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                                                  June 2010
From the Director's Desk
                     On Chastisement
                        Chastise, is a word we                Before I knew it the car started moving. It had
                     don't hear a lot about              been parked on a slight slope and it rolled down in
                     because it has such a               front of our house through a barbed wire fence into
                     negative connotation to it.         our neighbors cow pasture. It came to a stop about
                     Yet it merely means the             200 feet from where it started, just missing our
                     same as being spanked or            neighbor's cow. The ride was rough as I was
                     talked to by your parents           bouncing up and down in that big seat barely able
                     after you had done                  to hang onto the steering wheel. That was
                     something you shouldn't             punishment enough but I knew that was not the
have been doing. I remember as a young boy,              end of it.
the year before I was old enough to go to                     When dad got home that night and saw his car
school. I was the youngest in the family at that         in the neighbors pasture with the fence broken his
time and my older brother and sisters were all           greeting to his little boy was not a pleasant one. His
in school. I spent my days listlessly around the         chastisement was not verbal at first. He merely took
yard or house passing time until they got home           me by the hand and led me down into the basement
from school so I could have someone to play              where there was a root cellar off the basement
with.                                                    room. In that root cellar is where dad kept his razor
     This story takes place in the fall of 1939 and      strap, hung conveniently on a nail for times when
my dad had an old late 1920's Essex. The car             it was necessary to train us. He laid me over his
only started by cranking it and most often my            knees and gave me a couple of swats across my
dad couldn't get it started at all. The car often        bottom. They always stung but he was never cruel.
remained in the yard and dad would walk the              Then he chastised me verbally for a few minutes
mile or two into town to work. One day I                 and went about correcting what I had done by
decided that I would get in dad's Essex and              moving the car back into our yard and fixing the
pretend that I was driving it even though I              fence.
couldn't see out the windshield. I sat in the                 Even though I believe what my dad did to me
drivers seat and commenced to move the                   was an important part of my upbringing his
steering wheel back and forth and make                   training methods would be frowned on in today's
variable humming sounds like the car was                 world.
going. I must have gotten carried away in my                                               (Continued on next page)
'pretend driving' because I accidentally knocked
the gear shift into neutral.

Ogden Regional FHC     Family History Newsletter                                            June 2010

(From previous page)
     Heavenly Father doesn't lay us over His           nature of most human beings. God bless us to be an
knee, but He definitely chastises those He             orderly people and that means a, sometimes,
loves and I'm sure that being laid over His            chastised people.
knee would probably have been a preferred                  The Church has been given an assignment by
option The Doctrine and Covenants teaches              the Lord to provide saving ordinances to our
us: "And my people must needs be chastened             deceased ancestors. I believe we are at a point in the
until they learn obedience, if it must needs be,       history of the church that Family History work is
by the things which they suffer." (D&C 105:6)          going to be of primary importance. With modern
     God’s chastisement is very similar to a           day technology everyone, both young and old, can
loving parent. If a parent let a child do              take part and get involved in this great work. There
whatever he was inclined to do regardless of           is more order in the research process and in the
the damage                                             Family History Mission, in general, than ever
or imposition on others that child would               before. God bless us to be anxiously engaged in this
never learn appropriate social behavior and            errand for our ancestors and by commandment
likely end up being beaten or even in prison           from the Lord.
                                                                                          – Emil O. Hansen
one day. "Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you
                                                                                        Directory, ORFHC
whom I love, and whom I love I also chasten
that their sins may be forgiven, for with the
chastisement I prepare a way for their                 The Ogden Center's Upcoming
deliverance in all things out of temptation,           Annual Conference
and I have loved you— Wherefore, ye must                    We feel the family history conference
needs be chastened and stand rebuked before            sponsored by the Ogden Regional Family History
my face;" (D&C 95:1-2)                                 Center this September will be the very best
     Some people cannot endure chastening              conference ever. The conference committee is
and instead of learning from their disobedient         excited about the enthusiasm of potential vendors
behavior they rebel against authority and              and of individual’s who will be presenting classes.
ostracize themselves from their communities.           All are eagerly looking forward to the event.
They are often found moving from one place                  This year’s conference will be held in the
to another because of their rebellious nature.         Weber State University Student Union Building
"For all those who will not endure chastening,         (we’ve outgrown the university wards’ chapel)
but deny me, cannot be sanctified." (D&C               There will be spaces for up to seventy venders and
101:4-5)                                               plenty of rooms available for lots of exciting
     Because I was chastised as a child for things     sessions.
I shouldn't have done I feel that I am a better             We have had well over 600 attendees in the last
person then I would have been without                  two annual conferences held in limited facilities
chastisement. Our God is a God of order and            without the option to have venders. This year will
that obedience to God's, or even, societal rules       be the first year that the conference will be held
is a prerequisite to order whether that be in our      without limitations of class space, vender space and
homes, our schools, our work places, or in our         parking space. The conference will again be free to
society, as a whole. Chastisement is only a            all with something for everyone. Put the date of
necessary part of that equation because of the         September 11, 2010 on your calendars now.

Ogden Regional FHC   Family History Newsletter                                              June 2010

All Are Responsible
     “Many there are, it is true, who                  unwanted children sent from the United Kingdom
comprehend this great work and are faithfully          to Canada, Australia and New Zealand information
discharging their duties in the temples of the         is now available on the internet. There are a
Lord. This is a good sign, showing the                 number of web sites, including
willingness and activity of the Saints. But this       http://www.britishhomechildren.org/ and
does not relieve the inactive, dilatory members        http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~british
who are doing nothing for their dead. These            homechildren/.
persons cannot expect to receive credit for what            My great-grandparents were Home Children.
others may be doing; the responsibility rests          Stanley Lewis and Mary Corkill were born in
with equal force on all, according to our              Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1860. They were
individual ability and opportunities.”                 shipped to Canada from the Liverpool Sheltering
              – President Joseph F. Smith - 1907       Homes in 1874. They and Mary's 4 younger
                                                       siblings went to different families in different towns
Ogden City Cemetery Tour                               in Nova Scotia. The two youngest were 5 and 3 year
The annual Ogden City Cemetery tour is                 old boys.
scheduled Saturday, June 11, 2010 and Monday                                              – Betty Fredericks
June 14, 2010. The tour will begin at 5:30pm
each of the two evenings and go until 7:00pm.           Cemetery Humor: Being Brief
Actors will represent pioneers and other                    A guy was known among his friends to be very
persons of interest buried in the cemetery. For        brief and to the point. He really never said too
delightful and enjoyable family evening come           much.
with your children.                                         One day, a saleswoman promoting a certain
                                                       brand of brushes knocked on his door and asked to
British Home Children                                  see his wife, so the guy told her that she wasn't
(From the Rootsweb Review)                             home.
     British Home Children may account for the              Well," the woman said, "could I please wait for
difficulty many researchers may have had in            her?"
finding their links to England.                             The man directed her to the drawing room and
     In the late nineteenth century over 100,000       left her there for more than three hours.
children who were orphaned or whose poverty            After feeling really worried, she called out for him
stricken parents could not care for them were          and asked, "May I know where your wife is?"
sent from England to foster homes in Canada                 " She went to the cemetery," he replied.
and other Commonwealth countries. It was a                  "And when is she coming home?"
well intended effort to relieve labor shortages in          "I don't really know," he said. "She's been there
the colonies and solve a social problem at home.       eleven years now."
Unfortunately many of the children were
mistreated and overworked on arrival.
     They were termed British Home Children.
As the result of many years of hard work and
persistence by the descendants of these 100,000

Ogden Regional FHC   Family History Newsletter                                              June 2010

Branches - A Major New Windows
Genealogy Program
     At the recent conference of the National         Underneath that graphical interface lies a very
Genealogical Society, We had a chance to look         powerful SQL database.
at a new Windows genealogy program. To say                 There are several very good and very powerful
that we at Eastman’s were impressed would be          genealogy programs to choose from these days, but
an understatement. This program has the best          some of them have data entry screens and
user interface we have ever seen in any               navigation screens that have not changed much
genealogy program on any operating system. It         since the mid-1980s! Navigating around your
looks like Google Earth for genealogy.                family tree, identifying various "branches," and
     Branches is advertised as "Genealogy             other navigational tasks should not be text-based.
Software of the 21st Century." That is in             With most of today's genealogy programs, we have
reference to the user interface. We would rate        to visualize the connections between various people
the rest of the program's features as "good" to       mentally. Yet our computers are fully capable of
"very good," but the user interface deserves a        displaying that information visually if the software
rating of "outstanding."                              is written properly for that task.
     Branches is a brand new genealogy                     Branches is the fourth genealogy program we
program for Windows produced by Sherwood              have seen that does present family tree information
Electronics. Eastman’s published the company's        graphically and allows the user to navigate around
press release a few days before the conference at     the family tree in almost the same manner as online
http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_geneal           maps or a video game. Using the graphical
ogy/2010/04/sherwood-electronics-launches-br          interface becomes second-nature within a very few
anches.html. To fully understand and                  minutes. (More information can be found at
appreciate what this program does, you must           http://www.branchesgenealogy.com/ )
see it in operation. Luckily, that is easy to do.             – Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
You can download the program and use it for
30 days at no charge.                                 Help Wanted
     Branches is a full-featured genealogy                  Come and serve at the Ogden Regional Family
program, fully competitive with most any other        History Center. We will teach you what is required so
genealogy program on the market today.                that you can do your Family History and help other to
Branches requires a 1.5 gigahertz or faster           do theirs. There are 16 shifts per week. Two each on
processor plus a minimum of 50 megabytes of           Monday, Friday and Saturday. Three shifts per day
disk space for the program plus enough                Tuesday through Thursday. Shift #1 - 8:30 AM to
                                                      1:00PM, Shift # 2 - 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Shift #3 - 5:00
additional disk space to hold your data. Any
                                                      PM to 9:00 PM.
Windows system built in the past three or four
                                                         As a missionary you can live at home and serve on a
years should be able to run this program
                                                      full time or part time basis. For volunteers we can
without difficulty.                                   arrange our schedule to fit your schedule. This is a
     What makes Branches stand out from its           great work and you will be blessed for your service.
competition is its graphical user interface. You      Please call us at 801-626-1132 or come in for an
can view, manage, and organize your genealogy         interview
data in a modern graphical environment.

Ogden Regional FHC   Family History Newsletter                                              June 2010

New Riverton FamilySearch
     A major change in the structure and                become the Ogden FamilySearch Library. In the
organization of Salt Lake area LDS Family               meantime there will be a lot of speculation about
History Centers was recently announced.                 the name, the timing, the digitizing project, the
Priesthood leaders in 88 stakes in the south end        building’s location and its appearance. After all
of Salt Lake valley we sent letters announcing          what is more fun then speculation – the favorite
the consolidation of a number of local family           American past-time.
history centers into a single, large facility
located in a Church office building near the            Have Patience with nFS
intersection of Bangerter Highway and 13400                  As you struggle with the errors, loops,
South. The concept of fewer, larger centers is to       improperly linked individuals and incorrect dates
better utilize facilities and staff resources while     you find in the new FamilySearch (nFS) you need to
providing resources and expertise not available         keep a few things in mind.
in small local centers.                                      The primary purpose of new FamilySearch is
     The new facility will be called the Riverton       temple ordinance recording and submission. Once
FamilySearch Library. It has 127 patron                 you can show a particular ancestor’s ordinances
computers with many training rooms available.           have been completed and are listed in FamilySearch
A good collection of microfilms will be installed.      move on to other individuals. Enter notes and point
Visits by youth and other Church groups can be          out errors where you feel they’re needed, but do
scheduled. Saturday seminars and frequent               not spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to
training for consultants and members will make          correct errors. Don’t loose sight of the goal –
the new facility a great destination for all those      ordinances.
in the area.                                                 A secondary purpose is the preservation of all
     Twenty-four local family history centers           data presently available. Unfortunately some of
will be closed by the end of April. Tongan and          that data may not be accurate. Nevertheless it is to
Hispanic centers will remain open. Former               be preserved. While individuals can edit the
directors and staff are all invited to consider         information they submitted and can claim rights to
serving in the new facility. Contact Mary Jane          information submitted by deceased relatives some
Richie (RitchieMJ@familysearch.org or 801 240-          of the data cannot be changed. Early submissions to
4324) for more information about the                    the Ancestral File were not indexed to include the
opportunity.                                            submittor’s name. All of theses submissions were
     A public open house will take place June           lumped under a single name, unknown4470317.
17-19, 2010. The opening date of the Library is         Since many individuals are lumped under this one
not yet fixed. More information will be                 name, no single individual can claim access rights.
provided as the open house date approaches.                  The new FamilySearch program is a work in
                                                        progress. As time passes ways will be developed to
On Speculating                                          correct those things which are driving you crazy
Several people have wondered if the name of             today. In the meantime have patience and
the Ogden FHC will change to coincide with the          remember – ordinances are the goal!
Riverton center's name. If Ogden Center moves                                            – Charlie Schmalz
to a new building in a few years the name may

Ogden Regional FHC            Family History Newsletter                                                     June 2010

                                                        FamilySearch Classes
                                   Registration Required – See Cashier in West Building

       Class Name                           Day            Begins      Time      Room Weeks   Cost     Instructor
       New Family Search                    Tue            25-May     10:00 AM    11    4     $4.00      Erickson

       New Family Search                    Tue            25-May     06:00 PM    13    4     $4.00        Felt
       New Family Search                    Wed            26-May     10:00 AM    13    4     $4.00      Reeves
       New Family Search                    Fri            28-May     11:00 AM    26    4     $4.00     Peterson
       New Family Search                    Thu            03-Jun     02:00 PM    13    4     $4.00      Howell
       New Family Search - Spanish          Sat            05-Jun     10:00 AM    13    4     $4.00     Balderas
       New Family Search                    Fri            11-Jun     09:00 AM    11    4     $4.00       Colvin
       New Family Search                    Wed            23-Jun     02:00 PM    13    4     $4.00     Stoddard
       New Family Search                    Thu             01-Jul    10:00 AM    11    4     $4.00      Draper
       New Family Search                    Tue            03-Aug     01:30 PM    13    4     $4.00      Kinney

                                                        Multi-session Classes
                                   Registration Required – See Cashier in West Building

     Class Name                               Day          Begins      Time      Room Weeks   Cost     Instructor
     Beginning Computers I                    Tue          25-May     10:30 AM    28    4     $5.00      Berry
     Beginning Computers II Files&Folders         Fri      28-May     09:00 AM    13    4     $0.00      Miller
     Generations Beginning                    Tue          01-Jun     09:00 AM    27    4     $10.00    Hanson
     Tracing LDS Families                     Wed          02-Jun     02:00 PM   28A    4     $10.00    Hanson
     Generations Beginning                    Thu          03-Jun     10:00 AM   27B    4     $10.00   Jepperson
     Generations Beginning                        Fri      04-Jun     10:00 AM   28A    4     $10.00     Moyle
     Organizing Your Files - Color Coding     Mon          07-Jun     09:00 AM   28A    4     $5.00     Hanson
     Beginning Computers I                    Mon          07-Jun     10:00 AM    28    4     $5.00      Berry
     Basic Beginners Family Insight           Wed          09-Jun     10:00 AM    26    2     $0.00      Bittorie
     Basic Family Hist. Consultants           Wed          09-Jun     06:30 PM    12    1     $0.00      Moyle
     Ancestral Quest                          Wed          09-Jun     06:00 PM    26    5     $5.00       Reid
     Generations Beginning                    Mon          14-Jun     02:00 PM    28    4     $10.00      Cox
     US Census 1790 - 1930                    Tue          15-Jun     10:30 AM   28A    4     $10.00    Hanson
     Legacy Beginners                         Tue          15-Jun     11:00 AM    13    6     $26.00     Lower
     Legacy Advanced                          Tue          15-Jun     09:00 AM    13    6     $2.00      Lower
     Generations PAF                          Wed          16-Jun     09:00 AM    11    4     $0.00     Summers
     Descendant Relatives Research            Mon          21-Jun     09:00 AM    13    7     $5.00      Lower
     Generations PAF                          Tue          22-Jun     09:00 AM    26    4     $0.00     Vaughan
     German Research in Family History        Thu           08-Jul    02:00 PM   28A    8     $10.00      Sass
     Generations PAF                              Fri       09-Jul    10:00 AM    28    4     $0.00      Moyle
     British Isles Research                   Tue           13-Jul    04:00 PM   27B    8     $10.00     Moore
     Basic Family Hist. Consultants           Wed           14-Jul    06:30 PM    12    1     $0.00      Moyle
     Generations PAF                          Mon           19-Jul    02:00 PM    26    4     $0.00       Cox

                                          Ogden Regional Family History Center
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Ogden Regional FHC         Family History Newsletter                                                 June 2010

                                      Magnify Your Family History Skills
                             No Cost Single Session Classes – No Registration Required

    Class Name                              Day    Begins        Time      Room Weeks   Cost    Instructor
    New Viruses for May                     Sat        22-May   02:00 PM    11    1     $0.00     Berry
    Writing Your Memoirs                    Mon        24-May   10:00 AM    26    1     $0.00   Hebestreet
    PAF Companion                           Wed        26-May   01:00 PM    12    1     $0.00     Martin
    Writing Your Personal History           Wed        26-May   03:00 PM    12    1     $0.00    Hanson
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        01-Jun   09:00 AM    28    1     $0.00     Lewis
    Family Search Pilot                     Thu        03-Jun   06:00 PM    11    1     $0.00      Berry
    Family Search Pilot                     Mon        07-Jun   11:00 AM    11    1     $0.00     Kinney
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        08-Jun   09:00 AM    28    1     $0.00     Lewis
    Writing Your Personal History           Wed        09-Jun   03:00 PM    12    1     $0.00    Hanson
    Descendant Ord. New Family Search       Wed        09-Jun   11:00 AM    13    1     $0.00     Lower
    Temple Sub. Using New Family Search     Wed        09-Jun   03:00 PM    11    1     $0.00     Ensign
    Family Search Pilot                     Thu        10-Jun   07:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Schmalz
    Family Search Pilot                     Fri        11-Jun   03:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Roylance
    Family Search Pilot                     Sat        12-Jun   10:00 AM    11    1     $0.00     Aaberg
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        15-Jun   09:00 AM    28    1     $0.00     Lewis
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        15-Jun   02:00 PM    13    1     $0.00    DeJong
    Local Church Web Sites for Everyone     Wed        16-Jun   06:00 PM    26    1     $0.00    Summers
    New Summer Viruses and Threats          Thu        17-Jun   06:00 PM    11    1     $0.00     Berry
    Family Search Pilot                     Thu        17-Jun   11:00 AM    11    1     $0.00     Bitter
    Family Search Pilot                     Fri        18-Jun   11:00 AM    11    1     $0.00     Colvin
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        22-Jun   09:00 AM    28    1     $0.00     Lewis
    ORFHC Desktop                           Wed        23-Jun   03:00 PM    12    1     $0.00    Hanson
    Family Search Pilot                     Thu        23-Jun   07:00 PM    11    1     $0.00     Bitter
    Web Sites for Ward & Stake Web          Wed        23-Jun   06:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Summers
    Family Insight - Basics                 Wed        23-Jun   03:00 PM    11    1     $0.00     Ensign
    Family Search Pilot                     Thu        24-Jun   07:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Schmalz
    Rootsweb.com                            Wed        24-Jun   11:00 AM    13    1     $0.00     Lower
    Family Search Pilot                     Fri        25-Jun   03:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Roylance
    Family Search Pilot                     Tue        29-Jun   09:00 AM    28    1     $0.00     Lewis
    Local Church Web Sites for Everyone     Web        30-Jun   06:00 PM    11    1     $0.00    Summers

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