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Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

               Making Education Data
              Available to Educators and
                      the Public
                                             25th Annual MIS Conference
                                                  San Diego, California
                                             Thursday, February 15, 2012

                                             Karl Scheff & Nancy Sullivan
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

 Introductions
 CDE’s DataQuest site
 Ed-Data site
 Ed-Data site School Accountability
  Record Card Service
 Questions

                                                      MIS Presentation 2
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent of Public Instruction


                                             MIS Presentation 3
                               DataQuest Goals
                         Internet access to educational data for
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent
of Public Instruction

                          California’s K-12 Public Schools
                         Different levels, years, and subjects
                         Most reports are single subject with
                          some detail
                         Audience: public, legislature, media,
                          CDE staff, school district staff,
                          researchers, parents, governmental,
                          and public agencies

                                                        MIS Presentation 4
                              DataQuest Details
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent
of Public Instruction
                           Uses MS-SQL database to produce reports
                           Reports and topics can be added easily
                           Additional years can be added easily
                           Development tools include:
                              ASP.NET report
                              Internal Classic ASP report
                              External URL constructed from the user’s

                                                                 MIS Presentation 5
                        DataQuest – Reports are data-driven
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent
of Public Instruction

                                     Each row represents a specific report for one or
                                     more years and can be easily enabled or disabled
                                     by changing a row attribute

                                                                           MIS Presentation 6
Initial Screen used to determine
user choices: First choice:
“Level” of Report
User selects report “Subject”
from subjects available in DataQuest
User selects year of data
from list of available years
User selects specific report
from list of available reports for
previously selected level, subject,
and year.

                                      MIS Presentation 10
User selected report displays.

Note options – user may select another
report, or year, or drill down to one
of 58 California counties
Statewide Enrollment report by county

Click on “Butte” to Drill down to Butte County
County Enrollment report for Butte County by district.

Click on “Chico Unified” to drill down to Chico Unified School district.
District Enrollment report for
Chico Unified by school
                              DataQuest – Contact
                         Karl Scheff:
Tom Torlakson,
State Superintendent
of Public Instruction

                           email
                           Phone (916) 327-0192
                         Donna Rothenbaum
                           email
                           Phone (916) 327-0193
                         Sai Yu
                           email
                           Phone (916) 319-0947

                                                        MIS Presentation 17

                  MIS Presentation 18

• Website launched in 1996.
• Designed to offer educators, policy makers, the
  legislature, parents, and the public quick access to
  timely and comprehensive data about K-12
  education in California.
• Operated through a partnership with the California
  Department of Education, EdSource & the Fiscal
  Crisis & Management Assistance Team. FCMAT's
  California School Information Services (CSIS) hosts
  and maintains the site.

                                              MIS Presentation 19
Ed-Data Demo

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School Accountability
    Report Card
                  MIS Presentation 31
School Accountability Report Cards
  Requirements and Background

                            MIS Presentation 32
                        Requirements &
• State law passed on November 8, 1988 required
  School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)
• The purpose of the report card is to provide
  information about each public school
• SARCs can be an effective way for a school to
  report on progress in achieving goals
• SARC can be used to evaluate and compare
  schools on a variety of indicators
                                           MIS Presentation 33
                           Requirements &
• State law requires that the SARC contain all of the
   – Demographic data
   – School safety and climate for learning information
   – Academic data
   – School completion rates
   – Class sizes
   – Teacher and staff information
   – Curriculum and instruction descriptions
   – Postsecondary preparation information
   – Fiscal and expenditure data
                                                 MIS Presentation 34
                         Requirements &
• NCLB requires that SARCs contain:
  – reports concerning the "adequate yearly
    progress" of students in achieving state academic
    achievement standards;
  – Title 1 Program Improvement;
  – graduation rates at the secondary level; and,
  – the extent to which "highly qualified" teachers are
    teaching core academic subjects.

                                             MIS Presentation 35
                          Requirements &
• In 2000, SB 1632 required CDE to:
   – Recommend to the State Board of Education (SBE) a
     standardized SARC template
   – Post the completed and viewable template on the
   – Recommend to the SBE a set of standardized
     definitions for required data elements
   – Maintain links to the SARCs posted on the Internet
• CDE published SARC templates following SB 1632
• CDE pre-populated templates with data available to the
  State even though this was not required by law
                                                MIS Presentation 36
                           Requirements &
• Due to budget cuts, CDE discontinued this service in FY
  2010-11 which placed a substantial burden on districts
• CDE evaluated options and recommended using the
  Ed-Data site to make SARC templates available
   – Ed-Data already had much of the data used for the
   – The partnership had demonstrated success in
     transforming data into useful information
   – Leveraging the partnership in this way is an effective
     use of existing resources
                                                 MIS Presentation 37
Ed-Data SARC Demo

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                       For More Information

To learn more about:

• Ed-Data or Ed-Data SARC services visit:

• SARC requirements visit:

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