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									Memo #15 (R5-Specific)
 To: R-5 Unit Managers

 From: Shirley Sutliff, Regional Coordinator

 Date: November 6, 2006

 Subject: Work Process Hours – Fuels Management Task List
          Effective BA 39 – December 1, 2006

 Attached is the approved Task List to supplement Work Process Hour Category #4
 – Fuels Management. This is a tool to assist supervisors and apprentices in
 identifying well rounded experience in this category. Please note that sign-off will
 be by the Subject Matter Specialists.

 This form identifies the recommended activities for this category. The Regional
 Board of Directors was presented and supported this proposal during the Spring
 BOD meeting. This plan will be posted on the program web site under forms.

 Shirley Sutliff
 Regional Coordinator
               Fuels Management Work Process Hours #4 Supplemental Task List
                                Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program – Region 5

APPRENTICE NAME: ___________________________                                      ACADEMY # ________
            Work Process Hours Category 4                             Location   Hours     Date       Approver
Fuels Management Program Orientation:
Review the Forest Fire Management Plan sections relevant to
fuels management. Review Forest Service Handbook 5140
including the R5 supplement. Review Chp 18 (Fuels Mgmt/
Prescribed Fire) in the Interagency Standards for Fire and
Aviation Operations (Red Book). Review WFU Implementation
Procedures Reference Guide (2005). (16 hrs)
Burn Plans:
Become familiar with the current burn plan template. Review
local, current burn plans. Shadow burn plan developers in the
field. Understand the basic principal that burn plans are
developed to accomplish specific objectives that have been
identified in a NEPA document. (16 hrs)
Local Program of Work:
Review and participate in Forest Fuels Management tasks
identified in the 5-year plan, including prescribed burning,
mechanical and hand piling, patrol, unit layout, unit prep, public
visitor contact, media support, employee education. Participate in
planning, implementation, and/or monitoring of WFU projects, if
available. (200 hrs required to be on fire use and/or prescribed
fire projects)
Become familiar with the ID Team process and fuels input to
NEPA documents - attend an ID Team Meeting and/or field trip
and a public meeting. (16 hrs)
Assist in utilizing GIS and GPS technology to produce fuel
treatment unit maps. Assist in the setup, troubleshooting, or
maintenance of RAWS as needed. (40 hrs)
Smoke Management:
Review local AQMD/APCO procedures for smoke permits.
Review a Smoke Management Plan for a prescribed burn(s).
(8 hrs)
Review contract procedures (including field observation) for a
handpiling, thinning, or other mechanical fuels treatment.
Become familiar with stewardship contracting principles (if
stewardship contracts exist on the Forest). (16 hrs)
Monitor first order fire effects - compile observed fire behavior
and effects data, compare observed fire behavior and effects with
that planned by the prescription, review how well fuels,
vegetation management, and other resource objectives were met.
Assist in establishing photo points. Complete burn day
documentation required in the burn plan. (40 hrs)
NOTE: Remaining 248 hours should be used on Forest TOTAL HOURS
priorities and/or individual strengths/interests.               (600 Required)

**The hours identified in each category are recommended
only. First Line Supervisors & Apprentice will work        Task List Reviewer/Audit Approval (Fuels Specialist)
w/local Staff to determine appropriate hours in each
category based on opportunity & unit program.                  Signature __________________ Date_______

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