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					                     More Limerick Examples

I'd rather have fingers than toes            Roses can sometimes be red
I prefer having eyes to a nose               And violets are generally blue
And as for my hair                           For it's not in the rhyming
I'm glad its all there                       But all in the timing
I'll be terribly sad when it goes!           That makes a dumb Limerick true
—Dugald Gonsal

There was a young lady one fall              There was an old man of Peru,
Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball.        Who dreamt he was kissing his shoe.
The dress caught fire                        He woke in the night
And burned her entire                        In a terrible fright
Front page, sporting section and all.        And found it was perfectly true.
                                                             --Kathy Ewing

There once was a lady named Lynn             A young man whose fad was pajamas,
Who was so uncommonly thin,                  Wore a suit made of wool from the
That when she assayed                        llamas;
To drink lemonade,                           The unmanly effect
She slipped through the straw and fell in!   Made people suspect
                                             That the outfit was really his mama's
                                                              --Kathy Ewing

                                             There once was a man named Hall
                                             Who died in the spring in the fall.
                                             'Twould have been a sad thing
                                             Had he died in the spring
                                             But he didn't, he died in the fall.
                                                            --Bill Pellow

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