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									28 October 2003

Trashing fashion for the environment
Fashion on the Field has never been so environmentally conscious, as with the inaugural Zero Waste Cup Fashion Challenge held at Federation Square today. The Challenge witnessed fashion students from Melbourne’s top TAFE colleges go head-to-head in a display of over-the-top skill in creating the ultimate trash fashion outfits for this year’s Spring Racing Carnival. Students had to rummage through recycled waste paper, steel, aluminium, computer discs, fabrics, plastics and other discarded materials to piece together their vision of a racetrack fashion statement. The contest was hosted by Livinia Nixon from Channel Nine's Postcards, who urged on the three teams of student designers. The teams had only two hours to assess the creative potential of materials and find the most outrageous combinations to make up their dazzling Cup ensembles. Although he admits that he is no slave to fashion nor would dare appraise the skills of the teams, CEO of EcoRecycle Victoria, Ian Coles says that, behind the fun of the Challenge, there is a serious environmental message that is relevant to the whole community. "Through the Zero Waste Fashion Challenge we want to help the community, both at home and workplace, to understand the need to avoid and reduce waste. By thinking laterally about the unwanted resources we have the capacity to create new products and devise new uses for what is often considered waste." The Challenge was organised by EcoRecycle Victoria with three teams drawn from Kangan Batman, Gordon Institute and Box Hill TAFEs. The Zero Waste Cup Fashion Challenge is one of a number of events in Zero Waste Week organised by EcoRecycle, the state government agency responsible for encouraging Victorians to avoid and reduce waste. Ends Media Contact: Ian Williams, PALACE: 9696 1600 or 0412 543 543 Visit: www.ecorecycle.vic.gov.au

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