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					Responses to open question:                              Please add suggestions for other activities on
                                                         the day.

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Australian Core Frameworks
How to quickly put together & shortcuts for Power
Point Demo
ACSK Framework
Moodle nuts and bolts
Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Not "on
the day" but at all times TAFE needs to be prepared
to pay for and to allow time for discipline specific
professional development activities requested by
teachers. Requests to attend and have TAFE pay for
professional development activities are refused by
TAFE on the basis of budgetary considerations
without appreciation of the level of necessity for the
activity to be approved.

How to Manage Conflict with Staff                   Performance Management - how to do it effectively
how to find forms on website
Understanding LSOs and budgets                      Where to apply for funding initiatives at SI                 Leadership skills and creative management
HUG Activities for Building W                       Recycle Bins for Building W - Paper/Plastic                  Team Building Activities
Understanding and using SydNet
Discuss/debate paths for rescinding decision to end Realities of articulating from diploma to undergraduate      Mechanisms for bringing back rigour to assessment
Cat As                                              studies                                                      processes
Interpersonnel - anti-bullying                      Coping with change                                           Humanising management
Microsoft office (effective daily routine)          succession planning for EA's                                 mentoring across the institute (where people would
                                                                                                                 like to work)
flexible delivery options                                innovative delivery techniques
Support strategies for maintaing currency within
skill/discipline area
Managing on job training
what about workshops for the specific expertise of
teachers rather than basic teacher procedures
Cultural Practices in Education for Indigenous           Educational Plans; Working with Administration        Showcase Effective Sectional Systems that can be
Students; teacher induction "updates" with institute     (finance, accounts etc); Customer Service Office      utilised across the board
changes                                                  training
How to be technologically savvy in the classroom         using wireless networks and firm dates of committment
without the internet available in the classroom          of when they will be available

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llnp & new framework for esol
Using equipment e.g smartboards; wireless;
mounted projectors
australian core skills framework                       national reporting system
strategies for simulating the workplace in the
classroom for non-trade courses
Information re Corporate Systems MEVI/SES/AIBE
anything to do with new computer systems
Australian Core Skills Framework for the LLNP
program languages section
workshop on Australian Core SKills Framework for
Encouraging students to attend class, especially       Educational technologies are interesting, but not very
communication ones, when it's not compulsory for       helpful if the teaching areas are so under-resourced -
them to do so                                          future plans for technology in the classrooms
managing your outlook account with such a small        archiving outlook and getting the message back again     working in more than one SIT Site
Running teaching sections as effective teams           Why students drop out of courses, effect on ASH
Dealing with students who are behind
High End Vendor Specific Training eg Cisco             High End Vendor Specific Training eg Vmware              High End Vendor Specific Training eg Security+
Different Management Streams Support Staff and         Financial Management for Head Teachers
cross-campus teaching section meetings a better
use of very very scarce time -prefer to use time for
educational issues rather than admin/systems
E-teaching                                             E-testing
liaison with staff in other sections
Using social networking tools to enhance learning
Cutting staff numbers for cost cutting.                Is there a need for two personel in each area ie.
                                                       technical support and store person in one area.
web technologies                                       resource development (eectronic)
Teachers understanding Section Budgets & ASCH          Educational Study Options for Full Time Teachers         Preparing a CV for an advancement position Head
Blended learning in the classroom                      benefits of interactive white board                      demonstration f web resources for use in the classroom

hierarchy of teaching divison - who does what,         why do courses get changed or cancelled                  how is the allocated money from govt & students spent
when, how & why                                                                                                 on teaching the students
Moodle                                                 Communicating Electtonically                             How to write a marking guide to match assessment
Reducing junk email                                    Time management
Head Teacher Development

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moodle use and management
Development and leadership opportunities               How to find a mentor in SI
using audio in the esol classroom
Staff Developments on things like using Moodle only
help me if accurate, step- by -step notes on how to
use Moodle (or any other function) accompany the
demonstration and practice session. My experience
of staff developments of this kind has been that
very experienced uses and raw beginners are too
often in the same session and little effective
teaching therefore happens. Most computer
proceedures are very simple IF steps are clearly
written down and given to participants. Practice
then is easily do-able. Demonstrations,
unaccompanied by accurate notes, or leaving
learners to themselves to "play around" till they
stumble upon the right windows is, in my
experience, a complete waste of time. I have rarely,
if ever, been to a Tafe computer Staff Development
outside my section where participants have been
given detailed step-by-step notes on how to repeat
in their own time what has been demonstrated . In
that situation I am left unable to practice what has
been demonstrated as I have been unable to recall
all the steps the demonstrator has done with-out
Effective leadership in the VET sector
Validation                                             CLAMS for Part timers / beginners
professional development related to area of
lunch                                                  afternoon tea                                   morning tea
Online delivery.                                       Streaming of online resources into classrooms
Library demonstration of moodle workshops              demonstration of online resources
How to manage the difficult staff member.              How to manage the difficult staff member.       How to manage the difficult staff member.
Performance management                                 Staff Supervision
digital communication and strategies
how to use laptops with projectors in classrooms       how smart boards work                           new technologys in the classroom?
moodle best practice, working examples                 wiki best practice, working examples            e-learning best practice, working examples
leadership skills
using utube for teaching                               Managing International Students                 Professional networks within TAFE
SYDNET - most efficient use of

      Ultimo College survey on prefessional development day 01/10/09                                                                                Page 3/4
Soft skills eg communication, customer service,
building business relationships
Negotiation skills/ assertiveness                   Stress management                                       Mindfulness/ meditation
Tool boxes = what are they, how can we access and   ICT - teaching with computers - how to get started      WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE CLASSROOMS EQUIPPED
modify them                                                                                                 FOR ICT
Strategies in Effective Staff Management
getting the most out of performance appraisals      counselling difficult students                          designing efficient & effective assessments
Teaching practice
How can management better target email recipients   Group discussions to achieve clarity on the value and
                                                    role of TAFE in pre-voc and hopefully create a new
                                                    descriptor that does not include the word "voc"
Record Keeping requirements
Computer Skills
Retirement planning - what the institute does for   Teacher Training for New Teachers                       Helping HT with new teachers and teacher training
you when you near retirement                                                                                support
interpersonal skills                                team work
How to deal with difficult staff
transition from temporary to full time status for

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