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Here are the presentations of my students. (Alma Memo)
I wish you know them well after reading their presentations.

My name is Olti Mitre. I am a student at Petro Nini Luarasi High School, a
local public school here in Tirana. I was born in Tirana, at June 21, 1989
and I live with my family in Tirana. My origin comes from Korça district,
southeast of Albania, a well-known town for its tradition especially in
education. I had never lived in Korça, but I have been there several times.
I have finished primary education here in Tirana, at "Skënder Çaçi"
elementary school.
I’ve been doing very well academically for all my life. Since first grade in
elementary school I have been getting only 10s, in a grading system that
goes from one to ten, where ten is the highest grade. Although you need
a lot of work to achieve this, my endless desire to always learn new things
and never get satisfied with my actual knowledge has always been a great
Pretty much all the subjects I learn at school are fascinating for me, but I
am especially interested in computer science, math and sciences. These
subjects have always captured my attention more than the others. Math
and Physics are still nowadays two of my favourites and in my opinion
most exiting subjects of all. The satisfaction you get after solving a
difficult problem in any of these disciplines cannot be compared to
anything else. I also have always loved to challenge myself with more
difficult problems found in literature outside of school programs. One of
my hobbies is listening music, but its hard rock that delights me very
much. Metallica is my favourite group.
I am very fond of sports, especially basketball, and being a tall boy gives
me more advantages when I play with my schoolmates. They consider me
a good player. Since the primary school I have been a member of the
basketball team "Partizani", a local team here in Tirana.
I'm very interested in this project and I think it will help me make new

Hello everybody !

I `m 16. I`m Albanian and I do like English very much.
When our english teacher told us about this new project " Gulliver", I
thought this could be my opportunity to show myself and the others what
can I do.
Oh ! I` m sorry. I haven` t told you my name yet! I` m Amanda Stillo
and I` d be really pleased to take part in this project, cause I think it` s
great what you` re doing , it`s great making new friends from all over the
Europe. But the most exiting thing, is the chance to improve my english,
by changing experiences.

Best regards from
My name is Lorena Hoxholli (Lori). I am 15 years old. I am from Albania
and I live in the capital city, Tirana. Greece, Macedonia, Monte Negro and
Kosovo surround my country. In the east the Adriatic Sea connects us to
Italy. If you see carefully the map you will find it, even thought Albania is
a small country. To me Albania is the most beautiful place on the earth.
We have many beautiful and ancient cities. Lastly, I visited Apolonia (an
ancient city) and I was amazed of such beauty and mystery.
I study in the most important high - school in Tirana, Petro Nini Luarasi
(PNL). P.N. L is a big school with 2000 students. We have classes in the
morning till 2 p.m.
Once a week (usually Fridays), after the school hours, a group of students
play basketball in the school area. I am one of those. I love playing
basketball. It is one of my hobbies. Another one is the music. I like pop,
hip-hop and Latin music and I also like dancing. Generally Albanians are
very found of music. In fact we have very beautiful traditional music. I
also like reading. In my house I have a huge library, so I have the
opportunity to read different books, from different authors.
The thing I like most is hanging around with my friends. We go to the
cinema, we play basketball, we seat somewhere and talk and we go to the
beach, etc. I am a very friendly person and I like making new friends.
I can tell you more about myself but first I would like to know something
about you. I am looking forward to receive your email. Until then have a
good time and take care.
Best wishes Lori.

My name is Emi Mima. I'm 15 and I study at "Petro Nini Luarasi" high
school, one of the best high schools in my city.
I live in the capital of Albania, Tirana.
I'm very glad that I'm taking part in the Guliver Project.
Now I'm looking forward to meeting new people with whom I have things
in common.
Some of my hobbies include English, basketball, skiing, reading, dancing
and shopping.
In my free time i like to go out with my friends, play basketball or surf in
the net.
I like new experiences and to be in touch with new cultures.

Hello! I am Silvana,I am sixteen years old and I study in Petro Nini
Luarasi High school in the second grade. I am grateful to take part in this
wonderful project and I am honored to represent Albania on it.I love
English because is the only way which makes the world became one.I am
also interested in knowing new friends so where could be this possible
better than Guliver. Hoping that we will see each-other soon, goodbye.

I am Aseda Banushi.I am 16 years old,in second grade
in high school. I am glad that I’m a member of this project. It’s a beautiful
thing to work in a team because everyone know his values.
Love yourself and your friends because all the people
deserve and need love.
A big kiss from

Greetings from Albania!

I am Dirina Mançellari, I am 15 years old: I am from Tirana, the capital
city of Albania, a beautiful country by the Adriatic Sea. I am a student at
"Petro Nini Luarasi" High School, in the second form. My hobbies are:
playing tennis, listening to music, and socializing with other people. I
could mention here many courses I like more, but English is definitely a
preferred course of mine. Why? Because English is like a "flying carpet",
which helps you go "everywhere" in the world and "meet" people and
know cultures of other, even remote countries.
Throgh this project, English will help me meke real new friends from other
countries. And belive me, if you want to make each country of the world a
peaceful and a flourishing place, there is no better way then establishing
friendship of fifteen years old people from all over the world!


Dirina Mançellari
Petro Nini Luarasi High School, second form
Tirana, Albania


I am Enisa Teta. I am 16 years old and I am in the second form at "Petro
Nini Luarasi" high school. I live in Tirana, the capital of Albania. I like
English above all the other languages, but of course after my native one.
My hobbies are: playing sports especially tennis, listening to music and
discovering new cultures through their languages and their people and
this is the reason that I like making friendship with people from all over
the world. I am albanian and I am proud of my country,because it is very
beautifull and albanians are very kind and you will realize it, if you know
us well.

Greetings and a lot of hugs
from Albania!

Hi everybody!

My name is Teda Kokoneshi. I’m sixteen years old and I live in Tirana,
capital of Albania. I study at P.N.L school, in the 2nd form, and yes, I like
it so much. Studing in this school gives me a lot of opportunities, great
opportunities, like the Guliver project for example.
I was fascinated, just when heard my teacher telling about it for the first
time. It’s just the kind of thing that is good for me.
I adore communicating and exchanging experiences with people from
different countries of the world.
Communicating across cultures makes you openminded. It helps you
know better the philosophy of the population of different countries and
also of the world unique population in general. And I confess, I’m very
fond of psychology and phylosophy.
I’m sure that participating in this project will be very useful to me.

Hello from Albania! My name is Anisa Krasniqi and I am in the second
grade of PNL HIGH SCHOOL in Tirana.New school year has just begun and
I am happy for it.In addition I have a lot dreams in my life.My hobby is
reading books,listening music and spending some times during the days
by exercising in the fitness-centre next to my house.Finally I love
traveling and meeting new friends,especially from other countries because
I am interested to know much more about other cultures.So I am very
happy to be part of the "Guliver project".My participation in this project
would help me learn more about Western Europian Culture.BYE.BYE

Hi! I am Jonida Basha.I go to PNL,one of the best schools of Tirana,the
capital of Albania.I am very proud of my country and I would like you to
know it,I am sure you would love it.I like to travel and to read read books
in my free time,because throught them I can explore the world.My hobby
is meeting new people and making friends so I can discove new cultures
and English really helps me doing that.That is why I would be very glad to
be a part of the Guliver project.I think it is going to be a great
experience.Hugs and kisses from Albania.

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