Proposal for a Neighborhood Dog Park in Lawrenceville

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					Bernard Dog Run
Proposal for a Neighborhood Dog Park in Lawrenceville
                                                    A community dog run designed for safety, user friendliness
                                                    and harmony with its surroundings in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh.

                                                    Location & Features                              Management & Cost
                                                    • Located between the Allegheny                  • Site preparation, signage and play
                                                      Riverfront Trail and the CSX railroad tracks     features will be donated
                                                      on public land                                 • At least half of initial capital funding
                                                    • Within a 15-minute walk (1/2 mile radius)        expected to be raised through donations
                                                      of 75% of Lawrenceville                        • Operating costs comparable to a soccer
                                                    • Roughly one acre (~750 feet in length)           field, under $3,000 a year
                                                    • Two sections, one for:                         • Maintained by Department of Public
                                                       • small breeds, infirm and old dogs             Works in partnership with Bernard Dog
                                                       • large dogs                                    Run Group
                                                    • Safe access via a shared double-gated          • Possibility of implementing a dog waste
                                                      vestibule                                        composting system
                                                    • 5-foot fence around large dog section
                                                    • 4-foot fence around small dog section          Outreach & Consultation
                                                    • Wood/mulch surface
                                                    • Seating                                        •
                                                    • Shade from native trees                        •   Community survey (200 responses)
                                                    • Logs and boulders for playing                  •   Lawrenceville United
                                                    • Lighting                                       •   Lawrenceville Corporation
                                                    • Running water                                  •   Lawrenceville Greening Committee
                                                    • Signage: rules & regulations, liability,       •   Lawrenceville Planning Team
                                                      community bulletin board                       •   Friends of the Riverfront
                                                    • Possible interim use until riverfront          •   National Robotics Engineering Center
                                                      redevelopment plan implemented                 •   Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest
                                                                                                     •   URA Open Space Planning Committee
Proposed Dog Run Location                                                                            •   City of Pittsburgh Public Works/Forestry
    Proposed Dog Run Footprint                      Status & Need                                    •   City of Pittsburgh Planning
    Existing Riverfront Trails                      • Closest legal off-leash dog run is in Frick    •   City Councilor’s Office, District 7
    1/2-mile Radius/15-minute Walk                    Park (access 1/2 mile from parking)            •   PA Senator’s Office, 38th Senatorial District
                                                    • Estimated 3,000+ dogs in Lawrenceville         •   Pennsylvania Resources Council
                                                    • Households have small or no yards
                                                    • Community survey reported frustration at
                                                      the lack of dog park in Lawrenceville
                                                    • Aligned with overall community vision for
                                                      Lawrenceville, and complimentary to
                                                      current initiatives aimed at creating public
                                                      amenities, increasing green space and
                                                      promoting use of the riverfront
                                                                                                                                                         Current Conditions
                                                    •   Pet safety and health
                                                    •   Safer parks and neighborhoods
                                                    •   Encourages legal compliance of leash laws
                                                    •   Facilitates outdoor recreation
                                                    •   Free amenity that encourages community
                                                    •   Increased awareness of responsible pet
                                                        ownership and local pet services
                                                    •   Improved outcomes of dog ownership
                                                    •   Environmental benefits
                                                    •   Community economic development

Current Conditions                   Concept Plan                                                    View of Large Dog Section

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