States_ Nations_ and Nation-States by dffhrtcv3


									 States, Nations, and Nation-

Bell Ringer: Explain why organizations such
 as ASEAN and the UN are crucial in world
       affairs and political geography.
            What is a State?
• When you hear the term state what
  definition do you apply to the word?
• For our discussion the definition of state
  will be: an independent political entity
  holding sovereignty over a territory.
• Compare and contrast your personal and
  traditional definition to our class definition.
           What is a Nation?
• When you hear the term nation what definition
  do you apply to the word?
• For our discussion the definition of the word
  nation will be: a group of people with a common
  culture occupying a particular territory, bound by
  a strong sense of unity arising from shared
  beliefs and customs.
• How do the definitions of State and Nation differ
  from your initial thoughts?
• Determine how we can keep Nation and State
  separate when looking at the terms in class.
     What is a Nation-State?
• Can you infer what the definition maybe
  for the term Nation-State?
• Nation-State: is an entity whose members
  feel a natural connection with each other
  by virtue of sharing language, religion, or
  some other cultural characteristics strong
  enough to both bind them and give them a
  sense of distinction.
• While many strive for consensus few can
  claim to be true nation-states.
               In pairs…
• You and your partner will be given a
  packet of nations and their descriptions.
• Together you need to compare and
  contrast the nations, and infer if they are
  States, Nations, or Nation-States.
• Be sure to include how you came to your
  conclusions, and focus on the key ideas of
  the terminology.
• Work quietly, and this will be discussed at
  the end of class.

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