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					                                               Intent to Graduate                                                   Please pay the
                                                                                                                 application fee at the
                                                  Application                                                      Business Office
                                                                                                              *NOTE: Graduation fees cover all expenses
                                                                                                                     associated with graduation,
                                                                                                                     including your diploma.

Students who intend to graduate must complete the Intent to Graduate Application by the stated deadlines the semester BEFORE
they intend to graduate. The deadlines for turning in this form to the Registrar’s office are October 1 (spring semester graduation),
December 1 (summer) or March 1 (fall semester). Students who graduate in the fall are eligible to participate in the commencement
ceremony the following spring.
 Please Note: Completion of this form is the initial step for filing an intent to graduate, but it is the Registrar who
         completes the final evaluation and approval of a student’s completion of degree requirements.

                       SECTION A: Student Information
Name: _______________________________________ (PRINT legal name as you wish it to appear on diploma)
Permanent Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
                       (ADDRESS to which the diploma will be mailed)
Phone # _______________________________ Alternate E-Mail Address:_____________________________

Degree Requirements will be completed:                      Spring             Summer               Fall            20_____
Degree you will be receiving:           A.A.        A.S.         B.A.         B.S.         B.S.W.           R.N.-B.S.N.
                                         MBA            M.Ed.          M.S.          M.S.N           MSN-MBA Dual Degree
Major/Concentration: ______________________________ Minor: ______________________________
Certificate in __________________________________________
             I will not be able to participate in Commencement. Please note: *All students are required to participate in graduation
         ceremonies. Exemptions are permitted by the VPAA only under exceptional circumstances; students requesting an exemption must email
         or write Dr. Ann Landis (
             (Information regarding the ceremony is on the Thomas University website:

                     SECTION B:                Courses Needed to Complete Degree Requirements *
Current Semester: ___________                    Next Semester: ____________            Next Semester: ___________
Course abbr#                   credit             Course(s) to be taken           credit                   Course(s) to be taken                credit
                               hours                                              hours                                                         hours

Student’s Signature                              Date                         Advisor’s Signature                                Date
         *The student’s progression sheet must be attached and submitted with this form to the Registrar’s office.
                                                 Registrar Fax number: 229-227-6888
                 SECTION C: To be completed by the Office of the Registrar                           Application fee paid
         CORE Hours:       ___________
         Upper Division Hours: Completed: _______ Remaining: _________ Incompletes: ________ Total Hours:
         CWRTE exam date: _____________                 Passed     Failed
         Possible Honors:____________________________________________
Date of receipt of Application in Registrar’s office: ________________ Date of Evaluation: _________________
Date of Re-evaluation: _____________________________                   Date letter sent:   __________________
                                                                                                                                   Last Revised 2/02/2011

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