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					                               Diabetes Healthy Living Apps

        On Track Diabetes: Enter and view your blood glucose levels, food intake, medications, and
         more. Export your data into HTML or XML formats to give to your health care provider. This
         app also allows you to activate reminders for certain times.
        Diabetes Manager: This comprehensive app lets you to track glucose levels, weight, cholesterol,
         blood pressure, and workout routines. You can also see your statistics.
        Fooducate: Scan barcodes and search foods for an analysis and resulting grade of each product.
        Fit Sync Demo: Browse over 1,600 exercises and work out plans while tracking your progress.
        Diet and Calorie Tracker: From sparkpeople.com, use a food and fitness log for each day that
         provides weight and calorie reports.
        Endomondo Sports Tracker: See your exercise on Google maps. Track your duration, distance
         and average speed on each excursion.


        Diabetes Health Mobile: Get news and recent blogs from the Diabetes Health website while using
         the easy mobile navigation for topics like ‘Type 1 Diabetes’.
        Glucose Buddy: Enter your data on glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, insulin use, and physical
         activities each day. View your data on GlucoseBuddy.com.
        Type 2 Friendly: Find chain restaurants serving ‘diabetic friendly food’ and get the nutrition
         information on each menu item.
        Diabetes Log: Similar to the Glucose Buddy app, this app is available in French, German,
         Russian, Swedish and Spanish.
        Mindful: A food database and fitness tool to calculate your calories and log activities.
        Limeade: Assess your health goals and help develop personalized fitness plans.
        Go Meals: Created especially for people with diabetes, the app allows you to track meals, log
         food, locate restaurants with a visual representation of your meal content (carbs,protein,fat).


        Eat Smart: Developed specifically for people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, view these 8-
         10 minute interactive presentations on the topic of your choice. Eg. Type 2: Take Action Day 1 or
         Carbohydrate: How Much And How To Count It.

Created for Prince William Hospital Wellness Center: Carlene Helble, VA Tech Dietetic Intern 2011

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