Performance Management Reporting Quarter 1 by yurtgc548


									S&R Committee - Performance
Management Reporting: Quarter 2

• Guide to reporting
• Key Achievements
• Key Service Priorities carried over from 2005/06
• Key Service Priorities 2006/07
• Half-yearly BVPI health check
 Guide to Reporting
   G     = Work is on target to achieve the objectives as

   A     = Warning that the achievement of the target in the
           way specified in the plan may not be possible or
           the outturn is <10% from the target. Although no
           decision is required at this stage to amend the
           action, an explanation is required.

   R     = Target is no longer achievable in the way
           specified or the outturn is >10% from the target.
           This requires a decision about remedial action.
   Direction of travel from the previous quarter
• Employee Satisfaction Surveys undertaken –
  interim survey results acted upon;
• Improvements made to short-term sickness;
• Communications Strategy and supporting action
  plan approved – implementation underway;
• Improvements made to staff communications;
• Budget preparation for 2007/08 underway;
• Asset Management Plan approved;
• Work underway to develop an Energy Plan for
  operational buildings.
Achievements (cont’d)
• Mobile Communications Unit purchased;
• Action Plan for retaining Level 3 in the Council’s
  Use of Resources statement and significant
  business risk register approved by FPP;
• Revised Financial Regulations approved by this
• Implementation of Customer Contact
  Improvement Plan underway.
KSPs carried over from 2005/06
Consultation with young people:
  – Pilot using 2 schools in the Borough
    completed in May;
  – Research findings given to the individual
  – Findings incorporated into Leisure
    Developments team’s work programme;
  – Plans to roll this out to more schools in the
    Borough in 2007.
Key Service Priorities 2006/07
S&R Committee

     Green                            Red
     33.3%                           16.7%
                          1 action
             2 actions

                         3 actions

 Key Service Priorities 2006/07 (cont’d)
3 actions at A :
• Staff ():
    – People Strategy;
    – Sickness levels;
    – Implementation of Year 1 of the Learning &
      Development Strategy;
    – Implementation of Year 1 of the Health & Safety Action
• Property management - develop an Energy Management
   Plan ():
    – Progress report at the next meeting of this Committee.
Key Service Priorities 2006/07 (cont’d)
(Actions at Amber cont’d)
• Implementation of Year 1 of the Customer Contact
  Improvement Plan () :
   – Payment options at Reception;
   – Developing a Resource Pack;
   – Undertaking a ‘Louder than Words’ audit;
   – Implementing the actions in the HR Strategy;
   – Agreeing the compensation process for ex gratia payment;
   – Reviewing the induction process;
   – Setting up monitoring systems for the new ‘Comments,
     Compliments and Complaints’ procedure;
   – Exploring refurbishment options to make Town Hall Reception
     more attractive (low priority).
Key Service Priorities 2006/07 (cont’d)
1 action at R (previously at ‘Green’ at the end of Q1):
•Implementation of the Communications Strategy Action
Plan ()
   − Development and implementation of a media plan, guidelines and
   − Establishment of regular communications meetings with service
   − Preparing media strategies for all major Council issues
   − Production of a Communications Handbook
Half-yearly BVPI health check (cont’d)
5 BVPIs at ‘Amber’ at the end of September 2006:

•   BV 8 (payment of invoices): Statutory target of 100% results in an
    ‘Amber’ qualification. 97.07% is higher than in 2005/06 and previous years.

•   BV 9 (% of Council Tax collected): Ahead of last year’s performance at
    this stage at 61.29% but 0.11% behind the profiled target (61.40%)
•   BV 10 (% of NNDR collected): 62.45% is 0.25% behind the profiled target

•   BV 78 (speed of processing benefits): A few days behind the target.
    Additional resource has been agreed by this Committee for the remainder
    of this financial year to improve performance for this indicator.

•   BV 86 (cost of waste collection per household): Fuel increases,
    additional transport costs and an increase in recycling result in a cost of
    £36.68 per household. This is still the third lowest of any UK authority and
    only £3.01 over target (£33.67 per household).

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