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									Digitization of the academic library
              in Brazil

      A proposed model for
   successful information policy
   making in developing nations

                Sergio Chaparro Ph.D
           Candidate/LIS/Rutgers University
    Digitization of the academic library in Brazil

 The purpose of this research
 The Model: government support, library
  advocacy and library education
 Interaction between library organizations
  and government

                    Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                           University                2
    Digitization of the academic library in Brazil

 Why Brazil? A case              Automation in
  study                            libraries and
 Economy                          universities
 Government                      Internet user

  support                          figures for 2005,
 Electronic
                                   thirty million
  information growth
  and development

                    Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                           University                  3
 Digitization of the academic library in Brazil:Some
1.   What is the influence of Brazilian government policy on
     the growth and development of electronic information
     resources in Brazilian academic libraries?
2.   What role does advocacy play here?
3.   Is there a Brazilian model of digital academic library
4.   What perception does the Brazilian information sector
     have about the government’s role in the process?
5.   What can other Latin American countries learn from the
     Brazilian experience?

                       Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                              University                       4
    Digitization of the academic library in Brazil

 Information policy              Education issues in
 Advocacy                         information
 The importance of
                                   society: how
  advocacy                         should we educate
                                   LIS professionals in
 Advocacy Coalition
                                   the information
  theory                           age?
                                  Policy formulation
                                   for developing
                    Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                           University                 5
      The Advocacy Coalition Framework

 Advocacy coalitions         Coalition and core
 Time perspective             beliefs
 The policy                  The ACF and

  subsystem                    developing
 Actors from within
  the government              Agreement and

 Actors from
  outside the                 Actors

  government                  Policy innovation

                Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                       University                   6

 Subjects selected from the major entities
  involved in the discussion and creation of
  academic library digitization policy in
 Interview data/ Telephone/ Email

 Academic librarians/ Federal Council of
  Librarianship/ Academic Library advocates
 Legislation on information policy and
  digitization/ collection and analysis

                 Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                        University             7
    Digitization of academic libraries in Brazil

 IFLA members
 Brazilian Federal Council of Librarianship

 Science and Technology Ministry of Brazil

 Brazilian Information Society

                   Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                          University               8
 Digitization of Academic Libraries in Brazil: What
    do we expect to get from this case study?

 Academic Libraries/ government support/
  library organization advocacy
 The goal: development of an electronic
  information policy
 Government support is essential for
  developing nations
 Proposing a model not only for Brazil but
  for the rest of the world

                   Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                          University                  9
    Digitization of academic libraries in Brazil

 Why is this important?
 The U.S. model and the rest of the
 The position of Brazil in South America
  and amongst developing nations
 The need for more in-house models

 Culture, education for librarianship, and
  infrastructure: their influences on policy

                   Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                          University               10

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                              Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                                     University                               11
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                              Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                                     University                                 12
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                              Sergio Chaparro/Rutgers
                                     University                                13

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