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					                                                                             Growing Together
March 2013 Update

                                                                             Monthly Newsletter for Columbia University’s
                                                                             Manhattanville in West Harlem Development

                                 olumbia’s long-term plan for the old Manhattanville manufacturing area will revitalize the four former industrial
                                 blocks from 125th/129th to 133rd Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue, and three small blocks along the east
                                 side of Broadway from 131st to 134th Street, into an environmentally sustainable and publicly accessible center for
                                 academic and civic life woven into the fabric of the West Harlem community.

                    Project Scope                                                           What to Expect
                    The initial phase of development will include the Jerome L. Greene      Although contractors carefully stage construction activities to
                    Science Center, the Lenfest Center for the Arts, a new home for the     minimize disruption to the surrounding community, the nature of
                    Columbia Business School, and an academic conference center.            construction work is such that some disruptions will occur. The
                    Later phases will emphasize interdisciplinary scholarship, including    community should expect the following in the coming months:
                    biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, systems biology, and
                    urban and population studies, as well as housing for graduate            Regular work hours are 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday.
                    students and faculty.
                                                                                                       Additional work hours, until 10pm on weekdays, may be
                    Current Construction Activity                                                       required to complete concrete pours that began during
                                                                                                        regular work hours. These extended work hours could
                    Abatement and Demolition
                    Abatement and demolition is ongoing at select vacant University-                    occur several times a week (Monday-Friday). Weekend
                    owned buildings within the blocks bordered by 12th Avenue, West                     work may be performed this month.
                    132nd Street, Broadway and West 129th Street.                            Closure of certain traffic lanes, parking lanes, sidewalks and
                                                                                              crosswalks, including:
                    Slurry Wall and Foundation
                    We are currently in Phases 1A and 2 of the project, which include                  West 129th Street: One westbound traffic lane and the
                    excavation, slurry wall (concrete perimeter wall), and foundation                   south sidewalk will be maintained during this phase of
                    (part of the structural system that supports the buildings)                         the work. Sidewalk will be closed.
                    geotechnical borings, and utility relocation on the blocks bounded by              West 130th Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue
                    West 130th Street , 12th Avenue, and West 125th/129th Street,                       re-opened to vehicles and pedestrians. One eastbound
                    west of Broadway.                                                                   traffic lane and the north sidewalk are opened.
                     Phase 1A: Completed the installation of 62 slurry wall panels.
                                                                                                       West 131st Street: fully closed to vehicles and
                     Phase 2: 118 slurry wall panels will be installed.
                                                                                                        pedestrians as of January 2013 for slurry wall work on
                                                                                                        131st Street, from Broadway to a point approximately
                                                                                                        400’ west of Broadway. No parking zones in effect in
                                                                                                        this area.
                                                                                            More specific information about construction impacts can be found
                                                                                            in our weekly construction updates at
                                                                                            Please note that construction activities are subject to change based
                                                                                            on field conditions. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of
                                                                                            everyone who is temporarily inconvenienced by these projects.

                    March 2013 Update
Spotlight: Kevin Thomas                                                     Jobs and Opportunities
                                                                            Employment Opportunities
                                                                            Job opportunities are currently limited as we are in the initial phases
                                                                            of our vision. Major trade unions working on the site currently
                                                                            include Laborers (locals 731, 78 and 79), Operating Engineers
                                                                            (locals 14 and 15) and Dock builders (local 1456). As the project
                                                                            progresses, we expect additional opportunities for people with a
                                                                            wide range of skills and experience in the coming years.

Who He Is: Harlem native Kevin Thomas, is a General Foreman and We are working with our construction partner McKissack &
1 of 4 site safety managers at the Manhattanville development for           McKissack to assist those interested in employment with
Lend Lease, the construction manager for this phase of the project.         construction firms currently working at Columbia. For more
Years at Lend Lease: 27. He has worked at the Manhattanville                information, please contact McKissack’s Office of Community
development since October 2010.                                             Employment at 646-276-0979.
What He Does: Kevin is part of a team responsible for worker safety
for the Manhattanville development. “This project truly emphasizes          Bidding Opportunities
clean construction and safety. My role is to help ensure safety on          If you are interested in construction contracting opportunities, visit
and around the Manhattanville site.” On the site, Kevin ensures the for upcoming bid opportunities.
use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as goggles,
hardhats, and construction boots. “We emphasize safety during               Newsletter & Updates Distribution
orientation for new construction workers and at our daily morning
huddles for all workers to discuss scope of work for the day and            This newsletter and our weekly construction updates will be available
specific safety hazards to be mindful of.”                                  on the web at and at various
Best Part of Job: The relationships he is able to build with his team       locations at the project site and throughout the Manhattanville area.
at Lend Lease and Columbia. He also takes pride in seeing the
progress on the site. “We are working to safely turn visions into
realities—that is extremely rewarding. It is like seeing a rough rock
                                                                            Contact Information
slowly transform into a diamond before your eyes.”                          Should you have questions about construction activity, call the
Previous Experience: Thomas was a Sergeant First Class in the U.S Columbia Facilities Services Center at (212) 854-2222, 24 hours a
Army. He joined the Lend Lease team 27 years ago. Prior to joining          day, 7 days a week, or e-mail For more project
the Manhattanville development, Thomas worked at Ground Zero                information and to sign-up for our e-mail updates visit
and several residential buildings in the community. “I was born and
raised in Harlem. Much of my family still resides in this community.
I am extremely excited to be part of this project.”
Most Memorable Moment: “The day the first slurry wall panel was
poured. For me, the magnitude of the panel symbolizes the
foundation of this great project.”
Hurricane Sandy: Thomas and other Lend Lease employees worked
with Columbia’s Public Safety and Manhattanville Development
Project Team to safeguard the site. Throughout the storm, they fixed
fences, nailed-down loose materials, tied equipment, maintained
scaffold bridges. “We were able to maintain the safety integrity of
the site because we live locally. All bridges and tunnels were closed;
however, we were able to come to work and secure the site.”
Other Thoughts: “This project has one of the best safety ratings for
projects of this size. This is due to much planning, preparation, and         Illustrative Site Map for
execution on behalf of Lend Lease and Columbia. We want everyone              Phase 1A Foundations
on contributing to this project to return to their families safely at the     and Phase 2 Slurry Wall
end of the day. ”

                   LEED ND Stage 1 Platinum Certified Plan

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