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					Enviroshake Inc.                                                                       MasterFormat Number 07 31 34
This technical data sheet is based upon the CSC Manu-Data© format.                                      December 2012

1.        Product Name

Enviroshake® Roofing

2.        Manufacturer

650 Riverview Drive
Chatham, Ontario, N7M 5W8
Phone: 1-(519) 380-9265
Toll Free: (866) 423-3302
FAX: 1-(519) 380-0689
e-mail: .

                                                                     Enviroshake® gazebo roof

3.        Product Description                        there will be variations in shading to        bearing the Enviroshake® script, labeled,
                                                     provide a natural look on the roof.           and shrink-wrapped on skids (7 square/70
DESCRIPTION                                                                                        bundles per skid) for shipping. Each
Enviroshake is a composite roof shake that           No special tools are needed to install        bundle contains 13 pieces of varied
authentically emulates the look of a natural         Enviroshake composite shake roofing.          profiles.
hand split cedar shake that competes in the                                                        There are 10 bundles to a “Square” at a 9”
specialty and premium roof markets.                  Enviroshake® comes with a lifetime            exposure. Ridge caps are a 12 inch wide
                                                     warranty for residential applications and a   one-piece shake, custom formed to the
BASIC USE                                            50 year warranty for commercial               specification of the roof slope and are
Enviroshake composite shakes are used for            applications.                                 packaged in bundles of 10 pieces using
roofing applications. Properly installed                                                           white strapping for SC and green strapping
shakes provide long lasting weather                  LIMITATIONS                                   for AC bearing the Enviroshake® script.
protection and a rustic aesthetic look
weatherproofing system.                              Enviroshake® should not be installed over     COVERAGE
                                                     existing asphalt shingles.
BENEFITS                                                                                           1 square covers 100 square feet when
Enviroshake gives the pleasing aesthetic of          TYPES AND SIZES                               installed at a 9” exposure. The minimum
cedar shakes with lifetime performance               Enviroshake® comes in widths of 12 inch,      slope is 3:12 although under special
and with minimal amount of maintenance.              (pre-molded 4 to 8 inch, 8 to 4 inch and 6    circumstances a lower slope installation
                                                     to 6 inch profiles) each with a length of     can be carried out. Refer to the
The 6 profiles that the Enviroshake comes            20 inches. Each shake is tapered and          Enviroshake Low-Slope Installation Guide
in are made from the 3D images of real               measures approximately ½ inch at the butt     for further details. The recommended &
cedar shakes, to ensure the wood grains,             end and narrows to approximately an           maximum exposure is 9 inches, but
thickness, and sizes are all true to nature.         1/8 inch (resembling a hand-sawn cedar        Enviroshake can be installed at exposures
                                                     shake)                                        as low as 5” or in a staggered course.
They come in three tones: Silvered Cedar,            The SC shakes are bundled with white          There is no limit on the maximum slope.
Aged Cedar, and Multi-Tones that weather             wrapping/strapping, and AC shakes are
with exposure to UV, and as with cedar,              bundles with green wrapping/strapping
Enviroshake Inc.                                                                      MasterFormat Number 07 31 34
This technical data sheet is based upon the CSC Manu-Data© format.                                           December 2012

4.         Technical Data

Copies of test procedures and results are available upon request.

     Canadian Construction Materials Centre         International Conference of Building Officials         Building Materials Evaluation
     (CCMC) Technical Guide Master Format           (ICC) Acceptance Criteria for Special Roofing          Commission (BMEC) Dec. 1999
               October 11, 2002                                Systems- Protocol AC07

     Testing Procedure         Standard              Testing Procedure            Standard               Testing Procedure       Standard
                                                  1. Weatherometer            ASTM G23                                         ASTM D2794
 A. Physical and Mechanical Properties                                        ASTM G26
                                                                              ASTM D790               1. Impact Testing
 1. Density              ASTM D792                2. Roof classification                              2. Water Absorption      ASTM D570
 2. Impact Izod          ASTM D256                -fire retardant             UBC Standard 15-2       3. Wind Resistance       ASTM D3161
                         (Method A (1))                                       ICBO 4.9
 3. Dimensional          CGSB-37.58-M86           Accelerated weathering      UBC Standard 26-6       4. Tear Strength/Nail    ASTM D1037
 Stability                                        and ignition/burning rate   UBC Standard 26-7       Head Resistance
                                                  tests                       ICBO 4.9
 4. Water Absorption                              3. Wind Uplift              Any test (dynamic,      5. UV Exposure           ASTM G-53
                         CCMC 6.4.1                                           static and structural
 5. Strain Energy        ASTM D5147,              4. Wind-Driven Rain         ICBO 4.3                6. Freeze Thaw           ASTM C666
                         CCMC 64.3
    6. Modulus of                                 5. Uplift-Bend              ICBO 4.4
    rupture (static      ASTM D1037
 7. Ozone resistance     ASTM D1149               6. Penetration              ICBO 4.2

 B. Performance Roofing System                    7. Temperature-cycling      ICBO 4.8

 1. Uplift bend          CCMC 64.4                8. Flexural strength        ICBO 3.5.2
                                                                              UBC Standard 15-5
 2. Traffic load         ASTM E661, DADE
                         PA 100-95
 3. Wind uplift          DADE PA 100-95
 4. Dynamic pressure     DADE PA 100-95
 water infiltration
 5. Nail pull-through    ASTM D1037
 6. Accelerated          ASTM G155, CCMC
 weathering              6.4.7                                                                        Enviroshake® used in commercial
 7. Heat ageing          CCMC 6.4.8                                                                   application
 8. Freeze thaw          CCMC 6.4.9
Enviroshake Inc.                                                                        MasterFormat Number 07 31 34
This technical data sheet is based upon the CSC Manu-Data© format.                                        December 2012

APPLICABLE STANDARDS                                 Enviroshake composite roofing shingles         Install roof ventilators and other roofing
                                                     are slippery when wet. Do not walk on          accessories where indicated.
ASTM International                                   Enviroshake composite roofing shingles
  ASTM D7349/D7349M, Standard                       while they are rain, ice, frost or snow        The minimum roof slope on which
   Test Method for Determining the                   covered.                                       Enviroshake is recommended is 3:12. It is
   Capability of Roofing and                                                                        possible, however, to apply Enviroshake
   Waterproofing Materials to Seal
                                                     SUSTAINABILITY CONSIDERATIONS                  successfully to solid sheathed roofs of
   around Fasteners.
  ASTM E108, Standard Test Methods                                                                 lower slope providing a special method of
   for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings.                 For information on LEED Prerequisites          application is followed. The prescribed
                                                     and Credits associated with this product,      method provides a double roof on which
Canadian General Standards Board                     refer to the “LEED Brochure on the             the Enviroshake is applied to a lattice-like
(CGSB)                                               Enviroshake web site at                        framework embedded in a bituminous
   CGSB-37.58-M86, Membrane,               .                   surface coating.
    Elastomeric, Cold-Applied Liquid, for
    Non-Exposed Use in Roofing and
                                                     5.        Installation                         A torch-on or similar approved waterproof
                                                     Enviroshake should be installed as a new       membrane should be applied over the roof
Florida Building Code Testing Application            roofing system.                                deck. Consult your local building official
Standard (TAS)                                                                                      for approved products in your area. With
    TAS-125- Test for Uplift Resistance             Install drip edge, valley and ridge
                                                                                                    the final torch-on application 2 x 4 spacers
     on Roof Assemblies                              flashings, eaves protection and self sealing
                                                                                                    of preserved treated lumber are embedded
                                                     synthetic underlayment before installing
                                                                                                    in the bituminous coating. These spacers
Miami-Dade Construction Standards                    shingles (a 36” ice and water shield
(DADE)                                                                                              are installed over the rafters and extend
                                                     membrane is used on eaves, valleys, rakes,
   DADE PA 100-[2000], Test                                                                        from eave to ridge. Check with your local
                                                     hips and ridges).
    Procedure for Wind and Wind Driven                                                              building official for their preference in
    Rain Resistance of Discontinuous                                                                your area.
                                                     Use double starter course at bottom edges,
    Roof Systems.
                                                     including vertical and high slope roof
                                                                                                    Next, 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 inch nailing strips,
Underwriter’s Laboratories                           surfaces.
                                                                                                    spaced according to weather exposure
   UL 2218, Impact Resistance of
                                                     Fasten each shake with four 1-1/2 inch         selected for Enviroshake, should be nailed
    Prepared Roof Covering Materials,
    Class 4.                                         stainless steel nails minimum regardless of    across the spacers to form a lattice-like
US Green Building Council                            shake width. Although stainless steel nails    nailing base. For example, if Enviroshake
   USGBC: LEED® NC Version 2.2.                     are preferred hot-dipped galvanized nails      is to be installed at a weather exposure of
                                                     are also acceptable.                           9 inch, the nailing strips would also be
APPROVALS                                                                                           spaced at 9 inch on the centers. When 1 x 4
•  American Society for Testing and                  Lay each consecutive row of shakes at 9-       inch spaced sheathing is installed at 9 inch
   Materials Limited.                                inch exposure, ensuring that there is no       on center, additional 1 x 4 inch boards
•  California Building Materials Listing             keyway on keyway, and that there is a 3/8”     must be installed.
   No. 4175-2114:0100                                gap between every shake.
•  Florida Building Code FL#16037                                                                   Finally Enviroshake is applied in the
•  Miami Dade County NOA No. 12-                     Using a self sealing synthetic                 normal manner with a starter course at the
   0706.06                                           underlayment negates the need for              eave.
•  National Building Code of Canada.                 interweaving.
•  Canadian General Standards Board:                                                                For more detailed installation instructions
   Stability Testing - Products are tested           Cut shakes to fit accurately around roof       refer to the Enviroshake Installation Guide.
   at temperature cycles ranging from -              projections.
   40ºF (-40ºC) to 160°F (71ºC).                                                                    Refer to Enviroshake® Installation Guide
•  National Building Code of Canada.                 Use only uncut factory edges kept flush        videos at
•  Uniform Building Code: UV Testing -               along rake and gable ends and where ends
   2000 hours of accelerated weathering              are exposed.                                   video .
   tests are completed to ensure no
   evidence of change in physical                    Install ridge caps over eaves protection at
   properties                                        ridges.

ENVIRONMENTAL                                        Install prefinished soffits and facia
CONSIDERATIONS                                       material where indicated.
Enviroshake Inc.                                                                                        MasterFormat Number 07 31 34
This technical data sheet is based upon the CSC Manu-Data© format.                                                                           December 2012

6.        Availability and Costs

AVAILABILITY                                                                     Enviroshake vs. Cedar: A Cost Comparison
Order composite roof shakes 2 – 4 weeks
before required delivery dates.
                                                                                                                                                                       Treated Cedar
COSTS                                                                                                                                                                  Non Treated Cedar
Contact Enviroshake Inc. for current                    $20,000

product costs.                                                 $0
                                                                 Year 1 Year 5 Year          Year     Year     Year     Year    Year     Year     Year     Year
                                                                                10            15       20       25       30      35       40       45       50
7.        Warranty
                                                                                                                                        Fire Retardant Treated                  Non Treated
                                                                                                             Enviroshake                        Cedar                              Cedar
50-year warranty for commercial                                                                                                                                                 #1 Blue Label
installations and limited lifetime warranty        Products                                                  Enviroshake                  #1 Blue Label Cedar                       Cedar
                                                   Size of Roof                                              Typical Roof                    Typical Roof                        Typical Roof
for residential installations. (Caribbean          Material Cost (2012) / Sq Ft.*                                 $5                              $4                                  $3
applications have a 25-year warranty)              Cedar Breather or Strapping / Sq Ft.*                         NA                               $1                                  $1
                                                   Interweaving / Sq Ft.                                         NA                               $1                                  $1
                                                   Waste factor %                                                5%                              15%                                15%
Warranty is dependent upon installation by         Starter row %                                                 5%                               5%                                 5%
                                                   Comparable Material Costs / Sq Ft.                           $5.25                           $6.90                               $5.75
a certified Enviroshake Inc. installer.
                                                   Comparable Installation Cost at
                                                   Year 1                                                     $32,000                            $42,057                          $33,600
8.        Maintenance                                                                                          No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
                                                   Year 5                                                    Maintenance                                                           $3400
                                                                                                               No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
Composite shake roofing should be                  Year 10                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
                                                                                                               No Roof                                                           Maintenance
regularly inspected for minor weathering                                                                                                   Maintenance $3400
                                                   Year 15                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
damage and broken shingles replaced as                                                                         No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
                                                   Year 20                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
necessary. No special tools are required                                                                       No Roof
                                                                                                                                                  $42,057                           $33,600
                                                   Year 25                                                   Maintenance
for roof maintenance.                                                                                          No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
                                                   Year 30                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
                                                                                                               No Roof                                                           Maintenance
9.        Technical Services                       Year 35                                                   Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
                                                                                                               No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
                                                   Year 40                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
Technical representative will visit project                                                                    No Roof                                                           Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance $3400
site as required during construction.              Year 45                                                   Maintenance                                                           $3400
                                                   Total Spent after 50 years                                         $32,000                                 $111,314                     $94,400

10.       Filing Systems                           NOTES:

                                                    * Taxes (PST & GST) have not been figured into costs as both are constants
         MasterFormat™ 07 31 34.                   ***This represents an average roof of a 4/12 pitch, and does not include tear off of existing shakes or dump fees
                                                    ****Above does not include additional materials required (underlay, drip edge, valleys, nails, vents, ridge caps, and flashing)
         OmniClass™                                *****Roofs with steeper pitch, gables, dormers etc. will have a higher installation cost that would be representative for both cedar
          Table 21 02 10 20 90.                     and Enviroshake cost models

          Table 22 07 31 34.                                                                                 www.envi r oshak                                 1-866-423-3302
          Table 23 13 39 21.

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