Bert Creemers, L. Kyriakides, D. Demetriou and P. Antoniou by a62nh


									List of powerpoint presentations available

Jo Ann Bamdas, Valerie Bryan and Enid Conley: Participatory Action Research: Adult
Literacy Tutors

Bert Creemers, L. Kyriakides, D. Demetriou and P. Antoniou: A Critical Analysis of the
Dynamic Model of Educational Effectiveness based on a Synthesis of Studies Investigating the
Impact of School Factors on Student Achievement Gains

Larry Decker and Pam Brown: Community Education: A global roundup

Judith Gardiner and Chris Tom: Bringing Together School Effectiveness and

Sue Goodwin: Community Education: An Australian Contemporary Perspective

Alma Harris: Exploring collaborative relationships between schools in Urban contexts.

Alma Harris and Pat Thomson: Leading schools in poor communities: What do we know
and how do we know it?

Leonidas Kyriakides and Bert Creemers: Using Different Approaches to Measure the
School and Teacher Long-term Effect: A Longitudinal Study on Primary Student
Achievement in Mathematics

Leonidas Kyriakides, Bert Creemers, Daniel Muijs, & John Lee: Identifying Components
of Effective Teaching across Countries: The Main Results of the First Phase of the ISTOF

Leonidas Kyriakides & Hans Luyten: Using Different Methodological Approaches and
Criteria to Measure the Effect of Schooling: Implications for the Development of
Educational Effectiveness Research

Shereeza Mohammed and John Pisapia: State Factors Affecting Implementation Planning
of the Scientific Based Research Components of the NCLB Act

Josefina Quintero and Odilia Ramírez Contreras: An Action Research Project with
Beginning Teachers in Colombia South America

LaTefy Schoen Awareness of Socio-cultural Influences on Teachers and the Quest for

Glenn Thomas, Marla Lee-Brady, Ira Bogotch, Dianne Wright, Terry Watson: Innovative
High School to University Acceleration Mechanisms: A Case Study including Policy,
Application and Research Perspectives
G.H. van den Hoven and Louise Stoll: Real educational reform needs a new concept for
change! Towards a fundamental different approach: validating a theory based external
support strategy for educational change!?

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