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									                        Centennial Homecoming Program 2005
The Saskatchewan Centennial Homecoming Program 2005 is designed to assist communities who will be
celebrating Saskatchewan’s 100 anniversary by hosting a homecoming event. Among the many
benefits of a homecoming are the economic boost it provides to a community, the positive impression and
pride it creates and the great reason it provides friends, relatives and former residents to visit.

The Centennial Homecoming Program will provide up to $2,500 in financial assistance to a community
organization hosting a homecoming and inviting people with some past connection to the community to
attend. The program will support costs associated with mailing event invitations, as well as for other costs
associated with the development of event programs and cooperative marketing. Further to this, the
Centennial office also has guidebooks on planning events, and placemats, balloons, and posters, all of
which will be available, free of charge, to homecoming organizers. They can be reached by calling toll-
free 1-888-390-2005.

One event per community is eligible and must receive endorsement by the municipal council, whether it is
a new event being planned to celebrate the centennial or an annual event that will be expanded to include
a homecoming component. It’s up to the community to decide which approach will be taken. To qualify
for support, the community organization will need to establish a list of invitees and mail them an invitation
to the event.

The program has a limited number of dollars, so it is important that interested communities move quickly.

While community groups across the province will be holding homecoming events in celebration of the
centennial, their efforts will also be contributing strongly to what will be a banner year for tourism. On
behalf of the program partners, we encourage you to contact your community leaders and start planning!

Further information about the Homecoming Program can be obtained from the
South East Tourism Region
Tel: (306) 842-3242
Fax: (306) 842-4698


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