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					FATS® M7 Next Generation Virtual Training System
Meggitt Training Systems, the leader in virtual and live fire training, introduces a revolutionary portable simulation system
that makes judgmental and marksmanship training more accessible than any system on the market.

The flexibility, advanced features and authoring tools of the FATS® M7
allows the training instructors to continuously adapt training courseware to
meet ever changing training needs. Integrated authoring tools are provided
for instructor creation of new marksmanship training courses. MTSI includes
a built-in Video Authoring Station that supports customer creation of new
video scenarios.

Easy to transport
        Caster mounted case for ease of movement
        Four carrying handles for ease of lifting
        Housed in a durable, mil-spec, portable, self-contained case

Easy to setup
        Self-contained system is ready for use as is, or installed as a
        ceiling mounted unit
        Controlled via a wireless touch screen tablet PC
        Portable design allows for easy transport
                                                                               The FATS® M7 can be operated from within the
                                                                               case for quick and easy plug and play training.
Easy to operate
        User friendly graphical interface allows for intuitive operation and
         reduces instructor training time
        Supports wireless BlueFire®, tethered, and Dvorak weapons
        Simplified lanes authoring courseware allows instructors to author
        their own marksmanship training course, while the integrated video authoring
        capability supports customer creation of video training scenarios and branches
Technical specifications:

        External dimensions: 36” L x 26.75” W x 27.75” H
        (storage case configuration)
        24” L x 17.5” W x 12” H (system only; removed from case)
        Shock mount (8 each)
        Material: molded resilient polyethylene
        Rack frame material: lightweight, heat-treated aluminum,
        EIA standard
        4 lid locks with compound hinge system allow lid to swing out
        270 degrees and rest on its side or be easily removed
        2 lifting handles per side
        4” slide in/out locking swivel casters rated at 1200 lbs.
        Pressure relief valve (MIL-STD-648C)
        1080p capable widescreen projector
        8 port weapons control box supports system controlled and       The FATS® M7 is self-contained in a shock-proof, mil-spec,
        BlueFire® weapons                                               rolling case for portability and secure storage.
        Built-in ceiling mount bracket (included)
        Weight: 166 lbs (with mil-spec case); 48 lbs (system only)
        Integrated case houses and protects system and accessories
        Power 110v or 220v at 50Hzs to 60 Hzs
        One year original manufacturer’s warranty

Accessories (included)
       Wireless touch screen laptop
       2 self-powered speakers
       Bluetooth® wireless mouse and keyboard
       Integrated ceiling mount bracket
       16:9 Screen (144” W x 84” H)
        Integrated video authoring capability                                 The FATS® M7 can be quickly removed from the
                                                                              storage case for use in a smaller footprint.
Available options
        Lookback camera/video recording kit
        Flashlight kit
        Hostile fire simulator
        Extended warranty

Included HD courseware (partial listing only)
       Airport and Checkpoint Security #DVD0205-03
       Anti-Terrorist #DVD0208-03
       Hospital and Campus Security #DVD0207-03
       In Custody (Disk 1) #DVD0167-03
       In Custody (Disk 2) #DVD0199-03                                        The FATS® M7 Training System can also be installed
       Military Security (Disk 1) #DVD0216-03                                 as a ceiling mounted unit.
       Military Security (Disk 2) #DVD0217-03
       Officer Down #DVD0193-03
       Officer Involved Shooting #DVD0218-03
       School and Workplace Violence #DVD0184-03                                                     Meggitt Training Systems, Inc
       SWAT (Disk 2) #DVD0194-03                                                                                 296 Brogdon Road
       Vehicle Stops #DVD0206-03                                                                               Suwanee, GA 30024
       VIP Protection #DVE0204-03                                                                           Phone: +1 678 288 1090
                                                                                                Toll free in the US: 1 800 813 9046
FATSM70112                                                                                                    Fax: +1 678 288 1515

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