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					                                                                Apps for iPad
                                                 Great way to find the latest bargains on apps in the App Store, tracking app prices overtime, create
App Shopper                          FREE        wish lists, etc.

                                                 Tips for iPad is a must have app that will greatly enhance your iPad usage and productivity. It is full
Tips for iPad                        FREE        of useful tips and tricks and the graphics and user interface make the learning easy and fun.

                                        $4.99 Like this one the best!!!! Allows you take and keep attendance records.
TeacherPal                           FREE     Geared toward elementary classes.

Teacher's Attache                           2.99 Designed with college classes in mind. First day of class, crashed…may have improved since then.

Calendars and Organization
                                               Turn your iPad into an external drive with Air Sharing HD. Air Sharing HD mounts your iPad as a
                                               wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same Wi-Fi network), or connect from
                                               any web browser. It also can be connected to variety of servers including mail, FTP & secure FTP,
                                               secure HTTPS, SSH (SFTP), Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere (WebAdvanced),, and
Air Sharing Pro                                other WebDAV servers. Transfer any kind of files and you can view, share and even print Microsoft
                                         $9.99 documents & PDFs.
Awesome Note HD                                Awesome note allows you to write notes freely or manage your todos. May opt for post-it note
(+Todo/Diary/Journal)                $         style for upcoming events. Breaks calendars into categories.

                                                Manage contacts and club members, coordinate projects and parties – even track vet bills and
                                                vehicle maintenance in one, easy-to-use application. Bento® for iPhone is the portable version of
Bento                                    $4.99 the popular personal database from FileMaker® that’s as easy to use as your iPhone or iPad!
Desktop                                   11.99 Allows the iPad multi-tasking.
                                                The eBOARD Meetings app will enable board memebers, staff and public access to meeting agendas
eBoard Meetings (education)          FREE       and packets natively on the iPad.
Calendars - Google Calendar Client         4.99
                                     FREE and
                                     paid       Calendar and organizer. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Avaiable for Mac products as well as smart
Cozi                                 version    phones.
                  FREE and
                  paid       HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR STUDENTS! This allows students to organize all of their assignments,
inClass           version    prioritize them, etc.
                             Somehow, Apple has never thought a fully-functional to-do application was necessary, so it only
                             offers a basic list with its iCal and Mail apps. But if you need to connect to-do items to specific days
                             and schedule events, you need this powerful and easy app.
Things for iPad        19.99

                              is an offline dictionary for your iPad—no internet connection is required to view over 1,000,000
                              definitions and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. Get audio pronunciations, Word of the Day,    FREE        example sentences, and similarly spelled words.
                              turns your speech into text, and is incredibly accurate. Simply speak into the iPad, and Dragon’s
                              speech recognition software will turn it into text that you can put into an email, SMS text message,
DragonDictation   FREE        notes, etc.

                              Dropbox iPad app gives you full access your Dropbox from your iPad, including your photos, videos,
                              and documents. It helps you sync and share your files online and even across computers (multiple
                              platforms). Dropbox is not just an iPad app, Dropbox is a cloud storage and file syncing service. As
                              long as you are connected via 3G or WiFi, Dropbox instantly allows you to view your files on the go.
DropBox           FREE        This iPad app is free to download at iTunes.

                              is a memory and notetaking tool that syncs data to your desktop and iPhone as well. Powerful
Evernote          FREE        search features. Record voice memos. Identify text in pictures and make it searchable.

                              IM+ Pro is a great app that supports most of popular online chat/instant messengers in a single app,
                              including GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Jabber and Skype chat. The
                              app also support Apple Push Notifications where you will get notified when you receive a new IM or
                              when certain contact comes online (customizable) in all supported networks up to certain duration
                              after closing the application. Furthermore, the app has a built-in web browser where you can surf
                              the web and chat at the same time. IM+ Pro has good clean interface design and you can even
                              change the theme and wallpaper as well. If the app is bit pricey for you, you still can get a Lite
                              version of IM+ at iTunes with ad supported, Push session limit reduced and missing Skype chat
IM+ Pro                  9.99 support too.
                                      iTranslator is a simple and handy application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you translate
                                      any text using either Google Translate, Babel Fish, or Free Translation.This application requires
iTranslator                           connectivity to the internet to work.
neu.Notes                  FREE       Paid version available. Take notes and draw on your iPad.

                                     Note Taker HD is a great app for those who loves taking down the notes while on meetings, classes
                                     or even during a seminar. The app actually allows you to take down the notes on your iPad in a
                                     handwriting style by using your finger or a stylus rather than using virtual iPad’s keyboard. It also
                                     allows you to zoom in and out on a page while viewing or editing, and there is also “Edit 2″ editing
                                     window that will split the workspace into two areas (zoomed-out overview and close-up writing
                                     area), so you can write better. If it happens you made a mistake, you can use an eraser tool or use
                                     the undo & redo options for you to fix the mistake you made with ease. Moreover, you can also
                                     export your notes as multi-page PDF or a single-page JPEG to share it with anyone. In a nutshell, the
Note Taker                      4.99 app is great and it is well-worth of its price.
PDF HD                               Read PDF documents, books and magazines.
pdf-notes                  FREE      Manage all of the pdf files on your iPad. (Paid version is available.)
                                     Introducing Speak it! 2, the most advanced text to speech solution in the App Store! Speak it is now
                                     redesigned and fully compatible with the iPad. Introductory pricing for iPad launch, download
Speak it! Text to Speech        1.99 today! download today!
Encyclopedias et. Al.

                                                  turns Wikipedia into a magazine and experience the online encyclopedia like never before. See the
                                                  article of the day as the cover. Shake to see a new cover. Search for articles. View your history.
                                                  Supports landscape and portrait mode. We recommending changing the font settings for better
                                                  readability and font justification (must go into the iPhone’s Settings app and then scrolling down to
Discover-Wikipedia in a Magazine      FREE        the Discover app’s settings. We recommend extra small font size and New Times Roman).

                                                  Discover is powered by Cooliris and serves as a free encyclopedia on the iPad. You can search for
                                                  any topic in the search and choose from a list of search results. The search results come back in a
                                                  library format and the search result you choose to review is rendered in an easy to read
                                                  Encyclopedia format, complete with photographs, diagrams, statistics and all manner of useful
                                                  information. This is a great educational app.

                                                  Read more at Suite101: Useful Free iPad Apps for Education
Discover                              FREE

eReaders/eBooks & Textbooks
                                                  Compares prices of books across many online stores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
                                                  Once you find a price you like you can make the purchase from within the BookBargain app,
Book Bargain                                      too.
CampusBooks for iPad                  FREE        Connects you with the best deals on textbooks.
Ebook Reader                          FREE
eReader                               FREE
                                                NOTE: Must have internet access. E-Textbooks save you the pain of lugging heavy books across
                                                campus. The eTextbook app from CourseSmart gives students access to 90 percent of common
                                                college textbooks. The iBooks app from Apple Inc. also has textbooks, but may be a better source
                                                for books for your lit class and reading for pleasure. Both apps are free, but users must purchase
eTextbooks for the iPad (CourseSmart) FREE      books.
Free Books                            FREE      Classics. Instructors can create "bookshelves" by class.
                                                The iPad is ideal for reading, and GoodReader is the best way to read any type of document.
GoodReader                                 0.99 Wirelessly transfer Office, PDF, or text documents and read them with a full
                                             Discover the joy of reading all over again with the free iBooks app from the app store (iTunes). The
                                             iBooks app opens a beautiful bookshelf and reading on iPad is so much like reading on a paper book,
                                             you hold your iPad and even flip through pages just like a book. The app also has a built-in English
                                             dictionary where you can find the meaning of the words that you are unfamiliar with. It also auto-
                                             adjust for the different lightning conditions or you can manually set the screen brightness yourself. If
                                             you turn your iPad to landscape, you will see two pages side-by-side. Furthermore, there is also
                                             iBooks store for you to browse, shop and discover new and classic books anytime you want. The app
iBooks                            FREE       is simply amazing for you to get it at iTunes for free.
                                  Pay per
                                  (App is    (NOTE: Not overly impressed with this one.) Inkling is a McGraw-Hill app. It is a platform for
Inkling                           free)      interactive textbooks, built from the ground up for iPad.
                                             gives you access to all of your Amazon Kindle ebooks on the iPad. Take advantage of Amazon’s
                                             larger ebook catalogue as well as hundreds of thousands of free books. Synch your books across
Kindle                            FREE       your Kindle, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
                                             Students may purchase and organize textbooks with this app. Designer claims that books are 30-
Kno (textbooks)                   FREE       50% off the list price.

                                             The opening screen brings the user to the Library, which houses all of the users purchased e-books.
                                             The opening screen also gives the user the option of navigating to the Kobo store to purchase more
                                             e-books or to review the books that are currently being read. Kobo also enables the reader to
                                             bookmark, review the Table of contents and switch to a night reading mode (very useful). Kobo has
                                             a great selection of e-books available to purchase.

                                            Read more at Suite101: Useful Free iPad Apps for Education
Kobo                              FREE
Nook                              FREE      Barnes and Noble app.
                                            This iPad app is fully optimized and made specially just for the iPad, it is just a great PDF reader for
                                            your iPad. You can easily transfer any of your PDF files or even download directly from a website to
                                            your iPad. With the size of an iPad, reading PDF documents with this app is simply amazing. You can
                                            even jump to any pages, search for any words, bookmark a page and many more cool features you
                                            will love. Furthermore, you are able to transfer all PDF files by using the USB sharing feature. Since
                                            nowadays, lot of files are in PDF format, this iPad app will work just great for you to read the PDF
PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad        3.99 documents.
History & Political Science
                                                 This treasure trove features every presidential inaugural address, the Consittution, as well as audio
                                                 and video recordings of speeches throughout history. At last count, this app had 485 documents,
American Dream Speeches and Documents       1.99 and counting.
                                                 This application gives you detailed information (Flag, Current ruler, Area, Population,
                                                 Capital, Largest cities, Languages, Ethnicity/race, Religion, Literacy rate, Economy,
                                                 Government) for all the Countries of the World.
                                                 This app features 40,000 works of art from over 1,000 of history's greatest artists organized into 8
Art Authority for iPad                      9.99 period-specific rooms.

                                               This app features over 1,000 high-res pohotos, more than an hour of multimedia presentations, over
                                               100 authentic maps, dozens of first-hand accounts, and numerous text articles and biographies
Civil War: America's Epic Struggle        4.99 providing instantaneous access to ifnormation on every aspect of the Civil War.
Constitution for iPad                FREE      This is the single-most important document in US history and it's free!
                                               The latest news analysis and commentary from the Council on Foreign Relations’ website now
Council on Foreign Relations:        FREE      available on the go for the iPhone and iPod touch.
                                               Have you ever been riding down the road and saw a historical marker, but couldn't read it because
                                               you were going too fast? With this app, you can locate the historical markers in your area and read
Historical Markers                        0.99 their descriptions without having to stop traffic.
                                               This learning game has players put together a series of jumbled events into the correct sequence.
                                               There is alos a multiplayer mode for up to 6 iPad owners which has them collaborate to put the
History Line                         FREE      timeline together.

                                                 A wonderful collection of high-resolution maps from different eras and historical events. You can
History: Maps of the World           FREE        zoom in (using pinch gestures) to see more details in the maps. Displays the source about each map.
iSource MLA                          FREE
                                                 The folks at Life have brought one of their best photo books ot the iPad. With over 100 photos for
                                                 50 different sites, this is a definitive app for "travelling" around the world to place like Easter Island,
Life Wonders of the World                   9.99 the Acropolis, the Grand Canyon, etc.

                                                 The National Gallery in London hosts one of the largest collections of European painting. For a small
                                                 price, you can have load more than 250 paintings onto you iPhone. Includes paintings by Leonardo,
Love Art                             FREE        Rembrandt, Botticelli, Renoir and Van Gogh. Also includes audio commentary.
                                                    The famed Parisian museum offers a virtual tour of its galleries, including famed works by Leonardo
Musee de Louvre                                     da Vinci and Michelangelo. You can also get an up-close view of the crown jewels. No need to fly to
                                        FREE        the other side of the world to get a look at these cultural treasures!

                                                    Easy-to-use, feature packed, and containing the world’s best maps, the National Geographic World
National Geographic World Atlas                1.99 Atlas enables you to browse, search, and zoom detailed maps of the globe.
                                                    This app comes with 250 trivia questions, is OpenFeint compatible, and allows you to share yoru
Pocket Trivia: US History                      0.99 scores on Facebook.
                                                    A must-own collection teaching the principles of fuctioning of governments, rulers, constitutions
                                                    and the art of ruling. The app currently features 18 works from the likes of Hobbes, Locke, Marx,
Politics Classics HD                           1.99 and Machiavelli, just to name a few.
                                                    Get information about all 50 US states - facts and descriptions. Get info about the USA - state
                                                    names, US highways, topographical map, and more.
USA Factbook Free

                                                    With this app, you can explore the westward expansion of US history in the 1800s. Using interactive
                                                    maps, scrollable timelines, and trivia questions, you can journey of the Lewis Clark Expedition and
Westward Expansion                      FREE        learn about the causes and effects of the westward expansion.
                                                    An interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events for the current day or any selected
                                                    day, along with related media such as photos, illustrations, music, and speeches. Background text
World Book - This Day in History (for               that appears for each event concentrates on interesting aspects that you might not know. Each
iPad)                                               event also has at least one picture for every event, so you can experience the people and places
                                        FREE        making each day in history famous.

                                                    Get a taste of European history and architecture with a large selection of Europe's most amazing
                                                    and impressive castles and castle ruing in HD, from regions all over the continent: castles from
World Castles                                  0.99 Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Souther Europe, Scandinavia and the north.

                                                    A flash card app that teaches you cool facts about the historical line of American presidents.

                                                    Given the iPhone’s capacity for audio and visual learning, it’s no surprise that many of the most
                                                    popular education apps focus on language learning.
USA Presidents:                         FREE

Internet Browsers
Atomic Web Browser Lite        FREE
Firefox Home                   FREE


                                         Mobile Air Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into an in air, wireless remote for
                                         your computer! Sit back and use this remote to surf the web, browse your photo library or control
                                         your music player from the comfort of your couch. Mobile Air Mouse uses the built in accelerometer
Air Mouse Pro                       1.99 to translate your hand motions into mouse movements
                                         Makes your iPad into a SmartBoard…so to speak. If you can project your iPad, this is a very useful
Educreations                   FREE      app.
Expedition - VGA, Compisite,             Allows iPad to work with a projector. Displays web pages from the ipad to a VGA-out or projector.
Component Out Web Browser           0.99 (Mixed reviews.)

GWLite                         FREE         Will allow you to receive emails and read them, but you can not send them using the free version.
GWMail                         price varies
                                            HIGHLY Recommend. Allows access to Utunes video and podcasts. These are lectures that have
iTunesU                                     been posted by various professors.

                                                   Enter Whiteboard HD, a new app from a company named Avici. Simply put, Whiteboard HD is a
                                                   powerful visualization, collaboration and learning tool for the iPad.

                                                   What this app does is to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard that you can use during
                                                   corporate meetings, working group sessions, classroom activities, for professional coaches and
                                                   practically any activity that needs a whiteboard to demonstrate a process flow, diagrams, or
                                                   even a simple sketch of an object in the case of an artist.
Multitouch Whiteboard                 1.99
TAO                                                Tranlation app.


                                             Many people frustrated that iPad does not support many video formats, especially the most popular
                                             one (Xvid AVI), but now you can! CineXPlayer iPad app is the solution to save the day. With this app,
                                             you can transfer Xvid movies to your iPad instantly (via iTunes) with no conversion needed,
                                             CineXPlayer simplifies the process. Just import the video files and play them in the app. Now you
                                             can watch your movies anytime and anywhere even when you don’t have an Internet access, the
CineXPlayer                    FREE          app is free for you to download at iTunes.
                                 turns content sources like Facebook, Twitter, and other news streams into a magazine. Cool
                                 graphics and animations makes any content seem cutting edge. Has to be experienced to be truly
Flipboard            FREE        appreciated.
                                 streaming music app that has been our favorite iPhone music app for a long time. The app learns
                                 your musical likes and dislikes and slowly improves the quality of the music served over time.
                                 Bookmark songs for later purchase, identify favorite artists, block artists you don’t like. Features
Pandora              FREE        album art, artist info, and lyrics.

                                 Photobucket iPad app basically works just like the same as you can do at Photobucket website. But
                                 it will be great for you to save some of your iPad space by storing your media on Photobucket. You
                                 can directly upload your media to Photobucket just from your iPad. Besides, you can easily search
Photobucket          FREE        out for photos shared and download images to your iPad, and even turn it into your wallpaper.

                                 Great photo editing program that re-designed for the iPad, editing images with Photogene for iPad
                                 is simply pleasurable. If you are into photography or just like to do the simple photo editing work,
                                 this app is great for you. The app provides tons of photo editing features with different major sets
                                 that are easy and intuitive to use. You are also able to upload your edited images directly to Twitter,
                                 Facebook, Flickr, FTP server, mail it, or simply save it to your iPad’s photo gallery. The fact,
Photogene for iPad          3.99 Photogene also was one of the top selling photography apps for the iPhone.

                                 Present boasts 60 presentation tips in a Tapstack format. You simply swipe the current card to move
                                 on to the next card, shake the iPad to assertain which card number in the stack you are currently
                                 reviewing. This app has great presentation tips and best of all, it is free!

                                 Read more at Suite101: Useful Free iPad Apps for Education

Memory Utilization

                                 Don’t be limited by your iPad’s storage size. With the amazingly free SugarSync you can access all of
Sugar Sync           FREE        your files at any time. You can even use it to stream audio files kept on another computer.

ABC News for iPad    FREE        The ABC News interactive globe gives you a new way to diver deeper into world news.
                                  offers BBC’s news coverage in an iPad-optimized format. Access news divided up into categories
BBC News              FREE        (business, technology, entertainment, sport, etc) as well as access videos and audio.
                                  Share and comment on news and insights, watch live and breaking news video, and take yourself
CNN App for iPad      FREE        deeper in the stories…
                                  is like Google News in an app. It gathers the day’s top stories from major news sources into an easy
                                  to scan list and makes them available for offline reading. Simple and quick. My favorite way to scan
Fluent News Reader    FREE        the day’s major news stories.
                                  One of only 50 apps in the App Store Hall of Fame. Pulse takes your favorite websites and
                                  transforms them into a colroful and interactive mosaic. Tap on a n article to see a clean and elegant
                                  view of the news story. Save stories for reading later acorss all platforms or sync them with
Pulse News for iPad   FREE        Instapaper, Read it Later and Evernote.

                                  From the description of the app: “ helps intelligent, engaged audiences get smart. Our users                           find, enjoy, and share videos about the people, issues, and ideas changing the world.” This free app
                      FREE        allows users to download smart videos of leading scholars talking about the issues.

                                  Even if your campus has Wi-Fi everywhere, that doesn't mean that you won't ever leave campus.
                                  Instapaper Pro makes it so that even if you don't have a constant Wi-Fi connection, you can have
                                  constant access to articles and news posts that you enjoy. With Instapaper Pro, you can surf the
                                  web casually, and when you come across longer articles that interest you, save them to your iPad
                                  for later offline reading. This app received a 5-star review from 148apps and now has iPad
Instapaper Pro.              4.99 compatibility, making excellent use of the increased real estate.

                                  gives you access to all of NPR’s audio offerings in a cool magazine style format. Create your own
                                  NPR playlist within the app. Access hourly news podcasts. Find and listen to local NPR stations from
NPR for iPad          FREE        across the country. All in an experience designed exclusively for the iPad.
                                  Watch the most popular and current PBS program free and with minimal interruption. Features
                                  more than 300 videos--including full-length episodes, segments and preview with new content
PBS for iPad          FREE        updated daily.
Reuters News Pro      FREE        Most highly recommended news site.
                                              SkyGrid is great for zeitgeist junkie out there, it provides you with the latest news, what’s hot right
                                              now from different topics for you to discover and share exciting new things across the Internet.
                                              SkyGrid iPad app acts as a news aggregator for the specified category, it pulls the RSS feeds from all
                                              over the Internet. Some example of generic categories in this app; Science & Tech, Entertainment,
                                              Sports and Business. Yet you can also go further into specific categories such as Basketball, Golf,
                                              Mobile, Gadgets, Music and much more you will love. However you are not restricted to these
                                              categories, you can use the search tool to find any subject of your choice. Furthermore you are also
                                              able to share the articles to your friends via Email, Facebook or Twitter within this app. The app is
SkyGrid                                       simply amazing, it is free for you to get it at iTunes.

                                              helps you discover great web content using a recommendation engine powered by 10+ million
StumbleUpon                     FREE          fellow users. Enter your favorite topics, and then have great content served up to you.

Slideshark                      FREE          App is free. However, you have to by "space" or memory.
                                              3DMedical Images and 3D Brain are two amazing free apps that take the user right inside the
3D Brain                        FREE          human body and inside the human brain! The graphics are exceptional!
3d CellStain
APA Journals for iPad
Brain Baseline
Brain Challenge HD                     2.99
Brain Tutor                     FREE
Brainwave Tuner                    $3.99 Interesting app that supposedly works with brain wave frequencies.

                                              This version of Dream Psychology for iPad is optimized for the iPad, meaning that you can enjoy the
                                              full Dream Psychology for iPad experience on the big screen.

                                            Dream Psychology for iPad. "Dream psychology is the key to Freud's works and to all modern
                                            psychology. With a simple, compact manual such as Dream Psychology there shall be no longer any
                                            excuse for ignorance of the most revolutionary psychological system of modern times."
                                            Features include quick navigation from chapter to chapter and multiple bookmarking.
Dream Psychology for iPad 1.0          0.99 No internet connection necessary.
                                                Study psychology right on your iPhone or iTouch with this psychology study tool. The app covers a
                                                wide variety of topics in psychology including memory, conditioning and personality. In addition to
                                                exploring the study sets on various topics, you can also search for information on psychology
Freud - Dream Psychology & Theory of Sex HD4.99 vocabulary and key figures in psychology history.
                                                This is a fabulous Encyclopedia to learn the 5 senses, it has been thoroughly studied each item with
                                                complete text, graphics and photographs.
HD 5 Senses                                0.99
                                                HD System Nervous is a useful compilation of issues related to the human nerves, motor and
                                                sensory, central and peripheral system, its development, structure and functioning, Including
                                                detailed concepts about its parts in the human body.
HD System Nervous                          0.99
Illusion or iPad
                                                Ever wonder what a psychologist would say about your personality? Now you can know without
InkBlot Personality Test HD                0.99 shelling out the big bills with InkBlot Personality Test!

                                                  Read more at Suite101: Useful Free iPad Apps for Education
iSource APA                           FREE
                                                  This psychology iPhone app from Signal Patterns uses the principles of positive psychology to help
                                                  uses develop life-affirming habits. Based on the work of positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky,
                                                  the app can be used to develop new habits that can make you happier, healthier and more resilient.
                                                  You can read more about this app in this review from's Guide to Stress Management,
Live Happy                                   9.99 Elizabeth Scott.
Mental Case
Micromedex Drug Information           FREE
Mind Games

                                                  This version of Sigmund Freud’s Dream Psychology HD is optimized for the iPad, meaning that you
                                                  can enjoy the full Sigmund Freud’s Dream Psychology HD experience on the big screen.

                                                  A fantastic introduction to dream psychoanalysis by the father of modern psychology Dr Sigmund
                                                  Freud.This special enhanced iPad version contains the following features:
                                                  • Choice of text size
                                                  • Chapter selection
                                                  • Remembers last viewed chapter
Sigmund Freud's Dream Psychology HD FREE
Smart Test Lite              FREE
Speed Brain                         0.99
Stroop Effect
Verbally                                   Great for working with young children or exceptional children.


                                           Culture GPS is helpful for anyone who works in cross cultural settings. This app is based upon the
                                           amazing book "Cultural Intelligence". It is a free app that uses the 5D model developed in the book.
                                           The user can look up almost any country in the world and gain a general understanding of the
                                           cultural mores of that particular country. The five areas reviewed by this app are: Power Distance
                                           Index, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation.

                                           Read more at Suite101: Useful Free iPad Apps for Education
Culture GPS                  FREE

                                           Get yourself ready for an endless visual journey on your iPad, great iPad app especially when you
                                           are into photography or traveling. This app was developed in cooperation with the UNESCO World
                                           Heritage Centre, it gives you huge collection of quality photos from various landmarks across the
                                           world. With Fotopedia Heritage, you can find great travel destinations and learn about certain parts
                                           of the globe. Now, you can discover the world by just with a flick of your finger. The app is truly
Footpedia Heritage           FREE          amazing and you can get it at iTunes for free.
                                           lets you explorer the world with your fingers. View geolocated Wikipedia articles and photos. Search
Google Earth                 FREE          for places and businesses using Google local search.
                                           This free iPhone app from the Museum of London overlays 400 years of historic images on today’s
StreetMuseum:                FREE          city streets. Not available for download in the US. Pity.

Word Processing & Printing
iDo Notepad                  FREE        O.K. for notetaking.
Noteshelf                           4.99 Noteshelf let's you take "handwritten" notes.

                                         Numbers is the spreadsheet version of Pages, with the same compatibility and feature list offered
                                         with its word processing counterpart. It makes creating spreadsheets on the go simple and effective.
Numbers                             9.99 Numbers offers exporting compatibility with Numbers '09 for the Mac, Microsoft Excel, and PDF.
                                 The main threat to Apple's office apps on the iPad is Office2 Pro, which lets you work with
                                 document formats that you're already used to. Use it for Word, Excel, and Google Docs files, and
Office 2 Pro                7.99 access your MobileMe iDisk account.
                                 With Pages, Apple has created an extremely powerful word processing application on a mobile
                                 device. Containing Templates, advanced layout tools, and easy-to-use touch commands, Pages
                                 makes putting together papers easy and efficient. Pages also offers the ability to export documents
                                 to Pages '09 for the Mac, Microsoft Word, or PDF, ensuring compatibility regardless of what your
Pages                       9.99 specific campus uses.
                                 The one thing everyone is griping about with the iPad is the lack of printer support. Who wants to e-
                                 mail documents every time? PrintCentral adds the printing functionality that should have been
Print Central               9.99 there from the beginning.

Print Magic HD                   Print directly from your iPad. Redesigned UI for the iPad, additional functionality, including use of
                            7.99 the full iPad screen for higher resolution printing. Print "Copied" material from Pages & Numbers!
                                 A mini-office suite that allows someone to edit Word files that can be easily stored and send via
Quick Office HD            24.99 dropbox.

                                 WritePad lets you take notes in your own handwriting with an iPad stylus pen or even your finger.
WritePad for iPad                The state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software will adapt and learn your style of writing. You
                            9.99 can use simple gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, and insert special characters.
UPAD Lite           FREE                Allows you to take handwritten notes on your iPad.

               App is free
               hip is      One member can be accessed via your computer, iPhone, iPad, TV, etc. Great documentaries for
Netflix        required) psych., soc, ant., poli sci and his. Classes.
Open Culture               Users of this free app have access to educational and video collections, including audio books,
               FREE        podcasts, open courses, and more.
                           TEDTalks need no introduction. They’re perhaps the most popular video lectures on the web,
TED                        featuring talks by “the world’s leading thinkers and doers.” Now you can access these talks on your
               FREE        mobile phone too.
Business and
Online MBA
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