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New Venue


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									Project 5: New Venue

                         New Venue
   Based on the posted New Venue scenario
    create a class diagram for classes needed to
    implement the New Venue scenario.
       It is OK to provide multiple diagrams if desired.
       These classes should describe software vs. the real

   Your diagram(s) should be in the form of a file, so that
    you can submit it via Blackboard assignments. You
    can either use a drawing program such as Visio or
    PowerPoint, or draw the diagram by hand and scan it
    or photograph it.
   Be sure it is legible.                                     2
                         Venue Classes

   Be sure that there is a responsible class for each
    operation that the system must perform in the New
    Venue scenario.

   Be sure there is a home for each piece of information
    needed in order to perform the required actions.

   Show required associations between the classes.

   Avoid redundancy.
       There should be only one class responsible for a given
       Each required piece of information should have only one home.
                      New Venue

   Write a program to implement the
    New Venue use case.

   Omit login and function selection.
       Start at the beginning of the Add Venue
       Terminate upon completion.

                       Existing Classes

   Reuse class definitions from previous
    projects where possible.
       Update them if necessary.

   New method in class Venue:
       Display_All( )
            Display seats and seating sections as well as
             name and address.

                              Seating Plan

                        Center Section
Right Section

     Row F      1   2     3        4     5   6   7   Back Section

     Row E      1   2     3        4     5   6   7

     Row D      1   2     3        4     5   6   7
                                                     Left Section
     Row C      1   2     3        4     5   6   7

     Row B      1   2     3        4     5   6   7

     Row A      1   2     3        4     5   6   7   Front Section

User Interface

User Interface

User Interface

                       Ground Rules

   You may work with one other person.
       OK to work alone if you prefer.
   If you do work as a pair
       Work together!
       Both members are expected to contribute.
       Submit a single set of the deliverables.
       Both members should understand work in detail.
   Do not share your work with other students.
       Before or after submitting the project.
       It is OK to discuss the project.
   Do not copy any other student’s work.
       Don’t look at anyone else’s deliverables.
       Don’t let anyone look at your deliverables.      10
                    Ground Rules

Except for code posted on the class web site

   Do not copy code from the Internet
       or any other source.

   Write your own code.


       Project is due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, March 27.
       Deliverables:
         Document file for class diagram(s).
         Source code for the program.

       If you work with another student, include both
        names in the assignment comments.
         Submit only one solution.

       Use the Blackboard Assignment to submit your


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