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           PET Packaging for Dairy Industry

PET containers must have distinctive form and color to create product identity and build product recognition on the
store shelves. In addition to the aesthetic reasons for choosing a particular color, functional considerations are of
vital importance: vitamins in dairy products must be protected from the harmful effects of light, and the colors and
additives in the PET container must be homogenously distributed in order to provide maximum protection.

                                  Excellent distribution
                                  Homogenous distribution of the colorant throughout the PET bottle
                                  is an absolute must. Otherwise, both product integrity and aesthetics
                                  will be compromised. Streaks and swirls may appear in the preform,
                                  resulting in high scrap rates during the blowing process, which can lead
                                  to production problems and increased costs.

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                                Preserving vitamins
                                Both natural and artificial light can cause the essential vitamins and nutrients to deteriorate in dairy products.
                                Exposure to light can also adversely affect flavor.

                                                      The severity of these effects depends on the composition of the
                                                      dairy product itself, the intensity, duration and wavelength of
                                                      the light. In the UV and visible spectrum the damage is caused
                                                      by wavelengths up to 550 nm, especially between 380 nm and
                                                      550 nm. Since clear PET bottles only offer protection up to
                                                      320nm, light-absorbing additives and protective colors, most
                                                      often titanium dioxide (TiO2 ), are therefore essential.

                     The graph shows the effectiveness of TiO2 for wavelengths above 380 nm.





Transmission [%]






                     300      320       340         360        380          400       420             440        460         480          500    550
                                                                             Wavelength [nm]

                                                   1.6% TiO2         3.2% TiO2            4.8% TiO2         Uncoloured PET

                                                      Holland:                  Mexico:
                                                      United Kingdom:             Indonesia:
                                                      Hungary:               China:
                                                      USA:                  Japan:
                                      Great colors, great protection
                                      Dairy product packaging should do more than simply protect the product. It should also promote sales with
                                      attractive designs and eye-catching colors.

Holcoprill                                                                    With its specially designed colorants for dairy packaging,
                                                                              Holland Colours has developed a system for coloring PET
                                                                              containers that assures outstanding protection and homogenous
                                                                              color distribution with a range of truly dynamic opaque colors
                                                                              designed specifically for the dairy industry. The protection
                                                                              provided varies from color to color, as indicated on the
                                                                              accompanying graph, and can be supplemented with light-
                                                                              absorbing additives to provide protection for products such as
                                                                              flavored milk and yogurt.

                             Light protection of some colors developed by Holland Colours



     Transmission [%]




                         300           350          400            450       500          550          600         650          700          750
                                                                               Wavelength [nm]

                                                          Light Brown              Red                   Brown

                     Global partner in coloring
                     Holland Colours’ global presence and professional technical service assures trouble-free
                     coloring wherever your production facility is located. Our state of the art color
                     laboratories are equipped with the latest color-matching technology. With its wide
                     range of processing and lab equipment, Holland Colours can support its partners with
                     valuable analytical data to assist in developing higher quality end products.

Holland Colours’ colorants for PET
packaging are functional and dynamic,
helping you build your desired brand
identity. What you get with Holland
Colours is a global sales and service
network providing the highest quality
products and service.

                                           For more information on our line of colorants for
                                           PET dairy packaging, please contact the nearest
                                           Holland Colours location or visit our website:

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