jan 8-Feb 19
XES611-108355                      Jan 26-Apr 6*            7	sessions	                 Tu	              7-9pm
10	sessions	                Sa	       9am-12pm              Roman Griffen, MCCC Instructor
*Class will not meet Mar 30
Maria A. Shamyer, MCCC Instructor
                                                            Writing	Children’s	Fiction
Fundamentals of English Language                            Learn	 the	 essential	 elements	 of	 creating	
This	 course	 builds	 on	 your	 progress	 in	               engaging	 children’s	 stories	 including:	 story	
“Introduction	to	English	in	Everyday	Life.”	In	this	        language,	 developing	 memorable	 characters,	
course,	 you	 will	 become	 comfortable	 with	 the	         and	 story	 structure.	 Students	 will	 have	 the	
rules	of	English	grammar.	You	will	also	practice	           opportunity	 to	 write	 an	 original	 short	 story	 or	
reading	 for	 understanding,	 and	 you	 will	 build	        begin	 a	 chapter	 book.	 Marketing	 approaches	
your	 vocabulary.	 You	 will	 practice	 everyday	           will	also	be	discussed.
conversation	 and	 learn	 useful	 expressions	              0.6	CEU.		Tuition	and	fees:	$120
in	 a	 friendly,	 helpful	 atmosphere.	 Textbook	           XWC128-105970                           Feb 16*
required. Available in college bookstore.                   1	session	                Sa	        9:30-4pm*
3.0	CEU.	Tuition	and	fees:	$300                             *1/2 hour for lunch
XES612-108478                   Jan 26-Apr 6*               *Class meets at Trenton Campus, North Broad and
10	sessions	               Sa	     10am-1pm                 Academy Streets, Trenton, NJ 08608
*Class will not meet Mar 30                                 Barry Putt, award-winning playwright and screenwriter
Effie Pourshahidi, MCCC Instructor
ESL Applications                                            Reading	Better:	Understanding	
Take	 your	 writing,	 listening,	 speaking,	 and	           How	Fiction	Works
American	 cultural	 study	 to	 the	 next	 level.	 This	     Learn	 the	 techniques	 that	 authors	 employ	 to	
class	 will	 help	 prepare	 you	 for	 further	 college	     get	 your	 interest,	 keep	 your	 interest	 and	 craft	
coursework,	and	build	on	your	conversation	skills	          an	 interesting	 story.	 	 Learn	 why	 you	 love	 some	
to	apply	in	a	group	setting,	with	a	professional	           books	but	despise	others.		This	reading	course	is	
emphasis.	 Explore	 presentation	 and	 debate	              beneficial	to	writers	as	well	as	readers.
skills	to	prepare	you	for	further	education,	and	           Tuition	and	fees:	$59
for	careers	using	the	English	language.                     XPE163-106017                     Feb 26-Mar 12
1.6	CEU.	Tuition	and	fees:		$160                            3	sessions	                 Tu	            7-9pm
XES607-106047                   Apr 23-May 16               Roman Griffen, MCCC Instructor
8	sessions	              Tu,Th	            6-8pm
Priya Singh, MCCC Instructor                                Grammar for Speakers of English
                                                            Even though this course is intended for native
Pronouncing American English                                speakers of English, ‘Grammar for Speakers
Is	 English	 your	 second	 language?	 Does	 your	           of English’ is also valuable for ESL students.
accent	 reduce	 your	 ability	 to	 communicate	             Without	 knowing	 grammar,	 you	 cannot	 speak	
effectively	 on	 the	 job,	 in	 school,	 or	 in	 social	    English	 properly.	 	 This	 course	 will	 guide	 you	
situations?	 Improve	 your	 knowledge	 of	
American	English	as	it	is	spoken,	with	instruction	         through	 the	 structures	 and	 rules	 of	 English	
in	 the	 sounds,	 intonation	 and	 stress	 patterns,	       grammar	in	a	friendly,	supportive	environment.
with	 individual	 and	 group	 presentations.	               1.0	CEU	or	10	CPE	hours.	Tuition	and	fees:	$99
Prerequisite: ability to read a newspaper in                XWC110-105918                    Apr 22-May 1
English. Bring to every class: a small mirror,              4	sessions	              M,W	        6:30-9pm
the two required manuals and tape set which                 Effie Pourshahidi, MCCC Instructor
are available in the college bookstore.
2.0	CEU.	Tuition	and	fees:	$195
XES600-106044                      Jan 10-Mar 14
10	sessions	                 Th	      7:30-9:30pm
JoAnn Ficca, M. Ed., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Specialist

            Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883

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